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  1. ‎BBC Writersroom seeks out fresh voices, championing writer talent from across the UK. We support, develop and challenge writers throughout their careers, across the BBC
  2. Welcome to BBC Writersroom. We discover, develop and champion new and experienced writing talent across the whole of the UK. Together - In Conversation with Dennis Kelly Writer Dennis Kelly.
  3. Join the UK's leading television drama writers, including Jed Mercurio and Sally Wainwright, as they lay bare their writing habits, habitats and career paths for the BBC's Abigail Gonda. A series of up close and personal interviews with the UK's most brilliant writing talent inside the room where each of these writers actually writes
  4. Timeby Jimmy McGovern. A prisoner consumed by guilt, an officer with an impossible choice. What does it take to survive? A tense story of punishment and principles, starring Sean Bean and Stephen.
  5. Scriptwriting Essentials. From Introductions to Re-writing - watch a series of ten videos covering the essentials of writing a successful script. When you're new to writing, just getting to the.

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5 Top Tips for writing Radio Drama. We caught up with Jeremy Howe (Commissioner for BBC Radio 4 Drama) recently to ask for his 5 top tips for writers who are interested in writing Radio Drama. Original British Dramatists 2015 by various writers. Peking Noir Docu-Drama by Paul French and Sarah Wooley. Porshia by Ed Harris. People Snogging in Public Places by Jack Thorne. Shamed by. Medium and Format. Presenting your work appropriately suggests a professional approach and an understanding of the medium and format for which you are writing. Deciding which format to use will be. BBC Writers. November 19 at 10:42 AM ·. Two more Doctor Who scripts just added to our online library, both from the 11th Doctor incarnation (Matt Smith). S5 Ep7 Amy's Choice written by Simon Nye and S6 Ep5 The Rebel Flesh written by Matthew Graham. Read them and many more >>> bbc.in/2yJDjvi

This podcast is a must for writers, performers and anyone involved in speaking out loud! It not only offers advice and tips, but room for reflection. In a world where we are continually presented with the veneer of success, this podcast has helped me stay grounded and holding fast to the idea I must continue to shine light on my talent, however. The BBC's BBC Writers' Room blog includes a post by Piers Beckley, introducing interviews by scriptwriters Adrian Hodges and Gaby Chiappe, who both discuss their craft on the programme.. Beckley also announces that, to assist would-be scriptwriters in understanding how to translate ideas to screen-ready telescripts, the full-script for the first episode of Survivors will be uploaded to the. THE HOUSE. LIVING ROOM. DAY E. 2008. 14:53. 6 An estate agent shows a young couple - the woman, pregnant - around the house. Being Human Episode 1 SHOOTING SCRIPT 17th September 2008 2. 3 CONTINUED: 3 (CONTINUED an upgrade on our room. 23. HELEN but when Mister Brain-In-His-Pants here starts toying with the affections of an impressionable young girl like Megan 24. SIMON Oh, please, don't give me that tosh! She's not young. 25. HELEN She is! 26. SIMON Yeah, compared to you. 27. HELEN Pig. 28. SIMON Cow. 29. CLARE Break it up, now. Helen, I need.

Killing Eve - Ep.1 BBC America (Hard Parted) 8 ELENA No, please don't. You're the late one. EVE enters the room. 01:03:54 INT. LONDON. MI5 MEETING ROOM - DAY EVE sneaks in and heads over to the empty chair next to BILL. FRANK HALETON and CAROLYN MARTENS are sat opposite him and look at her with annoyance. BILL looks at EVE. BILL Professional The BBC in the UK has appointed a British Film Institute (BFI) exec as head of its new writers room and unveiled a raft of new dramas, including a show from the creatives behind The Salisbury Poisonings.. Jessica Loveland becomes head of new writing at the BBC's writersroom in Salford, UK, and has. remit to provide editorial leadership to the new division with oversight of all talent writing. Breaking Up With Bradford - BBC Radio 4 © Kamal Kaan 3 SCENE 2. INT. TRAIN. DAY. SFX: A train speeding along. Music plays. Inside, KASIM is sat, looking out The Director of Get the Chance, Guy O'Donnell recently got the chance to chat to Rachel Williams, Development Producer, BBC Writers room - Wales. We discussed Rachel's career to date, opportunities for Welsh and Wales based writers and the exciting new plans for BBC Writersroom Wales. Hi Rachel great to meet you, can you give our Continue reading An Interview with Rachel Williams.

