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In this table I try to summarize all available data on all current (and some discontinued) fly-tying threads. It accompanies the in-depth article on the subject of tying threads, aught, Denier and much more. Much of the information presented here has been compiled from whatever data was available from the different manufacturers and their distributors and dealers as well as some independent. Thread Comparison Chart. December 5, Spooled Products, Ultra Thread. COMPARISON CHART: UTC: Desc. DENIER MATERIAL; ULTRA THREAD GSP 50: 50: GEL SPUN POLYETHYLENE: ULTRA THREAD 70: 70: NYLON: ULTRA THREAD GSP 100: 100: GEL SPUN POLYETHYLENE: Choosing Fly Tying Thread. Fly Tying Products. Next Post Ultra GSP 130 Denier. Fly Tying Products J. Stockard Fly Tying Thread Comparison Chart Brand Thread JS Item # Material Aught Size Denier Breaking Strength (ounces) Size 20 and Smaller Flies Danville Spider Web TW-006180 nylon mono 18/0 30 4 UNI Caenis TW-030020 single strand 20/0 20 3 UNI Trico TW-030017 polyester 17/0 40 4-5. The spool of 72 denier thread weighs about one-half as much as the 140 denier thread, so we can reason that it must be about half as thick and it is a better choice for making our dainty floating patterns. In fly fishing, there are few industrywide standards for comparing the size and weight of tackle and fly tying materials Brand Thread Item # Material Aught Size Denier Breaking Strength (ounces) Size 20 and Smaller Flies Danville Spider Web TW-006180 nylono 18/0 30 4 UNI Caenis TW-030020 single strand 20/0 20 3 UNI Trico TW-030017 polyester 17/0 40 4-5 UNI Clear Mono—fine TW-030085 nylon mono - - 1

between denier and breaking strength of nylon and polyester thread, the smaller the denier number the lower pound/ounce breaking strength of the thread. At the present time, about the smallest denier nylon or polyester for fly tying thread is 40, which would be used for tying midges. The one exception to this denier vs Apr 10, 2015 - THREAD: Aught System to Denier Conversion Chart USING DENIER TO STANDARDIZE FLY TYING THREAD . By Christopher Helm . In the summer 2004 issue of Fly Tyer, author Lyle Morgan addressed the question of whether . standardizing thread size would help tiers become more effective in producing beautiful and . effective flies A thread for every need. Ultra Thread is produced in 4 different deniers (70, 140, 210, and 280) to meet the needs of every fly tyer: Ultra Thread 70: This is a great size for tying the smallest of flies and for tying with low bulk on larger flies. It is the ideal choice for dry flies, nymphs, and midges size 14 or smaller. Available in 32 colors

Enter Wapsi Fly Company and their introduction of UTC thread, sized using the thread industry's standard of measurement, denier, rather than the historic, and now known to be somewhat useless aught system. Denier is the weight, in grams, of 9000 meters of thread For a decent comparison of different fly tying threads, check out this chart by JS Fly Fishing. Denier. An aspect of tying that gets forgotten by beginners is the denier, which is easy to understand because it's not something you'd just know. The denier is the weight in grams of 9000 meters of polyester or nylon thread Denier 70 is for small trout flies #10-22 with a breaking strength of 16 oz. Denier 140 is best for medium sized trout flies #6-14 and fine hair work with a breaking strength of 33 oz. Denier 210 is a good thread for large flies 1/0 to 8 and for most hair flies, particularly deer hair, braking strength is 50 oz. Denier 280 is for heavy hair. For fly tying traditionalists, there is also fly tying silk from Pearsall. Sizes - Thread is usually sized either by denier or aught (0) size. Denier is a textile industry convention. A particular thread's denier equals the gram weight of 9,000 meters of thread. Therefore the lighter the thread, the lower the denier and vice versa Most mono thread comes in two diameters, .004 (7X) and .006 (5X). Try the larger diameter for spinning hair-the smooth finish on the thread makes the process very easy. Most tiers prefer the finest diameter thread that is functional for their tying. The finer the thread, the less bulk on the fly

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Understanding Tying-Thread Sizes (4 of 57) Tim discusses the different numbering systems for tying thread, which can be quite confusing. For instance, in the ought system, the larger the number the smaller the thread, but in the denier system, the opposite is true. As always, Tim helps to clarify and simplify the issue For Uni thread, 8/0 is roughly 70 denier and 6/0 is roughly 140 denier. I guess this could be used as a rule of thumb. You can usually Google for fly tying thread size charts and find exact measures for most thread manufacturers DFWT. $2.20. Qty: Color Black-11 Brown-40 Fl.Blue-125 Fl.Green-132 Fl.Orange-137 Fl.Red-139 Fl.Shrimp Pink-138 Fl.Fire Orange-129 Fl.White-141 Fl.Yellow Chart-143 Gray-165 Olive-263 Red-310 Yellow-383. Click to add another size/color selection. Delete last row. Description Danville 210 Denier Flat Waxed Thread is tougher than tough, but easy to.

