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Rhinoplasty and nasal valve surgery are commonly used to treat nasal obstruction that originates at the external nose. Rhinoplasty procedures are highly individualized, so your doctor should discuss the nature of the procedure as well as the risks and postoperative instructions. What is nasal valve surgery Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty and Nasal Valve Surgery Rhinoplasty procedures are highly individualized, so your doctor should discuss the nature of the procedure, as well as the risks and postoperative instructions. Nasal valve surgery is often performed in conjunction with septoplasty Internal nasal valve collapse is common in patients that underwent reductive rhinoplasty (1), older patients with weakened cartilages and certain phenotypes with weak nasal cartilages (Asian, Mestizo, African American)

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An overdone cosmetic rhinoplasty, wherein the nose is extremely narrow, might also point to nasal valve collapse. What Is Nasal Valve Collapse? Nasal valve collapse is a condition that occurs when the nasal valve is weakened or narrowed Unfortunately, patients who undergo rhinoplasty surgery can occasionally suffer collapse of the nasal dorsum. This can occur for a variety of reasons including over resection of the upper lateral cartilage, nasal septum and nasal bones Complications of rhinoplasty that can be found on imaging include retained metallic surgical instrument fragments, infection, implant extrusion, cranial nerve impingement by implants, nasal valve collapse, and implant deformity. 21 Surgical paraphernalia used in rhinoplasty are rarely retained during surgery ABSTRACT: Nasal obstruction may require treatment with rhinoplasty techniques. One cause of nasal obstruction is known as nasal valve colapse. This refers to narrowness and weakness at the nasal valve, the narrowest part of the nasal airway. There are a number of surgical approaches available to treat nasal valve collapse

Middle vault correction is one of the most common surgical steps in rhinoplasty but also one of the most difficult since non-observance of the anatomy and certain surgical rules increase the risk of complications markedly How can spreader grafts rhinoplasty solve nasal valve collapse? Inside the nose, on both sides, are internal and external nasal valves. These valves are small, narrow areas where nasal airflow is noticed the most. The external nasal valve is an area formed by the columella, the nasal floor, and the caudal margin of the lower lateral cartilage.

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Tadros provides nasal valve collapse surgery at the center for cosmetic plastic surgery in NJ & NYC. The best ENT in New York, Dr. Tadros accepts most POS and PPO insurances for any medical issues related to the nose as an out-of-network provider. Please contact us today by calling NYC: (212) 532-4590 or NJ: (201) 408-5430 Nasal valve collapse is most commonly treated with surgery. However, those who want to avoid surgery can sometimes relieve their symptoms by using a nasal valve dilator. This is a device that.. SG and BFG are two common functional rhinoplasty procedures that focus on widening the nasal valve to treat NVC.11In a bilateral SG procedure, a segment of the nasal septal cartilage (SC) is first harvested and shaped into two rectangular cartilage grafts

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  1. Nasal Valve Repair The nasal valves are known as the most narrow points within the nasal passageway. When these valves are narrow or weak, it can cause significant nasal obstruction, also known as nasal valve collapse. The two most narrow areas in the nose are at the external valve and the internal valve
  2. Rhinoplasty with or without the use of grafts is frequently used to repair nasal valve collapse. Sometimes titanium implants are used which hold the nasal aperture open by spring effect. Multiple surgical techniques exist as well and the technique used varies depending on your surgeon and your particular situation
  3. Patients presenting with nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty are frequently found to have collapse and/or weakening of their upper lateral cartilages with resulting nasal valve dysfunction. The conchal cartilage butterfly graft is a technique which, when properly performed during revision rhinopla
  4. The nasal valve region plays a key role in nasal breathing. In the international literature, a variety of techniques have been described to rectify nasal valve compromise, but based on the present evidence it is impossible to counsel a patient as to which technique is most effective. The aim of this
  5. Introduction: The nasal valve is the main regulator of airflow in the nose. Consequently, the collapse of the nasal valve has a significant impact on nasal obstruction and hence quality-of-life of patients. Several nasal valve rhinoplasty techniques are being used, from cartilage grafts to endonasal resection of the upper lateral cartilage
  6. Rhinoplasty procedures are highly individualized, so your doctor should discuss the nature of the procedure as well as the risks and postoperative instructions. What is nasal valve surgery? Nasal valve surgery is designed to stabilize or support the side walls of the nose. This holds the nasal valve more open during breathing
  7. The nasal valve area is considered to be the location of the least cross-sectional area in the nose. When narrowing of the nasal valve is a result of collapse of the nasal sidewall, alar batten grafts are a useful technique to address the patient's nasal obstruction. KEYWORDS: nasal valve, nasal obstruction, rhinoplasty, septoplast

