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Did you know you can create posts on YouTube? You can create text posts, image posts, or even polls using the YouTube community tab.You can also use the comm.. 2. Click Create post. How to make a YouTube poll. 3. In the Community tab click Poll icon. How to post YouTube polls. 4. Then you can add poll question in the top and poll options (up to 5) in the bottom. Also, poll options can be 65 characters max. how to create youtube polls. 5. Then click Post - to post now. Or click on the arrow to schedule. Go to YouTube and sign into your account on your Mac or PC, if necessary. 2. Click the Upload button, the video camera icon, at the top-right side of the screen and select Create post. Click. How to enable community posts on YouTube for iPhone and iPad. 1) Open the YouTube app on your iOS device. 2) Tap the Subscriptions tab at the bottom. 3) Tap a drop-down menu located near the top-left corner, then make your choice: Videos only —The Subscriptions tab will display only the latest videos from any channels you're subscribed to

Steps Download Article. Open the YouTube app on your Android. The YouTube app looks like a white play button in a red rectangle icon. You can find it on your Apps menu. Tap a video. If you see a video you want to comment on the home page, just tap it. This will open the video on a new page. icon on the top-right, and search for a specific video YouTube's new Community tab lets you post photos, polls, links, videos, status updates, and more to your subscribers' subscription feed on YouTube. It's a ne.. Want to share in your favorite Facebook group on mobile but can't figure out why your post doesn't appear? You need to make sure the content you are trying.. Uploading videos to YouTube is quick, easy, and absolutely free. Learn the steps shown in this video about how to upload videos to YouTube.Content in this v.. Want to build your LinkedIn following and engage your network? Posting is the way to do it! But first, you have to know how to post on LinkedIn. In this vide..

urdu post kaise banaye | How to make urdu post in mobile | By Hassani TechMy Telegram Channel Linkhttps://t.me/hassanitechWhatsApp group linkhttps://chat.wha.. How to comment on YouTube videos on a mobile device. When you use the YouTube app on your mobile device, you can easily leave comments. 1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the. Choosing which game to post is, therefore, one of the biggest decisions you need to make when starting your gaming channel.. Find The Top Games To Post On YouTube. If you aren't sure what game to focus on, one of the easiest ways to decide is to choose based on popularity Step 2: Add Text and Music to the Short Video. On the next window, use the Music and Text buttons from the bottom-left corner to add a background music and caption to the video, and tap NEXT from the top-right corner. Step 3: Upload and Post the Short Video. On the Add details window, enter a name for the video along with the #Shorts tag in the. How to make my YouTube videos play in HD automatically . Step #1 - Change the video quality by going to Settings in the corner of the video player, and selecting your preferred quality. Step #2 - On mobile devices, adjust quality settings by tapping Menu , then Settings

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Make a Poll using the community posts. Computer. Sign in to YouTube account; At the top of the page, tap on Upload option and then Create post. In the box, click on the poll option, and type in your question followed by options. Click Post. Android/iOS. Open the YouTube app and sign in. Tap on the account icon and select My channel. Select the. Go to the page where you want to post. Depending on where you want to create your post, this will vary: Your page - You can create a post for your page from the top of the News Feed. A friend's page - Click the search bar at the top of the screen, type in a friend's name, click their name, then click their profile image But without a YouTube channel, you have no public presence on YouTube. Even if you have a Google Account, you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists. You can create your channel on either the YouTube website or the YouTube mobile site

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On YouTube, making good money is all about influence, and you build this influence by creating a channel that's focused on a topic that you are an authority on. That influence is going to be different, depending on the type of channel you have. A small-town fishing channel is going to have a different measure of influence than, say, a gaming. Unfortunately, the YouTube mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad users doesn't allow you to create YouTube timestamp links directly. You'll need to copy the URL of the video first using the YouTube app's sharing features, then add the timestamp parameters manually using the steps outlined in the section above Make Your YouTube Video Mobile Responsive in Blogger Template by using simple CSS Script for adopting any size on any devices. We are in the new era of the digital world; everything is improving day by day How to make an embedded YouTube video responsive. Here's what you need to do: 1. Go to your desired YouTube video, press Share', then click on the Embed tab and copy the iframe code. The video options you select will appear in this code. 2. Paste it inside a post and wrap it in a div tag with a class You can post a YouTube video on Facebook with just a few clicks or taps, using YouTube's Share feature to post in a status, Story, group, or album. To share to Facebook on mobile, make sure.