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The monologue will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 at 4:50PM Listen here. This project, a collaboration between Radio 3 and BBC Writersroom - the BBC's scripted content department for developing and supporting writers - gives six emerging writers their first commissions from the BBC BBC Writersroom - 6 tips from former winner Laurence Tratalos Posted on June 17, 2016 July 15, 2016 Author Jonathan Jayson Categories Creator Stories , Guest Post , Writers Before I say anything about entering this years BBC Writersoom (comedy), let me just say that I'm no expert Changes to the BBC Writer's Room 2021. So, there are rumblings that comedy writers had better switch to comedy-drama (whatever that is) if they want any help from the BBC Writer's Room project in 2021. I'll leave that up to other's to discuss. Here are a couple of links for starters Includes BBC Writers Room advice, podcasts, documentaries, shorts and trailers. Home Quotes Credits Media Contact Me Home Quotes Credits Media Contact Me WRITING Dalek Wh o. Written by Andrew Ellard for Channel 4's Mashed channel. Outsiders. Anne Edyvean is the head of the BBC Writers Room. The Writers Room is the creative heart of the BBC set up to discover and develop writing talent for future shows. If you enjoyed this you might also like EP40 - Iain Coyle - Comedy Commissioner at Dave / UKT

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  1. 'Inner Voices: How writers create characters', BBC Writers' Room, December 2014 ' How novelists hear their characters ', BBC Radio 4's Open Book, March 2015 (22:48). ' Writers' Inner Voices, Literary Voices and the Edinburgh International Book Festival ', 2018
  2. BBC writersroom interview. QUESTION. Was wondering if anyone has been through the process and had an interview with the BBC? My writing partner and I have been doing this for less than a year and sort of just lucked into this opportunity, of course we feel very happy about it but I'm also horribly nervous
  3. Zara won a spot in the BBC Children's New Voice Writer Room 2021 and the ITV Comedy 50:50 Female Pilot Club.She was previously in the BBC Comedy Writers Room UK 2020 and was also shortlisted for the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2020.. She writes screenplays and comedy shorts for TV, podcasts and radio. She has recently been launched as a columnist for Scotland's biggest newspaper, The.
  4. In 2020 I received my first TV commission and wrote a sketch for BBC's Crackerjack. I was long-listed for BBC Writers room comedy room and was in the top 3% for the BBC's Caroline Aherne Bursary for character comedians. I have written two solo character comedy shows
  5. The first involves the 25-year-old death of a teenager whose unsolved murder has become the subject of a true crime podcast. by Jimmy McGovern as part of a BBC Writers Room initiative..
  6. Screenwriter John August also has a popular weekly podcast called Scriptnotes. UK Writers have the BBC Writers Room. Another popular site for screenwriters is the Black List which aims to get the best unproduced screenplays read and made. Networking
  7. Rates & agreements. WGGB rates and agreements cover TV, theatre, audio and some areas of film. In addition, you can find detailed, best-practice advice in the guidelines and booklets we produce. These are all available as PDFs in the Resources section, or from the WGGB Head Office. We can also give members advice by phone or email

The BBC Writers Room. Writers Room is so much more than a competition - it is the very best collection of resources, opportunities and, yes, competitions, gathered together by the BBC to help find, promote and educate up and coming writers. They graciously supported our 2018 writing competition and represent the very best way to get found. 14 posts. Writersroom does definitely seem to be a waste of time. We sent a script and got a very standard rejection letter about eight months later. Don't know if there are many other places to send sketches and stuff to at the BBC. Opportunities seem to be incredibly thin on the ground these days. Permalink TalentWorks is a content label within BBC Studios aimed at identifying digital talent with whom it can partner. Here's our interview with Nadir recorded in 2019 during our writers retreat in collaboration with the BBC Writers Room.This episode is dedicated to Nadir's father Fuad Nahdi who passed away on 21st March 2020 - https://www. BBC Writers Room have now launched their latest Script Room window. This time they are looking for Children's scripts (CBeebies & CBBC) The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by a team of experienced readers. All scripts are read as a calling card of a writers talent Podcast; Setting An Article Out; Tag Archives: BBC Writers Room. Markets For Writers. Posted on December 4, 2019 by Esther Chilton. Fancy writing a drama script? Then take a look at the BBC Writersroom website. They are opening up a window for TV, stage, film, radio and film scripts. The window opens on Monday 9th December 2019 and will close.