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Nasal Valve Collapse. This is a condition where the sidewalls of your nostrils collapse as you breathe in. Treatment of internal valve problems usually involves 1 of 3 methods: scar revision, medial osteotomies, or on-lay grafting of the nasal dorsum. None of these methods is free of adverse effects such as pain, bleeding, and bone necrosis April 19, 2016. Answer: Closed rhinoplasty for nasal valve repair. Surgeons experienced in closed rhinoplasty should be able to place spreader grafts using closed rhinoplasty techniques as well as perform other functional improvements such as septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Closed rhinoplasty is our preferred method for most patients.

Why Does Nasal Valve Stenosis Occur? Nasal valve stenosis may occur congenitally or later. Factors that cause nasal valve stenosis, which also occurs with the combination of one or more factors, can be listed as follows: Rhinoplasty operations you have had in the past, Traumas you face, Septum deviation, Weakening of the nasal sidewall with aging External nasal valve collapse is often due to previous rhinoplasty surgery that resulted in weakened nasal walls or caused the nose tip to sag. In some cases, external valve collapse can be age-related, wherein the nose tip extends and sags, restricting the passage of air through the nose. Rhinoplasty is typically the preferred treatment for. What Causes A Nasal Valve Collapse? As mentioned above, your nasal valve may collapse due to several reasons. Below are some of the most common among them which you must be aware of. 1.Nose Job: If you have undergone rhinoplasty (other terms for nose job) ever, then there might be some possible complications with your nasal valve. These. Keywords: rhinoplasty, functional nasal surgery, tip rhinoplasty, nasal alar support, nasal valve. Introduction. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most challenging procedures requiring an expertise in both the underlying dynamic nasal anatomic structure and a critical appreciation for nasal aesthetics influencing facial attractiveness Rhinoplasty to repair the nasal valves and improve the appearance and function of the nose can be performed in Dr. Yagoda's New York City/Manhattan office-based surgical facility or in a NYC hospital, under local anesthetic with IV sedation or under general anesthesia. This nasal plastic surgery procedure takes between 45 minutes and two hours

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  1. Functional Rhinoplasty. In addition to cosmetic nasal surgery, The nasal valve is the narrowest segment of the entire nasal airway. It is lined with erectile membranes that shrink and swell to regulate nasal airflow and optimize filtration of the inspired air. In normal noses, the nasal valve, which is located just beneath the alar crease.
  2. It's also called nasal valve rhinoplasty or nasal valve repair. You'll have this surgery in the hospital. You'll get medication to numb your nose or possibly to make you sleep
  3. Healthy young female with history of successful cosmetic rhinoplasty at age 11, followed by a severe nasal fracture (untreated) at age 15. Presented with crooked nose, inverted-V and boxy tip, complaining of severe nasal obstruction (secondary to septal deviation, nasal valve collapse, and turbinate enlargement), recurrent sinusitis, and sinus.
  4. This nasal valve collapse can be fixed, dynamic or both. Causes. These causes can be ageing, iatrogenic causes, congenital or secondary after a trauma. The structure of the nose can become weakened and/or could result in a decreased cross-sectional portion of the nasal valve after a reduction rhinoplasty. Another cause for a narrow valve is a.
  5. Recovery from nasal valve surgery. Nasal valve clients can possibly expect an average recovery time of 7-10 days. Pain medications are available for those who require them. If the procedure was performed with septoplasty or rhinoplasty, recovery may take longer