Our selection of fly tying thread includes Danville, Wapsi and UNI brands plus imported VEEVUS, Gordon Griffith and Pearsall plus Nano Silk from Semperfli. Ultra Thread 140 denier (25) Wapsi # TW-025140-0000. $2.15 . Quick View. Caenis Thread (5) UNI Products # TW-030020-0000. $2.45 . Quick View. Big Fly Thread (7) UNI Products # TW-030010. Why does the Veevus 12/0 in the Global Flyfisher chart below have the identical denier measurement (70 denier) as the Veevus 14/0? Why is the Veevus 14/0 thicker than the 12/0 in mm (.049 vs .047 mm)

Ultra GSP Thread- 100 Denier. $ 4.00. Ultra gsp is a gel-spun polyethylene and definitely the strongest fly tying thread on the market today. The 100 denier is kelly's favorite because of its versatility, and can be used to tie anything from large nymphs and dries to articulated streamers. 50 yards per spool Kevlar Fly Tying Thread. Kevlar is among the strongest threads available to anyone anywhere. A 200 denier kevlar thread is a great choice for spinning deer, elk and caribou hair. It is usually a pale yellow color. Orvis Saltwater/Bass thread(G) Incredibly strong thread for all saltwater flies, bass bugs, big streamers, and steelhead flies The 2 most common ways to evaluate thread are the ought system and the denier system. In the ought system as the number increases the size falls. For example 8/0 is SMALLER than 6/0. In the Denier system as the number raises the size increases. A 70 denier thread is smaller than a 210 denier thread

I use this chart for a reference to the denier sizes and diameters of all thread brands and find it invaluable. Charlie Craven co-owns Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado, and is the featured tier in two Fly Fisherman DVDs: Warmwater Fly Tying and Saltwater Fly Tying the fly tying tools and thread. Tools essential for the course are: 1. A fly tying vise 2. A pair of small scissors 3. A thread bobbin 4. Fly tying thread [size 6/0 (140 denier) in brown, olive, yellow, black, and medium gray] 5. A bodkin 6. Hackle pliers 7. A hair stacker 8. A tube of tacky dubbing wax 9. Head cement 10. A whip finisher.

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  1. UNI-Thread 8/0 72 denier Royal Blue . 8/0 UNI-Thread is the favorite fine fly-tying thread of fly -tiers all over the world. Noted for being exceedingly strong for its diameter. It is used and recommended by many noted fly-tiers/authors such as Jack Dennis, Bob Lindquist, Dick Talleur and Paul Marriner. 8/0 UNI-Thread is made of continuous.
  2. It's lame, but I'm not aware of a straight conversion between aught and denier. Personally I only use a couple threads, UNI 6/0 and 8/0 and UTC 140 and 70. UNI 8/0 is a good thread for small flies. If you do any split thread dubbing then you'll want to get some UTC. Basically, I try to use the smallest thread I can get away with for the pattern
  3. Denier / ˈdɛnjər / or den, a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers, is defined as the mass in grams per 9000 meters. [1] The denier is based on a natural reference: a single strand of silk is approximately one denier; a 9000-meter strand of silk weighs about one gram. The term denier comes from the French denier, a coin of.
  4. In short, this thread won't break very easily at all and will allow you to tie a strong, lasting fly with lots of materials. Also in the heavy category is Kevlar thread. It's measured in neither denier or /0, but is one of the toughest threads you can find. The saltwater tiers love this material. For basic tying, a 6/0 thread will be the easiet.
  5. In my opinion the correct way to classify the threads is to use the standard Denier or Decitex chart. Anyway lets go further: The next tying thread is a white Uni 8/0 of 72DEN and seems to be thinner than Veevus and GG Wisp. 8/0 Uni is twisted and not waxed
  6. Wire Diameter. Typical Usage. 0.1mm wire. Used for fly tying of dry flies as very fine and also for smaller nymphs sizes 16 and smaller. 0.2mm wire. This is a thicker wire, this is used for fly tying for general nymphs, lures, streamers and is used on the Copper John and Brassie trout flies. 0.3mm wire
  7. UTC Ultra Thread Fly Tying Thread - 280 Denier. UTC Ultra thread 280 denier is great for heavy hair work, attaching dumbbell eyes and tying large saltwater and musky flies plus jigs. Use when tying flies in the #2 to #6/0 size range. Break strength of about 4lbs.. 100 yard spool