Based on the guides above, you may understand how to post a video on YouTube from computer, mobile phone and game console. Whenever you want to share wonderful moments to YouTube, you can follow our step-by-step guides. On the other hand, YouTube does not accept all multimedia formats. And sometimes the video post fails due to compatibility issues How to create a Community post. To create a Community post: Go to the tab named Community from your channel homepage. In the box at the top you can create your new Community post. Once you're done, click Post. However, since the widescreen (16:9) format reigns on YouTube, uploading vertical (9:16) videos on the platform may be tough on user experience since YouTube subscribers are still used to watching videos in 16:9. So, you've decided to own a YouTube channel, but the videos you have are vertical videos shot on your mobile phone. Chill Mobile phones are light and easy to carry, rich in functions, and play a more and more important role in our daily life. We can use mobile phones for entertainment anytime, anywhere. Here I take mobile phones as the first choice to comment on YouTube videos. Step 1. Open YouTube application on your cellphone Tap Upload a video on the menu. At this point, if it's your first time uploading a video to YouTube in the app, you'll also be prompted to give the app permission to access your phones, camera, and microphone. Follow the on-screen instructions to do so. After that, tap the + again and select Upload a video

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  1. g that your video is now filling the screen on your phone
  2. However, the mobile app of YouTube neither has the Start at option when sharing, nor an address bar to capture link from. How can we share YouTube video at a specific time from YouTube app? It is a little troublesome but still possible. Step 1. Open YouTube app, and play the video you want to share. Step 2
  3. To create a post, tap the pencil icon in the bottom-center. 5. Tap the icon of the type of content you want to include. 6. Create a title for your post, and write or attach your multimedia content. 7
  4. Know how can you can download any video from YouTube to your mobile directly with any software and app
  5. YouTube is a great place to make a living. I personally have a channel with over 1,000,000 views that's been able to make over $12,000, which doesn't include any affiliate marketing income I've made. I admit though, I've only scratched the surface, and there are content creators making more than what I've made in a lifetime every [
  6. A while ago I wrote a blog post called Optimising your website for mobile devices: An Introduction which explained that the University website is now responsive (i.e. it changes layout depending on the visitors' screen size). However not all of a website's content, such as YouTube videos, will automatically resize accordingly. This can cause page layouts to 'break' on some devices
  7. To sign out or switch accounts, simply click on that circle. Once you're logged in, click the video camera icon with a + on it, and then click Upload video. Click the Select File button and browse for your video on your machine, or click and drag it into the window. The upload will then start automatically

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Why does YouTube ask for my phone number? We take spam and abuse seriously. Using phone numbers to verify identity is one way to protect our community and combat abuse. We use the phone number to send you a verification code. We also make sure the phone number is not being used on many different accounts Step 1: Upload your video to the YouTube app. After you've logged into the YouTube app on your phone, click on the camera icon. Choose the video you'd like to upload. Then, click Next. Add a video title, description and location. Then, make sure the video is marked as private. Click Upload Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube By Brandy Shaul. August 2, 2017. Have you ever wanted to share a YouTube playlist with a friend? Our guide will show you how to do so from within the YouTube mobile application. The instructions. This wikiHow teaches you how to post a link to a YouTube video to your Facebook Timeline on both desktop and mobile platforms. Posting a YouTube link will not open the video on Facebook, nor is there a way to embed a YouTube video in a Facebook post

