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Duplicate Tabs Closer detects and closes duplicate tabs. Version 3.1.7 changelog: * Fix: Badge not updated in some situations * New: Add zh_CN locale (thanks yfdyh000) * Some code optimizations Version 3.1.6 changelog: * Fix: Options were not saved in some situations * Fix: Filter ignore hash part didn't work with ignore search part enabled * Fix: The new tab and the existing tab were both. Updates: -v0.0.8 - Decrease loading time for just opened duplicated pages (only available for Chrome Beta for now) -v0.0.7 - Change name and description of the extension -v0.0.6 - Added an option to move old tab to the new position v0.0.5 - Changed application images v0.0.4 - Added Popup and Settings page - New setting to ignore hashes in URL.

Close Duplicate Tab does exactly what its name says - it identifies URLs which are open in multiple tabs, and closes all instances retaining one. It also is smart enough to detect if you are on one of those duplicate tabs, and closes the other ones so you can continue doing what you are The extension runs in the background, checking when tabs are opened or links are clicked to see whether the target webpage is already open. If open, the extension switches focus to the existing.. Chrome 74 started to close duplicate tabs without any extension on my side. The main problem is that I wasnt having an error, I wanted to open two pages of a site, like Google Analytics or Facebook. And the browser it kills one , but I was reading somenthing, other time I forgot what I was searching or have to open again and this is annoying How to automatically close duplicate tabs in Chrome Open your Chrome web browser. Next, click this link to download and install the Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs browser extension for Chrome. After installing the extension, it will place its icon next to your browser's address bar Duplicate Tab Closer closes all duplicate tabs and also blank tabs. It works by adding an icon to the add-on bar, which when clicked, cleans up your open tabs list of all duplicates. Or, if you prefer a keyboard shortcut, just press Ctrl + Shift + D keys to do the same

Just to clarify: The goal is to is to detect (and close) a tab that has been opened via Chrome's Duplicate right-click menu option But if for whatever reason, be it an OS update and reboot, or any other action requiring Chrome to shut down, when I click on Chrome all the pinned tabs are duplicated. Thus far I have not been able to resolve the problem. The only option I have is to close, or click on the x, to get rid of the duplication The hotkey Alt + Shift + W will close all duplicate tabs in one go. The shortcut isn't customizable. Speaking of which, you can always use the undo close tab shortcut in Chrome/Firefox (Ctrl + shift + T) to get your tabs back in case you closed something by mistake. Don't want to do this manually Add Tab Wrangler Extension on your Chrome browser In order to automatically close various Chrome tabs, you will need the Tab Wrangler Chrome extension. Click on the Add to Chrome button. Now you will get a notification asking whether you really want to add this Chrome extension Duplicate Tabs Closer detects and closes duplicate tabs. Use the WebExtensions API Support Firefox and Chrome Firefox Container Tab feature is supported

To Know How to Automatically Close Duplicate Tabs in Chrome Watch The Full Video:To do this we will use a simple chrome extension called Unique Tabs.now,. Chrome is capable of restoring tabs so on startup it loads the previous URL of the system under test. so each time I launch chrome via systemutil.run I have duplicate tabs and then UFT gets confused and does not interact well with test objects. I can change this setting in chrome but then I will lose the restoring capability of other sites. Duplicate Tabs Closer for Chrome and Firefox is an Open Source extension/add-on capable of detecting and ultimately closing duplicate tabs. Duplicate Tabs Closer will automatically close duplicate tabs when detected but can also be set to do nothing except monitor tabs and update the badge icon to indicate the number of duplicate tabs detected This morning with no changes to chrome settings that I am aware of, each time I launch chrome, these 8 tabs are duplicated. i.e. 2nd time I launch chrome I have 16 open tabs (2 of each default), close and open again I have 24 open tabs (3 of each default) etc. I have checked for malware and cleaned all history, no change