Best thread for tiny midges. Very strong for its extremely small diameter. Avidmax had the sizes and colors that both local fly shops always are sold out of. The price is $1 less per spool too. Everybody who tries Veevus thread loves it and Avidmax is a great place to buy it. 4 Veevus thread Fly tying thread has a simple job - hold your chosen materials to the hook. It gets more confusing after that though due to the wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Size is a constant source of confusion Fly Tying > Thread/Tinsel/Wire. UTC 140 Denier Tying Thread. Currently 0/5 Stars. No reviews | Write a Review Click to see larger preview. $1.95 140 Denier is equal to Danville 3/0, but is flatter; 2 lbs of break strength makes this very strong! Recommended for flies sized #6 - #14 A longtime staple in the fly tying world, UTC Ultra 70 Denier Thread is considered a do-it-all thread for fly tying. It lays flat on the hook, giving tiers more control over thread buildup. It's strong enough to tie everything from a size 12 elk hair caddis, and thin enough to dress a size 20 Griffiths gnat. If tiers

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Shop for the Danville 6/0 (70 Denier) Flymaster Thread from our huge selection of Fly Tying Fly Tying. The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed. FREE Shipping over $49 A more universal way to help determine thread size is the denier system. Denier is the weight, in grams, of 9,000 meters of thread. It is the actual weight of the thread and therefore can be used to universally compare threads across brands. 70 denier, 140 denier, and 210 denier are common thread sizes/weights

Danville Flymaster 70 Denier Thread - Flymaster 6/0 is a fine flat nylon filament with a heavy wax coating. It is mostly used for tying small flies. Flat nylon material; 70 denier 6/0 size; 200 yard spool; Heavily waxe DetailsThis UTC 140 is a great smooth strong tying thread that builds slowly. Its lightly waxed which makes it a pleasure to tie with. This 140D is equal to a Danville's 3/0 but flatter. Great for fly sizes 6-14 Thread: 70 Denier Ultra Thread* Rib: Small Ultra Wire *Note- you can change colors of the bead, thread, or wire to make variations of this fly. **Bead Sizing - It is important to choose the correct bead size for your hook size. Shop Zebra Midge Material Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon is good for tiers who need a strong thread without too much buildup. This thread lies flat, and is strong enough for spinning hair, or tying large flies. 210 Denier. Uni Thread's Big Fly thread is a very large, strong thread for heavy tying jobs or very large flies

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UNI-Products is a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials. The product line grew each year so that we now offer over 27 different products (UNI-Thread, UNI-Floss, UNI-Stretch, UNI-Mylar, etc.). UNI-Products exports to more than 30 countries through 80 distributors. Our production capacity allows us to dispatch orders within a 2-day time frame Many fly tiers won't skimp when it comes to purchasing fly tying materials such as hackles or dubbing for fly tying but never pay any thought to the thread they'll be using. Other than the hook, fly tying thread is the most important item used in flies because it is what holds all the materials in place Veevus GSP (gel spun polyethylene) is the thread to reach for when building spun hair or wool patterns, or crafting complex streamers with a lot of parts to tie in -- you can use fewer wraps, yet your flies will stay tight as a drum. Designed with a slight twist preventing it from opening up, it lay Ultra Thread 70 Denier is a great thread for tying flies sizes 14-32. It has a breaking strength of approximately one pound. It works great on midges, nymphs, and dries alike. UTC 70 lays flat, so you can create a flat body, or you can spin it to create a tightly wound rib. Hands down the best thread on the market for your general fly tying needs


