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  1. Court finds 'flagrant' copyright infringement of 'Love is in the Air'. In its recent judgment ( Boomerang Investments Pty Ltd v Padgett (Liability) [2020] FCA 535), the Federal Court of Australia has found that an American electronic musical duo copied the celebrated Australian disco song 'Love Is In The Air'
  2. The recent case of Dempsey Group Pty Ltd v Spotlight Pty Ltd [2018] FCA 2016 provides a useful guide in relation to copyright infringement including the limitation to damages in light of innocent infringement.. Background. Dempsey Group Pty Ltd (Dempsey) commenced proceedings for copyright infringement against Spotlight Pty Ltd (Spotlight) in the Federal Court of Australia
  3. Topics: music-industry, arts-and-entertainment, music, copyright, australia, melbourne-3000 Prince's estate wants to trademark 'the colour purple' By music and pop culture reporter Paul Donoughu

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Justice Bennett of the Federal Court of Australia held that the IceGuide was not an infringement of Nine Network's copyright in the weekly viewing schedule. Her Honour found that the Nine Network's copyright only subsisted in the whole compilation of the weekly programming schedule and not in its separate constituents being the details of. Case Year Court Jurisdiction Categories Outcome; Google LLC v. Oracle Am., Inc., 141 S. Ct. 1163 (2021) 2021: U.S. Supreme Court: U.S. Supreme Court: Computer Progra Oracle America Inc., case number 18-956, in the Supreme Court of the United States. Pirate Piracy: Allen v. Cooper. In a case best known for its involvement of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, the Supreme Court is set to decide a tricky question of state sovereignty as it relates to copyright law. A videographer named Frederick Allen sued the.

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The main message of this article is that one piece of music does not need to be identical to another to be a copyright infringement. The test for copyright infringement in Australia is quality, not quantity. The principal melody or signature of the copyrighted work may amount to a substantial part of the song Tylor v Sevin was decided at the end of February 2014 in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Company alleging copyright infringement wants $100M. (Newser) - Ed Sheeran has another copyright infringement lawsuit to add to the pile. In the latest case, the singer is accused of ripping off. Oracle's recent Supreme Court defeat should not distract us from noticing that even in that defeat Oracle did receive an award of $28.5 million in attorneys' fees and $3.4 million in costs (together, nearly equaling the copyright infringement damages award) noted above in the Rimini Street decision. The award of that $31.9 million was. Australian copyright implications of this creative form of digital musical expression. The recent copyright infringement cases involving Larrikin Music Publishing Pty Ltd and EMI Songs Australia. 4 will be used to explain the current Australian copyright implications of the re-use of music without permission

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5 Lawsuits That Could Reshape the Art World in 2018. Isaac Kaplan. Jan 1, 2018 8:00am. While 2018 will surely spark a whole new slate of lawsuits, some of the the new year's most significant art-related cases are already pending. Here are five lawsuits dealing with everything from free speech to copyright infringement that we will be keeping. Universal Music Australia & Ors v TPG & Ors. Today the Federal Court handed down its judgment in Universal Music Australia & Ors v TPG & Ors (the KickassTorrents case). The case began in April 2016, when Universal, along with several other members of the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and the Australasian music collecting.

If you are copyright owner, it is crucial that you monitor your rights across online platforms. Key Takeaways. Famous IP cases highlight the importance of protecting and enforcing your IP rights. In regards to music, you can claim copyright infringement if prove that the other artist has substantially reproduced your work A recent Australian Federal Court case has confirmed the approach to assessing infringement of Australian registered designs. In Hunter Pacific International Pty Ltd v Martec Pty Ltd FCA 796, the Court considered an allegation that Martec was infringing Hunter's registered design No. 340171 for a ceiling fan hub For example, if the infringement is taking place on social media, mobile app marketplace or an eCommerce website, review the provider's terms and conditions and any intellectual property policy published on its website. If the provider has a formal copyright takedown procedure you can report the content directly to the website In the more recent copyright infringement case of Vertical Leisure Limited & Anor v Skyrunner Pty Ltd & Anor (2014) AU$44,800 was considered appropriate as damages for loss of profit, AU$50,000. DMCA notification procedures place the burden of policing copyright infringement on the owners of the copyright. CDA Section 230 means only federal intellectual property, and does not include state right of publicity claims. Perfect 10 v. Visa: 494 F.3d 788: 9th Cir. 2007 A case about secondary copyright infringement Kahle v. Gonzales: No.