2. Click the camera icon with a plus (+) sign and click Upload Video. It's in the upper-right corner next to your profile image. This takes you to the YouTube Studio web page with an Upload Video window in the center of the page Make sure your video file is supported: Before you can successfully upload your video to YouTube, you have to make sure that the platform actually supports the video you're using.Luckily, this is YouTube - the world's most popular video platform - so it supports most video file formats. You can find the full list of supported files here Go to YouTube.com, find the video you want to share, and follow these instructions. Click Share directly beneath the video. In the pop-up box, check the box next to Start at . Enter the time you want the video to start. The correct time may already be listed if you pressed the share button at the exact moment you want the video to start There are three types of streams: mobile, webcam, and encoder. Choose the one that's best for what you're streaming. Mobile. Good for vlogging and quick updates from your phone or tablet. You'll need 1,000 subscribers, and a phone or tablet with a camera. Learn how to mobile stream. Webcam. Quickly live stream from your computer using a webcam It's also simple to post a YouTube video to TikTok from a computer. Simply copy the YouTube URL and paste it into Kapwing to import that video. Then, apply your video edits. Resize the canvas to 9:16 so that the video is the right size for a TikTok post. Then, click Export Video to get a saveable MP4

A YouTube banner is the section at the top of your channel's homepage, above your username and subscriber count. While it will appear blank by default, you can upload images there to personalize. In order to embed a YouTube video on Twitter, you need to do so via the YouTube website or app. First, go to the video you want to RT or embed on Twitter. At the bottom, there should be an arrow labeled Share Link. Click this, and you'll be prompted to copy the link to your clipboard. This can be posted on any social media platform, and. Open the YouTube video you want to share and play it or move through the timeline until you reach the exact moment you want to use in the timestamp. Stop the video. Click the Share button to open the sharing pop-up The best way to share a video is to upload it to YouTube. As a Google account holder, you also have a YouTube account. You can use the YouTube app on your Android phone to upload videos to the Internet, where everyone can see them and make rude comments about them. Here's how: Activate the [ All games are protected by copyright. No video game is old enough yet to have an expired copyright, so none are in the public domain. (For content made by a company, duration is 95 years.) So you have to discover what the company's policy is towar..

How to post on Instagram from your computer. Instagram is designed only to allow image uploads from a smartphone or tablet, but you can trick Instagram into thinking you are using a mobile device. Enter the YouTube URL. You'll see a text box below. As soon as you enter the URL, you'll see a preview of the YouTube video appear. A one minute clip will automatically be selected. You can make that time shorter if you want. Video posts on Instagram can be 1 minute long, but Stories are restricted to 15 seconds To do so, follow these steps: 2. Register a free account, then select Convert my Videos. Go to clipchamp.com to convert your videos. After logging into your account (you can create one for free), drag and drop the video you want to convert into the box, or click convert my videos to select your video from your computer. 3

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To create a Story: Sign into YouTube on mobile. Tap the camera icon then Story. Tap the capture button to take a photo, or hold it down to record a video. Add effects like music, filters, stickers, and text. Tip! Use an @mention to tag other creators, or reply to a comment from a fan. Tip!Share your videos or videos from another channel. To make your website mobile-friendly, you'll need to: Choose a mobile-responsive theme or template. Strip back your content. Make images and CSS as light as possible. Avoid Flash. Change button size and placement. Space out your links. Use a large and readable font. Eliminate pop-ups When creating your video thumbnails, it's a good idea to pick a theme (colors, font, layout, style, etc.) to use consistently moving forward. Keep in mind that over 50% of all YouTube views occur on mobile devices, so make sure your thumbnails are visible and have legible text. You can always go back and edit or change an existing video's. YouTube will automatically take a webcam thumbnail photo. You can retake it or upload an image afterward. Select Go Live. To stop, select End Stream at the bottom. How to create a YouTube live stream on mobile. From the YouTube app, select the camcorder icon. Select Go Live. Add your title and privacy setting. Select More Options to add a.