  1. Nasal valves are areas in the nose that are narrow and cause difficulties in breathing. There are 2 nasal valves, an internal and an external nasal valve. The external nasal valve is the nostril of the nose and is made up of the ala, the round fleshy area on the sides of the nose
  2. Traditional surgical methods for nasal valve repair depend upon the location and extent of the structural and functional impairment, but generally may include rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbinoplasty, spreader grafts and batten grafts. Spreader grafts are formed from autologous cartilage and act as wedges between the septu
  3. The term functional rhinoplasty refers to a variety of surgical techniques that aim to buttress the lateral nasal wall and prevent its collapse. 11 A few authors 12,13 have reported on a variety of methods to address the nasal valve, including the use of stenting implants and flaring sutures
  4. The external nasal valve is variable as it is dependent on the size and shape of the nose. Each person's nose is different based on ethnicity such as typically an African nose is flat and wide, an Asian nose tends to be low and wide, a Caucasian nose tends to be narrow and individuals with Hispanic heritage can have any of the above variations
  5. To systematically review the existing literature supporting the efficacy of modern-day rhinoplasty techniques for treatment of nasal obstruction due to nasal valve compromise. Data Sources PubMed search of the English-language literature from January 1982 to August 2007 combined with manual review of citations within article bibliographies
  6. In addition to the risk of a nose bleed, other risks of rhinoplasty surgery include internal or external scarring, nasal airway obstruction that causes difficulty breathing, lack of improvement, dissatisfaction with the cosmetic result, septal perforation, numbness of the skin or postoperative nasal pain, asymmetry, and the potential need for.

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A functional rhinoplasty, or nasal valve correction, aims to optimize airflow through the nose and sinuses to alleviate nasal obstruction. Rhinoplasty surgeries that have both cosmetic and functional goals may be done together as a dual functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty. Our surgeons work closely with colleagues in the Sinus Center in these. Rhinoplasty and Other Nasal Surgeries (for Indiana Only) Kentucky . Rhinoplasty and Other Nasal Surgeries (for Kentucky Only) Louisiana . External Nasal Valve: The caudal septum, along with lower lateral cartilage, alar rim, and nostril sill contribute to the externa These anatomic problems—such as nasal septal fractures, adhesions in the nasal cavity, septal perforations, and scarring of the nasal valve—can block the airflow through the nose and cause the patient significant symptomatology. 15 Additionally, previous trauma and rhinoplasty surgery are the most common causes of a weakened nasal valve and.

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Unrecognized preexisting nasal conditions (eg, deviated nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy, mucosal disease) in conjunction with the overresection of cartilages and a subsequent decrease in the nasal valve area after rhinoplasty are responsible for most cases of postrhinoplasty nasal obstruction NOVA Rhinoplasty — a department of the Potomac ENT & Allergy Division of the Centers for Advanced ENT Care — is led by Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD. He is a highly-acclaimed, fellowship-trained, board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeon with a professionally-focused interest in performing rhinoplasties. Dr Nasal valve collapse may be caused by trauma to the nose, prior rhinoplasty procedures, and other factors. Sometimes, nasal valve collapse can be treated by lifting the cheek tissue on the side of the nose that is obstructed. Special nasal strips may also be used. However, in some cases, these measures will not suffice, and surgery may be required The best way to correct a nasal valve collapse is a revision rhinoplasty. A revision rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery designed to help correct/amend any and all things that have gone wrong in the first rhinoplasty, such as a deviated septum, mismatched nostril shapes, and a nasal valve collapse. In such cases, when a second rhinoplasty. Nasal valve repair with rib cartilage graft. Nasal valve stenosis. Nasal valve stenosis. Nasal valve stenosis. Nasal valve stenosis. Nasal valve stenosis. Nasal valve stenosis. Rhinoplasty for twisted nose. Rhinoplasty for twisted nose

