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Transom damage 08-24-2020, 02:09 PM I mentioned earlier that I had hit something awhile back and had water leaking in through the transom seal - confirmed now. I broke the 'transom plate' - pictured and this allowed the seal to slowly fail - and water to work it's way into the wood Before you remove any parts of the transom or make any repairs, it is important to assess the damage on your transom first. This is to help you determine how minor or major your boat repair is going to be. If all you need to do is repair a small hole, then you do not need much to repair the damage Usually, a problem with the boat transom does mean you're in for either a costly or a labor-intensive repair—or both. For example, repairing an outboard on your boat transom can mean removing the transom top, removing any associated fixtures, digging out bad and rotted wood, letting the interior dry, treating the area, and re-assembling Everything checked out but as I was inspecting the transom I noticed a dent near drain plug and the center strake is damaged with some black sealer on it. According to the salesman the boat was owed by an older man who left the boat on a lift at his cabin and basically put the boat in the water in the spring and took out in the fall

Normally if the transom is rotten so is all the other wood in the boat, which means you need to totally gut it. The job will take at a minimum several months, as a DIY project it frequently stretches to years. And budget several thousand $$$$ for matetials My transom didn't see any visual signs of water damage yet but pulling off the motor, motor trim and all penetrations to reseal all hardware, splash-well and scupper drain tubes with 3M 5200 was well worth the trouble in the long run. I was surprised at how corroded the brass drain tubes were and would recommend if you have a GW of this vintage. Once you have determined that there is damage, there are a couple approaches you can use to repair the transom. Access to the damaged core is required and is normally attained by removing the fiberglass skin from either the outside or, if possible, the inside of the transom. Which method is best depends a lot on the design of the boat Ok, ill try to make this as short as possible. After receiving my 79 Welcraft, with a small block chevy 350 and a volvo penta from my father as a gift, i quickly learned that a lot of work as needed to get this puppy up and running. i am NO MECHANIC and a wont pretend to be one. i do know.. The damage is where the underneath side of the tunnel meets the transom. I am a beginner at fiberglass work, so I will probably need a reputable shop as close to Indianapolis as possible. I will travel for the right shop, but the closer the better. The boat is a 1981, 19' Eliminator Daytona. The transom (wood) was completely replaced in 1996

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  1. A transom is a critical part of hull integrity and construction, without this, the boat may deteriorate to a dangerous point and in extreme cases, the engine may fall off. A damaged transom can also allow water to ingress and possibly cause the boat to sink. How can I check the condition of my transom
  2. What are signs of needing transom replacment Simple as that... what are the things I need to test or look for The thing is it doesn't take much of an opening for water to do its damage over time and much of the time the places are either hidden or obscured in some way so the internal damage itself isn't detected. The location of the.
  3. I knew this was going to be bad, so this was no real surprise
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  5. g it was not already weakened from rot. Again, it is impossible to assess the situation with just a picture
  6. Transom damage - the concern here is that as your trailered boat encounters bumps, potholes, and other hazards on the highway, the engine will bounce around and risk cracking or creating other damage to your boat's transom

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  1. um or fiberglass. Direct contact will mean the outboard will be scratched or damaged if it touches the metal. Rubber or any other insulation is preferred. This also helps to absorb the shock as the trailer moves over rough terrain
  2. um boats also seem to be more prone to damage (broken welds, popped rivets) than heavier, reinforced fiberglass transoms
  3. Core Repair - (Transom Damage) While this tip was originally addressed to a badly damaged transom, the overall technique is consistent with other repairs that might be needed, where an encapsulated core is involved. Remove all damaged material. The fastest way is to probably go after it with a reciprocal saw and cut back a little beyond the.
  4. bad transom bad stringers hull damage top » catalog notice: we annually close between july 1, 2021 and will be back open july 12, 2021. our team works so hard and we need a break and respect our july 4th! all orders, emails and calls will be proccessed or replied on july 12, 2021
  5. Looking at buying a used 99 GW272, been sitting in brackish water nearly entire life, however under cover. Concerned about blisters and transom damage. Please let me know based on the pictures I am showing. I have not seen boat in person. Thanks for any insight as I am new to GW
  6. Lift the engine up say halfway. Then pull up and down, hard, and see if/how much the transom flexes. I'm thinking that if structural damage, you'd see cracks and big ones at that. Since the boat got pushed forward, maybe the transom didn't take a beating. But you're in the position for the offender to pay for a surveyor
  7. 1995 Ranger 487 Composite Transom Repair I don't know the history of Ranger Boats, but I think after a certain year they were all made with composite boards or a comparable material, just not wood. Nor do I research other boat manufacturers to find out what they use and how they're made. Just the same,