The BBC is to throw open the doors of its Writers' Academy to anyone who wants to have a shot at writing for television, in a move dubbed X Factor for writers.. In the past, only. The Painkiller Project Submission Window is currently closed. Updates for future windows will appear here and on our Twitter account. To listen to previous episodes of the podcast, click here. The Painkiller Pro ject is a playwriting competition with a £200 prize for each winning play. From May 2021 we will be open every other month for submissions Opportunities for finalists: BBC Writers room have agreed to read the top five scripts and follow up with any writers they think have promise. In addition, Whistledown Productions produce programmes for radio and have agreed to look at the top entries. Eligibility: Open to all, as long as it has not been published elsewhere Posts about BBC Writers Room written by Leila. I've just submitted a script to the BBC Writers Room (literally about 10 minutes before ago, as I write this). I mentioned my plan to my Screenwriting tutor, who warned me that the Writers Room has bad rep for being a cosmetic exercise that rarely leads to anything

Writers Room is a go-to place for everything about writing for TV - Packed with tips, interviews, resources and news of competitions and opportunities from the BBC and across the UK, including numerous development programmes you can apply for with rolling deadlines throughout the yea Home. Welcome. There be hats here. Hats full of stories. And a pint glass or two of opinions. Have a deekies (means look) at stuff I did before. Clap your eyes on some things I'm up to now. Gan canny on my blog page. And don't be a shy bairncomment, share and get in touch

She has established herself as a unusual and idiosyncratic voice on the UK comedy circuit. She works internationally at festivals in Europe and Australia as well as writing extensively for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Wales. Her first television pilot through BBC writers room The Outsiders aired on BBC 2 on the 10th of October 2018. In 2020 she. BBC College of Production podcast: Inner Voices: How writers create character more. by Jennifer Hodgson. BBC Writers Room podcast based upon Writers' Inner Voices project with television and radio writers, Sarah Phelps and Al Smith. Research Interests: Creative Writing, Medical Humanities, Writing, and Inner voices. 25 Views The ISA Contests page is a comprehensive listing of screenwriting / screenplay contests worldwide. ISAConnect Members receive a minimum $5 off all contest fees over $20. Contests post for no upfront charge and pay only when the page records entries. ISA recommended contests are noted as verified About Sinéad Collopy. In April 2020, Sinéad's poignant story, Salvation Calling, was one of ten short films selected from 7,000 scripts, to go into production by the BBC Writers Room.Sinéad was one of three screenwriters selected for the Galway Film Centre/Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Mentorship Scheme 2019 for her TV pilot Straight & Narrow Frank Spotnitz, the writer and executive producer of the X-Files, remembers the day when, in a meeting with the BBC in 2011, he first floated his idea for a US-style TV writers room in the UK

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Start polishing those scriptsBBC Writers' Room will open their latest Script Room submission window on 23rd June 2014. This time they are looking for Children's scripts (CBeebies & CBBC) The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by a team of experienced readers BBC writersroom provides a unique open-door at the BBC for writers - we call it the Script Room. The Script Room window for submitting Children's scripts is open from 10am on 23rd June 2014 until midnight on 7th July 2014. The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by a team of experienced readers Now stream thousands of popular and exclusive podcasts on Amazon Music. Find your favorite shows and discover new trending podcasts today Newsjack is a British satirical sketch show broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra.It is currently hosted by Kiri Pritchard-McLean and previously by Miles Jupp (2009-Mar 2011), Justin Edwards (Sep 2011-2013), Romesh Ranganathan (2014), Nish Kumar (2015-2016) and Angela Barnes (2017-2018). It was first broadcast on 4 June 2009. The series is notable for having an Open door policy on writing. Daniel Howell is one of the world's most popular online personalities. Since starting on YouTube back in 2009, he has successfully bridged the gap to mainstream recognition as a New York Times and Sunday Times best-selling author, BBC Radio 1 DJ, TV presenter, interviewer and festival-headliner. In 2016 and 2018, alongside his good friend Phil Lester, he also produced and starred in two.