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  1. The nasal valve is the space just inside the nose, just over 1cm beyond the front of the nose. In everyone, it is the narrowest point of the inside of the nose. Because of this, it is the most important area in regulating the flow of air through the nose into the lungs. Even small changes in the size or aperture of the nasal valve can affect.
  2. Internal nasal valve collapse secondary to a narrowed middle vault and supra-alar pinching with moderate inspiration with a plan of bilateral spreader grafts ( Figure 16a, b, c, c2) and supra-alar batten grafts using conchal cartilage, and 3. Bilateral alar retraction with a plan of bilateral conchal composite grafts (See Next Section.
  3. Nasal Valve Surgery before and after . Nasal valve reconstruction takes inside your nose, so it may seem odd to suggest you look at before and after photos. But here's the thing: the most common cause of airway obstruction is a deviated septum, and that very often causes external appearance issues as well
  4. After revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Hwang Jee-Hoon, her nose shape has changed to better with natural shape. The line from her forehead to nose tip has changed to smooth. Note. She also got nasal valve reconstruction surgery at the same time. The nasal valve is a passageway in the front part of the nose through which air passes when we inhale
  5. • repair of nasal valve collapse with absorbable nasal implant(s) • radiofrequency of nasal valve for the treatment of nasal airway obstruction (e.g., Vivaer ARC Stylus) Rhinoplasty or vestibular stenosis repair when performed for EITHER of the following indications i

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  1. The narrowest area in the nasal passages contains the nasal valves, which allow air to flow in and out of the nasal openings and sinuses. When these valves collapse, they can restrict breathing and impact the sinuses, causing snoring, sleep apnea and other breathing issues.At Maia Plastic Surgery, we offer nasal valve repair surgery for our patients at our medical clinic in Tysons Corner, VA
  2. From what I read, it appears most of the work involved the septum and nasal valve(s); with regards to a rhinoplasty (30400), I do not feel that the one reference where the surgeon addressed the external deformity by resecting it with an 8mm osteotome supports a rhinoplasty code. Jennifer ENT C
  3. The Latera Nasal Implant can also be used to help support and open the internal nasal valve, further strengthening this area in the right patient. For more information about the Latera implant, please see our blog post. Functional rhinoplasty performed with or without the use of grafts or implants can be utilized to repair nasal valve collapse
  4. Facial Plastic Surgery. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with an artistic background and solid medical training, Dr. Halaas is a trailblazer in the field of plastic surgery. She specializes in cosmetic surgery, especially for the face, breast, and body. Her many years of experience combined with her dedication to putting her.

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What Is Septoplasty/Nasal Valve Repair? Septoplasty is a nasal surgery that changes and reconstructs the partition (wall or divide) between your nostrils, also called your septum. Having a deviated septum, where your nasal partition is not straight, can make it difficult to breath Introduction . Internal nasal valve incompetence (INVI) has been treated with various surgical methods. Large, single surgeon case series are lacking, meaning that the evidence supporting a particular technique has been deficient. We present a case series using alar batten grafts to reconstruct the internal nasal valve, all performed by the senior author. <i>Methods</i> External nasal valve collapse can be found in patients without a history of trauma or surgery. These patients commonly have an overprojecting nose with extremely narrow nostrils. Another cause, though uncommon, can be an extremely wide columella, as seen in the image below. Rhinoplasty for internal valve stenosis Rhinoplasty is an operation on the nose to correct nasal contour and/or to restore nasal function. Nasal valve compromise may account for nasal airway obstruction. The causes of internal nasal valve obstruction may include: previous surgery, trauma, facial paralysis, aging, and cleft lip nasal.

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The internal valve is defined by the angle that the septum makes with the upper lateral cartilage. Usually 10-15 degrees in Caucasian (wider in African or Asian nose) The narrowest portion of the nasal cavity Superior- Caudal end of ULC and Septum Posterior - Head of inferior turbinate Inferior - Nasal Floor Lateral - Bony pyriform. Dr. Grigoryants reviews spreader grafts in rhinoplasty to prevent internal nasal valve collapse or inverted V deformity. Schedule a Consultation: (800) 540-0508, (818) 396-5551 Address: 525 N. Glendale ave. Glendale, CA 9120

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B. Internal and/or external nasal valve compromise causes an anatomic mechanical nasal airway obstruction and is a primary contributing factor for obstructed nasal breathing. (eg. large cutaneous defect, malignancy or trauma), and C. Other causes have been eliminated as the primary cause of nasal obstruction (eg Rhinoplasty (nose job) Overview. Orange county rhinoplasty is dedicated to informing Orange County nose job prospects about nasal surgery. Nasal surgery is unique in that it must take into account both functional and aesthetic considerations. Functional considerations involve assessing the quality of air flow through the two parallel nostrils

