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newest research reports use in the treatment of uterine prolapse; in vitro antibiotic, antiviral. Contains saponins, tannins, vitamin C. The related western herb Rosae canina fructus can be used to treat vitamin C deficiency. Toxicity overdose or long-term use may read to abdominal discomfort and constipation. Dosage 2-15 g, standard 10 Conclusion: Leucorrhoea is a common complaint in women of child bearing age. Asymptomatic cases of Bacterial vaginosis are more common and women are less likely to seek treatment for the morbidity and thus are more likely to acquire other serious STI's Keywords: Leucorrhoea, Infections, Genital organs, Foul-smell vaginal discharges. INTRODUCTION Leucorrhoea is a very common complaint in obstetric and medical practice. The term leucorrhoea is applied to cases of abnormal vaginal discharge, non-haemorrhagic in nature, which is not caused by neoplasm or other serious organic disease Original Research Article A comparative interventional study on the efficacy of single and multiple dose combination drug regimen of leucorrhea among women in reproductive age group Sivakumar K.1*, Ajay Raj S.2, Sujatha K.3 ABSTRACT patients. The most commonly reported among the women with RTIs is abnormal vaginal discharge or Leucorrhea

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  1. Original Research Article Cervicovaginal Cytology: Clinicopathological and Social Aspect of Cervical Cancer Screening in Rural (Maharashtra) India. Result: In this study, leucorrhoea was the main common complaint (69.3%) followed by low backache (33.5%). Majority (36.5%) of the patients belongs to 3-4 decades with mean of 3
  2. Vaginal discharge, commonly known as leucorrhea, is a physiological condition which happens in female reproductive periods. More than 75% women have experience leucorrhea during their lifetime and 45% of them have recurrent condition. Nowadays, a much greater number of young people suffer from leucorrhea which hinders their ability to grow and develop to their full potential
  3. Background: Leucorrhoea is one of the commonest problem among all the women around the globe. The white discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engaging into her personal affairs
  4. Leukorrhea, also spelled leucorrhoea, flow of a whitish, yellowish, or greenish discharge from the vagina of the female that may be normal or that may be a sign of infection. Such discharges may originate from the vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or, most commonly, the cervix.Leukorrhea may occur during pregnancy and is considered normal when the discharge is thin, white, and relatively.
  6. Excessive discharge of a white, sticky and foul smelling material from the vagina is called leucorrhoea. The discharge could be smooth flow or sticky or lumpy
  7. Treatment of Leucorrhea. Scottish Medical Journal 1958 3: 12 , 504-507. Download Citation. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. Format

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about The BMJ. NOTE: We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail Introduction Sailan-ur- Rahem (Leucorrhoea) is a medical condition where women experiences thick whitish or yellowish colour discharge from the vagina which is mainly experienced during puberty, when sexual organs are developing in a woman Clinical Research Study of the Efficacy of Anubhut Sp Choorna in Shwet Pradara. 92 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN AYURVEDA AND MEDICAL SCIENCES Peer Reviewed ISSN: 2582-2748 Indexed journal Vol 3, Issue 2. (Apr-Jun 2020) Research Article https://www.ijrams.co Whitish or often called Flour Albus is a normal vaginal secretion in women. In normal circumstances, a healthy vagina produces fluid to clean the vagina from unwanted foreign objects. The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between knowledge and attitudes of students about genetalia hygiene with the incidence of vaginal discharge in SMA Al-Ansor Kec Leucorrhoea is a common and normal condition seen in women. It is the secretion of a transparent fluid or the mucus, which keeps the vagina moist and lubricated, and prevents vaginal infections. Leucorrhoea occurs due to fluctuations in hormonal levels during a woman's adult life from puberty to menopause

Research Article Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 30(1), January - February 2015; Article No. 61, Pages: 345-348 ISSN 0976 - 044X International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research Symptoms of leucorrhoea: Thick whitish/ yellowish discharge. Lower abdominal pain. Painful sexual act. A backache and pain in the leg. Intense itching of the vagina. Burning urination and frequent urge to pass very little urine. Irritability and lack of concentration in work. Digestive disturbances like constipation