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  1. The eight shortlisted writers include Holby City writer Becky Prestwich, award-winning actor, Apple Podcasts, His TV pilot The Other Side of the Coin was recently recognised in the top 13% of entries to the 2020 BBC Writers Room Comedy window. His current portfolio consists of three features, two TV pilots and shorts scripts
  2. In February 2020, I was chosen to be part of the BBC Writers Room Scottish Voices group for 2020-21 and was part of the BBC Scotland Comedy Writers Room in May 2018 for 'The Big Weekend' Comedy Monologue project. I also edit and consult on scripts and other media through various channels on a freelance basis
  3. Survivors is a two series (twelve episode) post-apocalyptic TV drama broadcast on BBC One and the BBC HD channel between November 2008 and February 2010.The BBC declined to commission a third series.. Brought to the screen by showrunner (and lead script writer) Adrian Hodges, the programme was a 're-imagining' of the classic end-of-the-world drama Survivors, devised by Terry Nation shown on.
  4. The Comedy Room was a six month development scheme with the BBC Writersroom, designed to introduce writers to BBC producers and executive producers, allowing us to establish connections, as well giving us guidance and advice through a series of targeted workshops and masterclasses. Our first meet-up was in October
  5. I was the Co-Producer (with Charlie Perkins) of the 10th and 11th series of the weekly Radio 4 Extra show NewsJack, which is the only open-door topical sketch show the BBC runs. For the 10th series, we revamped the entire format for the show, and..

TRANSPARENCIA. Lista de Colegiados; Informe de gestió The BBC Writers Room has launched Interconnected and are looking for original short-form scripts, between 5-10mins whose 2-4 characters now find themselves in isolation, but connecting via video conferencing. Deadline: 30th March Julia McKenzie is Head of Radio Comedy for BBC Studios. She oversees a team of producers who work with a range of talent on shows that include stand up, sketch, satire and panel as well as sitcoms and comedy drama for Radio 4, Radio 2 and some commercial outlets. Her team are now exploring podcast opportunities both inside and outside the BBC

web site FEE WAIVER OPTION: BBC writersroom applicants will be granted a waiver of the £5 reading fee if the words Writers room appear in the top right- hand corner of the cover page. The Windsor Fringe is now accepting unpublished one-act plays from amateur playwrights for the Tenth Anniversary Special Award Episode 22: Lotte Jeffs. Lotte Jeffs is a journalist, creative director and author. Her illustrious career includes being published in the Independent, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and the Evening Standard. She won Writer of The Year at the Press and Publishing Association Awards in 2016 and was shortlisted for Columnist of the Year in 2017 for her eponymous column Lotte's Lexicon in Elle.

She was an associate artist with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the Soho Writers Lab, wrote a short comedy film for BBC writers' room and her play, Starting Out, was adapted into a podcast in 2019. From The 2021 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Shortlist: Starbird illustrated and written By Sharon King-Chai (Two Hoots The BBC has commissioned a slate of four dramas from first-time TV writers, including a police series starring The Hobbit and Sherlock actor Martin Freeman as a night shift officer in the British This is a highly subjective and selective list of resources I have found useful or inspirational. Script Archives. Between these sites and the sites they link to, if a script or screenplay is available in the public domain for education purposes, you will most likely find it The BBC has announced a slate of new commissions that it claims is part of its plan to stretch its creative muscle outside of London and portray audiences from across the U.K. Among the eight new.

Blogs, Videos, & Podcasts. BBC Writers Room Interviews; Creative Screenwriting (magazine) - Editor Jeff Goldsmith conducts carefully researched and thoughtful interviews with some of today's top Feature and TV writers in front of a live audience. Go Into the Story by Scott Myers, official screenwriting blog of The Black Lis On their World Service website and in the BBC Writers Room, they offer comprehensive and practical advice on both writing a play and then getting it produced and broadcast on one of their stations. Closer to home, our own national broadcaster frequently produces plays for their Radio 1 'Drama On One' slot Comedy 50:50 is supported by BAFTA, The RTS, Funny Women, WGGB, Era 50:50, ScreenSkills and BBC Writers Room, who together are helping make a change in the industry. SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST Keep up to date with all our opportunities and latest news Masterful at owning a room.. - Fringe Review UK. Lou is a highly requested TV warmup act for the likes of BBC, CBBC, and ITV. A critically acclaimed writer, she was part of the BBC Writers Room - Comedy Room in 2016 & 2017, and was their writer in residence in 2015 & 2016.