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If you have these in your transom, it's moving. The only way it's moving enough to crack this badly is if the wood in your transom is rotten, or the previous owner backed the boat into something. Either way, you have damage! As a side note, I will be documenting my stress-crack repair later, after the new transom is installed Be careful to not inflict damage to the outside fiberglass skin. Once the old plywood and putty are removed, make a template of the transom using cardboard, doorskin or cheap plywood. You will use this template to cut your transom core and also to draw/cut the wide fiberglass pieces that will go between the new plywood and outer skin The only time I've heard of a transom saver causing damage has been when it was improperly used. Formerly Steve @ G & S . Like 0. REPORT ABUSE. 11/29/09 @ 6:40 AM. JethroBodine. USER SINCE 12/21/01 PROFILE BLOCK USER And so the debate rages on haha. What do you guys think about putting one on my boat. Its a 20 year old boat (1989) with a 50hp. The transom assembly is actually the Gimbal Housing Assembly. The drive should be immediatly removed as to stop any more damage and repair the leak. Water is were it shouldn't be and this will eventually ruin the gimbal and sterndrive unit. Water can leak in other areas as well Quick Transom Test. Have some one look at the transom from the side and with the motor at an angle put your leg or arms on the lower unit and push down with your weight. Whole boat should move down a little on the trailer. If the transom bends on top even just a little run. Also small stress cracks in the gelcoat at the ends of the top of the.

When the boat was designed the transom and structure such as stringers and bulkheads were all designed with a certain power limit applied to them. If one were to put a larger than rated motor on the boat there would be pressure and stresses applied that may be over the acceptable range for the boat and serious damage could occur and surveying the entire transom lip for damage that may have occurred. Perhaps have a heavyweight stand and bounce on the lower unit while you closely eye that transom detail for movement. This may clarify if that potential damage is recent or longstanding. lloyd13: posted 04-04-2005 12:11 PM ET (US Build a new inner skin out of fiberglass and tab it in place. Support inner and outer walls to prevent bulging and pour the stuff in. Once filled cap it with glass and wait. The good: Both are lighter than water, 3,4,5 times as strong as wood, adhere permanently to fiberglass skins

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1) How do you protect the windshield from damage when towing. a) Do most people typically tow with a cover try to prevent damage from rocks etc? b) Do covers prevent scratches when traveling? 2) With these big motors, is it recommended to use a transom support for the motor Transom Tie Down Straps for Boat, Jetski & PWC Trailer | Made in NZ, Superior Break Strength of 2,400lbs, UV Treated | 1 x 4' Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps with Floating PVC S-Hooks, Pack of 2 (Blue) 4.8 out of 5 stars. 53. $32.97

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  1. The Moto-Stop Transom Saver and rod clips neatly store in the heavy-duty canvas bag that's also included. Made from shock-absorbent urethane, the bushings and pads on the Moto-Stop Transom Saver reduce the effects of road shock and won't damage your engine
  2. What is a Transom Mount? In short, a transom mount is a trolling motor which mounts to the transom of a boat. These motors thrust the boat from the rear. In contrast, a bow mount which pulls the boat through the water. These motors are typically affordable, easy to install, and simple to operate
  3. ate it in place, put the deck back on, fasten it.
  4. Transom Clamp Screws Lever Lock Mounting Bracket 1 CAUTION Once the handle is installed, the installation is permanent. Do not attempt to remove the handle. Removing the handle after it is installed will damage the product. CAUTION Over-tightening the Transom Clamp Screws can damage the bracket. Damage to the bracket will prevent the motor fro
  5. Updated: October 2019. Boat insurance may help cover a motorboat, sailboat or personal watercraft if it's stolen, in an accident, or damaged by a covered peril like fire or lightning.Boat insurance may also help protect you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your boat
  6. 89 (39) Trophy Transom leak-gctid559079. and when I removed the old transducer bracket, water squirted out the hole. So I drilled a few small holes in the area and water seeped out there too. A few more holes higher up on the transom reviled some dark wet wood also