This study aimed to assess the prevalence of pathological vaginal discharge and to describe risk factors associated with pregnant women. All women living in the city of Rio Grande, Southern Brazil, who gave birth in 2010 were included in the study. A standardized questionnaire was administered to collect information on demographic, reproductive, and health-related factors and morbidity during. Talwar GP, Talwar Research Foundation, New Delhi, India,. Clin Res: Gynecol Obstet; 1(1): 102. 5 cervical cells, but also to eliminate HPV-16 from the virus infected cervical cells on way to progression towards carcinoma of cervix. A trial was conducted at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh in collaboration with. Boil three tablespoon of rice in three cups of water in a pan. Remove the rice to get water after straining. Add one teaspoon of sugar to it and drink when it's lukewarm once a day. Soak one teaspoon of coriander seeds in a cup of water overnight. Next morning, Chew the seeds and drink the water for better results Leucorrhoea is very common problem among women of reproductive age. Only few women have knowledge about this condition and take preventive measures to manage it. The purpose of this study ge and find associated factors. Descriptive research design was used and it was conducted among married women from age 18-49 years of Pakyong, East Sikkim Abstract: Leucorrhoea is a very common problem among the female of reproductive age group particularly sexually active female but little research have been done in this area. It causes lot of discomfort, stress, weakness, tiredness, exhaustion, multiple aches, multiple somatic complaints and affect the sexual preferences

More than half (60%) of women had severe leucorrhoea. 94.67% women of reproductive age group (15-45 years) had strong association with selected associated factors of leucorrhoea. Use of contraceptives and mode of delivery showed statistically significant relationship with leucorrhoea Leucorrhoea is the highest number of use category recorded in our study. Similarly Bhatia et al 35 reported that gynaecological studies have shown in other parts of the India, the leucorrhoea (30.9%) is the first use category. The biomedical aspect of the Leucorrhea associates it with reproductive tract infections, which include local.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOASSAYS ISSN: 2278-778X CODEN: IJBNHY ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE OPEN ACCESS Investigation of herbals for the treatment of leucorrhoea from south west Bengal, India Dulal Chandra Das1*, Nirmalya Kumar Sinha2,3, Malay Kumar Patsa4 and Monalisa Das5 1K.D. College of Commerce and General Studies, Midnapore, India. 2Department of Nutrition, Raja N.L. Khan Women's. The global popularity of Ayurveda is enhancing due to the increased flow of clinical research works irrespective of the subject. One such work added to the basket is the administration of Madhukadi Choorna in Shweta Pradara (leucorrhoea). A very common gynecological problem faced by almost 75% of the women is Shweta pradara Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine (IJ-RIM) I declare (on behalf of me and my co-authors) that the submitted manuscript titled has not previously been published and is not currently being considered elsewhere for publication in another journal and that I am (we are) the sole owner(s) of the manuscript thereof and of all rights, title, and interest therein While there are studies using Viburnum opulus in its herbal form, there is no research assessing its efficacy in the homoeopathic form. The aim of this study is to determine the efficacy of Viburnum opulus 3X in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea as measured with the modified Short Form McGill pain questionnaire (SF-MPQ-2) and visual. Review Article www.ijrap.net TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA (WILLD.) MIERS.: NUTRITIONAL, ETHNOMEDICAL AND THERAPEUTIC UTILITY Kavya B1*, Kavya N2, Ramarao V3 and Venkateshwarlu G4 1Junior Research Fellow (Botany), National Ayurveda Dietetics Research Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka, Indi

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Microbiological profile of leucorrhoea in patients attending a tertiary care hospital at Jalna - IJMMTD- Print ISSN No: - 2581-4753 Online ISSN No:- 2581-4761 Article DOI No:- 10.18231, IP International Journal of Medical Microbiology and Tropical Diseases-IP Int J Med Microbiol Trop Di Leucorrhoea: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Leucorrhea is a common condition faced by many women across the world. Though usually it is not a cause for serious concern, it. Resonance Homeopathic Research Sarcodes: Studies suggest that sarcodes may remind the body of optimal endocrine functions and balance hormonal levels. Cimicifuga Racemosa: Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may boost immunity and reduce inflammation, which is associated with leucorrhoea and causes itching and burning in the. Keywords: Vulvovaginal candidiasis, leucorrhoea, Candida species, non albicans Candida species. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH AND BIO-SCIENCE PAPER-QR CODE Corresponding Author: DR. B. MADHUMATI Access Online On: www.ijprbs.com How to Cite This Article: B Madhumati, IJPRBS, 2015; Volume 4(1): 414-42 Leukorrhea (or leucorrhoea) is the medical term given to normal vaginal discharge that is usually thick and sticky. You may notice it on your underwear. Leukorrhea is a flow of a whitish, yellow, or greenish discharge from the vagina of the female, which could be normal or that might be a symptom of infection

Leucorrhoea is nothing but excessive vaginal discharge, it is common gynaecological complaint . Main objective of the present study was to study safety parameter of Unani formulation Qurs-e- Kusta Khubs al Hadeed and Habb-e-Marwarweed in cases of Sayalan-al-Rahim (Leucorrhoea).Study was jointly conducted in the laboratory at Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, New Delhi Read Leucorrhoea in Pregnancy: a Study of 200 Cases, BJOG : An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips

Leucorrhoea Treatment. Research suggests that Leucorrhoera can be treated using antifungal medications in the form of creams or gel form. There are antibiotic pills for Leucorrhoea in Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda to cure it with ease Research Work Done on Gomutra Preparations: 1. Kamdhenu Urine (Fresh) Therapy in Cancer Patients: A Holistic Approach Leucorrhoea (Vaginal Discharge) in females may be physiological or pathological. If pathological its cause may be specific or non-specific. Leucorrhoea is one of the common cause Leukorrhea (also called Leucorrhoea) is a medical condition where a woman experiences white, thin and sticky vaginal discharge. It is also called as 'Whites'. It is seen globally in women of reproductive age. Know what is Leukorrhea, its causes, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, risk factors, complications and prevention of Leukorrhea

Find the latest peer-reviewed research articles and preprints on Coronavirus here. Feedback Complete survey. Sign in or create an account. https Leucorrhoea-investigation and treatment. PODDAR DL. Calcutta Medical Journal, 01 Sep 1950, 47(9): 283-287 PMID: 14792328 . Share this article. Forty two cases of uncomplicated leucorrhoea without pelvic inflammatory disease or associated gynaecological or systemic pathology formed the study group. History, clinical examination, Papanicolaou (Pap) smear, gram stain, vaginal pH, and colposcopy were carried out before treatment, at 2 weeks post treatment and monthly examination Leucorrhoea and Homeopathic Management. 1 Homeopathy not just focus on the condition as a local affection but it takes into consideration of the deeper roots in the patient's system. Homeopathic medicines will consider the acute symptoms and provide treatment to cure as well as prevent the recurrence of the infection Leucorrhoea in children (little girls) and its homeopathic cure. Contributed by Dr. George. Leucorrhoea or leukorrhea is discharge of white mucous material from the vagina; often an indication of infection .It is also commonly known as whites.The term physiologic leukorrhea is used to refer to leukorrhea due to estrogen stimulation

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The present study was aimed at determining the activity of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Tinospora cordifolia (AETC and METC) against Salmonella typhimurium . In vitro anti- Salmonella activity of T. cordifolia was determined through the broth dilution and agar well diffusion assays. The immune-stimulating potential of AETC or METC was determined by measuring the cytokine levels in the. According to a research study published in ResearchGate, helonias dioica (homeopathic medicine for leucorrhea) is effective in treating patients suffering from profuse, yellow, thick leucorrhoea and heals irritation, itching and general weakness. Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and natural system of healing In this review we have make an effort to focus on the concept and management of Sailan-ur-Rahem (Leucorrhoea) in Unani system of Medicine. Keywords: Leucorrhoea, Menstrual cycle, Sailan-ur-Rahem, Unani Medicine, Humours. [Full Text Article Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the Cases of Leucorrhoea in 3rd and 4th Decade of Life. Dr. Shashank Mundepi. Share this article Informative Article, Social Science, India. Pages: 338 - 341 . International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) C-1, Avani Vihar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, Postal Code-492014. A research study conducted to assess the efficacy of vaginal douching using karanja in women with leucorrhoea indicated that it is a suitable herb for leucorrhoea treatment, and it is efficient in improving leucorrhoea symptoms significantly. Another study was conducted to test the efficacy of chandraprabha vati in 25 patients with leucorrhoea

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Diseases: Diabetes, Diarrhea, Weakness, Leucorrhoea Treatment Process: Juice made from the tuberous roots is used diabetes and diarrhea. Root paste is used to cure seminal weakness. Root juice used in leucorrhoea. 9. Aristolochia indica L. Local Name: Eswarmul Family Name: Aristolochiaceae Habit: Climber Part(s) Used: Roots, Rhizom BV is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge in woman of childbearing age, but may also be encountered in menopausal women, and is rather rare in children. 1-8 In Caucasian women the prevalence is 5-15%, and in black African and American women 45-55%. The prevalence is less well studied in Asian women, but in general is around 20-30% Leucorrhoea is a common gynaecological problem causing discomfort and disturbance in day to day activities of women. In view of unavailability of specific treatment to manage the condition, we evaluated efficacy and safety of Tab. Lucronil® on the clinical signs and symptoms of Leucorrhea. After obtaining Ethics Committee permission and written informed consent, a total of 31 patients were. Leucorrhoea. Excessive discharge of a white, sticky, foul-smelling material from the vagina is called Leucorrhoea. This common problem may occur due to unhygienic conditions, infection of the genital tract, or impaired immune function. In Ayurveda, Leucorrhoea is known as ShvetaPradar, where Shveta means 'white', and Pradar means.

