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  1. To comply with PPCDAM demand, INPE created DETER system, exploiting the high temporal resolution of nearly daily coverage of MODIS 250 m data and an almost daily res-olution. DETER is designed as an early warning system to support surveillance and control of deforestation, mapping the occurrence of clear cutting and forest degradation areas greate
  2. ação de dados geográficos gerados pelos projetos de monitoramento da vegetação nativa do instituto como o PRODES e o DETER. Leia mais sobre o TerraBrasilis. Data Access
  3. INPE then released a statement to reaffirm its confidence in the quality of the data produced by DETER, noting that it has consistently used a well-known method for 15 years, and that.
  4. Methodology of INPE's PRODES and DETER Systems 1 Introduction The Monitoring Program for the Amazon and Other Biomes (PAMZ +) is a program developed by the Earth Observation and Geoinformatics Division (DIOTG) and by the Spatial Coordination of the Amazon (COEAM), in the National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
  5. DETER. Developed by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), DETER is a satellite-based system that captures and processes georeferenced imagery on forest cover in 15-day intervals. Figure 2 shows how deforestation is captured by DETER. The system, capable of detecting deforested areas larger than 25 hectares, portrays deforested areas i

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[INPE's] Deter has been working since 2005, and the accuracy of its data has been improving continuously. [Even] with the older technology [used in the past], deforestation in the Amazon was [greatly] reduced between 2005 and 2013 According to INPE's satellite-based deforestation tracking system, DETER, forest clearing in the Brazilian part of the Amazon amounted to 1,391 square kilometers, an area 24 times the size of. TerraBrasilis web portal is a platform developed by INPE to provide access, query, analysis and dissemination of spatial data generated by government environment monitoring programs such as PRODES and DETER. It allows anyone to interact with maps without requiring further knowledge INPE's system is call DETER, while Imazon's is called SAD. As explained here , month-to-month deforestation is highly variable. Short-term, alert-based deforestation detection systems do not penetrate cloud cover, so during the rainy season — from roughly November to April — estimates are notoriously unreliable when compared to the same. According to DETER, INPE's real-time forest monitoring system, from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020, forest loss in the region totaled 9,205 square kilometers (3.554 square miles), an increase.

One of INPE's monitoring systems, called the Real-Time Deforestation Detection System (DETER), generates an alert every time a new clearing larger than 3 hectares is detected in the forest canopy Source: INPE/DETER • Last update: 12-July-2021 with alerts detected until 02-July-2021. Joining forces to end deforestation in the Amazon. The living forest is better for everyone. The PlenaMata portal was created based on this vision. We mobilise people, companies and institutions aiming at a great goal, putting an end to deforestation in. At this meeting the INPE team presented the methodology and results of DETER, and also, [additional] projects, and answered all the questions presented, INPE officials said in an Aug. 1 statement The DETER numbers are not considered official deforestation data. That comes from a different system called PRODES, also managed by INPE. PRODES numbers released last month showed deforestation.

to deforestation alerts provided by DETER/INPE, the rate expected for 2020 could be three times higher than the target set for 2020. When we look at the fires in the region, the situation is also deeply concerning. On October 22, the number of fire hotspots in the Amazon overcame the entire year of 2019 Last year, faced with a strong tendency to increase deforestation, Inpe, in collaboration with Ibama, created a new system with even greater precision in order to strengthen the fight against the ongoing devastation. This is the Intense Deter. It works as an aid to Deter in critical areas, defined jointly with Ibama's inspection teams A second satellite-based system, DETER, went into operation in 2004 and further advanced the cause.While PRODES collected Landsat images once every few weeks and deforestation totals were updated once per year, DETER made use of daily observations of deforestation, fire, and vegetation health from lower-resolution sensors on NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites

According to data from INPE's DETER database, which publishes alerts on fires and other types of developments affecting the rainforest, the area with deforestation warnings last year totaled. Alerts emitted from July to September, 2020 in the direct influence zone of the BR-319 highway accounted for 16.42 km 2, 25% higher than the average for this time period since the beginning of DETER (2016-2020) (INPE, 2020b). Another factor showing that such project may jeopardize conservation in this area is the number of active fires A Amazônia registrou o 1º semestre mais devastador em seis anos, de acordo com o DETER/INPE. Entre 1o de janeiro e 25 de junho, 3.325,41 km2 de floresta tiveram alerta de desmatamento, uma área equivalente a mais de duas vezes a do município de São Paulo, um aumento de 8% na comparação com os..