Blurred Lines may be the biggest music copyright case of 2015. Marvin Gaye's family has won damages of more than US$7.3 million in a case involving Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. EPA/Paul. How copyright law is holding back Australian creators. Australian creators struggle to understand copyright law and how to manage it for their own projects. Indeed, a new study has found copyright.

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The main exceptions to copyright infringement in Australia come under the general heading fair dealing. Fair dealing is comparable to the United States' fair use; it is a use of a work specifically recognised as not being a copyright violation. In order to be a fair dealing under Australian law a use must fall within a range of specific purposes 1. Star Wars vs Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps the most famous case of copyright infringement is that of Battlestar Galactica, who apparently 'borrowed' a little too much from Star Wars. Galactica was produced in the wake of the success of the 1977 film Star Wars. And sci-fi author Jerry Pournelle, starring on a guest panel in This Week in. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' hugely successful Blurred Lines was the subject of a huge lawsuit when the family of the late Marvin Gaye accused the pair of copyright infringement. They claimed the catchy walking bass used for the pop hit was taken from Gaye's 1977 funk song Got to Give it Up. In the end, the jury sided with Marvin Gaye

Australian politician Clive Palmer has been ordered to pay AUS$1.5 million (approximately $1.17 million) in damages after losing a copyright case involving TWISTED SISTER's classic song We're Not. iiNet post-judgment press release. In front of a packed courtroom, Justice Cowdroy read from a prepared statement that ran for just over 20 minutes and concluding with 'the applicant's (Roadshow Films & Ors) case is therefore dismissed'. iiNet were found not guilty on the claim that iiNet had infringed the copyright of the applicants' respective films by authorising copies of those films. In the more recent copyright infringement case of Vertical Leisure Limited & Anor v Skyrunner Pty Ltd & Anor (2014) AU$44,800 was considered appropriate as damages for loss of profit, AU$50,000 for loss of reputation and AU$300,000 by way of additional damages

A jury found Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke liable for copyright infringement, and they had to pay the Gaye family $7.4 million in damages. Williams and Thicke appealed the case in 2016, but the court sided with the Gaye family once again in 2018. The appeal confirmed that Gaye's estate is entitled to 50% of all royalties from the song forever Since then, courts have almost uniformly applied Florida Prepaid to the copyright context and allowing states to continue asserting sovereign immunity in copyright infringement cases. The second. The case is U.S. Patent and Trademark Office et al. v. Booking.com BV, case number 19-46, in the U.S. Supreme Court. Counterfeiting Ring: Tiffany v. Costco. After more than six years of litigation, the Second Circuit is finally set to rule next year on a closely watched case filed by Tiffany & Co. over Costco's unauthorized use of Tiffany.

The recent copyright case, Boomerang Investments Pty Ltd v Padgett, was the first time in Australia where the sung sound of the lyrics was included in the musical work. Generally, courts in Australia view songs as constituting two separate copyright works: the music (the musical work) and the lyrics (the literary work) CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's largest electricity generator on Tuesday largely lost its court case alleging that the environmental group Greenpeace had breached copyright and trademark laws by using its logo in a campaign that described the company as the nation's biggest climate polluter

In recent years, there has been a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits against alleged cheaters or cheat makers. Two of the driving forces behind these cases are GTA V developer Rockstar Games. Courts should take into account all appropriate aspects, such as: negative economic consequences, including lost profits, that the injured party has suffered; any unfair profits made by the infringer; and, in appropriate cases, other factors such as the moral prejudice caused to the rights holder by the infringement In October last year, Australian Microsoft partner, PC Case Gear, agreed to pay the software giant $250,000 in damages as part of an out of court settlement over copyright infringement