The home remedies for leucorrhoea or leukorrhea include eating a healthy and nutritious diet, practicing good hygiene, exercising regularly, and using a decoction made of fenugreek seeds and basil leaves. Other home remedies include coriander seeds, mango, neem, aloe vera, okra, Indian gooseberry, and bananas.Maintaining good hygiene will also help you prevent many vaginal infections and also. In this article, the authors present information on 11 claims of folk-lore medicine on Leucorrhoea and Menorrhagia gathered from the tribals of Dandakaranya. Free full text Anc Sci Life . 1983 Jul-Sep; 3(1): 40-41 Abstract. Background: Carcinoma of the cervix is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, while it is the commonest cancer among Indian women. Awareness regarding cervical cancer and its prevention is quite low amongst Indian women. The Pap test is a simple and cost effective technique for early diagnosis of cervical cancer

Definition of pregnancy leukorrhea The term leucorrhoea expresses a physiological condition characterized by the vaginal discharge of whitish leaks: the phenomenon occurs in women of all ages, but when it occurs during the expected wait it is called leukorrhea gravidarum. Vaginal discharge Sometimes, the intensity of the pregnancy leukorrhea is such as to create considerable discomfort and. Leucorrhoea is a thick white or yellow discharge from the vagina. It is also mentioned as White discharge. Vaginal discharges can develop from many different causes. For example, Infections, tumors, endocrine dysfunctions, and general hormone imbalance are the few causes. In this case, Homeopathic medicine for leucorrhea helps to fight with the. Peter Kulish began his research in Biomagnetic therapy almost four decades ago. Originally studying and consulting with the godfather of Biomagnetism, Albert Roy Davis, Peter took an advanced degree from the Broeringmeyer Biomagnetic Institute and has consulted, and developed energy medicine protocols with doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the globe Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Airlangga Kampus C Universitas Airlangg

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Research has shown that when Arjuna is combined with diuretics, Arjuna people have fewer symptoms of heart failure. According to the University College of Medical Sciences , a study was done and over 50% of the patients saw reductions in systolic blood pressure, body mass index, and treadmill endurance Introduction and Importance of Medicinal Plants and Herbs. Introduction. The term medicinal plant include various types of plants used in herbalism (herbology or herbal medicine).It is the use of plants for medicinal purposes, and the study of such uses Asparagus racemosus, a climbing Ayurvedic plant, is known for its numerous activities such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, angina, dysmenorrhea, anxiety disorders, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), leucorrhoea and urinary tract infections. This plant possesses a wide range of secondary metabolites inclusive of steroids, alkaloids, dihydrophenanthrene derivatives, flavonoids, furan. Research Article ISSN 2394-3211 EJPMR EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH www.ejpmr.com ejpmr, 2019,6(10), 545-553 ABSTRACT Tribulus terrestris L. (Family: Zygophyllaceae) is used to treat abdominal, liver, urethra and urinary tract disorders Likoria (Leucorrhoea) is a medical term that signifies a thick, whitish vaginal discharge. It is a natural defence mechanism that the vagina uses to keep up its chemical balance. It also safeguards the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. It might also be due to irritation or blockage of the vaginal.

BiomagScience Ultimate Supplement hGH - Premium Growth Hormone Support. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $59.95 Add to cart. Bio-identical hGH - Liquid (Human Growth Hormone) natural molecule to assist In anti-aging, increased energy & vitality, better sleeping and cell division In this article, the authors present information on 11 claims of folk-lore medicine on Leucorrhoea and Menorrhagia gathered from the tribals of Dandakaranya. 1 Regional Research Center (Ay), Near Benz Circle, Vijayawada 521 000, India. PMID: 2255737 leucorrhoea can be detected. Socio-cultural perspectives have an exaggerative effect on the normal vaginal discharge and in absence of pathological diagnosis, they create fear and anxiety in couples. The problem of vaginal discharge can be best understood not only in the biomedical perspective but also in the socio cultural perspective

