No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine

This video is a tutorial on how to fix No boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine. There are a number of reasons why your computer gets this.. Also, I am not well-versed in the technical terms so please explain stuff to me like I'm 5. I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3567 for school purposes. Its battery has failed a few months ago (it's powered on through an outlet). Today, I woke up to my laptop booting up in a loop with a black screen with the words No boot device found. Press any key to. No Boot Device Found. press any key to reboot the machine. so my laptop was working fine in this morning but now, it keeps showing that no boot device is found when i hit the power button, dell logo comes up, soon later it keeps checking media (and it fails), and it says no boot device is found Press any key to reboot the machin I would appear that your hard drive has failed inasmuch as it is not detected. Have you been getting errors, system freezes, slow operation, possibly clicking noises constantly No boot device found: No Boot Device Found on external usb with old SSD: I have install OS from pendrive but my acer gateway laptop says no device drivers not found how to solve this problem: I have a toshiba satellite pro but when i turn it on it says No bootable device, insert boot disk and press any key. Can some: Need Assistance :- No boot.

How to fix No boot device found

  1. The boot device not found error is a common Windows problem with 4 error prompt scenarios: No boot device is available No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine
  2. I sysprep the machine to take an image of it. After I turn it back it displays the message No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine. When you hit the any key it boots normally. An repeats this every time I start the machine. The machine comes with three partitions. I have tried 1.) wiping all three partitions, and have Win7.
  3. Step4. Press Esc to re-start your computer. Generally, your computer will operate well beyond any of your expectations. when no boot device availablehappens, it often means you set a wrong boot disk. 2.Fix no boot device available by resetting the BIOS configuration. Step1: Go to BIOS mode by pressing F2
  4. No bootable devices found. Press F1 key to retry boot. Press F2 key for setup utility. Press F5 key to run onboard diagnostics
  5. No Boot Device Found. A month or so ago I started getting No Boot Device Found, Press any Key to reboot machine. I have a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series laptop with 256G SSD. Internal HDD is highlighted. If I down-arrow to Windows Boot manager and hit enter, the machine boots fine. One of the Other Options is Change Boot Mode Setting
  6. A voir également: Press any key to reboot the machine; No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine - Meilleures réponses; Messagepress a key to reboot - Forum - Windows No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine - Forum - Window

Solved: No Boot Device Found

No Boot Device Found

  1. No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key Non-system disk Press any key to reboot CD Boot: Couldn't find BOOTMGR (I tried using the built-in memory card slot as a boot device with the Windows drivers but it didn't work either — not that I expected it to, just grasping at straws)
  2. no boot device found press any key to reboot the machinepls subscribers my channel#nobootdevicefoundpress#nobootdevicefoundpressanykeytorebootthemachine-~-~~..
  3. Restart the computer and tap Esc to enter the BIOS interface. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard until the Boot tab is opened. Move Hard Drive to the top of the boot order list by pressing + or -. Press F10 to save the changes and restart the computer. Corrupted MBR can lead to no boot device available in Windows 10
  4. 如果电脑开机出现no bootable device press any key to reset。. 是因为你的电脑没有启动设备,可以按下面的方法设置一下。. 重起电脑进入BIOS,开机时按下Del键(90%的网友使用这种方法进入BIOS)。. 进入BIOS后,如图找到启动设备选项,点击进入。. 进入启动设备选项后.
  5. You compute is infected with virus. And this error may appear with different message like No boot device - insert boot disk and press any key, Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system in your hard disk or No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine
  6. Then restart your computer to see if Boot failure press any key to continue issue disappears. Solution 3. Check System Partition's File System. Boot failure press any key to continue Windows 10 issue could be caused by a damaged file system, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard's Check File System function to fix it in quite simple operations

No boot device found press any key to reboot Tom's Guide

「No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key」 「Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk」 「No Boot Device Found No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine. Im folgenden beschreibe ich meine Erfahrungen mit dieser Fehlermeldung und was bei meinem PC zur Lösung geführt hat. Es kann sein, dass die unten genannten Schritte bei dir nicht funktionieren. Es bedeutet, dass dein PC beim Hochfahren kein Medium findet von dem er booten kann also.