i.e. can accept open the following 2 behavior (built-in feature of Chrome/Chromium itself) . : accept Duplicate of Rclick contextMenu on the tab to manually/intentionally open a duplicate page. Yes, this is indeed a duplicate page, but it is manually and intentionally repeated by the user, so this behavior should be allowed by default Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome. The first two extensions are for Firefox and the latter two are for Firefox. Close Duplicate Tabs; Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs; Close Duplicate Tab Closer; Foxy Tab; Foxy Tab is a powerful extension to manage tabs, and also lets you Sort by URL/Title, Asc/Desc, Move, Reload, Reload Timer. Switch tabs on iPad. On your iPad, open the Chrome app . Tap the tab you want to switch to. Swipe left or right at the top to switch tabs. Select the Tab switcher to find all tabs and switch between them. On your iPad, open the Chrome app . Touch and hold the tab you want to move. Drag the tab to a different position This entry was posted in IT, Javascript JS, Web and tagged bookmarklet, chrome, close, duplicate, duplicate tab, extension, snippet, tab by LockeVN Nguyen. Bookmark the permalink . Leave a Reply Cancel repl

1. Try: Duplicate Tabs Closer by Peuj. It automatically detects and closes duplicate tabs (if you choose to) across active or all windows. You can also specify which one to close (older or newer) along with other filters. For Firefox, see: Firefox add-on to check or prevent duplicated tabs To get started, open your browser then go to the Chrome Web Store to view the download page for this extension. On this page, click the blue Add to Chrome button. After you click, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the new extension. Click Add. Next, Chrome will inform you that Prevent Duplicate Tab has been.

Unique Tabs. Add Unique Tabs to your Chrome to suspend duplicate tabs upon opening a new tab or navigating to a new page. As compared to other extensions, Unique Tabs displays a notification before closing tab. Clicking Cancel in the notification within a delay of 5 seconds will prevent the tab from being closed Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same site. The extension can ensure that there is only a single page open of a particular domain or that there are no duplicate URLs open across any one window. The extension works in two modes; one ensuring no duplicate URLs are open and the other. If you frequently use the Duplicate tab function in your browser and also love using your keyboard shortcuts, you might be interested to know that there's an easy way to do this in Google Chrome #TRICKS #INTERNET #CWTCHCHANNE

Fast Duplicate Tab Closer - Chrome Web Stor

Joined: 26 Dec 2005. I searched all over the Internet to do this using a hotkey, but failed to find any elegant solution to this problem. Duplicate a Google Chrome Tab with a Shortcut Key. #IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_0 #t:: SendPlay ! {d} Sleep 100 SendPlay ! {enter} Return #IfWinActive. #3 - Posted 15 December 2011 - 10:07 PM Open Chrome and launch a new tab. Press Shift + Esc to open the task manager. Click on any process that isn't useful for you and select the End Process option. Selecting a Process and clicking on End Process. Keep in mind that this will close the tab associated with the process as well. Read Next Sharing memoryStorage between tabs for secure multi-tab authentication. So this will be the only real safe way to keep an authentication token in a browser session and will allow the user to open multiple tabs without having to re-. Close the tab and the session is gone - for real this time 1. Click on the three-dot icon of Google Chrome. 2. Then click More tools. 3. Click Task Manager. 4. In the Task Manager window, select any process that you want to shut down and click End Process to continue. After that, the selected process will be closed and it would not take up resources any longer

Features of the extension:-1. Toggle between most recently visited/opened tabs in all the chrome-windows (Alt + W). Let's say when the user has opened many hyper-links each in separate tab by clicking on the search-results of search engine, in that case the user can toggle between the most recently opened tab and current tab by just pressing the Alt + W hot key most importantly user gets. how to close extra tab at main window atop home page? it's a duplicate tab so x-ing it closed closes the whole screen. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread Посты по тегу Duplicate Tabs Closer Мы в соцсетях: Сотрудничество — biz@themarfa.name, @immarfa. Полезные расширения для Chrome и Firefox за октябрь 2020. chrome Firefox Duplicate Tabs Closer