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Script Writer / Solitaire / BBC / BBC Writers Room / Mar 2020 to Apr 2020: Script Writer: Solitaire: BBC: BBC Writers Room: Mar 20 - Apr 20 : Production Title: Solitaire. Company: BBC Writers Room. Podcast Producer / Gentleman's Journal Podcast / The Gentleman's Journal / Dec 2016 to Oct 2017: Podcast Producer: Gentleman's Journal Podcast. Same as any other podcasts. You can use a podcatcher and search for the podcast by name You can use a podcatcher and the supplied rss feed Or you can locate and. 0. The BBC is today hosting its first Writersroom festival in Leeds for aspiring dramatists, with practical sessions headed by panels of experienced writers, and successful producers, directors. UKTV and TriForce Creative Network announce finalists for WriterSlam! Our most popular WriterSlam competition yet, in partnership with UKTV, received close to 1600 entries with writers all vying for an opportunity to have their project produced for UKTV's award-winning comedy entertainment channel Dave. 1600 entries were shortlisted down to.

A guide to the comedies that make up BBC Writersroom Presents.... Three sitcoms developed for BBC Radio Scotland Hat Trick will meet with a shortlist of 10 writers for a workshop day in London, with up to 4-5 writers then going forward to 'try out' as gag writers on the next series of HIGNFY, which will be filming during April and May 2020. Each writer will attend one or two days during the run, to join a small writing team and work on the show There are some in the BBC writers room site here BBC - Script Library - Writers Room There's a lot of well known TV examples as well as some radio drama BBC Academy. Presenter on the Building Digital Capacity programme. Radio Audience Sitcom - Mayday with BBC Writers room. A collaborative writing project with a Youth Drama Group potentially leading to a festival performance; Preview the Theme Tune to Live from Kirrin Island Miss She

The BBC is extremely sensitive to bad press, and they would have been well aware of the potential backlash from this (shown by the fact that they opened their announcement of the winners with an explanation of Sally's inclusion) and the potential for lasting damage to the integrity of the Writersroom Joining host Dave Green are Jack Thorne, BAFTA-winning writer of The Fades, Skins and This Is England '86 & '88 (and one of BAFTA's Brits to Watch); Jeremy Brock, writer of The Last King of Scotland (and programmer of the Lecture Series); and Claire Wilson, who's currently working in the BBC Writers' Room on series 2 of Hunted, with The X-Files' Frank Spotnitz Development Coordinator, BBC Writers Room: Wales at BBC Rosie Jenes Host at The D word podcast Greater Melbourne Area. Beau Vernon. Beau Vernon Director, Speaker, AFL Coach, Disability and Mental Health Advocate, Passionate about improving the life of others. Melbourne, VI. Dr Linda Barclay. Dr Linda Barclay.

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Anne Edyvean, Head of the BBC Writers' Room, explains: The BBC Writers' Room team believes in the power of stories and storytellers to give us hope, entertain us and help us understand the world, especially at such a strange and unprecedented time as the one we are living in now Back to podcast pages. Plans are coming together for a one-off topical satirical comedy podcast in early summer. It's the closed season for BBC Radio Newsjack which is one of few open-door radio shows ie where anyone can contribute material and receive a writing credit (along with payment from the BBC) for material that is recorded and broadcast..

Thanks to Luv-a-Lime for the heads up on these recently added Teleplays to BBC's Writer's Room.Writer's Room has added EastEnders, Waking the Dead and Silent Witness teleplays as well as the teleplay to the award winning Shoot the Messenger.Those and more are on the TV Scripts page.. Writers of unproduced scripts, please note, The Writer's Room accept and read unsolicited. Whatever your level/genre/medium, from total newbie to established author or screenwriter, Paul's online 6-week writing course will encourage and equip you. - Wednesday mornings, 10-11am (plus 15mins after for questions, clarifications and over-running) - Sept 23rd to Nov 4th 2020, with a week off on Oct 21 TriForce Creative Network and Greenacre Films are launching a new opportunity for writers. #ScriptSearch is a great opportunity for writers to get their feature film idea into paid development! Greenacre Films, the team behind Netflix hit Been So Long, starring Arinze Kene and Michaela Coel, are teaming up with TriForce Creative Network to find their next project The same protocol goes for all the writers out there, submit a script to the BBC writers room or the Blue Cat screenplay competition offers written analysis too all script submissions! If you think your work is ready, why not sign up and submit to The Black List, the leading network of script writers with incredible success stories. Topping the.