Press any key to reboot the machine. PXE-M0F Exiting PXE ROM No Boot Device Found PXE-E61 MEDIA FAILURE,CHECK CABLE,PXE-MOF EXITING PXE ROM NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND.PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT THE MACHINE - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Communit You may enough free disk space, but not enough contiguous disk space. Please try Verify (and Repair) of the disk via Disk Utility and retry Bootcamp. If it does not work, create a backup of OSX, erase your internal disk and restore from Time Machine backup and test Bootcamp again. More Less. Nov 19, 2014 12:00 PM 1. Restart computer and tap Del to enter BIOS interface. 2. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard until the Boot tab is opened. Move Hard Drive to the top of the boot order list by pressing + or -. 3. Press F10 to save changes and restart computer. Tips

How to Fix Boot Device Not Found Error in Window

  1. Refer to the last method to make a bootable USB drive via the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. Boot the computer with no bootable device found from the created bootable media. Step 2. In the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, click All Tools >Partition Recovery Wizard Step 3. Choose a proper method to search for the deleted boot.
  2. As of late, the computer randomly will go offline and upon connecting a monitor we can see that the computer has crashed directly to the POST style screen with a blinking hyphen saying -No boot device found... Press any key to reboot the syste
  3. 3. Restart your phone, let it enter fastboot mode, and then connect to the computer. At this point, the unlocking should proceed normally, and the device no longer disappears from the fastboot devices result and Windows Device Manager. I have successfully unlocked my Mi MIX 2s with this solution. And fastboot boot recovery.img command works.
  4. Toshiba Satellite Windows Vista - No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key Message: Media test failure then no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key: how to reset acer aspire R3 seires dont have system password and it says no bootable device found insert disk and any key no
  5. Install WIN10 first. It'll create 4 partitions. using the windows disk management utility, shrink the ntfs partition to the desired size for linux. reboot into your live cd, select the manual partitioning option and create your linux paritions in that new unused space
  6. Fix: No Bootable Device — Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption
  7. If Windows asks you to insert boot device and press any key, you could check whether the boot disk or installation media is detected by BIOS, which should be the first step. Please boot or reboot your computer and repeatedly press on F2, Del, Esc, or another required key to enter BIOS before Windows is loaded

Usually, I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows but this time I decided to go for a clean Ubuntu installation i.e. eliminating Windows completely. After the clean install of Ubuntu, I ended up with a screen saying no bootable device found instead of the Grub screen. Clearly, the installation messed up with the UEFI boot settings 4. iMac restarts and boots to blank screen and then says No bootable device found insert bootable disk and press any key I never removed the thumb drive, followed bootcamp's instructions to the letter, and made sure all other usb drives were removed Press the power button and immediatly continually tap F2 key to open the BISO setup. In BIOS go to the ADVANCED menu tab. Select System Configuration. Select Boot Mode. For laptops running Windows 7 toggle and set the boot mode to CSM. For laptops running Windows 8 and above toggle and set the boot mode to UEFI Boot. In the SECURITY menu tab Boot Device Not Found 3F0. Or. The computer boots to the Automatic Repair menu instead of Windows, and displays the following message: Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC. Start or restart the computer. Press F10 repeatedly during start up to enter the BIOS configuration utility

Question: Q: How to fix No bootable device, insert boot disk and press enter ? I tried to use Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows 7 to my Mac mini (mid-2011, i5 2.3Ghz, with most updated OS X Yosemite), and the Boot Camp Assistant formatted my USB drive and copied the ISO image of Windows 7 into it successfully The problem is, after about 1 month, I followed exactly the same procedure, with the same USB and ISO installation file on my friend's computer ( Macbook Early 2008 model ), it just didn't work. When I tried to boot into USB, it said : No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key 如果电脑开机出现no bootable device press any key to reset,是因为你的电脑没有启动设备。. 2. 首先,我们重起电脑进入BIOS,开机时按下Del键。. 3. 进入BIOS后,如图找到启动设备选项,点击进入。. 4. 进入启动设备选项后,选择 1st Boot Device,设置 硬盘为第一启动项。. 5 No Bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key. Restarted the machine and pressed F10 to goto boot menu. The only thing on the boot menu was 'Realtek Boot Agent.'. Restarted the machine and pressed F2 to goto System Setup. The Boot menu under System Setup showed: This is the original drive and OS