Top 10 patent cases of the year 2019. In 2019 it was long-running and multi-jurisdictional cases which set the tone in Europe's top patent courts. FRAND was especially prevalent, setting the agenda in courts in all jurisdictions which were confronted with questions of rates and jurisdictional challenges Whether you know this famous music copyright infringement lawsuit or not, anyone who has listened to Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' and Queen/ David's 'Under Pressure' can tell how remarkably similar both records are. Under Pressure was released in 1981 from the joint efforts of collaboration between Queen and David Bowie In a 2019 judgment the court found the Hells Angels' copyright case had failed, but a trademark infringement claim was made out for a number of T-shirt designs advertised on the Redbubble site John Fogerty. One of the strangest cases in music was one that Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty found himself defending in 1984, when he stood accused of self-plagiarism by his old. The Biederman Blog is now ranked NUMBER ONE on Feedspot's Top 20 Entertainment Law blogs (May 2018). It is very exciting to top this list. We are extra proud of number six - Entertainment Law Offices of Gordon P. Firemark

Coming to you from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, this video details their recent copyright infringement case, in which a company in Australia took one of their photos and used it on an iPhone case. Biggest Piracy Case in U.S. History Gets Its First Conviction Programmer's guilty plea in Megaupload criminal complaint is a significant step forward, Justice Department attorney says Ira.

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The final judgment, handed down just this month after lengthy disputes, gives the Gayes $5.3 million and 50% of the song' s royalties for copyright infringement, one of the largest damages awards. The problem is that the photographer had not timely registered his copyright so he was eligible only for actual damages. While sometimes actual damages can result in a significant award, most of the time the option of statutory damages is better The ruling in the recent copyright infringement case Flava vs Gunter has far reaching ramifications for the future of sharing - especially if the MPAA stops the reversal of the court ruling. This case is one of a few trade mark infringement cases which went all the way to the Federal Court. Thus, the decision represents a welcome judicial development by the highest Court in Malaysia on the principles discussed and expounded therein

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The case has been one to watch in the entertainment industry, as it has been unclear where the Second Circuit has stood with respect to whether the use of embedded content taken from social media sites by entertainment companies is an infringement of a copyright owner's exclusive right to display content Print. We run down 12 landmark copyright cases in music history, from the Beach Boys vs. Chuck Berry to Lana Del Rey vs. Radiohead. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty, Kevin Winter/Getty, Michael Ochs. In the recent movie The Hangover Part II, Acuff-Rose Music Inc. cried copyright infringement. The case went to the Supreme Court, which, in so many words, said, lighten up. Parody, or in. Over the past 20 years, the overall number of intellectual property cases filed in the U.S. courts has increased dramatically. However, after sharp increases in the early 2010s, patent infringement case filings now have started to fall, copyright case filings have fluctuated, and trademark case filings have held steady. Most intellectual property cases are concentrated in a handful of states During the copyright infringement trial, an injunction is usually placed on the violating party. An injunction is a court order which requires a party to do or refrain from doing a certain act. In the case of copyright infringement lawsuits, the defendant is ordered to stop actions which violate the copyright of the plaintiff

The second option sounds a lot like compensatory damages, especially when read in accordance with the limitation in Article 13 (1) that damages should be those appropriate to the actual prejudice suffered. That argument was run by Mr Ludbrook based on the wording of the implementing regulations which would mean damages were limited to £300 Recent European case-law on the infringement and enforcement of IPRs ----- 3 DECISIONS FROM THE COURT OF JUSTICE AND CASE LAW OF NATIONAL COURTS CLASSIFIED BY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND SUBJECT MATTERS (01/2020-03/2021) COPYRIGHT Subject-matter of copyright protection - originality (folding bike) - cumulative I The copyright cases listed. Whilst many accusations of copyright infringement levelled against a filmmakers can easily be disproved, others are able to stand up to a lot more scrutiny. Take the case of animated flick An American Tail, which bears an unmistakable resemblance to Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, Maus