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  1. 8/0 UNI-Thread is the favorite fine fly-tying thread of fly -tiers all over the world. Noted for being exceedingly strong for its diameter. Continuous polyester filaments, slightly bonded, which ties flat on the hook and comes waxed in many « hatch-matching » colors. 72 denier 200 yards
  2. Denier measurements actually came from the sewing industry where threads are measured by gram weight of 9000 meters of thread - thus a thicker thread will have a higher number. For my tying - I do use denier's on my classic ties but for tying for fishing - almost always use 6/0 or 8/0
  3. Veevus GSP (gel spun polyethylene) is the world's strongest and thinnest thread. Use it when you really need to dig in to bind down heavy materials such as deer hair or bucktail. The 30 denier size equates to a spider-web 18/0. A generous 75 meters (246 feet) per spool. MFG#: 30G37
  4. Various diameter threads can be used, from 70 to 210 Denier. The abdomen or thorax of many buzzer patterns is created with thread. The most important thread characteristic is that it lays flat. Recommended 70 Denier Fly Tying Thread: → Ultra Thread 70 Denier UTC. Recommended 140 Denier Fly Tying Thread: → Danville's Flymaster Plus 140.
  5. Danville Flymaster Plus is an excellent heavy-duty fly tying thread. This 210 denier version is waxed, lies flat, and is roughly equivalent to a 3/0 thread. It is highly abrasion resistant and makes an excellent thread for spinning deer hair and tying large jig and saltwater flies. Extremely popular and available in a

Wapsi Uni Floss 600 Denier Rayon. by Wapsi. ID p1364334. Be the first to write a review. | Ask a question. $1.69. Wapsi Uni Floss 600 Denier Rayon - Strong and shiny, Uni-Thread is used to build up the bodies of popular flies such as the Humpy. This 600 denier floss is comprised of 50% nylon and 50% rayon Veevus Power Thread is an excellent all-purpose fly tying thread. This super strong 140 & 240 denier thread is ideal for when you need a grip better than you'd get with GSP threads. An excellent choice for tying big buzzers, still water patterns, large predator, & saltwater flies Danvilles Flat Waxed Nylon Thread. $2.39. Compare. Choose Options. Flymaster Plus (Danville) $2.49. Compare. Choose Options. Ultra Thread (140 Denier

MFC Premium Tying thread is a high quality tying thread and is used by Montana Fly Company® for all their commercial tying. It is strong per diameter, wraps flat, and does not fray like other threads. Has a very convenient spool to secure your tag end. 100 meter spools. Available in 3/0, 6/0, and 8/0 and 25 colors This nylon thread is engineered for fly tying. It is lightly waxed and lays very flat for low build-up, creating smaller bodies and small heads. Spool caps are slotted to secure the thread end, and color-coded for size. Comes in 4 sizes for tying dry flies to large saltwater baitfish. 70 Denier. 100 yard spools. Sales Unit: Each

Flybox Fusion fly tying thread is a 120 Denier blend of standard thread with metallic tinsel which can be used to create sparkly bodies or even... View full product details Color Bibio Black Black N Gold Bloodworm Deep Purple Gold Golden Olive Granite Keylime Kingfisher Mosaic Black Mosaic Red Olive Peacock Pearl Silve Veevus Power 140 Denier Threads are incredible all-purpose fly tying threads that can be used on a wide range of hook sizes. A great thread for flies #14 or bigger, including Big Buzzers, Stoneflies, Big Caddis Dries, Hoppers, along with Saltwater patterns etc. Ideal for when you require a super strong thread and need something that grips much.

Here I'm going to use a Dai-Riki #310 emerger hook in a size 22. Begin by mashing the barb and getting the hook firmly secured in the jaws of your tying vise. For thread, I'm going with UTC 70 Denier in light olive. Start your thread on the hook shank behind the eye and take wraps rearward before snipping or breaking off the tag 3. Take a dubbing needle and press down on the feather one third of the way down its width. The foam will compress and the feather will crease naturally bringing one third of the feather on top of the rest. 4. Use your finger to flatten the feather. 5. Repeat the process with the dubbing needle on the edge of the unfolded third of the feather. 6 Title: Microsoft Word - Fly Tying Threads.doc Created Date: 11/3/2009 9:45:21 P Fly Tying Thread Test. By Lucian Vasies. Saturday, February 22, 2014 0 Beginner flytiers corner No tags Permalink. I'm a tier and I decided to test all my range Amadou-of threads that I use frequently. After my is not an easy job because all producers don't use the standard charts: Denier(grams per 9000m) or Decitex(grams per 10000m). They.