The National Institute for Space Research (Portuguese: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, INPE) is a research unit of the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, the main goals of which are fostering scientific research and technological applications and qualifying personnel in the fields of space and atmospheric sciences, space engineering, and space technology A simple example to download geography data of DETER Amazon project via WFS service using authentication. - download-deter-data.p

PRODES and DETER project together turned 33 years-old with an undeniably contribution to the state-of-art in mapping and monitoring tropical deforestation in Brazil. Monitoring systems all over the world have taken advantage of big data repositories of remote sensing data as they are becoming freely available together with artificial intelligence The idea is to reduce registration in that period to less than 10,000 square kilometres, a number that has been exceeded in the past two years for the first time since 2008, according to INPE's Prodes System (which revises Deter data). From August 2020 to June 2021, the number increased to 7,295 square kilometres INPE enfatiza que o DETER-B é um sistema expedito de Alerta desenvolvido metodologicamente para suporte à fiscalização. A informação sobre áreas é para priorização por parte das entidades responsáveis pela fiscalização e combate do desmatamento e não deve ser entendida como taxa mensal de desmatamento. O número oficial do INPE. These data come courtesy of INPE's satellite monitoring program, DETER (Detection of Deforestation in Real Time), which launched in 2004 to help INPE scientists detect and prevent illegal. DETER_2019_08_2020_07 : Deforestation alerts as observed by the INPE´s DETER System (classes clear-cut deforestation, deforestation with vegetation and mining) from August 2019 to July 2020, clipped to the Amazon Biome. Total area: 9208 km2. Terrabrasilis - Geographic Data Platform terrabrasilis.dpi.inpe.br FIRE_POINT

Deter 2013: Amazon deforestation maps . O Eco . 11 July 2013 at 3:01 (Updated on 14 September 2020 at 11:35) Based on information from INPE, is possible see which municipalities, conservation units and indigenous lands were most deforested. Tagged: deforestation, Inpe. There are no comments yet. Leave a comment The director of Brazil's National Space Research Institute (INPE) accumulated Deter numbers showed a 62% increase in deforestation compared with the same period last year, and that three. The INPE also has a program called DETER (Detection of Deforestation in Real Time), which produces monthly data from MODIS imagery with maximum resolution of 250 m (Diniz, Souza, Santos, Dias, da Luz, de Moraes et al., 2015; INPE, 2017b). This only detects clearings of 25 ha or larger Please note: This table is updated when INPE releases PRODES data each November or December (followed by an revision normally in the following March or April). Short-term DETER-based Amazon deforestation data is updated several times a year here and monthly here. Natural forest in the Brazilian Amazon (Amazonia) by yea

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  1. Using deforestation polygons mapped by INPE s DETER project, PALSAR ScanSAR multi-temporal images were analyzed for the detect ion of deforestation patterns. The obtained result shows that approximately 50% of the polygons could be detected by PALSAR ScanSAR images for areas larger than two square kilometers. It is notable that thes
  2. Based on the data, in the years 2019 and 2018, 136 square kilometers and 183 square kilometers were cleared. In 2017, it was comparatively less, and the area cleared was 57 square kilometers. The data was gathered by INPE'S satellite DETER system. According to INPE Updates on Amazon, deforestation is still active. Accountable Authoritie
  3. INPE emphasizes that DETER is an expedient Alert system developed methodologically to support enforcement. Information on areas is for prioritization by enforcement agencies and should not be construed as a monthly deforestation rate. The official INPE number to measure the annual rate of clearcut deforestation in the Brazilian Legal Amazon has.
  4. One of INPE's monitoring systems, called the Real-time Deforestation Detection System (DETER), generates an alert every time a new clearing larger than 3 hectares is detected in the forest canopy. It is designed to function as an alarm system and guide law enforcement, but it also yields rough tallies of new deforestation that are released weekly
  5. Oton Barros/DSR/OBT/INPE. Researchers say the signs from DETER suggest that when the PRODES data set is released later this year - covering the start of August 2018 to the end of July 2019.
  6. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has risen sharply in the past year—again. Estimates set to be released this week by Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) will show clearings have increased by at least 28% during the current monitoring year, which runs from August through July, compared with the previous year. It is the second steep hike under Brazilian President Jair.
  7. Brazil's May deforestation alerts reach highest level since 2016. According to monthly data captured by Deter and disclosed by INPE, deforestation alerts increased by 41% in May compared to the same month in 2020. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The Brazilian Amazon lost 1,180 square kilometers of forest in May, the largest devastated area for that.