This service will be unavailable from 6am to 4pm on Saturday 26 June. Find trade mark decisions on intellectual property disputes. Decisions from similar cases can help you: prepare for a hearing. The CASE Act creates a new small claims system in the US that allows copyright holders to pursue damages for copyright infringement without filing a federal lawsuit. These claims would be decided. Jonathan Huber, a recent graduate at Hannover's Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien has provided us a valuable cache of information about German cases. These primary source materials were the basis of his Master's thesis dealing with German music copyright infringement disputes between 1966 - 2020. Vielen Dank Jonathan

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Why does Disney 'go after the little guys'? May 24, 2014. Disney's characters are copyrighted. You can't use a drawing of Mickey Mouse and sell it on a mug, unless you have authorized consent to distribute the image. Disney has a reputation for being ruthless about protecting its intellectual property (example stories of folks getting. This brings to mind some other famous music copyright-infringement cases. A jury recently determined that Katy Perry's 2013 song Dark Horse was copied in part from Joyful Noise, a song by. These recent trademark cases have important implications for trademark law at a time when trademark infringement and counterfeiting are on the rise. Trademark law has seen substantial developments. As the attached graph shows, there were fewer than two hundred criminal intellectual property convictions in 2010 (and some of those were trademark cases). 1 In comparison, 1,984 civil copyright infringement lawsuits were filed in the same time period. 2 A copyright infringer's chances of being sued for damages or an injunction are therefore.

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This article reviews the most important of these rulings. 1. Helsinn Healthcare SA v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., 139 S. Ct. 628 (2019) The on-sale bar is a legal doctrine that prevents an inventor from patenting an invention that was commercially sold or offered for sale before a patent application for the invention was filed Seven individuals and two corporations have been charged in the United States with running an international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy of numerous types of copyrighted works, through Megaupload.com and other related sites, generating more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and causing more than half a billion dollars in harm to. Australia's Richest. Taiwan's Richest. in 90% of cases of copyright use on the platform, CBO Robert Kyncl states that the original content producers opt against removing the video and instead. A recent court ruling involving the competing game apps Triple Town and Yeti Town provides a cautionary tale to both EA and Zynga that they should settle their case rather than letting a judge. Case study 4: 'The carpets case' A landmark in the legal protection of Aboriginal art occurred in 1994. After a 14-day trial, three Aboriginal artists and the estates of five other deceased Aboriginal artists were awarded damages totalling $188 640 for infringements of their copyright

According to a report from ABC News in Australia, Palmer tried to plead his case in the trial by accusing Snider of cribbing from the famous Christmas guilty of copyright infringement, and. 4.5 Fair use is a defence to copyright infringement. It essentially asks of any particular use, 'is this fair?' This is determined on a case by case basis. The statute does not define what is fair.4.6 In deciding whether a use is fair, a number of criteria—'fairness factors'—are considered. These fairness factors are set out. CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's largest electricity generator on Tuesday largely lost its court case alleging that the environmental group Greenpeace had breached copyright and trademark laws by using its logo in a campaign that described the company as the nation's biggest climate. A case involving a claim for misuse of private information and copyright infringement arising from a book authored by the claimant's ex-wife. The claimant succeeded and was awarded damages of £10,000 and aggravated damages of £2,500 as well as a premanant injunction to restrain publication of his private information While the iiNet case has been nothing but good news for copyright in Australia, over the past few years, at nearly the same time, there's been an important copyright case concerning fair use that.

