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From your experiences what are the best things to do while getting high with friends? Close. Vote. Posted by 6 minutes ago. From your experiences what are the best things to do while getting high with friends? 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67% Upvoted Always blame your closest friends and family for your drug addiction. I'm High. That will lift your guilt off your shoulders and you can continue lying to yourself. Pain make you stay where you are and pleasure forces you to change and become the best version of yourself. No but for real try not too be an asshole to those who love you or care.

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Sort by. level 1. Rokbotix. · 3y. Ebonheart Pact. All the real dungeons in the game are limited to 4 man groups. You and your friend can use dungeon finder to get placed in a que to be paired with 2 other players trying to complete the same dungeon. Completing the dungeons at first is awesome because the quest gives you a lot of XP AND. Fun things to do while high with friends. Stoners are social creatures by nature. Even the most basic wallflower blooms with the right strain of bud. Sure, smoking by yourself is just peachy, but it can also be fun to go out and see the world with a good group of people by your side Create Your Own List Of Fun Things To Do While High. Take a cue from number 16 on this list and make your own list of fun things to do while high. In fact, making a list of fun things to do while high while high sounds like an amazingly good time. Once you've got your list on paper, start checking them off As far as things to do with your best friend go, a camping trip is something truly rejuvenating. Spending some time in nature away from technology and stress of daily life, roasting hot dogs and eating s'mores, and maybe finding a lake to chill by, is some of the best time you'll spend together

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In fact, stoners come up with some of the most interesting things to say. And with each subject comes questions. Ones that even non-tokers will ponder over for hours. To get those wheels turning, here are the 12 best questions to think about while high Everybody wins. 2. Stand-up Comedy. Whether you're going to a live show or on a YouTube tirade, there's always someone funnier or more miserable than you, willing to get up on stage to try and make you laugh. Try Ross Noble if you're feeling a little frantic, or Jim Jeffries for some crude humour. 3

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  1. Sex is my favorite thing to do, or anything leading up to it. That can include: - watching movies. - taking a hot bubble bath. - snuggling. - drinking and dancing. those are my night time activities.If it's during the day, I like to be more productive. =) Aug 3, 2004 #5
  2. In Korea, while waiting we decided to play gay chicken the gay guy won. While in a formation for a change of command ceremony, we would play the boner game with the goal of achieving the fastest boner. Once a boner was achieved we would make a clicking sound. We did this to pass the time. —CubanDevil1
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  4. From the first high school reunion to the last September wedding, a quick coffee catch-up to a boozy brunch with old friends, summer is the season for reconnecting with people from your past. But what's the best way to get back into the flow with someone you haven't seen in a while? British authors Judy Apps and Catherine Blyth have mastered the art of conversation — in fact, they've.

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Rainy weather gets a bad reputation. While yes, inclement conditions certainly ruin beach days and picnics and hikes, there are still plenty of cozy fun activities to do indoors, both with your. Cannabis may help you be more enthusiastic while speaking and performing in front of friends or groups. It's probably a good idea to be at a low dose so you can just loosen up. What To Do When You're High Is Up To You. There are a plethora of things to do while you're high, but you also need the right tools to get there Marijuana can be a lot of fun. When you're in the right environment, with the right people, smoking the right weed, the possibilities are endless. If you're new to the game and don't really know what to do with your now-blurred vision and intense cravings for Cheetos, I've come up with a list of things to do when you're high—because if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong

13. LASER FUN. Lasers while tripping are super awesome! Some mushies and a laser pointer (red or green) will make for endless hours of fascination. Just try it! You can also add other types of lights to your laser show. Add some strobe lights or disco lights for even more trippy awesomeness. 14 One Reddit user describes aftercare as, being sweet and tender and present with each other after sex. So, spooning, cuddling, talking softly, asking if they're okay or if they need something. Sometimes you might both take a nap in each other's arms or hold hands. Other times, wrap each other in blankets or rub each other down while talking You may not think much of it when chilling with your friends at a bar, café, restaurant, or while shopping, but connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is one of the riskiest things you could do for your personal and online information. I'll tell you why These places are home to cybercriminals, who could be monitoring public Wi-Fi networks