Close Duplicate Tab - Chrome Web Stor

  1. I need to test interacting with two tabs in Chrome. I've written a test in Python using Webdriver where I open Chrome with one tab. I need to open a second tab (similarly to using Ctrl+t) so I can interact with both tabs.My plan is to copy text from Tab 1 and paste it into one of the fields on Tab 2, and vice versa
  2. There are seven alternatives to Tab Utilities for a variety of platforms, including Firefox, Self-Hosted solutions, Mac, Windows and Linux. The best alternative is Tabs Outliner, which is free. Other great apps like Tab Utilities are Tab Mix Plus (Free, Open Source), Duplicate Tabs Closer (Free, Open Source), Open Tabs Next to Current (Free.
  3. The best part might be that groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome, saving you the step of digging through your browser history to find just the website you're looking for. Tab groups.
  4. To close all of your Chrome windows quickly on Windows or Linux, click the vertical ellipses button (three dots) and select Exit. You can also press Alt-F and then X on your keyboard. On a Mac, you can close all of your Chrome windows at once by clicking the Chrome menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and selecting Quit.
  5. Fast forward to 2019 and in the Chrome 78 Canary build, as shown below, Google has decided to do away with the 'New tab', 'Close other tabs', 'Reopen closed tab', and 'Bookmark all tabs' context.

Duplicate Tabs Closer detects and closes duplicate tabs. * Use the WebExtensions API * Container Tab is supported. On duplicate tab detected options: Close tab automatically: automatically closes the detected duplicate tab. Do nothing: monitor tabs and update the badge icon to indicate the number of duplicate tabs detected Tab Expose is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you quickly find a tab, and switch to, by looking at a thumbnail preview, rather than reading titles on each tab. And from the extension interface itself, you can also close any unwanted tab. This is a great option when you have many tabs open and it becomes difficult to see full page. the other thing ctrl+W will close only the current tab not a chrome browser having multiple tabs. Although if their will be only on well IMHO better to check first if there already any chrome instance is running or not in the background. if running the kill them all. if not running then based on this go with your normal open browser things The three I find the most useful are Duplicate, Pin Tab, and Mute Site. I've also started to learn to use Close Tabs to the Right , by moving less useful tabs to the right and then using this as a.

Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs - Chrome Web Stor

The FoxyTab add-on provides many tools for working with tabs like duplicating tabs, closing duplicate tabs, merging browser windows, saving a tab as a PDF file, and creating a desktop shortcut for. 06:40 AM. 10. Chrome engineers are planning to remove two options from Chrome that allow users to quickly close a large number of tabs with just a few clicks. The options, named Close other tabs. The extension reduces the tab clutter by avoiding duplicate tabs. The great thing about Clutter Free is that it automatically detects and closes the duplicate tabs before they open. So, its one of the best Google Chrome extension that you should use. So these are 20 Best Google Chrome Tab Manager Extensions. Things get much easier if one could.

Open New Tabs. Let's start with some basics. Launch Chrome on your computer and open a web page. To open a second page as a tab, just click on the + sign next to the first tab or right-click on. Duplicate Tabs Closer Alternatives. Duplicate Tabs Closer is described as 'Detects and automatically closes duplicate tabs' and is an app in the Web Browsers category. There are six alternatives to Duplicate Tabs Closer for a variety of platforms, including Firefox, Mac, Windows, Linux and Self-Hosted solutions You can move, close, and pin multiple tabs in Chrome in certain instances, while an extension for Firefox adds this functionality. Matt Elliott Jan. 28, 2014 10:40 a.m. P Now simply download a fresh copy of the setup file and then execute it to install Google Chrome anew on your computer system. Solution 6: Add '-no-sandbox' to Chrome Shortcut. Another neat hack to get rid of Chrome freezes in Windows 10 is to simply use the no sandbox command. Right-click the Chrome shortcut icon and select Properties

Hi, I'm using the newest build of chrome, and as stated above, i was getting pinned tabs as well as duplicate unpinned tabs so i changed it back. The problem I came here trying to fix was this: When i search for something in my pinned google tab, if I were to close the browser it will open next time where i left it (with search results or. Duplicate Tabs Closer version history - 18 versions. Custom option to close popup panel after closing duplicate tabs. Source code released under GNU General Public License, version 3.0. Download file. Support Chrome * Some code optimizations. Source code released under Mozilla Public License, version 2.0 Use Send Hotkey Ctrl + t for open a new tab. Attach Newly opened tab using Attach browser Activity in the same browser. Use the Navigate Activity to search the URL. for the new tab check the name of the tab , if it is same as first or part of the tab name is same then you can use the same attach browser with wild cards (* Duplicate in Tab Context Menu (reviewers say it's like Chrome) Duplicate Tab (in Private mode as well) (reviewers say it's confusing that you right-click the page instead of the tab) If you use the Swiss Army Knife of tab extensions -- Tab Mix Plus -- its help pages indicate that it has this feature