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Supriya Panda et al INCIDENCE OF CANDIDIASIS AND TRICHOMONIASIS IN LEUCORRHOEA PATIENTS Int J Cur Res Rev, Feb 2013 / Vol 05 (03) Page 92 IJCRR Vol 05 issue 03 Section: Healthcare Category: Research Received on: 05/12/1 BackgroundLeucorrhoea is one of the commonest problem among all the women around the globe. The white discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engaging into her personal affairs.Purpose of the studyThe purpose of the study is to assess the effectiveness of coriander seeds water on Leucorrhoea among women (15-45 years) residing in selected rural. With germ tube formation test, 33(13.4%) had C. albicans . Anyone had not trichomonal infection by direct wet smear. This study suggested that, candidial infection is very high in this region, and this is the most common cause of attending patients with leucorrhoea in the obstetrics clinics Research Rahman, Rownak Jahan, Mohammed Rahmatullah Abstract View-kada Roots Leucorrhoea Chakma tribe Hygrophila spinosa T. Anders. Kuel-kharha Whole plant Leucorrhoea Mahastanbazar village, Bogra district Adiantaceae Acrostichum aureum L. Mou-chai-pang Leaves Cloudy urination in women Marma trib samhita grantha, research journals and various websites. METHOD: Leucorrhoea: Excessive discharge of white, thick, sticky and foul smelling material from vagina is termed as leucorrhoea. In Ayurveda it is called as Shwet pradar. Mucus membrane and gland which are present in upper part of vagina, uterus and fallopian tub

hair fall, piles, hemorrhage, menorrhagia, leucorrhoea, dysuria, hypertension, cough, diseases of pittam, and as emmenagogue, abortifacient and contraceptive1,3,23,24. Many of these claims are substantiated by research. Local wisdom in northern parts of Karnataka advocates consuming 5 to 6 fresh petals to cure diabetes25 and flowe A study on Prevalence of Leucorrhoea in Women Attending in OPD of Gynecology... Study of FEV1, VC and PEFR in Different Trimesters of Pregnancy. provided that the research constitutes a useful contribution to the field. The Journal publishes original research papers, review articles, case studies, reports and short communications in all. The Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy undertook a clinical study to verify and confirm the uses of Damiana as mentioned in the homoeopathic materia medica 2,3 with the objective of evolving its clinical drug picture. Three thousand thirty two patients, comprising of 2,383 males and 649 females were enrolled in the study Research Article Open Access Estimation of lipid and alkaloid content in some medicinal plants of genus Terminalia (Combretaceae) of Marathwada Region in Maharashtra Kadam V. B, Salve S. B, Deore S. V, Khandare K. R* and Kadam U .B** P. G. Dept. of Botany & Research Centre, K.T.H.M. College, Nasik-422 00

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Registered users can save articles, searches, and manage email alerts. All registration fields are required Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Oxidative behaviour of four Malaysian edible plant extracts in model and food oil systems . 9 March, 2012. The present study was conducted to investigate the antioxidative behaviour of four local plant extracts in Malaysia-- red spinatch (Amarantus gangeticus), kucai (Allium odorum), Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis), and kesom (Polygonum.

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Objectives: The objectives of this study were to: calculate the frequency of urogenital trichomoniasis, describe the socio-demographic characteristics and analyze the biological samples. Methodology: This was a six (6) month cross-sectional prospective study carried out in the maternity ward (gynecological consultation) and in the laboratory of the Prefectural Hospital o A Study on role of socio demographic status of women in excessive vaginal discharge at teaching hospital - IJOGR- Print ISSN No: - 2394-2746 Online ISSN No:- 2394-2754 Article DOI No:- 10.18231/j.ijogr.2019.048, Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research-Indian J Obstet Gynecol Re Prevalence of PCOS in Indian adolescents is 9.13%. This draws attention to the issue of early diagnosis in adolescent girls. [6] Polycystic morphology is seen on ultrasound in approximately 22% of women. [7] Lack of awareness and lifestyle changes are considered to be the major factor leading to this phenomenon Leucorrhoea is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. This discharge nullifies the wuḍū (ritual ablution), hence renewal of wuḍū is required before commencing ritual prayer. If the discharge soiled garments, then the soiled areas of the garments must be cleaned before using them for prayer. If the discharge is excessively. RESEARCH ARTICLE Journal of Drug Discovery and Therapeutics 1 (1) 2013, 15-18 *Corresponding author: Preeti Rawat, | Email: pnkrawat@sify.com, Telephone: +91-8986646517 e 15 EXTRACTION AND ISOLATION OF α-AMYRIN ACETATE FROM THE FRUITS OF FICUS RACEMOSA. Preeti Rawat1, Pinki Rawat1, Piyush Kumar2 1Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Singhania University, Jhujhunu-333515, Rajasthan, India Original Articles Preoperative Hematological Parameters for Predicting Ovarian Torsion in Patients with Mature Cystic Teratoma. Lee J, Park J, Lee HJ, Kim MJ, Lee YH, Chong GO, Hong DG, Lee TH. International Journal of Women's Health 2021, 13:317-326 . Published Date: 10 March 202