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Wapsi Fly Company moved away from the confusing and archaic aught system when it introduced UTC Ultra Thread, and used the thread industry denier standard of measurement. Denier is the weight, in grams, of 9,000 meters of thread Using this system it is easy to understand that a 280 denier thread is twice the mass of a 140 thread and, thus, is larger in diameter and stronger. We are confident that all fly tying thread manufacturers and distributors will soon classify all of their thread in this manner. Currently most fly thread brands uses the 0 (Aught) system Strong, smooth, flat, lightly waxed, slow building nylon fly tying thread. It has a breaking strength of about 2 lb. and is recommended for sizes 6 to 14 flies Product Details UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier is a strong, flat, smooth, lightly waxed, slow building nylon thread. UTC 70 is great thread for trout nymphs and dry flies in the 10 to 28 size. The breaking strength of this thread is about one pound. This thread helps to prevent bulky thread build when dividing wings and tapering heads. Length: 100 yd. spool Please note: Dye color may vary. Ultra Thread is a strong, flat, smooth, lightly waxed, slow building nylon thread. UTC 140 is great general purpose thread for trout and other flies in the 6 to 16 size. The breaking strength of this thread is about two pounds. This tread will serve the beginning fly tier well, as it is not too bulky and it strength prevents breaking the thread.


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UTC Ultra Thread 140-Denier Nylonby Ultra Thread CompanyAn exceptionally popular and versatile all-purpose fly tying thread, UTC's 140d Nylon Ultra Thread comes conveniently pre-waxed and measures a medium-thin but resilient 140 denier. Great because it Shop for UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier and over 27,000 other Fly Fishing and Fly Tying SKUs in stock and ready to ship. The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed. FREE Shipping over $49

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  1. Tying thread comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Size is important because a heavy thread on a small fly will create bulk, and using fine thread for big flies leads to breaking the thread while tying or creating incorrect proportions. A quick rule of thumb: Uni thread is sized 8/0, 6/0, and 3/0
  2. The 70 Denier thread is the thinner of the two versions available from UTC and is perfect for smaller flies and when more delicate work is required. The 140 Denier thread is thicker than the 70 and is also much stronger. This thread is best used for fly tying larger sized flies and makes breaks less likely
  3. Ultra Thread 210 Denier. Description. Reviews. 210 Denier Ultra Thread is used for tying big terrestrials, pike flies, bass flies, and anything that requires a little more thread tension that 140 denier can handle. Customer Reviews. Based on 1 review Write a review

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  1. RS2 Fly from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.. The RS2 Hook: Straight-eye dry fly hook (here a Dai-Riki #310), size 18-24. Thread: Olive, 6/0 or 140 denier. Tail s: Two white or dun Microfibbets. Abdomen: Light olive Superfine Dubbing. Wing: CDC, white or gray. Thorax: Light olive Superfine Dubbing. Note: You can experiment with different colored dubbing and wings
  2. Particularly 3/0, and particularly UNI thread. While some 3/0 threads can certainly be used on #10's and maybe 12's and 14's, it's practically useless for anything smaller unless you are building thread bodies. Even then you would want to swap out to a smaller diameter when tying in wings, wing cases, hackles, etc
  3. Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 Denier Thread. Strong, smooth, flat, lightly waxed, slow building Wapsi Ultra Thread fly tying nylon thread. Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread has been engineered as a fly tying thread from the beginning. It is not an off the shelf thread as are many others. All of Ultra Thread's characteristics were carefully chosen to enhance its.

