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  1. This is happening because of fish breath through their gills, for that cause they take water to their mouth and passes them over the gills. To continue this process they always need fresh water which is why they always open their mouth in the water
  2. g around with her mouth wide open. No clamped fins, or other problematic signs. She was swim
  3. If you think he is 'gasping', like holding his mouth open for too long, and repeating, then maybe something is wrong. This fish needs a heater. It is from a hot country and needs heater set between 78-80F steady. Unless you are from a tropical country, you need to get one

Goldfish mouth locked open or closed indicates the presence of a virus called tetanus Goldfish mouth locked open or closed. If so, this is Lockjaw. Common in goldfish and Koi, Tetanus lives in most all animal's intestinal tracts, including our fish 2. Keep changing 50% water 2 times a a day everyday if the tank does not have a filter installed, or 30 - 40% water everyday if it does. 3. If the fishes will be with you for long term (more than a couple of weeks) get atleast a 40 gallon long if for 2/3 months, and if for close to an year or more, buy at least a 150 gallon tank, and a filter. Did a quick search and it mentions something to do with the gills flaring out causing the mouth to open. It is very lightly stocked. Did a reboot some months back. Cycled the tank and slowly started adding. Not much in there for how big it is. 5 cori, 5 rasboros, 6 guppies, 5 otto and a hillstream loach The mouth area on some Wrasses is prone to damage. Its possible it has a broken jaw or lockjaw. This can occur if the fish has run into the tank wall or LR.Not uncommon for these particular Wrasses which contributes to there abysmal survival rate. (along with shipping stress.) Last edited: Jun 20, 201

Thirdly - and again particularly in the context of fish in captivity - gulping at the surface can be a sign of distress caused by poor water quality. Unfortunately many people keep fish in tanks (or even worse in bowls!) that are too small and lack proper filtration Since fish have no hands, they use their mouths to touch everything, to take food, and to fight (hopefully not). The most frequent injuries take place around their mouths. It is easier for the bacteria to get a foothold when there is an open wound. When it occurs, the fish's mouth can at first look like having had some white lipsticks any brudder encountered this phenomenon of fish dying with mouth wide open and protuding? juz added a small cup of water from main tank to q tank and the q tank fishes started to swim upside down and gasp for air within 3 hours.. all mati with mouth wide open.. any personal experiences on this? t.. There maybe one or more reasons for the clownfish to have its mouth in this position. If the area is irritated from parasitic attack, the fish may find it uncomfortable to close its mouth. There is a possible physical damage (injury) to the mouth area. There is a possible hyperextension condition in the fish. To further investigate a parasitic. A fish with his mouth closed, it never gets caught. Dead fish always follows the flow of river and it never catches the human's bait. Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about the metaphor a fish with his mouth closed, it never gets caught, the meaning of it; when we can't provide a good bait, fish will not open its.

my koi keeps opening and closing the mouth all the time its. I have 1 koi that looks like its mouth is bloody and beat. I have 1 koi that looks like its mouth is bloody and beat up. it's fins are also red and the top fin also looks like it has a jelly covering it. looks like its read more Hello and thanks for researching this important question. Snakes will hold the mouth open for a variety or reasons, including (but not limited to): 1) Infection of the sinuses and/or lungs--treated with strong antibiotics and a higher temperature in the enclosure to activate the immune system. Infections in reptiles can last a long time (I have a Ball Python that came home as a baby with. Barotrauma can cause a fish's eyes to pop out of its head and its stomach to be pushed out of its mouth, according to Chris Lowe, a marine scientist at California State, Long Beach

Take the afflicted fish out of the water, secure it gently and carefully with gloved hands or something just as gentle, and cut open its mouth (to its original, natural size) along the natural. Baring teeth: If your dog is baring their teeth with an open mouth, however, it is not the time to snuggle. This is a signal of aggression and means your dog is majorly on edge. Maybe they feel threatened or afraid; whatever the case, the best thing you can do is be aware of any triggers in the environment and remove your dog from whatever is causing anxiety as soon as possible The open mouth thing is upsetting. There are several possible causes, including ulcer or abscess in the roof of the mouth. Sometimes bacterial infections can dissect along the mouth, and all the suspensory ligaments of the mouth and gill covers, damaging the ability of the mouth to open and close, and for the gill covers to be able to flare