Select Go live.. In the YouTube Live Control Room, click on Stream in the top navigation bar. Title your stream, choose a privacy setting, add a description, select an appropriate category, and upload a thumbnail. Decide whether you'd like to stream now or schedule an event for later. Hit Create stream. There are many mobile apps that allow you to post to Reddit. This method covers Reddit's official app that you can download from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or from the Google Play Store (Android). 2. Tap the New Post button. It's the pencil inside a circle at the bottom-center part of the screen.. 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. More than 70 percent of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide

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  1. How to post on Instagram using Creator Studio: Make sure you are Connected to Instagram in Creator Studio. Navigate to the Instagram section. Click Create Post. Click Instagram Feed. Choose the account you want to post to (if you have more than one Instagram account connected). Add a caption and a location (optional)
  2. Another tip is that if you make the post or tweet interesting, then more people will be likely to share or retweet it for you on their own pages. Find the Right Keywords Another great tip when it comes to helping your YouTube video go viral is that you will need to use the right keywords in your title as well as in your description
  3. Click inside the Post a message, event, poll, or urgent alert box at the top of your Newsfeed. Choose a category and type a subject and message. Click Post. Posts cannot be authored via email. You must use the Nextdoor website, iOS or Android app to create a post. QUICK TIP You.

Facebook Tips & Strategies. Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla's big, big, big brother. It's so big, in fact, that Facebook is the internet for a lot of people. Here's how to make the most of it. How to Block Searches of Your Facebook Profile. How to Use Messenger Without a Facebook Account Now, YouTube is the first most significant social media all over the globe, with millions of videos sharing daily. However, connecting YouTube to Instagram is now a challenge. This blog would explain how you can convert a YouTube video to an Instagram video format and share Instagram How to post YouTube videos to Instagram: your step-by-step guide. Instagram have made sharing videos from YouTube pretty difficult. Almost impossible, even. But there is a way, if you're willing to jump through a few hoops. We'll show you how to do this on your mobile device, but a similar method should be just as easy on your computer. 1

With an increase in mobile phone usage, it's crucial to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. But, if you're on a budget, hiring a developer to redesign your site is often not an option. Luckily, there are a few ways to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly without spending a dime An embedded video means when users click on the video in the Facebook post, the YouTube video plays right there in the Facebook post. That's what embed means. It used to be easy to embed but looks like Facebook has stopped the ability, I don't know. You can embed a YouTube video on your own website, just not Facebook it seems 2. Create an Image Post. Next, you need to go to the write a post option from your Facebook page and create an image post. For now, you can only cross-post to Instagram if you have an image in your Facebook post. And, that too only a single image as this works only for single images and not for multiple images

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To get inspiration for your own community posts, follow the community posts of channels you subscribe to by visiting their Community tab or by viewing the Subscriptions tab of the YouTube app. Once you have access to the new YouTube channel Community tab, you can use it to reach audiences in the following ways How to like, comment, and send photos and videos. To like a photo or video on Instagram, simply double tap the photo or video, or you can tap the heart icon. If you liked a post by accident. Those are the three main things to keep in mind, but if you are planning on posting directly to YouTube from your phone then you should also make sure you have a mobile app you can use to edit it first. FilmoraGois a full-feature video editing app available for both Android and iPhone operating systems. With FilmoraGo you can make awesome.

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  1. YouTube Stories: Here's How to Create and Share a Stories Post that will remain visible in the YouTube mobile application for seven days. So far, this feature is only available for eligible.
  2. Luckily, that process is just as simple as uploading: From the YouTube app's main menu, head to the Library tab (iOS) or the Account tab (Android). Tap My videos. Tap the menu button to the side of your video (Android/iOS), or long-press to open the options menu (iOS). Tap Share. Select the app or service you'd like to share the video with
  3. Alternative Method: Use The Photos App. You can also upload videos to YouTube directly from your iPhone's Photos app. Launch the Photos app. Find and select the video you wish to upload. Tap the share button. Tap the YouTube icon. If you are not already signed in to Google, you will be prompted to sign in. Add the video title and description
  4. Engage your YouTube Subscribers and make them love you even more! How to Send a Message to YouTube Subscribers. YouTube allows us to post a message on our channel feed, just like they allow you to upload a video or make a playlist. When you write a post and include a juicy URL link, it will show up on your subscribers feed
  5. Even you open an youtube account through smartphone also. Am created a channel (tardubs) through mobile only, post video through mobile only. As soon I will create an another channel based on the the above topics, I will create channel & videos as what people like you wants. Repl
  6. To do so, follow these steps: 2. Register a free account, then select Convert my Videos. Go to clipchamp.com to convert your videos. After logging into your account (you can create one for free), drag and drop the video you want to convert into the box, or click convert my videos to select your video from your computer. 3