In short, the act sets up a copyright small claims court that can hear cases with damages capped at $15,000 per work and $30,000 total. While the act seemed to have been defeated, it made a surprise resurgence in the final weeks of 2020 as it was included in the omnibus spending bill that included, among others COVID-19 relief Even in such a case, if it appears to the viewer that the totality of impression that the film is by and large a copy of the original play, copyright infringement may be proved. The above principles were derived by the Supreme Court after a careful reading of the jurisprudence on the subject matter Unusually, however, it's not simply the copyright aspect of this case that makes it so unusual and interesting. Singer Aled Jones Releases Album in November Last month, Welsh singer Aled Jones, who shot to fame as a youngster in the 1980s, teamed up with BMG to release a new album titled 'Blessings' Jennifer Lopez sued by paparazzi for $150,000 after posting photo. News See how many of these famous music copyright infringement cases you remember. Robin Thicke's 2013 hit Blurred Lines was found to infringe on a Marvin Gaye copyright. George Harrison was forced to pay more than $500,000 in a copyright case involving My Sweet Lord

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However, for such an infringement claim to be valid, the work must, in the first place, be protected by copyright. The core question of this dispute therefore is whether 'taste' in itself can be the subject of copyright protection. On 10 June 2015, the Court of First instance left that question unanswered for reasons of procedural economy Posting a cringeworthy meme can often cost you a few Facebook friends. But what if the next meme you post costs you almost $900? German blog Geeksisters found out the hard way when Getty Images asked them to pay €785.40 in back licensing fees for posting the famous Socially Awkward Penguin meme to their website. (Ironically, the offending blog entry is about how the penguin is the writer's. Global reach of music copyright infringement 2017, by gender Time spent listening on streaming platforms Australia 2016, by type Distribution of the streaming consumption Australia 2016, by time.

32. Among kids aged between 12 and 17 in Australia, piracy has nearly doubled in recent years. (Red Points Solutions) Some of the more current piracy statistics show that 31% of minors in Australia are pirating movies or enjoying illegal music downloads. This has resulted in great public concern in the Land Down Under Celebrity Brands: The Line Between Fair Use and Infringement. Categories: IP Law, Intellectual Property, Article. All brand owners are faced with difficult decisions regarding how aggressively to police their brands. The decision is particularly difficult when the unauthorized use is by a loyal customer or fan This can be illustrated by the recent copyright infringement case of the popular online game MU Online, in which the Pudong New Area People's Court of Shanghai held that the combination of game characters, weapons, maps and equipment could be regarded as part of the storyline of the game and are therefore protectable literary works under the.

As we know, only a copyright holder has the exclusive rights to a creative work, and only they can grant a person a license to use their image or work. So what if you believe someone has imitated or copied one of your photographic images? The short answer: If an artist makes an illustration or What do I do if someone makes an illustration or painting based on my photograph? Read More The case actually got more attention among the 3D printing community and has only recently been noticed at all by the copyright community, despite the clearly possible implications. All in all, it's a bizarre case that only impacts copyright in a roundabout way, but it could be a very big way. 6. Ironman, Ghostface Killah and Samplin

You might be familiar with the now-famous case of Alison Chang, which is a good example of a potentially unlawful use of someone's name or likeness. In September 2007, Chang's parents filed a lawsuit in state court in Texas against Virgin Mobile Australia and Creative Commons In 1994, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., a case involving Florida rap collective 2 Live Crew. After members of the group. All in all, the court ruled in favor of Rockstar and Take-Two, granting summary judgment for copyright infringement against the two men. This means that the case won't go to trial 21 May, 2021. This episode will explore the recent copyright case involving Clive Palmer and his use of the Twisted Sister hit We're Not Gonna Take It including what arguments were raised in defence of the copyright infringement claim and the nature of the final remedies Twisted Sister awarded $1.2m over copyright claim. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer used a version of We're Not Gonna Take It when he ran for parliament. Read more. next. Posted at 22:07 15 Apr.