A 9.9 on a 14' Lund, ok, but a 9.9 on a sears or some small pram/jon boat, there would be enough weight (motor plus full 6 gallon tank) on the chinsy transom and hull to do damage if not properly configured Use care in removing the old transom being careful not to damage any part of the rest of the hull. Make sure to use pressure-treated, marine-grade plywood for the replacement and cut it to the exact shape of the old transom. This may require some specialty carpentry as some transoms do not come in standard plywood thicknesses transom mount transducer, as damage may occur. If speed above 65 mph is critical, see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our Web site at humminbird.com. Supplies: In addition to the hardware supplied with your transducer, you will need a powere Problem: The black and white diagram of a boat at speed is intended to demonstrate water flow created by a fast moving boat and across the face of a transducer. The black and white illustration (above) is inaccurate for anything except maybe a slow drifting boat, but has been widely used for many years to teach the proper adjustment of a transom-mounted transducer for correct high speed use Reduces motor and transom damage by guiding the motor over rocks and stumps; Increases safety for boat occupants; Lower wing protects the propeller and lower unit; Lower wing improves ride and stability in rough water; Protects motor when back trolling; Increases motor resale value at the end of the seaso

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Transom savers can help with this during the transport process. They serve as a way to protect the gel coat finishes, help prevent weld-popping on aluminum boats, and keep engines from bouncing up and down and causing damage to the engine and other parts of the boat. A transom saver attached to the trailer's rear cross-member helps prevent. 3) Water Damage. You need to ensure your fiberglass is not experiencing water damage. While the resin itself is waterproof, if water gets in, it can damage the fiberglass. Eventually, after enough water is absorbed, the damage will apply more and more pressure, which can cause wear, blistering, and cracking Bad Transom. Completely rotten and failing! First worry! Bad Stringers. Rotten and broken leaving no structural integrity! Hazardous! Hull Damage. Allowing up to 300 gallons of water to be soaked-up by the foam! Dangerous It's case by case of course, depending on extend of damage, but I think $1500-3K is an average Transom repair cost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Save Shar transom which avoids much of the diffucult time-consuming cosmetic rework. You cut the outside skin of the transom around the perimeter, peel it off and save it, do the necessary structural wood replacement, and bond the old skin back in place. You therefore only have do cosmetic work on the perimeter seam

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Potential damage to a transducer when running out of the water. It is not recommended to run a FishFinder and transducer on a boat that is not in the water as you will not get any readings from the transducer. A normal 500w or less transducer should not have any issues when running out of the water. A higher powered transducer, 1kw or larger. Strain on the transom sometimes can lead to water leaks, rotting, cracking, breaking at stress points and other structural damage. When hidden damage is discovered on a new or older boat, it doesn't spell the end. We will evaluate the problem and recommend the best remedy to restore your boat to its original strength and appearance

Captain Glenn Shephard Reveals the Surprising Cost to Repair the Yacht Crash Damage There's but fortunately, the boat only really incurred cosmetic damage to the transom Impact damage—Look for obvious fractures in the stringer. Also look for delamination of tabbing and core away from the impact point. Inspect the tabbing where the stringer attaches to a bulkhead or transom. Rot damage—Wood cores rot from water leaking around fasteners and from water collecting where the fiberglass skin has delaminated. You. The sailing captain estimated that a repair like that would probably run $10k-$20k, but that the paint company owed [them] a respray of the transom. This cut down the cost, but he added that the damage could have been a lot worse Parts in Tuesday, and upon pulling engine more damage as been found to transom, fiberglass damage that the mechanic has called 'potentially significant', but would not get more specific until the fiberglass repair person came out (tomorrow, though I'm finding that in 'boat talk' tomorrow can mean any time in the next week) Scale Model Kits. Skerry Scale Model; Wherry Scale Model; Dory Scale Model; Bevin's Skiff Scale Model Kit; Pro Kits. The Guider; Autumn Leaves; Faering Cruise