A fish should not look as though it is fighting for oxygen. Obviously, it will have to open its mouth but it shouldn't be a constant opening and closing motion. If you notice that you Oscar has started to struggle with its breathing then there are a few things to do at first. Firstly is your water in good condition 10# Respiratory Infection. Most of the time when your Bearded Dragon keeps its mouth open for long periods of time it will be due to regulating body temperature, however, there is a small chance that they could have a respiratory infection. Terrarium Quest also talks about this in their post on bearded dragon behaviours An individual fish might not be getting enough oxygen because of a problem with his gills, such as gill flukes, parasites or injury. However, if you notice that multiple fish are trying to breathe at the surface of your aquarium or staying at the top of the tank, then it's likely that something is wrong with the conditions of your habitat Brute Root. I'm a Christian. Mar 8, 2006. #11. Gyarados does close it's mouth, but I'm pretty sure it was based on an old Chinese dragon, which never close their mouth, and maybe that's why Gyarados' mouth is mostly open. Never forget the greatest man alive, my hero, Steve Irwin! X version friend code: 4983-4985-9055

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  1. The open mouth of your dog is not only a vital part of his anatomy but also a way you can understand each other. According to Orkan Pamuk, Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Understanding the reason why your dog has an open mouth is a great way to become a good dog listener
  2. Often, when your Budgie opens its mouth, it is related to something being stuck in its throat, usually after preening. However, sometimes this can indicate a sore throat or mucus build-up in which case, your bird will need to go to the vet. To hide weakness from predators, birds conceal their sickness and little ticks can be huge red flags
  3. al nerves occurs, your dog may keep his mouth open and not have the ability to chew. If your dog has an abscessed tooth, or any tooth pain, he may want to avoid closing his mouth. He may keep his mouth slightly open in order to avoid touching the tooth with the teeth above or below it
  4. When it comes to making sure that your Betta fish has healthy gills, the first thing you need to remember is that they are not a static organ. Your Betta fish will constantly develop new gill plates in its mouth in order to provide it with better support and protection

However, if your baby has an open mouth position that doesn't seem to go away, there could be several underlying causes. Whether you're a first-time parent or you've had children in the past, you may wonder why your baby's mouth is always open The large size of their mouths, and the small size of their teeth directly coincide with the shark's unexpected diet. In order to eat, basking sharks keep their mouths open while they swim, and sift the plankton out of the water Reasons Why A Cat Has Its Mouth Open Cats navigate much of their world by scent; they have over 200 million sensors in their noses devoted to smell. To make their odor detection even more effective, cats also rely on the insides of their mouths

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Why only some fishes, all fishes constantly open and close their mouths for breathing. By this, they take water in the mouth and pass it over their gills so that the gill filaments and the closely nit blood capillaries on them absorb the dissolved.. I had just one fish that was gipping its mouth quickly like this. All the others were normal, and apart from the mouth movement every other aspect of that fish's behaviour was normal. It did not go to the surface. I did about a 70% water change, but it didn't stop gipping, and the following morning it was dead

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Sometimes the difficulty of unhooking a deeply caught fish is increased because of the size of the fish's mouth, the strength of the fish, the presence of teeth, and other factors. If two anglers work on a fish, one holding and controlling the fish and/or keeping its mouth open and the other working to free the hook, the unhooking time can be. The reason is actually a lot more practical than all this. Crocs and gators hang around with their mouths open as a way to avoid overheating. Keeping cool may be the primary purpose but for some. Likely , they are trying to keep cool. Birds cool by gular flutter which is similar to panting but requires less energy. In contrast to what another Quoran said, though, birds' high metabolism actually makes it EASIER to keep cool. What matters. In the hot weather, however, when the temperatures creep above 85 degrees F in their coop or run they will struggle to keep their core body temp down. This is when chickens will sometimes use open-mouth breathing to try and inhale cool air to help cool themselves down. Similar to when animals like dogs and cats pant when they're too hot