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Functional Rhinoplasty: Repairing Nasal Valve Obstruction. The first line of treatment for most patients with nasal obstruction symptoms is medical therapy, but. Treatment of nasal valve obstructions begins with a complete evaluation and proper diagnosis, says Tang Ho, MD, a fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in. The external nasal valve is basically the most distal portion of your nose—essentially the nostril. Important structures that comprise the external valve include the lower lateral cartilages, the distal end of the septum, and middle structure of the nose (columella)

The nasal valve is a dynamic structure of the nose located between the vestibule and nasal fossa (so called internal nasal valve). The nasal valve is limited laterally by the mobile shape formed by the caudal edge of the upper lateral cartilages and the soft tissues that connect it to the piriform aperture and posteriorly to the head of the. Nasal valve collapse is caused by a weakened upper and/or lower lateral nasal wall, a condition that until recently, had no effective noninvasive treatment. Thanks to Latera, one of the newest and most innovative medical devices, patients can now have the freedom to live and breathe freely

Patients undergoing functional or aesthetic-functional rhinoplasty had similar improvement in nasal breathing (mean NOSE scale score change, 51.4 and 46.6, respectively; P = 0.49). Nasal valve. Internal nasal valve insufficiency. Unless otherwise specified, these preoperative and postoperative photographs are illustrations of functional rhinoplasty procedures, meaning that the aesthetic outcome was a secondary goal of the surgery. Examples of aesthetic rhinoplasty procedures will soon become available

Plastic surgery to the nose, or rhinoplasty, is the most common cause of nasal valve collapse. Also, a nasal valve collapse can occur after trauma to the nose or nose surgery as the result of inflammation, enlarged tissue or even scar tissue. In some instances, nasal valve collapse can be the result of inherited anatomical characteristics such. The Latera Nasal Valve Implant is an absorbable PLLA polymer with long history of use in various medical applications. The Latera Nasal Implant has distal forks designed for anchoring along the sidewall of the nose. Latera is placed in an atraumatic pocket. The Latera implant is flexible and designed to reduce force on tissue Complications following nose plastic surgery. In some cases, nasal valve collapse may be hereditary. It is much more common in those who have narrow nostrils or an over-projecting nose, according to information from Brigham and Women's Hospital. Where is the nasal valve located? It's located at the narrow tip of your nose If you're ready to find relief from nasal airway obstruction and enhance the function of your nose, don't hesitate to schedule a nasal airway surgery consultation at Rhinoplasty Specialists of Miami. Call us today at 305.780.6133. We look forward to correcting your stuffy nose so that you can live the happy, fulfilling life you deserve NOVA Rhinoplasty — a department of the Potomac ENT & Allergy Division of the Centers for Advanced ENT Care — is led by Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD. He is a highly-acclaimed, fellowship-trained, board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeon with a professionally-focused interest in performing rhinoplasties

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Procedures to improve breathing through the nose such as septoplasty, inferior turbinate reduction, and nasal valve surgery are often covered, wholly or partially, depending upon the terms of your health insurance plan. Rhinoplasty performed for aesthetic purposes is not covered by insurance, but by combining the aesthetic aspect with the. Rhinoplasty is classically thought to be a procedure for cosmetics only. But in reality Rhinoplasty should be a functional surgery as well ALWAYS. Dr. Kanodia understands the anatomy of the nasal cavity, the tubinates, the septum and the internal nasal valves extremely well A narrow nasal valve not only makes breathing more difficult, it may create a visible indentation that looks like an upside-down 'V'. If narrow, the nasal valve area is widened with cartilage grafts from the nasal septum, creating a smooth flow from the top to bottom of the nose Procedures on the nasal valve are sometimes called functional rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty. What is a Deviated Septum? The nasal septum is a sheet of cartilage and bone that divides the nose into right and left chambers Rhinoplasty to address complaints of bumps on both sides of bridge. and a cleft between the tip cartilages (tip bifidity). Patient desired. subtle changes and did not wish to alter nasal width drastically. BEFORE. AFTER. BEFORE. AFTER. Rhinoplasty and nasal valve reconstruction to straighten crooked nose