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  1. Transom Damage and Repair - Thoughts? Close. 3. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Transom Damage and Repair - Thoughts? Not sure what happened here previously, but the fiberglass under the PO's epoxy job was fairly deteriorated. No cracks, but it was brittle. I ground out any bits that were not solid
  2. Transom Replacement With a Plywood Core: This tutorial will focus specifically on the most common type of transom job; how to replace/rebuild a plywood cored transom. We will show step by step the entire process using materials and techniques proven over many successful rebuilds. Followin
  3. The condition of the stringer system, transom and deck are crucial. In all my years of restoring power- and sailboats — a wide range of brands and models — I have yet to find a completely dry transom on a boat that's more than 20 years old. Some are in better shape than others, but the transom will have some sort of water content or rot
  4. WELLUCK Boat Trailer Transom Tie Down Straps 2400 LBS, 1 Inch x 4 FT Heavy Duty Retractable Ratchet Straps Tie Downs to Trailer Marine Jet Ski Pontoon, with Quick Release Buckle & Anti-Scratch Hooks $23.99 $ 23 . 9

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Re: Will Using A 60 Pound Outboard Damage The Transom « Reply #14 on: June 19, 2019, 12:33:42 PM » If I could find a ramp that was lightly used so as not to be in the way when trying to launch and load I would like to try sailing without auxiliary power, but I don't think it's gonna happen Lund owners, Im sorry to inform you that if you dont own a lund 2018 or newer your transom is susceptible to rot and paint damage. I`m sorry if i wrecked your day but lund only recently fixed their design flaw. The transom is the structural grade wood that distributes the weight and hp of the motor. Unfortunately, a transom replacement is a bit of an undertaking and am willing to offe Operation Transom was an attack made by Allied forces against the Japanese-held city of Surabaya on 17 May 1944 during World War II.It was conducted by the British-led Eastern Fleet, and involved aircraft launched from American and British aircraft carriers striking the city's docks and an oil refinery.One American torpedo bomber was shot down.. The attack on Surabaya was the second, and final. Replacing the transom's core from the inside is the preferred method, because it keeps the boat's original structure intact. The first step is to gain access to the interior of the transom, so I used a Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool to cut the cap and deck off the rear of the boat, which proved to be one of the easier steps Quick Transom Test. Have some one look at the transom from the side and with the motor at an angle put your leg or arms on the lower unit and push down with your weight. Whole boat should move down a little on the trailer. If the transom bends on top even just a little run. Also small stress cracks in the gelcoat at the ends of the top of the.

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  1. The transom first had to be attached to the pre-hung door for installation, and here's how we tackled the project. Out with the Old. The homeowner had a few problems with the old metal door. Over time, impact damage to a metal door can result in dents and dings that hard are to ignore, and this door had a few
  2. 5 Gallon Seacast™ Transom / Stringer kit : $222.95 - $242.95 : 5-K1 Buy Now 2 Gallon Seacast™ Transom / Stringer kit : $149.95 : 2-K Buy Now 1 Gallon Seacast™ Transom / Stringer kit : $99.95 : 1-K Buy Now 5 Gallon Seacast™ Self-Leveling Kit for Decks / Floors : $222.95 - $242.95 : 5-KS1 Buy No
  3. My concern was that the spacers necessary for the motor to clear the transom would also increase the lever arm already created by the a Mini-Jacker sufficiently to damage the transom. I'll let you know it plays out one of these days, but I am now in the I will worry about that crap once I finally finish this damn thing stage
  4. Two identical hull identification numbers are required to be displayed on each boat hull. (a) The primary hull identification number must be affixed - (1) On boats with transoms, to the starboard outboard side of the transom within two inches of the top of the transom, gunwale, or hull/deck joint, whichever is lowest. (2) On boats without transoms or on boats on which it would be impractical.
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they have heard a growling noise from the transom or drive area. The growl will be more pronounced when the steering wheel is fully turned to one side or the other. Once this noise is heard immediate action must be taken to prevent further damage. Gimbal bearings usually don't just fail on their own Outboard Cushion keeps road vibrations from being transferred back to the out-drive and hydraulics, where they can potentially cause damage. Cushioning and ground clearance are added while keeping the weight of the motor close to the transom where it belongs FACTORY NEW u-shaped transom pods for mounting behind u-tubes to make center transom tube combinations UP TO 300 HP motors are available for bolt-on applications for $1000. Transom pods for mounting behind a center u-shaped tube are 6' x 23 x 25 for long shaft (20) and extra long shaft (25) motors are available. Transom pods mounted behind various lengths of u-shaped center tubes can. Transom mount, urethane transducer Stainless steel, kick-up bracket locks in the up position and will not damage the transom Also available as a thru-hull ( B275LHW ) and pocket/keel ( PM275LHW ) moun Georges Repair Center. Minnesota's Best Boat Body Shop repairs fiberglass and aluminum boats. Transom repair, gelcoat repairs, floor repairs, carpet replacement for boats and pontoon. full service marine mechanic on staf