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Oscar fish open their mouths wide when they engage in the act of mouth fighting. Although this is most common among two males, a male and female often do this before mating. If there are no other. Depends on the situation. The bird could be yawning, as all creatures do. They could be adjusting their crop, an almost.. secondary stomach, for lack of a better phrase. Moving the food inside to sit more comfortably. They could also be regurgitat.. Shimmying is a symptom rather than a single disease, and an indication that a fish no longer has proper control of its nerves and muscles. It occurs when fish are under severe stress, most often because of environmental problems. The classic scenario is when mollies are kept in soft or acidic water conditions. Though tolerant fish in many ways. Why Do My Fish Keep Coming To The Surface To Breathe? Lack of oxygen in the water will cause your fish to swim to the surface to breathe; the concentration of dissolved oxygen is highest here. As soon as you notice that most of the fish are gasping for air near the surface, act immediately because this is a clear sign of distress Pilot fish are known to swim into the open mouths of sharks and clean the food scraps from around their teeth. Why can dogs swim with there mouth open? put a jet engine in their mouth

Most tumors are seen as lumps or bumps on the fish's skin. If you keep the infected neon tetras in the fish tank for a long time, it spreads to other fish. Symptoms. If your fish is suffering from a tumor, you will notice a pea-sized growth or oval papillary masses on the mouth Apr 22, 2017 at 8:46 AM. It is called open mouth resting posture. Please don't get scared if you google it. Normally it is just an area of development that will progress as soon as the baby starts chewing more solid foods and the baby's jaw gets stronger. Having a morning and night time teeth brushing routine will also help The mouth may snap back into place on its own, then return to the stuck position the next time the fish opens its mouth. This is a more rare phenomenon, but it has been traced to stunting and disproportionate growth from being kept in too small of a tank for too long. The fish cannot eat and will face death through starvation unless humanely. 1. If you want to be a different fish, jump out of school. Don Van Vliet. 0. Fish die belly upward, and rise to the surface. Its their way of falling. Andre Gide. 0. Even a fish could stay out of trouble if it would just learn to keep its mouth shut. unknown To understand why this distinction is important, let's take a look at how sharks and other fish breathe. To breathe, sharks must remove oxygen from the water around them. The water enters the shark's mouth (the shark's nose is used exclusively for smell) and flows over the gills. Inside the gills are hundreds of feathery gill filaments

Mouth. The fish has to constantly gulp fresh water to keep breathing. Gill flaps. When a fish gulps in water, the gill flaps close to stop water from spilling out. Once the water passes through the fish's mouth, the flaps open to let the water out. Water out. A fish's gills absorb oxygen from the water The main reasons Chameleons keep their mouth open is because they are either too hot, drinking water or they are displaying a defensive posture. They do not keep their mouth open to yawn because chameleons don't yawn as a result of being tired like you or I do. This article will tell you all the reasons why chameleons keep their mouth open.

The moray eel swims with the grouper and traps fish. If the moray eel tries to escape, it gets eaten by the grouper! Just when you thought the moray eel was viscous looking with its mouth wide open, the grouper is actually the one that tells the eel what to do! Humans commercially fish moray eels, but most eels' skin is toxic and could kill. The open mouth posture you are describing could be due to low muscle tone of the lips, jaw, etc. It could be that this child will experience difficulty feeding. The fact that her tongue is out and she can't keep the pacifier in her mouth are also concerning

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If circumstances allow, keep your Arowana in a community tank from an early age as the constant activity in a community tank will keep its attention. Impact. Avoid sudden action that will startle the Arowana. If you are using glass lids, you can try to increase its visibility by marking clear lines on the glass. Diet Also asked, why does my budgie keep opening its mouth? The open mouth and clicking usually indicate mucus or sore throat; and in birds that almost always means pneumonia. It can be made worse by poor nutrition (seeds), seasonal changes, sleep patterns, cage cleanliness, etc. and can therefore be a bit complicated and require more than just a course of antibiotics You either have too many fish, too many plants, or both, or the water is just too warm to hold enough oxygen. Aerate the water 24/7 with a fountain or air pump and air stone to increase oxygen levels. (Especially at night and/or warm water above 80 degrees) Another big clue (and little known fact) is if any fish die with their mouth open after.