Nasal Valve Stenosis Surgery. Nasal valve stenosis implies a very specific condition where the nose is blocked on the inside due to narrowing of either the external or internal valve. These two critical areas inside of the nose refer to the nostril opening and the middle one-third of the nose on the inside, respectively Nasal valve collapse is not an infrequent complication for the patient complaining of nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty surgery. The nose weakened by a reduction rhinoplasty may result in a decreased cross- sectional area of the nasal valve or the structure may be so weakened that it only becomes apparent when the patient inspires

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Kern, E. and T. Wang, Nasal valve surgery, in Aesthetic plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, R. Daniel, P. Regnault, and R. Goldwyn, Editors. 1993, Little, Brown and Co: Boston (MA). p. 613-630. 36. Ozmen S et al (2008) Upper lateral cartilage fold-in flap: a combined spreader and/or splay graft effect without cartilage grafts. Ann Plast Surg 61(5. A nasal collapse is a situation where one or more parts of the nose have experienced a loss of structural integrity and may seem deflated or otherwise malformed. Rhinoplasty involves reshaping and removing the cartilage of the nasal skeleton. Nasal collapses are usually a result of over-resection, which is when too much cartilage has been removed The patient pays for the cosmetic aspects. However, because insurance coverage varies, Dr. Mobley always recommends confirming the details of your policy before scheduling rhinoplasty with functional nasal surgery. If you need septoplasty surgery, consider doing rhinoplasty at the same time Some cases only require correction of a deviated nasal septum with or without correction of nasal valve dysfunction. (Nasal septal reconstruction with or without repair of Vestibular Stenosis) Understanding the Surgery . Functional Rhinoplasty is similar to Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in length of surgery and recovery Category: Nasal Valve Can You Combine Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery? The nose sits at the center of our face. As such, it is an essential aesthetic focal point, but it is also a vital organ that facilitates our breathing. For many people in the U.S., their nose can be a source of discomfort, either for aesthetic or functional reasons

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The internal nasal valve - or nasal valve as it is commonly known - is a passageway in the front part of the nose through which air passes when we inhale. As the narrowest point of the nasal passage, the nasal valve is the primary site of airway resistance in the nose. Narrowing of this nasal valve area leads to decrease in the. The classic stigmata of an overresected nose, including alar retraction, internal and external nasal valve collapse, midvault collapse, loss of tip support and projection, and unnatural sharp contours such as bossae formation, have become all too familiar to the revision rhinoplasty surgeon The two most common sites causing nasal obstruction are the internal nasal valve (a narrowed bridge) and external nasal valve (nostril collapse). Both types of obstructions can be fixed using cartilage grafts during revision rhinoplasty in San Diego Internal nasal valve collapse is observed in some patients who have previously undergone a nasal dorsal reduction during a rhinoplasty. For more information, see Rhinoplasty, Postrhinoplasty Nasal Obstruction. Overresection of the nasal dorsum and the upper lateral cartilages can lead to loss of structural support at the internal nasal valve.

Improvement of nasal airflow, a positive Cottle test, may suggest collapse or obstruction of the nasal valve post-rhinoplasty. A successful rhinoplasty is both aesthetically and functionally. Nasal valve collapse is the narrowness or weakness of the nasal valve which is one of the functional problems that adversely affect breathing. This situation may develop due to both genetic and subsequent blows to the nose INTRODUCTION. According to the 2015 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report, cosmetic rhinoplasty was 1 of the 5 top cosmetic procedures (217,979) performed in the United States. 1 When combined with internal nasal valve reconstruction, nose-reshaping procedures aim not only to improve patients' quality of life but also to enhance their appearance. 2, 3 The use of spreader. The internal nasal valve is located just below the bony bridge of the nose and can be pinched between your fingers. Notice when you do this how much it restricts your ability to breathe through your nose. The external nasal valve is located at the nostril opening. In some, this opening is slit-like and closes even with normal breaths

Dr. Hall's unique training in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology gives him the expertise to address both the functional and cosmetic issues. At your consultation, he will be able to determine what additional procedures are warranted. This can include septoplasty, turbinate reduction and/or nasal valve repair Nasal valve is a triangular area inside your nose that is shaped like an hourglass. This space can collapse leading to sensation of reduced airflow. Traditionally, ENT doctors focused on deviation of the septum and enlargement of turbinates as primary causes of nasal obstruction, but recently there has been additional focus on treating the.

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