Deter's alerts are a preview of the data that will be confirmed by the end of the year by another Inpe system, Prodes, which records the official deforestation data in the Amazon. Between August 2018 and July 2019, Prodes showed that the Amazon lost 10,129 km², an increase of 34% compared to the previous year and the highest rate since 2008. Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão (born 21 December 1947) is a prominent Brazilian physicist and engineer, formerly the Director-General of the National Institute for Space Research. He is a full Professor of the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, fellow of the Institute of Physics and councilman of the European Physical Society RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Deforestation alerts in the Legal Amazon in June reached 1,061 km², the fourth record-breaking month since the beginning of the Deter-B series, from the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), created in 2016. The rate for the first six months of 2021, in deforestation alerts, shows 3,610 km² of open areas, an.

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  1. DETER / INPE points to 208.2 km ² of deforestation in the Amazon in the first quarter of 2010. During January and February were appointed 208.2 km ² of deforestation by DETER, alert system based on satellites of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which verifies the occurrence of shallow cut or gradual degradation in the Amazon
  2. Illegal deforestation in Brazil soars amid climate of impunity . By Herton Escobar Aug. 5, 2020 , 11:20 AM. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has risen sharply in the past year—again
  3. Meaning. DETER. Cyber Defense Technology Experimental Research (project) DETER. Detection of Events for Threat Evaluation and Recognition. Note: We have 1 other definition for DETER in our Acronym Attic. new search. suggest new definition. Search for DETER in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia
  4. Building on the results of this study, Brazil's INPE has developed a near or almost real time monitoring application for deforestation detection known as the Real Time Deforestation Monitoring System (DETER) system. Image to right: A Landsat Image of the Amazon River, Brazil, on November 30, 2000. Click image to enlarge
  5. The DETER system - Deforestation Detection in Real Time Deter, was created by INPE in 2004 as an alert system to support surveillance and deforestation control. Both shallow cut and areas in.
  6. ation and use. The TerraAmazon software for forest monitoring and current advances and future plans for INPE's monitoring systems. The Brazilian Data Cube project: innovation to automatize land use and land cover data production using Big Earth Observation data and machine learning methods

O DETER é um levantamento rápido de alertas de evidências de alteração da cobertura florestal na Amazônia, feito pelo INPE. O DETER foi desenvolvido como um sistema de alerta.. DETER: MCTI-INPE'scontribution to Brazilian Plan to Reduce Deforestation -PCDAM Alert system to support IAMA's action to control illegal deforestation based on high revisit frequency 2250 meter data Daily deliery of alert maps to IBAMA 1 to 5 days after data acquisitio O Deter é um sistema dinâmico de monitoramento por satélite, que fornece em tempo real alertas para orientar a fiscalização em campo. Por conta disso, ele só indica uma tendência do que está ocorrendo. Quem traz a taxa oficial de desmatamento é outro sistema no Inpe, o Prodes, que vê mais e faz um retrato ainda mais dramático