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Many times, parasites are the underlying cause of a bacterial infection. 5. Parasitic infection. This is a big one. I feel like it often leads to a lot of confusion as to why a fish dies suddenly. MOST pet store fish come to you carrying parasites - internal and external. Some you can see, like ich or lice The open-mouth breathing might be accompanied by symptoms such as congestion, excessive sneezing or coughing, eye or nose discharge, fever, a loss of appetite or dehydration. Feline Asthma. It's possible that a cat who is breathing with his or her mouth open might have asthma, even if the condition wasn't present when the cat was first born There's also the Mouth Fungus where white lines will show around the mouth of the betta fish that affects their eating. Symptoms can vary depending on the bacterial infection. For example, if your betta fish has a Columnaris disease, its fins will deteriorate and look soggy as if it will tear apart just like the fin rot disease The bigger a fish tank is, the easier to keep the fish alive. The bigger, the better. You must find a suitable fish tank for your fish. 9. Fish died to unsuitable fish food Some people feed fish random food items such as rice and bread. It does not work that way. Fish have very different diet requirements My betta fish always swims at the bottom of the tank. I've had him for about a year now and he always does this, but i'm not sure why. I don't think he has any illness because it would've gone away by now. He seems to be acting normal, and other than a big bump on his head, doesn't have any signs of sickness

If your cat keeps his or her mouth open for longer than a few seconds at a time and appears to be breathing through the mouth, this could indicate a medical problem. Several medical conditions can make a cat's nose partially or totally blocked, to the point of forcing the animal to breathe through its mouth. These conditions include Inflamed and red gills. Fish may become lethargic. Inflamed eyes (a.k.a. Popeye disease) Hovering under the surface. Until levels of ammonia get quite high the fish may not show any signs at all. The pH of your water may also determine how toxic the ammonia is. The pH level below 7.0 will greatly reduce the toxicity of ammonia

As the dog's body gets warmer, his salivary glands begin to produce more saliva. This causes the dog to release more heat each time he exhales through his mouth. At the same time, as blood flows through the mouth, the inflow of air cools the blood. The cooled air continues its progress through the dog's body, and the dog's temperature drops The panting dog breathes with its mouth open and tongue somewhat protruding. Panting as a cooling mechanism is necessary because dogs do not have an effective system of sweat glands like people do. Instead, dogs cool their bodies using the evaporation of moisture from the mouth and tongue, and by exchanging the hot air of their lungs with. One of them is the positioning of the mouth. Many dogs will sit with their mouths open, and some don't, but this is usually a behavioral trait that cannot be ignored. There are many reasons why your dog keeps his mouth open. Most times, your dog will sit with his mouth open because he is comfortable and relaxed Why your dog puts your hand in its mouth. Each of the different reasons why your dog has been doing it will likely come with some clues. Below are a number of possible causes and what would make them more likely to be one of the main causes. Boredom. The reason why it has been doing it could be that it is bored and looking to stimulate itself