Chrome 74 closes duplicate tabs - why and how I stop it

Close tabs to the right is listed there with 6.06% of all actions, and Close other tabs with 2.20% of all actions. This makes it a more popular action than mute tab, and less than 0.60% less popular than new tab. Chrome users have other means to spawn new tabs or close them which may explain the relatively low usage stats for those actions new tab. And also, while on the pinned tab, when you click on a bookmark on your toolbar, the page is opened in a new tab. Pinned tabs currently have the menu options to reload, duplicate, close, etc. Perhaps a Lock option would be convenient, too? Just a suggestion However, like for many things, there are a few extensions to change chrome tab title. 1. Tab Modifier. Tab Modifier is a productivity extension that lets you rename chrome tabs along with doing other things like preventing a tab from closing, duplicate tabs, muting audio of selected tabs, and changing tab icons And like most other Google Chrome features, Suggest to close Tabs was initially hidden behind a flag in chrome://flags, reported 9to5Google, The features suggests to users to close tabs that haven't been used beyond a configurable threshold or where duplicate tabs exist. And this threshold is configurable Tag Archives: duplicate tab How to close duplicated tabs in your Chrome browser. Posted on 20 October, 2014 by LockeVN Nguyen. Reply. Open a New Tab Posted in IT, Javascript JS, Web | Tagged bookmarklet, chrome, close, duplicate, duplicate tab, extension, snippet, tab | Leave a reply

chrome.tabs.duplicate (integer tabId, function callback) Duplicates a tab. Note: This function can be used without requesting the 'tabs' permission in the manifest. The tab or list of tabs to close. callback ( optional function ) Callback. If you specify the callback parameter, it should specify a function that. 3. If you ever close a tab by mistake, hit Ctrl- or Cmd-Shift-T. Chrome will reopen your most recently closed tab as if nothing had ever happened. (And you can do it multiple times, too, if there.

Open a New tab in Microsoft Edge. If you're using a mouse, you can also open any link from a web page in a new tab by middle-clicking on it. On devices with physical keyboards, hold down the Ctrl key and then click or tap on the link you want to open in a new Microsoft Edge tab. Alternatively, you can also right-click or press-and-hold on a link to open a contextual menu Control-Shift-Tab or Shift-Command (⌘)-] Close all tabs except for one: Option-click the close button (X) on the tab you want to leave open: Open in tabs all the bookmarks in a folder in the Favorites bar: Command (⌘)-click the folder in the Favorites bar: See a list of recent pages by name: Hold down the Back or Forward button until the. not with one keybut hold down the CTRL key, the type(lowercase) L C T V ENTER. With AutoHotKey, it would be easy to turn that into a single key. This script, with. Since the tablet build of Chrome puts tabs on show at all times this gesture only works on the mobile version. Single Move Menus To launch or access an option in the overflow menu in most Android applications, you tap the vertical dot menu button, wait for the menu to appear, and then select the menu option you need Chrome: • Duplicate Tab: yt (Vimium) • Bookmark: ⌘+D • Fullscreen: ⌘+^+F • Search web: ⌘+⌥+F • Delete prev/next word: ⌥+Backspace/Del • Last.

Chrome Browser Shortcuts The Chrome browser is the default browser on your Chromebook. So, it stands to reason that there are a lot of Chromebook keyboard shortcuts focused on the Chrome browser Duplicate Tab Helper prevents the opening of duplicate URLs at the moment new tabs are opened. If a duplicate is found, the newer tab will be replaced with the existing tab as seamlessly as possible. The effect is so subtle you may not even notice it happening. One of the design choices I had to make regarding resolving duplicates was to decide. Go to Chrome Settings. On the Search field on top, type startup. Click on the link Set pages. See the webpage links there that opening on Chrome start up. Hover your mouse over the links one by one and click the x button. It will delete the startup tabs on Chrome