Selected boot device failed. Press any key to reboot the system. This is a known computer and the computer name has been added to the deployment collection. Boot image has been updated in the DP and we have tried by creating a new boot image as well Use two functions in AOMEI Backupper to protect your computer from now on: 1. Create bootable media to boot your computer in case of boot failure.. 2. Perform system backup when the computer is in good condition.. To sum up. You can resort to the four solutions offered in this article to fix the issue of active partition not found in Windows 10

[SOLVED] computer can't find Boot Drive 1st time after

  1. ホーム » PCトラブル » 【解決】DELL ノートPC「No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine.」by USB地雷 Press any key to reboot the machine.」by USB地雷 記事公開日:2019年8月20
  2. Hello, during the upgrade to Windows 10 2004 the second time that my machine rebooted the message : boot device found Press any key to reboot the machine appeared and I was not able to get rid of it, I tried different hard drives, download windows from external flash drive , bios settings, bios upgrades . the PC was two month old, then.
  3. Power off your Acer device by holding the power button for 5 seconds. Long press the arrow button and then click the Boot tab. Then, go to the Exit tab in the BIOS utility. Choose the 'Exit Saving Changes'. Then, follow the steps and restart your computer. And, you will get the desired results. 4
  4. When your Mac throws the No Bootable device error, perform the following: a) Press the power button for some time to force shut down your Mac. b) Power on your Mac, then immediately press and hold the Option key. c) Release the key when the Startup Manager opens. Image: Startup Manager. d) Select the startup disk (Macintosh HD), then.

Press the arrow key on your keyboard to get Boot tab, and change the boot order settings to make Hard Drive as first boot device. 3. Follow the instruction given to you in the BIOS utility to navigate to Exit tab. 4. Locate and choose the Exit Saving Changes option to save the changes you made to the boot order. 5 Sometimes Startup Repair cannot fix this problem. In that case, you can write a whole new boot sector to the hard drive. This method has been available as of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. With this method, you boot your computer from a Windows installation DVD, just like you did above no bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key So I put in my Win7 disk and loaded it, got to the 'system recovery options' box and there is no hard drive listed? I proceeded to reboot, go to the bios and into my boot order, where my samsung HD is reading as boot option 1, so I changed the settings from AHCI to IDE and tried to. When you see the Press any key to boot from CD message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM. DATA_INPAGE_ERROR and when I reboot says No bootable device found.

7 năm. Máy e là dell xps 14 l421x. Máy dùng ưwjn 8 sẵn theo máy. Tối qua vẫn dùng bình thường nhưng sáng nay bật lên nó báo. . no boot device found press any key to reboot the machine. Giờ ấn phím gì nó cũng khởi động lại xog lại hiện lên như thế. Giúp e với No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine (ma premendo un tasto sulla tastiera non si risolve niente) No boot device has been detected (Questo tipo di messaggio può apparire se l'hardware è difettoso oppure anche se il disco non è collegato correttamente)

Sửa lỗi"No boot Device not found

The day before yesterday, I turned off the PC using Windows Vista Menu > Shut Down. When I turned it on, after the HP logo, it shows a black screen with the following error: No bootable device -- insert a boot disk and press any key. I already tried to Load BIOS Setup Defauts, did Memory and Primar.. Step 2: Enter the BIOS menu by pressing the right BIOS key (F1, F2, F8, F11, DEL). Keep in mind that the BIOS key can vary for different laptop/PC models. Step 3: Once you're in the BIOS menu, navigate to the Boot Mode and set its value to UEFI. Step 4: Go to the Exit menu and choose Save and Exit to apply your changes

Hi I would just like to add to the excellent advice given by Ironfly. The message of no bootable device can be a change in the BIOS. Even though you have not changed anything, it would be good to go and just run thru the settings and tell us about anything that shows a boot order / sequence 60. Nov 5, 2014. #2. If you have access to another computer, you can download the operating system from Microsoft (you will need the product key - it should be on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop) and the proper version. Once downloaded, you can make a bootable DVD and/or USB flash drive to install Windows. 0