Dados do sistema DETER, do Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais (Inpe), divulgados hoje comprovam que os alertas de desmatamento na Amazônia não param de crescer. Por Karen Mota. Os dados do mês de maio mostram um aumento de 66,7% na área com alertas de desmatamento em relação aos registrados em maio de 2020. Com 1.391 Km2, foi o mês com. search (INPE) databases on deforestation and active fire hotspots. The data is structured in a panel at the munic- main di˙erence from previous DETER data is the spatial resolution that. of DETER Alert polygons were confirmed as deforestation [10]. Data from field observation is also periodically obtained to dimprove DETER methodology and data evaluation [11]. In September 2008 INPE team went for a field expedition along the southwest of Para. With IBAMA collaboration, DETER Alert polygons were checked from a helicopter flight INPE's satellite data show that deforestation in the Amazon in June 2019 was 920.21 square kilometers. This is an 88% increase from 2018, when fewer than 500 square kilometers were deforested. based on DETER‐b (TerraBrasilis & INPE 2019). Active fire counts are from BDQueimadas. Years with extreme droughts are shown with an asterisk. (c) Monthly deforestation detected by DETER‐b for the period April-September, comparing 2019 (red) with the mean ± SD from 2016-2018 (blue)

The Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) is the main government research organization working in Earth Ob-servation and Space Science areas. Since 1988, INPE has led projects to produce official information about deforestation and Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC). Since 2004, the DETER project aims at producing deforestatio Deforestation in 2019 (orange) was estimated based on DETER-b (TerraBrasilis & INPE 2019). Active fire counts are from BDQueimadas. Years with extreme droughts are shown with an asterisk. (c) Monthly deforestation detected by DETER-b for the period April-September, comparing 2019 (red) with the mean ± SD from 2016-201 INPE's Deforestation Monitoring System (PRODES) INPE's System for Alerts of Deforestation and Degradation (DETER) The TerraAmazon software for forest monitoring; The Brazilian Data Cube project (BDC): innovation to automate land use and land cover data production using Big Earth Observation data and machine learning methods; Agend .The DETER system - Deforestation Detection in Real Time Deter, was created by INPE in 2004 as an alert system to support surveillance and deforestation control. Both shallow cut and areas in process of deforestation are detected and mapped using MODIS sensor data from Terra satellite, and WFI sensor data from CBERS

The Deter numbers are not considered official deforestation data. That comes from a different system called Prodes, also managed by INPE. Prodes numbers released last month showed deforestation rose to its highest in over a decade this year, jumping 30 percent from 2018 to 9,762 square km Environ.Res.Lett.16(2021)041004 RTrancoso strengtheningofenvironmentalgovernanceandthe restoration of control. The increased deforestation, however, is the visible. Atualizaram os dados do DETER/INPE para o desmatamento na Amazônia no mês de maio. Aumento de *66,8%* em relação a maio de 2020 (q tinha sido o recorde histórico até então) e de 283% em relação a maio de 2017. Estão jogando o futuro dos seus filhos no chão

mapped by INPE's DETER and PRODES projects, ALOS/PALSAR ScanSAR images were analyzed considering the capability to detect deforestation patterns. Assessments on the capabilities and limitations of multi-temporal PALSAR K&C ScanSAR (HH polarization) data for detecting recent deforestation are presented On August 2, 2019, physicist Ricardo Galvão completed his last term at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), in São José dos Campos, in the state of São Paulo. His first sojourn there had passed by quickly and quietly in 1970, when, as a recent graduate in telecommunications engineering, he worked there for just under a year before transferring to the University of Campinas.

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INPE is leading the world in the use of satellite imagery to monitor deforestation, providing information central to Brazil's war on deforestation that has cut deforestation rates by 78% since 2004. The space agency's groundbreaking DETER service uses regular satellite images to detect forest clearance as it happens - rather than. INPE runs two systems for monitoring forest loss. The first is PRODES which uses data from the Sino-Brazilian CBERS and Indian RISR-2 satellites to measure annual deforestation. The second is DETER which uses sensors from the same two satellites to detect vegetation degradation, mining and logging on a monthly basis

This was confirmed in 2019 when preliminary data from the INPE near real time fire warning system (DETER) reported an 84 % increase in fire warnings between January-August, compared to the same period in 2018 (INPE, 2019b) According to INPE's satellite-based deforestation tracking system, DETER, forest clearing in the Brazilian part of the Amazon amounted to 1,391 square kilometers, an area 24 times the size of Manhattan, in May. That represents a 67% increase over May 2020 and puts deforestation nearly on pace with last year's rate, when forest loss in the. The Brazilian space research institute, INPE, said the DETER early-warning satellite system registered deforestation of 739 square kilometers of the forest in May. It happened at the start of a.