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  1. Nylon threads allow dubbing to slide more than polyester threads, like Uni Threads, and while still perfectly usable for dubbing, you should expect poorer adhesion due to a slicker thread. Denier is 70 with a .038 mm diameter and a breaking strength of 312 grams. Excellent color selection. See Color Chart
  2. The only real way to compare the thread is the denier rating. Some threads are labeled with the denier and some not. When I'm asked what thread to use I try to find out what flies the tyer will be tying since you would not use a 50 denier (approximately 14/0) thread for muskie flies just like you would not use 210 denier thread for size 24.
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  4. Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier. $2.99-+ Add To Cart. Veevus GSP. $4.25-+ Add To Cart. Daiichi 2461 - Long Shank Streamer Hook. $5.50-+ Add To Cart. 3D Articulation Beads. $4.50-+ Add To Cart. Chartpak Fly Tying Markers Chartpak Fly Tying Markers. $8.50-+ Add To Cart. Fulling Mill 36040 Streamer Stripper.
  5. 2021 Fly Tying Materials List. February 1: Fly Tying 101. San Juan Worm. Hook: Wet or Dry Fly, Size 12 to 16. Thread: Red, Orange or Brown. Body: Red, Rusty Orange, or Tan Ultra Chenille. Simple Caddis Larva. Hook: Curved or Straight Nymph, Size 14 to 18. Bead: Black Nickle, Copper or Gold to match hook
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I use whatever thread I've got. I pay attention to denier or size. 8/0 is dandy. When I can't get things to stay on the thread, I either wipe my finger over a bit of wax, or I rub the wax over the thread. I don't bother to worry abotu the proper thread. I make the thread in front of me the proper thread by using it THREAD: Aught System to Denier Conversion Chart. Pinterest. Today. Fly Tying Vises. Conversion Chart. Saved by Eric Beechem. 66. Fly Tying Vises Fly Tying Tools Fly Tying Materials Fly Fishing Tips Crappie Fishing Thread Size Chart Fly Quotes Catfish Bait Fly Tying Patterns. More information. Fly Tying > Spooled Products Thread Floss Wire & Tinsel Mylar & Flash Spooled Products. View. Uni French Flat Embossed Tinsel $5.95 UTC Ultra Thread 280 Denier $2.25 $2.25 View. UTC Ultra Thread GSP $3.94 - $3.95 $3.94 - $3.95 View. UTC Monofil $1.75 $1.75 View. UTC French Tinsel $4.45. Some mono tying thread, bought in large spools won't fit on a bobbin. So, it's back to the fly shop or online for a resource of bobbin acceptable thread spools. The pros of clear and smoke mono tippet tying thread: 1. Cheap. 2. Less inventory (fewer spools). 3. No decision - clear inherits colors of materials in the recipe. 4

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Interesting. When I was trying to make sense of the thread madness, I settled on Danville waxed FlyMaster + 140 denier for the bulk of my fly tying which mainly consists of wet flies & streamers & junk flies in the #10-#2 range. Flymaster+ comes in 2 dozen colors, but I only use 7-8 colors and would probably be happy using a few less Danville is recognized worldwide for their fine quality fly tying threads, wires, and floss. Their wide range of popular colors, consistent quality, and reasonable prices have kept fly tiers loyal to their company for years. Shop our large selection of Danville threads today Danville's Flymaster 6/0 is a fine flat nylon filament thread with a fairly heavy wax. Good all around thread and our best selling! We use for both general nymph tying and for some larger dry flies. This 6/0 thread is the equivalent to 70 denier. Comes on 200 yard spools

THREAD: Aught System to Denier Conversion Chart | FlyPEARSALL SILK THREAD Great colors Available Fly TyingUltra Thread 140 Denier | The Trout SpotUltra Thread 140 Denier - Unicoi OutfittersPearsall Gossamer Silk Thread | JVeevus Thread Fly Tying Materials Assorted Colors Various

Super Fly Veevus GSP - G.S.P (Gel Spun Polyethylene) is by far the strongest thread on the planet after our Veevus thread. In difference to other brands the Veevus G.S.P. thread has been designed with a slight twist preventing it from opening up, and thereby making tying with it a breeze. It lays completel A bout 10 years ago, Cheech and I were fishing for Crappie and Smallmouth bass on Brownlee Reservoir along the Idaho/Oregon border. I had tied up a bunch of these panfish-friendly wire-bodied patterns and brought them along. As it turned out, these little bugs did some damage on the Crappie that trip Our selection of threads and chenilles at great prices. Our selection of threads and chenilles at great prices. Fly Fishing Accessories Fly Tying Accessories Fly Rods Flash Glues, Cements and UV Products Hairs. Description. Danville Flat Waxed Nylon fly tying thread (210 denier) is our choice for saltwater, pike or any big game species flies. Super tough and comes in some great colors. 100 yard spool. Additional information. Weight. .01 lbs. Dimensions. 1 × 1 × 1.8 in The Pure Silk Ephemera Thread is the best possible choice for the most demanding classic fly dresser, perfect as a fly tying thread for making bodies of wet flies, such as spiders and wets in North Country style. At the same time it represents an excellent choice also for tying classic salmon flies, both dressed in the hands and at the vise. Thin and resistant, the Pure Silk Ephemera Thread is.