I had deleted my Bootcamp partition before I reset my startup disk to my the one for Mac OS. On computer start up, I get the No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key message. I have tried suggests like hold down the option key during start up, and hold down command-R during start up If prompted to do so, press any key to boot from the installation media. Select your language, time zone and keyboard layout preferences and then click on Next . When you reach a window with an Install now button at its center, look for and click on Repair your computer in the bottom left corner of the window 2.1 Cause 1: Incorrect boot order. 2.2 Cause 2: Partition not set as active. 3 Fixing Reboot and select proper Boot Device on Windows. 3.1 Fix #1: Check Boot Order. 3.2 Fix #2: Check if the hard disk has failed. 3.3 Fix #3: Disable Legacy Boot (UEFI only) 3.4 Fix #4: Use diskpart. 4 More Information We're trying to boot a Windows 7 disc in 3 new Dell Precision T1600 desktops. All 9 discs we've tried to boot are burned discs from the Windows 7 SP1 ISO supplied directly from Microsoft's licensing portal. Every single one of them produces a boot error: Selected boot device failed. Press any key to reboot the system

Kornesh Kanan: Fixing “No bootable device” error whenNo boot device found - Dell Community

When the TOSHIBA splash screen is displayed when you first turn on your computer, a boot menu prompt may be displayed for a few seconds near the bottom of the screen, indicating that a key (F2 or F12, for example) can be pressed to display a menu. mensaje :no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key el ‎30-06-2011 04:49 AM Tengo una laptop Hp Pavillion Dv5 -2234la , la adquiri hace aproximadamente 3 meses, todo estaba de maravilla pero derepente empezo a ponerse muy lenta , la reinicie y mi sorpresa fue que me salio este mensaje: no bootable device insert boot disk and press. As soon as I power on my laptop a black screen comes on that says, No bootable device - - insert boot disk and press any key. F11 doesn't respond, I can't get to System Recovery. F9 Boot Device Options, only gives me the options of Boot From EFI File and Notebook Hard Drive - BJNB4R I've trie.. Why is my laptop gives me no bootable device. Press any key warning? I checked with another hard disk but shows the same warning and could not boot up entering the F8, F9, F10 or F12 keys to install windows from a flash disk Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press the F2 key, or the DEL key if you have a desktop, to enter the BIOS. Press F9 and then ENTER to load the default configuration. Press F10 to save your changes, and restart the system. Select Yes and press ENTER to confirm

Normally the operating system is in the hard disk of your laptop. If you are getting this error, it means either your hard disk has crashed or the wire connection between hard disk and the motherboard has become loose. You could start by checking. During the boot process, you must press the BIOS/UEFI access key. The specific key differs between computers, but commonly used keys include F2, F10, DEL, and ESC. Once the BIOS loads, locate a menu or tab named Boot or similar. Check for a menu named Boot Device Priority, Boot Option Order, or similar. The name varies between different. Windows(Dell)电脑更换固态硬盘出现No Boot Device Found.Press Any Key to reboot the machine 解决办法 提示说找不到启动设备,这可能是dell电脑更换新的硬盘的通病吧。 解决方法: dell换新盘BIOS设置步骤: 1. 开机出现Dell的logo的时候按F12会跳出一个对话框。 2

[2021]How to Fix Computer No Boot Device Available Erro

Good Day, I have a Gateway Notebook. It's a NE56R31U model. Has a 320gb HD running with Windows 8. At start-up it goes past the loading of the Gateway logo then say's NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND press any key to continue. It then goes to a Boot Menu that's totally empty. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart Resolution. A bootable USB or DVD with Windows 7 or higher is needed to bring up the Command Prompt. If you don't have a bootable media available, you can obtain one by following the create installation media steps found here. Bring up the command prompt: Boot from any DVD or USB Windows 7, 8, or 10 media Again, I decided to restart my computer and as expected I got the same black screen but this time it said 'Press any key to boot from CD'. I said to myself, yes! finally! now I can install an OS. Question: Q: No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key I had deleted my Bootcamp partition before I reset my startup disk to my the one for Mac OS. On computer start up, I get the No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key message Virtual machine boot summary 1. SCSI DVD (0,1) the boot loader did not load an OS 2. SCSI disk (0,0) the boot loader did not load an OS 3. Network adapter (00155D004E00) a boot image was not found. No OS was loaded. Your virtual machine may be configured incorrectly. Exit and reconfigure your VM or click to retry the current boot sequence again.