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  1. g on YouTube, there are three ways to do it. Using Strea
  2. YouTube makes that even easier than adding videos manually as shown above. You just follow the same procedure you previously followed and click the Share button like before. If you're hoping to add the video to a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, you simply click on the social networking site's icon
  3. By Brandy Shaul. May 23, 2018. Did you know that when you upload a video using the YouTube mobile application, it may not upload at full quality? Depending on your device, you may need to change.
  4. Make sure your YouTube custom thumbnail is on point, make sure your titles are researched as are your tags and your description. Do the work because that's going to pay off. Every new video that you post is going to be a new opportunity for somebody new to discover you, so make sure every video is helpful to that end
  5. g videos (PS4/Xbox 360/computer game, etc.) for YouTube on PC in simple 3 steps. Video ga
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It is not only a video combiner, but also a free audio merger. With it, your media files would be more manageable. Step 1: Download, install and launch this free YouTube video combiner on your PC. Step 2: Click Import Media Files to input the YouTube videos you want to merge. Step 3: Click the + icon on the video files to add them to the timeline Here you can add the URL to your YouTube video, your YouTube channel or a landing page. As you can see I've got a clickable link to my landing page. If I tap the link, that takes me to my landing page. Instagram post. You won't be able to create a clickable link, but you can create a text link. Just make sure that's easy to remember Part 1: How to Share a Private YouTube Video. You can make a YouTube video private either within the Creator studio or by choosing the option when you first upload a video. When you mark a video as private you will be able to send the video out to up to 50 e-mail addresses, names of contacts on Google, or your circles on Google plus

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Here's how to make a youtube video mobile: You will need to wrap the responsive youtube embed code with a div and specify a 50% to 60% padding bottom. Then specify the child elements (iframe, object embed) 100% width, 100% height, with absolute position. This will force the embed elements to expand fullwidth automatically How to Post on Facebook from a Mobile Phone's Browser. If you access Facebook from your smartphone browser, here is how you post on Facebook from a smartphone's browser. Login to Facebook.com from a browser on your mobile phone. For this demo I am using Google Chrome on an Android phone. The steps will work on any other smartphone At YouTube, we believe everyone deserves to have a voice, and the world is a better place when people listen, share, and build community through stories. YouTube is an open platform. Our values are based on four essential freedoms: freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity, and freedom to belong Step 1 Free download, install and run this powerful YouTube volume booster software on your computer.. Step 2 Click Add File button on the menu bar to load the YouTube video you want to increase volume.. Step 3 Click Edit (the magic stick icon)to enter the video editing window. Here you can see many editing options like Rotate & Crop, Effect & Filter, Watermark, Audio and Subtitle YouTube, the Google-owned video network, boasts over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S

Upload a Video and Promote . In order to earn revenue on a video, you need to first post videos on your YouTube account. You can create and edit your videos in advance using an editing program. Remember, YouTube is a social channel and your videos should reflect that. Don't scare people away from your small business or nonprofit by just trying to sell to them on YouTube. Instead, provide them with engaging content that will make them want to come back for more! Editor's Note: This post has been updated for relevance and accuracy Fotor's YouTube Thumbnail creator will allow you to create your own YouTube video cover in a few clicks. Increasing your YouTube viewers has never been easier with amazing YouTube thumbnails. Just select the YouTube Thumbnail templates you need and change the images, fonts, text in a few steps, an eye-catching Thumbnail background is at your fingertips Recent Post by Page. Coach Eli - Uncompromising Business & Personal Relationship Coaching. (NO FACEBOOK SIMULCAST FOR THIS OR ANY OTHER MOBILE STREAM. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO ALWAYS BE NOTIFIED.) Topic: How To Get Someone's Attention & Keep It! (Dating & Business) ~ Walking With Purpose LIVE ~ Episode #119.