In Canada, copyright cases involving architectural works are rare. As a result, the scope of protection and remedies for infringement has been uncertain. However, recent case law now provides useful guidance and sets a valuable precedent. In September, the Federal Court released its decision in Lainco Inc. v Commission Scolaire Des Bois-Francs principles of copyright cases and materials foreword chapter i. subject matter and conditions of protection chapter ii. rights chapter iii. ownership of rights chapter iv. infringement and enforcement notions fondamentales du droit d'auteur recueil de jurisprudence avant-propos chapitre i. l'objet et les conditions de la protection chapitre.

Most music copyright infringement cases are settled out of court with shared writing credit — and royalties — as it's extremely rare for these types of cases to make it to a jury Staying up to date with the latest decisions of Australian and International Courts and Tribunals and Australian legislation has never been easier. JADE takes online legal research to a whole new level Social media is becoming a vital part of marketing strategies in businesses bothlarge and small. Connecting with customers is the new expectation.But how this trend affects both the creators of original content and those who choose to repost or retweet something that wasn't their creation—remains to be seen

A recent copyright case involving the character of Tintin is an important win for artists and freedom of expression, according to intellectual property lawyers at national law firm Clarke Willmott LLP. French artist Xavier Marabout recently won the copyright.. In a recent case, the US Court of Appeals found that a 'satire' was fair, applying the s 107 fair use factors to a Jeff Koons collage entitled 'Easyfun Ethereal'.52 The Koons work, like many in the digital age now upon us, incorporated a scanned partial reproduction of a photograph of glamorous female legs. 'A Real Pea Souper: The. However, this situation may be changing. In a recent copyright infringement case and a recent case concerning exclusive dealing in the music industry, liability was imposed on the basis of the 'bad behaviour' of the defendant. That the cases are both to do with music is striking

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Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP partner Emily Evitt will be speaking on a panel of entertainment lawyers at the Emily Evitt will be speaking on a panel of entertainment lawyers at th The Beastie Boys have settled a copyright infringement lawsuit with girls' toymaker GoldieBlox over use of the song Girls. Adam Horovitz, left, and Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys. Famous copyright infringement cases Star Wars sues Battlestar Galactica, 20th Century Fox vs. Universal Studios. Universal Studios wanted to develop a space saga and sci-fi production after the commercial success of the first Star Wars in 1977. So, the studio came out with TV series Battlestar Galactica in 1978 with creator Glen Larson The popular Free Fire streamer Total Gaming claims to have received over 20 fake copyright notices in the past two months including a recent copyright strike on YouTube. News from around the World European news publishing companies are pushing for a similar law to that of Australia to force companies such as Facebook and Google to pay for using. Horia Varlan/CC-BY 2.0. Examples of copyright infringement include making or distributing copies, using all or a part of a copyrighted work, sampling a song or generally using copyrighted work without permission. Even derivative work based on a copyrighted piece is infringement unless permission is obtained from the copyright owner

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[Australian copyright law has recently undergone a period of intense reform. In this article, the author seeks to give both a comprehensive history of the period just past, and a bird's-eye view of the resulting reforms--highlighting the hitherto unremarked way in which they affected the many institutions which manage copyright A U.S. judge has sent a copyright infringement case involving Stairway to Heaven to a jury. The plaintiff claims the track's famous opening borrows from a song by U.S. band Spirit. The lawsuit. In some cases, a lawsuit is filed as a quick way to get a piece of a widely popular movie's box office gross. Here are eight movies that led to legal action. 1. Captain Phillips (2013) The.

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The copyright infringement case goes to trial next month in Arizona, and Wozniak has been called to the stand to testify, Insider reports. The three-day jury trial is scheduled to start on June 7 Even if there was no monetary, financial, or commercial gain, a consumer can be imprisoned for five years and charged $250,000 in fines per infringement. The copyright holders can also sue for $150,000 in statutory damages for each copyright stolen. A recent copyright scandal involved a 30-year-old woman from Minnesota In trademark infringement cases, courts rely on a set of standards to determine whether consumers will likely be confused. These are sometimes called the Polaroid factors because they come from a 1961 case in which the Polaroid Corp. defended its trademark. The Polaroid factors include the following: How distinctive the senior user's mark is