How to automatically close duplicate tabs in Chrome [Tip

Right-click on tabs. Recently, Google Chrome introduced a feature known as Tab Groups. The feature makes it easy to manage multiple tabs while on the Google Chrome browser. To use this feature, right-click on a tab to open the following menu: New Tab to the Right. Add Tab to New Group 1. Open Menu and click Add-ons. 2. Find Duplicate Tab add-on and click Remove. Google Chrome. 1. Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome icon and go to More tools > Extensions. 2. Find Duplicate Tab extension in the list and click on the trashcan icon

How to Close Duplicate Tabs in Chrome and Firefox SumTip

Duplicates a tab, given its ID. Note: Beginning with Firefox 68, the promise returned by browser.tabs.duplicate() resolves as soon as the tab has been duplicated.Previously, the promise only resolved once the tab had fully been loaded Tabsanity Terminator ===== An open-source Google Chrome Extension by Rich Werden to save you from redundant/duplicate tabs and disorganized tab groupings.. I know that when I'm doing research on a subject, I'm constantly opening links in new tabs that themselves contain pages with more links I think I should look at, and so son until I'll end up chasing my tail as my tab bar fills up with.

javascript - How to realize when a browser tab has been

Keyboard shortcuts for managing tabs in Google Chrome[ctl - T] - Open a new tab[ctl - W] - Close a tab[shift - ctl - T] - Open the last closed tab (up to the.. duplicateWindow is a small jQuery plugin that checks if the current window is duplicate window to prevent your webpage from being opened in multiple browser tabs. Based on the HTML5 local storage and session storage. Inspired by the answer from 'Stop people having my website loaded on multiple tabs'. How to use it: 1 In Office 2016 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) when I open a hyperlink , the same web page automatically opens twice - two tabs in same web browser window. I've tested with Chrome, IE, and Edge as default browsers and get same result. How do I disable so page only opens once? Note: Links were added by copy-paste of URL into applications Hi @cjc2112, I see that Ctrl + K duplicates that current tab in both IE and the current version of Edge. In Chrome, however, it does duplicate the behavior of the Ctrl + E hotkey and start a search in the Address bar / Search box. I have kicked off a conversation to discuss this issue. Thank you for raising it. Thanks - Ellio

Chrome duplicates tabs upon opening - Spicework

5 Remove or modify the home button. 6 Save pages as PDF files. 7 Zoom on any website. 8 Quick scrolling with 'Find in page'. 9 Block auto-playing audio. 10 Add custom search engines. Chrome is. One of our next experiments in memory use is aimed at tab hoarders (like myself). It's called Tab Discarding. Tab discarding is available as an experiment in Chrome 46 and above. Background. For every tab you have open our renderer process usually takes around 50MB per tab, even though most people use just a single tab at a time 3. If you ever close a tab by mistake, hit Ctrl- or Cmd-Shift-T. Chrome will reopen your most recently closed tab as if nothing had ever happened. (And you can do it multiple times, too, if there. Duplicate tabs detected will be notified in badge. Wildcards is supported. Priority options (used with Close tab automatically mode and Close all duplicate tabs button): Keep older tab (default): Keep the already existing tab. Keep older tab and reload: Keep the already existing tab and reload it. Keep newer tab: Keep the newer tab

Trim the list of tabs in Firefox and Chrome using

In Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, you can Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click on macOS) to select multiple browser tabs at once—this can come in handy if you want to close down a whole group of tabs. Close Google Chrome and reboot your computer to see if you managed to resolve the issue. At the next startup, open Chrome again and see if you're still seeing two opened tabs. If the same behavior persists, move down to the next method. Method 2: Disabling all Chrome extensions. Extensions are often responsible for an odd behavior like this one Chrome. Sync Open Tabs: One of the handy features in Chrome is the fact it's tied into your Google account. Subsequently, it stores all kinds of data, including your tabs. After you enable the. Close Duplicate Tabs is an extension that does exactly what it says - it consolidates and closes duplicate tabs that you may have open on your browser. Why Should I Care? Close Duplicate Tabs allows you to research and browse websites online more efficiently, by identifying repeats of the same URL and eliminating any duplicate tabs that you may.