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YouTube is the best place for fans around the world to discover and share music. We want to help labels, publishers, and other music partners make the most of YouTube's large and diverse audience—to reach more fans and add revenue. We've designed this course in the Creator Academy for music content owners who have access to Content ID Post YouTube Videos To Instagram . If you want to upload somebody's else video, follow the steps below. Just be aware that you must obtain a permission to use somebody's else video first. Android. Compared to iOS the process is a bit simple for Android iMovie 9.5/10(Built into Macs, has everything you need to make a good video) Final Cut Pro 9.75/10 WHAT I USE (Great editor, has more than iMovie, and converts files) 5. Marketing The Video Once your video is done, upload it to youtube. You need some of these techniques to make it popular 1. Give it a good title 2. Customize responsive design for mobile: If you are a theme developer or hiring a developer to design/develop your WordPress theme, I would suggest you to take advantage of CSS media queries for responsiveness. This is a better solution to make your responsive design more mobile friendly and this is the solution I use for ShoutMeLoud

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If you're wondering how to start a YouTube channel and make money from it, then you've come to the right place! Important Note: YouTube is big. In order to learn how to get money from YouTube, you must understand the platform better. Thus, we've put together a comprehensive guide on how to start a YouTube channel and money online Personalize Your Post. Put a personal touch on your template of choice by uploading your own images, video, and graphic elements. Then, add or subtract any elements in just a few clicks. Try the editor. Edit. Edit Your Design. You can continue to customize everything in your Facebook post design—text, fonts, backgrounds, images, and more But after recording hundreds of game play videos on YouTube myself, I've discovered a few neat tricks that really work to make ones videos look a lot cleaner and render better at higher resolutions

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If you post videos to YouTube, there's a lot to worry about: notably, privacy-invading content in your videos. Make sure you don't inadvertently include any information or pictures you don't. Adobe Spark is an online and mobile design app. Easily create stunning social graphics, short videos, and web pages that make you stand out on social and beyond. Stand out at the speed of social. Create graphics, collages, flyers, videos and animations that look professional in just a few taps All you need to do is edit a post or page and click on the YTPlayer button on the post editor. When you click on the button, it will bring up YTPlayer shortcode generator. It will show you most of the options on settings page. You need to enter the YouTube video URL and then go through the options Here are the steps we use to stream an ocTEL Collaborate you YouTube. The setup - YouTube. To stream the event we need something to stream to. There is various guidance on the setup and requirements of a YouTube streamed event. The important step is to make sure you specify an 'Other encoder' to get a Stream Name/Key to enter in OBS later

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I'm Going To Show You How To Automatically Play Your YouTube, Yahoo and Bing Videos. Here's the exact Code to Auto Start Videos and the Video AutoPlay Embed Codes: Including Google Video. Open the free design file in Cricut Design Space and click the green Make It button. Set your mats to Mirror and click Continue. Then install the double scoring wheel as directed. Load the foil poster board shiny side down on the LightGrip mat, and then load the mat into the machine and press the flashing Go button Use your video email software's mobile app to record and email your videos right from your mobile device wherever, whenever. These are the step-by-step directions for doing so with the BombBomb mobile app: 1. If you don't have the BombBomb mobile app on your phone already, download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. 2

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How often do you embed iframe in your post? Shareable and fun content makes a good addition to any content strategy. According to video marketing statistic by OptinMonster, video is the most popular content format for mobile device users. Aberdeen Group shows that marketers who use video get 66% more leads a year To edit a post (video or photo) on Instagram, follow these steps: Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone or PC* Go to your profile; Find the post you are going to edit; Tap or click on the three-dot just on the top right of the post; Tap or click on Edit; Replace the text or write a new one; Click or tap Done