After the iodine tincture is applied on the wound, bath treatment of 1 or 2 mentioned above is performed. 4 - Mix 0.1g of Oxolinic acid with food per koi weight 1 kg (2.2lb) and feed for 5 to 7 days. Hole Disease. The muscle is exposed on the body surface as if the muscle is carved out by the spoon It's the dogs playing. But why must they keep their mouths open to play fight and make you incredibly nervous? The Root of the Behavior When your dog plays with his mouth open, it's called mouthing or jaw sparring. This is a healthy way for a dog to play with other dogs. Mouthing mimics an actual fight, but without the serious biting However, a swollen belly in tiger barbs is not always a sign of disease. Female tiger barbs may have a swollen belly when preparing for spawning. If you notice that one of your tiger barbs has a swollen belly, make sure to monitor its health status to see if you notice signs of disease (e.g. dropsy). Tiger Barb Mouth Fungus Diseas Fish can resolve this issue by essentially yawning. They open their mouths, take water in and then force it out through the gills, removing the particles. That is to say, there is nothing wrong with your goldfish opening and closing its mouth every so often. That being said, if this is happening continuously and rapidly, your fish is probably. His mouth is more normal looking, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. If he did have something iratating in there, I'm thinking that a dose of meds will prevent any infections. I also read online that ciclids' mouths can ratchet open and to open a little more to undo. Hopefully he will be ok. Sorry for the nove

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Ok, so today I decided I would try and catch the open mouthed fish and try and gently touch its mouth to shut the jaw... but I just could not catch him! i tried for a while and gave up figuring it wasn't worth stressing him and all the other fish out waving the net around in the tank after him.. so I guess he will just have to live with it. Most fish will open and close their mouths mostly because they are sucking up mico algaes they do this as well by picking up gravel sucking off the the algae and spitting them back out A unique study finally answers a question every fisherman has asked at least once. A very common accident happens to a lot of fishermen in the form of a big fish breaking the fishing line with the fish hook (or hooks) still embedded in their mouth. In some species of fish, like pike or muskie, this is more common Scoop fish into net and keep fish's head at the bottom of the net if possible. Look closely where the gold fish's mouth is on your net. Release the fish and scoop again to see if you can gently get your goldfish in the same position in the net, again paying close attention to where their mouth is Cause: Fish who develop fungus are already in a vulnerable state, the result of other serious health problems or attacks, such as parasites, a physical injury or a bacterial infection. Treatment: Tetra LifeguardĀ®. Remove filter carbon and turn off UV sterilizer. Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water

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Juju222. Active member. Aug 14, 2008. #1. I've seen my fair share of baby birds standing with their beaks open and fluttering their wings to get fed by mama or papa bird...but why do the adult birds walk around with their beaks open? I never really observed this behavior before, and I don't know if it is because it is summer in Phoenix and it. The best thing you can do is keep the water quality in your tank high and do your best to learn about the diseases your fish might be exposed to so you can treat them effectively. There are a variety of freshwater aquarium fish diseases to look out for but if you plan to keep cichlids there are a few in particular that you should be aware of

2. It would hurt their feelings.If you want to act in a way that's tactful, considerate, and caring, you certainly don't want to make a gratuitous comment on another person's, say, bad. hoarseness. dryness in your nose and nasal passageways. Dry mouth can lead to: poor nutrition. dental complications, such as gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. psychological distress, such as. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours (Matthew 17:24-27). This is a clear example of how God provides for his children. Jesus and Peter did not have the money to pay the tax. But miraculously, the money to pay the bill appeared in the mouth of a fish Therefore, when lifting a fish out of the net for a photo, I make sure it can't open it's mouth let alone get my thumb inside. Once the fish settles in the photo position, I usually slide my thumb underneath as shown but in picking them up, I've been clamping the mouth shut with my thumb

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When I first bought there were a lot of missing tentacles .However, it start growing new once. I have noticed something, the mouth is a little bit open some times it is tightly closed but some times its a bit open(1cm x 1cm) it seems to be doing well .Am feeding daily 1/4 inch of shrimp Silver Arowanas are one of the most predatory fish in the trade. They have massive hinging jaws that can gobble up other fish in an instant! It is possible to keep Silver Arowanas with other fish. But, it all comes down to your fish's temperament and aggression levels. Luckily, they are beautiful on their own and don't mind living in solitude Holes in the goll covers are a sign of a severe bacterial infection. Your fish will need some antibiotic injections but, the holes are most likely to stay open even after treatment. Mouth 1. Mouth Stuck open: In some cases, goldfish get a piece of gravel lodged in its mouth while it is foraging for food at the bottom of the tank