Comedy Poop Podcast Jan 2009 - Present 12 years 1 month Comedy Poop Podcast is a weekly podcast which aims to give the listener a nugget of comedy audio goodness from the in house writers (Peter G Butler, Peter Renton & Lucy Burgess) or other comedy writers (Jim Blythe & Graham Parry) and we've started to incorporate stand up comedy in the podcast A similar drama podcast to Quake is 'The Shield and the Sword' which is also on BBC Radio 4. This is a 'thirteen stories about the current president of Russia' (BBC Radio 4, 2017). These episodes are an hour long but it still uses the technique of painting pictures in the listeners head and relating to the characters

The BBC Writers Room has launched Interconnected and is looking for original short-form scripts, between 5-10mins whose 2-4 characters now find themselves in isolation, but connecting via video conferencing. Deadline: 30th March Alex and Nick continue their Inside the TV Writing Program series - a deep dive into what goes on inside every major TV writing program from the decision makers themselves. Our second part focuses on the CBS Writers Mentoring Program, with Jeanne Mau, Senior Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at CBS. We go over everything, from the importance of the letter of interest and scripts. This episode is with the superb Janet Fillingham, literary agent at Janet Fillingham Associates. For links to everything that Janet mentions, see below Episode 17: Riyadh Khalaf. Riyadh Khalaf is a man of many talents. He's a TV and radio presenter, YouTube content creator, author, and podcast host as well as having an encyclopaedic knowledge of marine biology and aviation. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a broadcaster, placing a godlike status upon the voices and faces of. Sun 16 May 2021 02.45 EDT. The BBC must put an end to the useful myth it has cracked down on left-wing comedy, according to the satirist Nish Kumar. Either that, or it should admit that a so.

Tag Archives: BBC Film & TV. Review, Keeping Faith, Series 3, BBC/S4C, by Gareth Williams. May 3, 2021 Gareth Williams Leave a comment (4 / 5) There is a moment in the final series of Keeping Faith when Eve Myles becomes Celia Imrie. The transformation is extraordinary. There is no CGI or special effects; rather, just Eve Myles doing what Eve. Radio is used to enhance drama as BBC say that 'radio drama is the most intimate relationship a scriptwriter can have with their audience, and yet it can also cheaply create anything that you can imagine' (BBC Writers Room, n.d.). I think it is important to have a relationship with the audience B. Lauria Moore: Screenwriter in Virginia Beach, Virginia posted an entry in Screenwriting lounge titled: BBC Writers Room's annual window for unsolicited comedy scripts begins March 23 * tv film industry * social network for aspiring actor Femi is a 2017 alumna of the BBC Writers Room group London Voices and was a member of the Orange Tree Theatre Writers Collective 2018. She is represented by Nicky Lund at David Higham Associates. In addition to her writing, Femi also works as a voice over artist and is signed to agency Another Tongue

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Middle Child founding company member Ellen Brammar has joined the BBC Writersroom Northern Voices programme for 2020 - and we couldn't be more proud!. Ellen, who wrote I Hate Alone in 2017, joins 16 other exceptional writers on a year-long development programme to write for television, with expert masterclasses, pitching opportunities and introductions to the industry Listen to the podcast here. Rhoda (Jeevani) and me at the RNA. This week's podcast features John McGhie, an investigative journalist who has worked for the BBC, Channel 4 News and the Observer. John and I met on Whitstable beach at the peak of the football world cup at what felt like a brief moment of optimism in an otherwise politically. A helpful and hilarious take on the week's tech SNAFUs. Computer security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault chat with guests about cybercrime, hacking, and online privacy. It's not your typical cybersecurity podcast... Winner of the Best Security Podcast 2018 and Best Security Podcast 2019, Smashing Security has had over six million downloads. Past guests include Garry.

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This year has kicked off with Tasha Dhanraj and I winning the Writers Guild Award for 'Best Online Comedy' for our sketch 'SIDE EFFECTS OF THE PILL' for BBC3. I haven't updated by website as much as I should have, and 2019 was a busy old year! I've written four.. Listen to the podcast to learn about the application process, hear from experts from the BFI ScreenSkills and BBC Films, along with our previous cohort's experiences. Deadline to apply is 9am Friday 29th March 2019 >>https: BBC - iFeatures - Writers Room. Deadline: 29th March at 9am. iFeatures are looking for ambitious filmmakers ready to.

Daily Podcast: 'Serenity' Might Have The Most INSANE MovieGrauniad reviews organised crime drama: ‘shades of Brexit
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