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The Deter numbers are not considered official deforestation data. That comes from a different system called Prodes, also managed by INPE. Prodes numbers released last month showed deforestation rose to its highest in over a decade this year, jumping 30 percent from 2018 to 9,762 square km Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon surged to a 12-year high in the year between August 2019 and July 2020, according to the country's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) é um instituto federal brasileiro dedicado à pesquisa e exploração espacial, criado em 1961.O instituto tem instalações em doze cidades: São Paulo, Brasília, Alcântara, Atibaia, Belém, Cachoeira Paulista, Cuiabá, Eusébio, Natal, Santa Maria, São Martinho da Serra e São Luís e sua sede está na cidade de São José dos Campos. The DETER system, which uses satellite imagery to monitor deforestation in Brazil for the INPE, has been in use since 2004. Watch video 06:16 Amazon rainforest under attack. Kept election promises.

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  1. DETER 2011/INPE . Near Real Time Monitoring of the Legal Amazonia - DETER . Carbon maps for Brazilian Amazoni
  2. The data was recorded by the DETER (Detecção de Desmatamento em Tempo Real), a satellite-based real-time deforestation detection system employed by INPE. The system uses data from the MODIS.
  3. Abbreviations: DETER, Detection of Deforestation in Real Time; EIA, environmental impact assessment; EMBRAPA, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation; INPE, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais; NMCP, National Malaria Control Program; OTCA, Organización del Tratado de Cooperación Amazónica; PAHO, Pan American Health Organizatio
  4. g the largest distributor of its kind in the world. INPE ends ISS program activities. DEELUMINOS Project (Electromagnetic Energy Deposition on Upper Atmosphere Flagged by Sprites.

deforestation monitoring, PRODES, DETER, monitoramento de desmatamento. Abstract The Monitoring Program for the Amazon and Other Biomes (PAMZ +) is a program developed by the Earth Observation and Geoinformatics Division (DIOTG) and by the Spatial Coordination of the Amazon (COEAM), in the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) In summary, current INPE applications employ MODIS (DETER) for identification of new change hotspots in near-real time and Landsat (PRODES) for the precise areal quantification of change with results made available several months after the end of data acquisition — the nominal reporting period Cerrado DPAT platform is an online and free tool to provide information on the Cerrado biome to researchers, public and private managers, as well as to the whole society, specifically regarding deforested areas detected by the PRODES-Cerrado and DETER-Cerrado monitoring systems INPE's System for Alerts of Deforestation and Degradation (DETER), launched in 2004, is a system for supporting actions for controlling deforestation and degradation in the Brazilian Amazonia. DETER produces daily alerts on changes in forest cover for areas larger than 3 hectares Em agosto de 2020, monitoramos pontos com alertas Deter e de pontos de calor e Prodes 2019, do Inpe. Add all to lightbox. 16 Aug, 2020. Fire Moratorium - Deforestation and Fire Monitoring in the Amazon in August, 2020 - Clipreel 16/08. 17 Aug, 2020

Every year, Greenpeace Brazil flies over the Amazon to monitor deforestation build up and forest fires. In July, 2020, flights were made over points with Deter (Real Time Deforestation Detection System) and fire warnings, made by Inpe (National Institute for Space Research), in Pará and Mato Grosso states Space engineer Gilberto Camara has overseen much of INPE's earth sensing work, first as head of INPE's Image Processing Division, then as head of INPE's Earth Observation, and since 2005 as director of INPE. During his watch, INPE has released several new exciting capabilities, including DETER, a program to monitor ecosystems outside the Amazon.