When it comes to consumer VR headsets, gaming is clearly on of the most common use-cases. However, there are so many other things that are compelling and fun to do in VR. In this video and article. 18. Treat your city like tourists. This is one of the more uncommon, but fun things to do with your girlfriend. Take a few hours and visit the attractions that make your city great, and take a lot of pictures of the two of you having a good time (she'll love having them). 17 Smoking weed gets a bad rap. OK, maybe not a bad rap, per se, but it definitely has a reputation as an activity for slackers. Many people picture the average weed smoker as a guy in his underwear. Here are the top 10 things to do in Tamarindo. 1. Take A Surf Lesson. Surfing in Tamarindo. Tamarindo is world famous for their friendly and easy to learn on waves. If you have ever thought about surfing before, Tamarindo is the place to do it. Tamarindo's warm waters and friendly surf instructors will have you riding the waves in no time no. Things to Do in or Near the Water. 1. Go fishing // Whether it's recreational or you're trying to catch dinner, fishing can be a great way to unwind and shed the stresses of life. Grab your rod, fishing line, sunglasses, waders, a beer, and some buddies and spend a few hours enjoying the serenity of the water. 2. Go swimming // Put on your swimsuit and hit the shores of your favorite lake.

Things to Do in Maryland, United States: See Tripadvisor's 1,114,065 traveler reviews and photos of Maryland tourist attractions. Find what to do today or anytime in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Maryland. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions As I said before, if a 30-year-old puts $10,000 into the stock market every year starting in 2020, it would take them until 2063 (age 73) to reach $2 million in net worth Things to Do in Bend, Oregon: See Tripadvisor's 72,744 traveler reviews and photos of Bend tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Bend. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions I was a heavy cannabis smoker (smoked probs 6months straight) it was fun and all sometimes had anxiety while high but I bet everyone does from time to time. But one night I smoked probs like 0.5gram joint not that much, but it was strong. Chilled about 10mins and then I start to think in my head like oh fuck beucase I realized how high I was

Make dinner together. Unless you're super comfortable in a friendship, making a dinner for two can get a little too intimate for most people in a normal friendship. So invite a few people to make the mood casual and fun. Here's what I do with my friends: Decide on a dish that's easy to make (e.g. chili) Recently, Reddit user u/192335 asked people to share what others generally don't understand about being poor. Here are some of the top-voted responses: Here are some of the top-voted responses Do you think that navy blue looks the same for your best friend, or do they perceive the color a bit lighter/darker? Because we cannot see the world from the linear perspective of another individual's eyes, it is challenging to say if all of those around us view things the same way we do. This uncertainty is, without a doubt, mind-boggling. 7 Whether it's shower thoughts or ideas we had while we are high, I bet we have all thought of some weird things at one point or another.Here are 50 weird thoughts from the internet and from me. 1. Food Vs Drink. In the English language you can drink a drink but you don't food a food Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! BuzzFeed As Is Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and.

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Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! reddit.com / Via i.imgur.com. 7. Brushing your teeth while high will. Things to Do with a Friend When You are Bored. If you are bored, but not alone there are nearly limitless things you can do to make use of the time. Here are just a few ideas of things you can do with a friend when you are both bored. 158. Have a watch party of your favorite shows. Being stuck at home and self-isolating shouldn't be a lonely. Do's. 1. Wear something not too flashy or too lazy. Choosing what to wear is a pain in the butt, but you can't over do it when meeting up with old friends. If you show a too dramatic outfit, then they'll feel insecure themselves or they'll see right through your I'm perfect act Molly Martin is a freelance writer in Denver, Colorado who is always on the lookout for fun things to do. Follow her Mile High adventures @mollydbu on Twitter and Instagram . Colin St. John is a. The 39 best things to do in Los Angeles Your essential guide to the best things to do in Los Angeles, from stair hikes to scenic drives and more By Michael Juliano Posted: Wednesday July 7 202