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Transom Trauma Boat transoms can be subjected to punishment on the road. Unsupported outboards in particular bounce a lot — the shock impact and flexing can damage a transom over time, Stuber says. 2. Transfer the Load Eliminate the jarring and flexing with a device such as a Swivl-Eze 4000 Transom Saver. If you are repowering a newer boat, going with a four-stroke repower is probably nothing to worry about. But when considering a new outboard for a pre-2002 vessel, there is a concern regarding which solution will work best, since these boats likely weren't designed with the requisite buoyancy aft that is needed to keep cockpit scuppers above the waterline with added weight on the transom Stop the high dollar replacement costs normally incurred when your Gimbal Housing Assembly is damaged or corroded! At last THE answer to the Mercruiser Gimbal Housing Dilemma. Add the GHR KIT Before the damage is done! The GHR Kit is an affordable alternative to replacing your old transom assembly. Great as a preventative maintenance procedure Damage Assessment for fiberglass boats involves knowing what to look for and how to use the tools used to quantify the extent of the damage. Before we review what type of damage to look for, it is instructive to understand the major cause of in-service failures. Greg Davis of the nationwide survey firm Davis and Company reported the followin

Fiberglass Repair Services for PWC / Jet Skis and More: At Fiberglass Atlanta I offer a variety of repairs for just about anything made of fiberglass. Most of my services involve structural and collision repairs on boats and personal watercraft, but I do work on a variety of other vehicles as well and I have been know to take on some. To prevent damage in case of collision, a spring-loaded mount allows the motor to swing away on impact. On a very small craft or on a light sailboat, the trolling motor often doubles as an auxiliary engine and is mounted on the transom where it can be operated by a tiller from the cockpit These boat tie down straps help protect your trim and transom systems. Protecting your larger vessel is easy with stainless steel transom tie-down straps from Boat Buckle. Help prevent damage to your stern drive when trailering or storing your stern drive boat with trim cylinder clips

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Shoot-thrus are generally installed to avoid screw-hole damage in a transom below the waterline, for transducer protection while beaching or fishing stumps, logs and submerged debris. Many shoot-through users will settle for reduced transducer sounding to avoid sacrificing the integrity of his/her boat hull and, of course, it may not work. Transom, Stringer and Floor replacement, Carpet, Hardware, Deck and Hull repair and restoration, Full line of paints and metal flake, and much more. Our Feelings. At John's Fiberglass Boat Repair We give our customers personal service. Not like others that treat you like a number. You are family to us, and our family never goes out on the water. transom, cover the ends with masking tape to prevent damage or debris from entering the system. Carefully insert sensor wire through center hole. Pull all slack sensor wire into the boat. Apply waterproof sealant on surface of the upper mount, around pipe nipples and screw holes. . Pipe nipple