Automatically Close Chrome Tabs after a Stipulated Time

  1. g and color popups 4.9.4 ( 28th June 2018 ) - Fixes to stuck tab counters - Auto-close forgotten tab managers after 100 seconds - Various bugfixes and style changes 4.9.3 - Fixes for older Chrome versions 4.9.2 - Fixes a bug when localStorage is empty 4.9.
  2. Use the Chrome Task Manager as a starting point to your memory issue investigation. The Chrome Task Manager is a real-time monitor whose columns Memory footprint and JavaScript memory tell you how much memory a page is currently using. From the Chrome menu, click More tools > Task Manager to open the Task Manager
  3. Tab Manager. Our tab management feature is a powerful way to stay focused while you work. When you add the Tab Manager extension to your browser, workspaces essentially become a dedicated browser window for every project. Workspaces constantly autosave your work and keep your work in the browser tidy, no matter how many projects you're juggling
Cierra automáticamente las pestañas duplicadas en Chrome y

GitHub - Peuj/duplicate-tabs-closer: Duplicate Tabs Closer

Specifically, to > add an option to duplicate a tab in the the tab's right-click menu. i.e., > the menu you get when you right-click on the name of a tab. I use > option-drag (on OS X) to duplicate tabs, but only found that method after > doing an internet search. It's useful to me for the same reasons others have > mentioned I also found a good tip for Android users in the Google Chrome forums describing an issue with Android phones causing duplicate bookmarks. The poster, JL King, stated: The poster, JL King, stated

How to Automatically Close Duplicate Tabs in Chrome - YouTub

FoxyTabRecommended. Collection of Tab Related Actions e.g. Duplicate, Close Duplicates, Close to the Left, Copy Title, Merge Windows, Save as PDF, Copy Urls Tab/All/Left/Right, Host keep/close/close other, Sort by URL/Title, Asce/Desc, Move, Reload, Reload Timer. Rated 4.6 out of 5 g0 Go to the first tab g$ Go to the last tab T Choose a tab <Alt-p> pin/unpin current tab <Alt-m> mute/unmute current tab << Move current tab to left yt Duplicate current tab E Go one tab left R Go one tab right on Open Chrome newtab x Close current tab X Restore closed tab >> Move current tab to righ These are essentially cut/copy and paste operations. You can easily change the DOM without having to edit the HTML as a giant string. Right click on a node and select Copy. You can paste in your code editor, or for prototyping, you can paste the DOM node elsewhere in the DOM tree. The pasted node is inserted as a child of the currently selected.

How to close multiple tabs in chrome with duplicate titles

Yes, the good news is the undo operation restores the whole session for any closed tab. In other words, if you were to fill a form, or scroll to the middle of a page and suddenly close a tab, the undo operation will restore the whole tab session including all filled forms and mouse scrolls. Likewise, duplicate tab does have the same behavior. 6 Safari 13.1 finally added Duplicate Tab functionality, in both the contextual menu on tabs and in the Window > Duplicate Tab menu. It doesn't come with a keyboard shortcut by default, but you can create your own keyboard shortcut in Keyboard preferences. (Internet Explorer, where this feature seems to have originated, used ⌘ + K. and now what I need is to execute these videos 5 at a time. C#. Copy Code. ChromeDriver driver = new ChromeDriver (); driver.Navigate ().GoToUrl ( https://www.withoutabox.com + videoLink); If I go the above way then for all videos I will have to create a new ChromeDriver object. I want to use single chrome browser object Acknowledgements. This API is based on Chromium's chrome.tabs API. This documentation is derived from tabs.json in the Chromium code.. Microsoft Edge compatibility data is supplied by Microsoft Corporation and is included here under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

WARNING: Use this with caution. If your browser already saved the session, and you chose to restore it with Surfingkeys, the extension loads another copy of the saved tabs. So, if you had 100 tabs saved, restoring it will add an extra 100 tabs. I had to use close tabs to the right to quit the duplicate tabs. Visual Mode. Tap v to enter visual. Showing topics with label duplicate tabs. Show all topics. How to close multiple tabs in chrome with duplicate titles and URLs except one? by Rami Daoud on ‎2020-05-01 17:20 Latest post on ‎2020-05-04 01:43 by StickyFingaz. 1 Reply 368 Views 0 1 368 Labels. 1; 14.52 1. How to close current tab from code behind in asp.net. I have searched but i am not getting how to do. If i use the below code in button click the window is not closing , if i write this code in page load its working. C#. Copy Code. Response.Write ( <script language='javascript'> { window.close (); }</script> ); My requirement is to close.

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