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12. Email your friends and ask for their favorite things to do when they're bored. 13. Trade Wii games and gear with your friends — or try the newest Wii games. 14. Write an apology to someone you've been avoiding. 14. Make homemade lavender ice cream (or bacon ice cream, or whisky ice cream) 15 Lounge at a swanky new hotels. Moxy and Hotel Goodtime For most folks living in Miami, hanging out at a South Beach hotel is the kind of thing we only do when friends come to visit or we lose a bet Things to Do in Los Angeles, California: See Tripadvisor's 730,690 traveler reviews and photos of Los Angeles tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Los Angeles. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions Functioning as the botanical gardens for the University of Arkansas, Garvan Woodland Gardens allows visitors to sample the flora and fauna of the Ouachita Mountains in southwest Arkansas. Located across 4.5 miles of wooded shoreline, the mission of the gardens is to preserve and protect the mountains' natural environment while providing natural resources that promote learning, research, and. If you're looking for something to do while hanging out, try the .:*・°☆ Netflix Party extension, which will let you synchronize viewing with friends and chat at the same time, or a.

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  1. Crosswords or puzzles are more fun to do as a team. You can do puzzles together. Steve Mason/Getty Images. Crosswords and puzzles are great home activities because you can put your full focus on them, or you can do them passively while you watch Netflix . Plus, there are many crossword apps, so you can enjoy brain teasers without lifting a finger
  2. Free Things to Do Outdoors Robert Miller, left, and Cyndia Miller explore Angel Rock in Fairbanks, Ala. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder. 1. Visit a park. Get some fresh air and take a walk through a nearby park. Bring your four-legged friend along too. 2. Go to the farmer's market
  3. Sunset Over the Mountains. Definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas for Couples. There are plenty of mountains to choose from, which can provide a beautiful view of the sunset over the mountains. The mountains in Las Vegas are amazing to see at any time, but during sunset, the view provides a perfect romantic atmosphere
  4. 100 things we can't wait to do when the pandemic ends: Hug friends, go to concerts and more Staff report Our collective quarantine is slowly ending, and we may soon be able to freely venture outside
  5. This quarantine can be a time of rest and real connection with your family while staying home to stay safe. Here are 15 things to do during the quarantine for both younger kids and older teens
  6. A few of these are unique to the Big Island (i.e. not possible from other Hawaiian islands, see also our guide to things to do on Oʻahu), while others can also be enjoyed at other islands albeit with a different setting. Only on the Big Island activities. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which offers stunning and ever changing landscapes

25 Best Things to Do in Chattanooga (TN) Chattanooga has been named one of the top places to visit in the United States, and for a great reason. The southern city in Tennessee mixes outdoor adventure with laid-back charm, so you can enjoy a mixture of the two, and so that all of your traveling companions can find something that perfectly suits. Don't miss these 10 things to do around the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Dance, drink and rejoice at Twin Cities Pride Fest, the largest free LGBTQ+ pride festival in the country. Find out how to maximize your Pride weekend! Rock out at the Basilica Block Party, the two-day music festival held on the lovely front steps of the Basilica of St. Mary While living in the city you must travel, explore, and try new things. After all, it's important to love yourself and the place that you're in! Lucky for Chicagoans and tourists alike, I've provided a list of things I've enjoyed while living here. Some activities are meant to be enjoyed with friends or family, and others by yourself

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Main Event Orlando. Eat, bowl and play with state-of-the-art bowling, virtual and interactive games, billiards, a high-ropes adventure course, 61 HDTVs, and chef-driven dining, all in a 50,000-square-foot facility. Main Event also boasts the first-ever, free-roam, multiplayer, virtual-reality game We do try to make the listings as accurate as possible, but there might be errors/Events may be cancelled or postponed without any notice. Verify all details from concerned Event Websites/officials. You may also like. Things to do with family in Toronto. Free Activities & Cheaper Ways to Explore Toronto. Things to do in Scarborough. Things to.

Having shared values with a romantic partner is often what draws people to each other, and those same shared values can make a relationship really work in the long-run. According to Dr. Wish, if. 7 Legitimately Fun Things to Do With Friends on Zoom. By Emma Specte r. May 11, 2020 To revist (chopping onions, mincing garlic), chat while water boils and butter heats in the pan, and then. Attractions & Things to Do in Louisville, Kentucky Share Experience Louisville by taking part in events, arts & culture, shopping, sports & outdoor activities, tours and much more