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the inside of the main transom bracket Made by Minn Kota Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. 121 Power Drive or damage caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modifi cation, shipping damages, acts of God, negligence of the user or misuse, improper or insuffi cient care or maintenance. DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE USE O We apply over 30 years of experience to assess damage and determine the level of repair required to preserve the look, value — and safety of your vessel. Structural damage requires the analysis of the orientation of fiberglass layers as the damaged area is opened up. The repair must match this structure. Each part of a boat endures different. Designed by marine professionals for damage-free transducer installation and high speed sounding optimization, the SternMate™ system is universal and configurable to suit most any transducer mounting scheme. Nanticoke Maritime understands all too well the complexity and inherent problems associated with transducer installation Updated: November 2019. When you plan to spend a day on the water, the last thing you expect to happen is an accident. But they do occur, and without boat insurance, you could end up paying out of pocket for damage caused by an accident involving your boat or personal watercraft.. If you think about it, the financial burden of a boating accident isn't just limited to the cost to repair or. Standard transom (12 transom angle)—The bracket is designed for a standard 12 transom angle. The shim is . not. needed for this installation. Go to Mounting the Bracket. • Stepped transom and jet boats (3 transom angle)—Use the shim with the taper . down (Figure 11). • Small aluminum and fiberglass boats (20 transom angle)— Use the.

Designed to protect the transom of your boat from all types of scrapes, dings, wear, and UV sun damage. This transom cover quickly and easily installs in between your boat's transom tie-down rings. The internal padding not only protects your boat but will also help avoid damage to your boards. $60.00. 3 Available, Inventory Low. SKU. 08888B. Qty The MotorMate outboard locking system is the single best way to protect your outboard motor transom, steering cables and hydraulics during trailering. More stable than any transom saver, motor toter or swivel bar, the MotorMate is your choice for superior outboard trailering support — Deck or Transom Seats and Backrests — They are also not cost-effective to ship in one piece without damage. If you can trailer the boat to our facility, please contact us with any questions on the product you have in mind. 2408 Andalusia Boulevard Cape Coral, Florida 33909

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With the template aligned vertically on the transom at the installation location (Mounting Consideration, page 1), place the bottom corner of the template on the edge of the transom. 3. Mark the center location of the two holes of the template. 4. Remove the template from the transom. 5. Wrap a piece of tape around a 4 mm (5 / 32. in.) bit at. Bear Boats has a combined experience of over 30+ years in the boating industry and carry some of the highest certifications in the industry including ABYC, ABBRA, Awl Grip, PPG and many others. We specialize in structural and cosmetic fiberglass repair, fabrication, paint, gel coat , marine finishes and a full line of detailing services My choice is the stainless, but make sure that you use plenty of marine grade sealer such as 3M 4200 or polysulfide sealer on the bolts before you push them through the transom. This, by the way, is also important to ensure that water doesn't migrate into the transom core, which is sure to damage the core material, eventually necessitating a.

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The Minn Kota Endura Max 55 freshwater transom-mount trolling motor with a 36 in. shaft is designed to deliver maximum thrust with a rugged, dependable construction. The composite shaft flexes on impact and resists breakage, kinks and corrosion, thereby giving best performance and protection. Endura Max 55 features Digital Maximizer that controls the draw of power at variable speeds to keep. Transom Board Our Transom Board is 1 1/2 thick 14 ply Marine grade. It is the same as used on new boats without the aluminum transom. replace your worn out or rotted transom on your boat today. Boards are sold in 2x4 sheets, simply remove your old transom trace the outline on the new transom and cut to size Weak transom:- The transom bears the entire weight of the boat as well as the motor hence its structure will weaken overtime. Wear on the steering cables:- The bumps and vibrations will also accelerate the wear and tear on the steering cables. Damage to the Motor:- Boat engines are designed to maintain a vertical position. The only time they. The Minn Kota Endura Max 45 freshwater transom-mount trolling motor with a 36 in. shaft is designed to deliver maximum thrust with a rugged, dependable construction. The composite shaft flexes on impact and resists breakage, kinks and corrosion, thereby giving best performance and protection. Endura Max 45 features Digital Maximizer that controls the draw of power at variable speeds to keep. If you need a new transom trim, this is the part. 1) A small dab of our polyurethane sealant applied at each screw hole in the fiberglass will prevent moisture from entering the laminate. 2) The distance the deck overlaps the hull will vary from boat to boat

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