How to fix "No Boot Device Found" error when starting the

After making the bootable drive, you need to plug it into your computer and then reboot. Next, tap the F10 or Esc key to open the boot options. Now set the boot priority of the removable drive the highest. Once the setup comes forth, follow the next onscreen instructions and install Windows without any problems Go down a little and locate Boot Priority, after which hit Enter. Now change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First. Finally, press the F10 key and choose YES. With this you will have completed the steps to resolving ERROR 1962: No Operating System Found and should no longer be present, when you switch your computer on When seeing the message Do you want to create a hard disk image for your virtual machine, click NO to run the QEMU emulator without the virtual disk. Step 4: If your USB flash drive is bootable, the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD will appear. If it is not bootable, you are required to insert a bootable device

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SOLUTION: No bootable devices found on Dell Laptops

As the message says check cable. The notebook does not find a media to connect to. Normally it could find a bad drive or such but now there is no feedback. In real life you can shout hard as you can but don't even hear any thing like you are the last human on earth without and fading sound in the distance Use two functions in AOMEI Backupper to protect your computer from now on: 1. Create bootable media to boot your computer in case of boot failure.. 2. Perform system backup when the computer is in good condition.. To sum up. You can resort to the four solutions offered in this article to fix the issue of active partition not found in Windows 10 2.2k. Posted: 09/11/17. Options. Permalink. History. @brysonninja no boot device found is usually an indication of a failed hard drive or a corrupt OS. You can try and get into the BIOS of your computer by tapping away on the ESC or F10 key as soon as you power on laptop. Once you accessed the BIOS check if your computer even recognizes a HDD

No Boot Device Found Solved - Windows 10 Forum

The key varies depending on the brand of the computer you have. It is best to consult your user manual, but generally, it can be the F12, F2, ESC, or Delete key. Once you get inside the BIOS Setup Utility, go to Boot Options. Set the operating system drive as the primary boot device. Use the arrow key to move it to the top of the list On first powering on, a message is displayed saying No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine . If the machine is rebooted, it usually starts up fine

Ma machine affiche No Boot Device Found

  1. If the partition is active, go to Step 2: Repair the Boot Configuration data. If the partition is not active, run the active command to activate it. Then, run detail partition again to check whether the partition is active. Detach the repaired disk from the troubleshooting VM. Then, create a VM from the OS disk
  2. Jan 31, 2014. #2. Usually, a message like no bootable device found usually means that the hard drive died. However, lets try something. Reboot the PC and repeatedly press F8, see if a menu appears that gives you the option of Startup Repair. If it does, then try the Startup Repair. Status
  3. Method 3: Run the Good Old SFC scan. SFC scanning checks all the built-in drivers and other essential tools. If there are any errors, the software will remove and replace with a cached version of the earlier thing. Just go through the following steps in case you don't know how to perform an sfc scan. 1
  4. 1. searching for boot record from scsi...not found 2. Boot Failure reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device Press any key when ready Im not sure if Im having problems with the hardware device. it started occuring yesterday. I didnt install any program, device or anything like that
  5. And right after when you get the Press any key to boot from CD or DVD/USB message on the screen, just press any key on your keyboard to continue, or to boot the Windows setup. Now you'll need to go to the Startup repair or Automatic repair option, according to the version of your windows because the procedure is quite.