Well, this is not just a fun thing to do in studios with friends. You can also do it at home with your loved ones. One of the best ways to show your creativity is through photo shoots—you are the photographer while your family members dress and change to act as models (or you can be a model, too). Normally, you just have to do this using your. Perhaps you prefer to take in a show, fly high on a thrill ride, soak in mineral hot springs, or chill out on the river through the gorgeous Glenwood Canyon. Whatever your desire, start planning your exciting Glenwood Spring vacation today, the possibilities are endless when there are so many exciting and fun things to do in Colorado While behind the wheel or exploring the area, you can imagine that in winter, snow drifts can get as high as 25 feet tall at the highest elevation, 12,183 feet W0t3rdog on Reddit says they've been doing just that, seeing how far they can get in a no-boss playthrough. At first it sounds simple: you have to summon a boss to fight a boss, so simply don't. Congratulations on your PS5! While you may be eager to jump into the latest game offerings there are a few things you can do to make the experience smoother: from transferring data from your PS4.

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To illustrate some of the most change-worthy things, Reddit user u/Pitiful_Airline1092 recently went to the Ask Reddit community and asked its men to share things they find most irksome or flat-out angering in other men. Image Credits: Troy Williams. Nearly 25,000 comments and over 53,000 upvotes later, the post went viral According to people on Quora and Reddit threads, the way you spend your 20s deeply affects your later years. Their advice on making the most of your youth includes learn to say no with confidence.

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While Reddit is mainly known for people posting random stories, clips, images, memes and what-nots of relative humor and significance, it occasionally is used for obscure and hilarious online forums Reddit Parents Share the Most Most Insane Things In-Laws Have Said—and Your Blood will Boil Reading These this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Bored Panda is the place you want to be when you want to discover interesting and visually appealing content. It's a blog that publishes regular updates on the coolest finds in travel, photography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and all sorts of other great categories. You can also create an account to vote posts up or down

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  1. If you get high and do stupid things, do us one really big favor, find a toilet before going to the bathroom. Don't be the guy that pisses in the closet or poops in the mailbox. It isn't funny and you will end up crapping on all your stuff. 13. Laugh at Everythin
  2. Productive things you can do at home: 1. Set goals. Productivity is about progress - it's about breaking our long-term goals down into daily action so that we can grow and develop. Depending on.
  3. If I can do it, you can. For the past ten years, I've been teaching women how to travel the world on their own safely. Over the years, my travel style has changed — while I used to be all about the party hostels and social dorms, these days I don't stay in dorms at all and tend to pick more high-end places
  4. The father-of-two refused to go along with his wife's lie. Source: iStock. Husband looked after kids while wife was stuck over border. In his lengthy post, Mark explained that after their first child was born Stephanie had decided she wanted to quit work - therefore she started taking care of the baby and the majority of the housework
  5. Minecraft lets players do some incredible things. Often, it's the most humble-looking things that go on to be sensations. Back when I was at school, what was the hot toy of the moment? Not some amazing electrical robo-doohickey that spins, flash and does your taxes for you, but the yo-yo. The yo-yo, friends

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For example, I like to do acid at festivals, dance and party. Or I could do acid around friends in a more chill setting. I tend to want to explore a bit more and interact on acid, whereas with mushrooms, that could be too overwhelming. — @bbolint3; If things get too intense If things get too intense during the trip, some tips I have are Finding FUN things to do outside can be intimidating for parents sometimes, but it's always worth the effort. Science tells us that getting kids into nature is the best gift we can offer. It stimulates creativity, reduces anxiety, promotes problem solving, improves their immune systemand that's just the beginning Here are 100 fun, productive things to do at home USA TODAY Life staff Coronavirus infections in the U.S. are dropping and 50% of American adults have been fully vaccinated, according to new data

The Stairway to Heaven was one of my favorite things to do on Oahu. While it is illegal, the stairway is still frequented by a small number of people on most mornings. At the summit, there is an old satellite atop a small bunker 11. Sample craft beer at Pike Brewing Company. Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Zanatpike used under CC BY-SA 4.0. Pike Brewing Company is a great place to hang out with your buddies at night in Seattle. This brewery offers a seafood restaurant, a pub, brewery tours and a beer museum While the Serengeti is the star attraction, there are many things to do in Tanzania besides viewing the wildlife. Although, you have to do that when you go! Although, you have to do that when you go! Here are some things that will entice you to make your next Adventure an African Adventure in Tanzania