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oeco has 21 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub DETER-A MODIS - TERRA (250 m) CBERS - WFI (260m) diário 25.00 ha degradação Corte raso alertas Vigilância (since 2004) DETER-B IRS-AWiFS - 56m CBERS-WFI - 60m diário 6.25ha (3ha) Degradação corte raso Vigilância (desde 2014) DETER-C LSAT TM/ CBERS CCD (30 m) IRS-LISS (23m) DMC (32m) diário 6.25 ha Degradação corte raso. In the Amazon 2.6 billion Trees Already Eliminated. 10 June, 2011. by Anton Steeman. Since the beginning of the occupation of the Amazon by non-indigenous people, at least 2.6 billion trees have been cut down, estimates the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE [] Read Article → Intensive mechanized agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon grew by >3.6 million hectares (ha) during 2001-2004. Whether this cropland expansion resulted from intensified use of land previously cleared for cattle ranching or new deforestation has not been quantified and has major implications for future deforestation dynamics, carbon fluxes, forest fragmentation, and other ecosystem services Over the years, Amazon's monitoring has benefited from new technologies and satellites and, in 2004, INPE has developed a system called DETER, whose daily collected data are sent to the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) and states environmental agencies, which can intensify control in the field

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[40] [41] Posteriormente, os dados oficiais de desmatamento emitidos pelos sistema de Detecção de Desmatamento em Tempo Real (DETER) confirmaram as previsões do INPE. [42] Por sua defesa da ciência contra os ataques de Bolsonaro, a revista científica Nature nomeou Galvão como um das dez pessoa mais importantes do ano de 2019 na ciência Research (INPE) from Brazil and the UK Met Office-Hadley Centre. Throughout this project, we were able to build capacity for state-of-the-art climate change projections, directed to raising awareness among key stakeholders (research scientists and policy makers) about the impacts of climate change in Brazil. Th National Institute for Space Research (INPE) Earth Science System Center (CCST) Lincoln Muniz Alves lincoln.alves@inpe.br Acknowledgment: Ana Paula Aguiar, Milton Kampel, Simone Costa, Nelson Ferreira, Jose Marengo Primeira Jornada de Información Ambiental: Avances y Desafíos hacia una Gobernanza Ambienta

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Map subsets show 2002 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) Prorgram for the Estimation of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon (PRODES) classifications for each test scene over 2001 VCF percent tree cover. (DETER) system. While this study highlights the challenges of monitoring deforestation and the use of MODIS data in the. Month -to -month data, published by INPE through its progr ams DETER (for deforestation) and DEGRAD (for forest degradation) are even more variable, and INPE makes it clear that this analysis is done in order to be able to react quickly to deforestation events and hotspots, not to assess whether overal Ometto J.P., Sousa-Neto E.R., Tejada G. (2016) Land Use, Land Cover and Land Use Change in the Brazilian Amazon (1960-2013). In: Nagy L., Forsberg B., Artaxo P. (eds) Interactions Between Biosphere, Atmosphere and Human Land Use in the Amazon Basin. Ecological Studies (Analysis and Synthesis), vol 227 INPE is the current Chair of the WGCapD (Hilcea Ferreira) INPE is co-chair of the LSI (Julio DAlge, with USGS and ISRO) Extension of PRODES and DETER methodologies and training to other countries Indonesia, countries in the Equatorial Africa GIS and Remote Sensing capacity building i

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Se talaron 1.062 km2, la peor cifra desde que empezaron las mediciones en 2015 con el sistema de observación por satélites Deter del Instituto Nacional Investigaciones Espaciales (INPE) Currently working for National Institute of Space Research in DETER INTENSE and PRODES Projects. Participation in several practical field activities in the past work colaboration. Geological mapping work in the area of Folha Ipu, northwest of the state of Ceará, with rocks from the Parnaíba Basin (Serra Grande and Ipu Formations) and rocks. O Inpe é um orgulho nacional Fritura do diretor do Inpe causa indignação na comunidade científica brasileira. Dados sobre desmatamento do sistema #Deter são publicados mensalmente há quase 15 anos e metodologia é reconhecida mundialmente

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