To do this, press the Boot key according to your manufacturer's guidelines during the startup process. You can search only for your specific Boot key or try any of the following: F2, F4, F8, F10, F12 or Del key. Once you're into your BIOS settings, look through the System Configuration options and find Legacy Support and Secure Boot Gently insert a paper clip into the hole for 10 seconds. Then let the machine rest for about 15 mins. Then replace the charger and try to turn it back on. If still no joy or no pinhole the shut the laptop completely off again. Then turn it back on and immediately press and hold the ALT key while tapping the F10 key Find the Legacy Boot option in any of the tabs of the UEFI settings. If the Legacy Boot option is enabled, disable it. If it is disabled, enable it. Save the changes. Restart your computer. When your computer boots up, check to see if the problem persists. Solution 3: Check to see if your computer's boot order is correc

Anyway here's the real problem now; i'am stuck to the classic reboot and select proper boot device, press any key [...]. Except that the computer itself, via the bios, detect the SSD, even the SATA emplacement on the motherboard. I've reset the settings by default multiple times, tried to assign a different launching order, nope Step 2. Press a specific key when you see a prompt at the first boot screen, like this, Press ESC to enter BIOS. Also, if your computer is fast boot mode, you don't need to press any key. Step 3. Go to the Boot tab and use the up arrow to move the USB drive to the top. Step 4. Press F10 to save changes and restart your computer with USB dive Meu notebook desligou por falta de bateria e quando foi iniciar novamente, apareceu a mensagem no boot device found press any key to reboot the machine, peguei um pendrive com o windows 10 nele e tentei reparar, mas nenhuma das reparações deu certo, fiz voltar pro modo de fábrica, mesmo assim, continua dando o mesmo problema, só inicia com o pendrive, sem o pendrive, ele fica dando essa. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart when you start up your computer, it does not necessarily mean that the hard drive is faulty. If your hard drive is not connected to the main board you might have issue like no bootable device detected or if there's no os on your hard drive . Check the connection of the hard drive to the main board, also boot.

On Install: No Boot Device Found

1, Sửa lỗi No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key Khi gặp dòng lỗi này đầu tiên các bạn hãy thử các cách xử lý như mình hướng dẫn đây để check lại toàn bộ xem các cách xử lý để có thể khắc phục lỗi này No bootable device would normally mean no OS hopefully, rather than NO HDD. So the BIOS may have the option to boot from Secure or Legacy boot. Windows 10 will want Secure boot. However if you can set a simple BIOS password like hp. Select LEGACY, and change the boot sequence. Do you have an ESC and F9 boot order option By the way, I had not seen the WslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x800703fa for quite a while until recently, after I set up Task Scheduler to launch Ubuntu's SSH service at startup using the following action: C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe -c sudo /usr/sbin/service ssh --full-restart 1. Select Install/Boot Device 2. Configure Boot Device Order 3. Multiboot Startup <OFF>-----Navigation keys: M = return to Main Menu ESC key = return to previous screen X = eXit System Management Services-----Type menu item number and press Enter or select Navigation key:1 . Select 1 to choose your boot device. PowerPC Firmware Version SF240. reboot and select proper device or inset boot media in selected boot device and press a key (error) 09-07-2017 01:10 AM. > to verify drive cables are securely attached. When a motherboard cannot communicate with a disk-drive, there can be several reasons: * the power connector into the disk-drive is not tightly connected -- no electrical.

Secured boot is ticked off. I am trying to install XP Pro as VM with Hyper 2 Generation, it will NOT boot. With Generation 1, no problem. After reading everywhere, I found a comment indicating that Gen 2 will only work on Windows 8 and above and will not work on Windows 7 or XP STEP1. Boot up the free Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to boot computer directly to manage partition. If it sees the drive go to step 3 ( if not, don't panic go to step 2 ) . STEP 2. Boot up gparted-live-.3.9-4.iso ( not sure about more recent versions - this one does the job for me ). It will almost certainly see the drive and show it as raw/unallocated Power On & Press DEL to Enter BIOS Settings and at the 'Boot device priority bar drag the Hard Drive icon at the left. Then click the MSI Settings (at the left) and a. At Boot (1st~9th Boot): Set the Hard Drive as First boot device. b. At advanced set the 'Sata Mode'to AHCI c. Save and exit and try to boot Steps to load the firmware image: 1) Connect the computer to the FortiGate unit using the null modem cable. 2) Restart the FortiGate. 3) When the console displays Press any key to display configuration menu... press the space bar or any other key. 4) When a list of choices with letter of Alphabet comes up

RE: No Boot Device Found - Dell CommunityHow to fix Boot Device Not Found issue in Windows 10戴尔开机出现 no boot _电脑故障_电脑故障-百度贴吧
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