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NBHA Calculator Features: Supports 3D to 5D formats. Customize percentage of entry fees & added money to pay. Customize added money format (equal across all divisions or split as defined for each division) Default places to pay (1 to 10) based on number of entries with override setting to pay the amount of places that you decide (max 10) Easily. b. The NBHA points, and payout, if any, will be determined based only on those riders who qualify for that particular class (Youth or Seniors). 8. a) A competitor's age in the Youth class will be determined as of the first day of the NBHA competition year, which is January 1 of each year Open $500 added 5D ½ splits $36 Senior/Youth 3D ½ splits $25 10 & under Sidepot 3D ½ splits $15 Novice Rodeo pay $10 $10/Arena Fee *Senior/youth will be 4d ½ splits if over 20 runners no non-member fees everyone welcome Leather reins to 1st in each of the 5D ope Put the required numbres in the boxes and the program will highlight the proper payoffs for NBHA races in either 3 or 4 D and also depending on the office fee percentage, either 20% or 30%. NBHA 3D Payoff NBHA 4D Payoff Instruction Places 16-30 31-60 61-90 1st 2nd. 3rd 4th 5th 91-120 121-150 151-180 181-210 211+ 6th 7th 8th 9t

14) Click Add Payout Config. 15) Enter a Name, be descriptive. Example: ASSN 4D Payout 16) Payout Format: Choose the Race Format (NBHA 4D, BBR 5D, etc.) specifying the time splits that you want to pay out on. 17) Payout Percentage: Enter the percentage you want to pay out of the total Entry Fee money. Just enter numbers, no percent sign The National Barrel Horse Association, headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, is the largest barrel racing organization in the world. In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition We built NBHA & BBR Calculators, but we also have a custom one Our Payout Calculators work perfectly for those that are tired of having to do the math, we also realized there were some calculators that were using the wrong numbers. So, we built ones for the NBHA and BBR following exactly what was listed on their website 5D, 4D, 3D, 2D, 1D -- Barrels & Pole Bending; Places Paid & Division Payout Schedules; Per Sanction Rules - User Adjustable; Short Go's, Averages, Day Money, Target Races, Barrel Insurance; NBHA Co-Sanctioned Races & Reports, NBHA State Finals; NBHA District Directors Reports, NBHA Prize Money Report It is pretty easy to figure the payout for NBHA/IBRA in a a 4D format, which is typically 40% to the 1D, 30% to the 2D, 20% to the 3d and 10% to the 4D. To figure the total purse, you take 70% of the entry fee (minus association fees ) and then multiply that by the total number in the class

Re: Barrel Racing 3D, 4D or 5D. « Reply #59 on: April 18, 2007, 10:54:46 AM ». If you want to run at a great race this weekend, come to the BRAT Attack Sunday April 22th, athe Diamond W Arena, 1/2 second split 5D format, equal payout. Payout is always great!!! 5D- 25 Levi Miller on Jettin Down Byou Wheelersburg, OH 38.436 5D- 26 Khloe Adams on Rambo Franklin Furnace, OH 41.835 5D- 27 Brittany Crouch on Sams Rockin Pep Falmouth, KY 15.735 5D- 28 Brittany Crouch on Sevens Blue Stone Falmouth, KY 15.913 Powered by: PHsports Page 3 of 3 Created at 12:56 PM 08 November 2020 NBHA Open 5D Barrels Averag sat13mar2:00 PM 10:00 PM $500 added 5D NBHA/WPRA/BBR pending/Run for the Bonus approved 3 race series! $500 added open 5D Montague County Cowboy Church, 1600 FM 455 Montague, Tx 76251 Event Type :3D,4D,5D,Added Money,Barrel Race,BBR Approved,Buckle Series,Exhibitions,Incentives,Jackpot,Junior Race,Lead Line,NBHA,Novice Classes,Novice Inc-Sidepot,PeeWee,Progressive Payout,Run For The Bonus. Sanctioned shows may pay out on either the 3D, 4D, or 5D format. 3. The NBHA will sanction only one show on a given date within a district, except that two separate NBHA runs may be sanctioned on the same day at the same arena I haven't been to many NBHA's but I know most barrel races I go to they are 4D (1/2, 1/2, 1) or 5D (1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2) but the NBHA I just went to paid 1/2, 1/2, 1, 1/2. Has anyone else heard of this payout being mandatory for NBHA cause I hadn't and when I heard thre placings I went to ask and that's what they said their rules were. Never heard or seen that, am I crazy

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Payout tables are pre-defined for ACBRA, IBRA. NBHA (3-D, 4-D and 5-D) and BRN4D and you can define your own for other organizations. In addition, payout rules for WPRA and WBRA Open are built in. Progressive Payouts are supported During the month of January 2014, NBHA decided that all Districts would move to a 5D format for Points, starting immediately. It was decided by the Florida State Director that all Florida Districts would stay on a 4D format for payouts

Nebraska NBHA 2021 State Championships . June 18. th, 19. th & 20. th. 2021 . Broken Bow, Nebraska . Pre-Entry must be postmarked by June 10. th, 2021 . If entry form is not postmarked by June 10. th, 2021 a late entry fee of $40 will apply. Late entries will be taken until June 18. th, 2021 at 6:00 PM. Name:____ Additionally, I was considering moving all classes (other than open) to a 3D payout format [world points for youth/senior will still be 5D]. BENEFITS: Payback would go up at individual shows and year-end awards could give out top five placings. However, I would like input from y'all before changes are implemented The spread sheet will automatically figure (the rest) their placing, and the total amount of money. It does not, however, figure their placing 1-50 in order because it is set up for runs 1-50. To do this can be done simply enough by SORTING. At the end run of the class simply SELECT ALL then click on the DATA tab on the Excel spread sheet. NBHA members in saddle clubs or associations may use their individual membership to meet this requirementSanctioned shows may pay out on either the 3D, 4D, or 5D format. A district shall have no more than six (6) or fewer than (18) shows. For further clarification, see the sections below on earned points and payout. 2 2021 NBHA LAS VEGAS SUPER SHOW 06/04/2021. Added Money: (Per Day/Event): $16,000+ ADDED ON THE WEEKEND. Pre-Entry Due Date (s): Pre-entries open at www.Saddlebook.com from 04/01 to 05/25/2021. Additional Information / Event Location: ALAMO SADDLES TO THE 5D AVERAGE WINNERS IN THE OPEN! FUTURE FORTUNES $10,000 PAYOUT

nbha ks09 05/15/19 bobo's revenge v ‐ round #3 open 4d barrels place time name horse points payout 1 18.064jeanne anderson hot french toast brfq 5d‐10 106 2 18.146cameron henderson iceman brfq 5d‐8 89 3 18.797mike shreiman martha on the rocks 5d‐6 71 4 19.391marilyn domer tank 5d‐5 53 5 20.026micala dummit frank 5d‐4 3 As the NBHA World Championships are based on a 5D payout format, points will be recalculated specifically for World Qualifications after the last show. A annual Club Membership fee of $25 for Lil Wranglers and $50 for Novice, must be purchased and shall be for the sole purpose of qualification for year-end awards Nbha - INNESOTA STATE 2020 CHAMPIONSHIP RULES AND INFORMATION OPEN 5D-- 1ST, 2ND & SHORT GO, YOUTH 5D—1st & 2nd & SHORT • PAYOUT: Each go-round will pay out money. Contestants may be paid go-round money on more than one horse in each division

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4/09-4/10. ENTER. 4Fun Barrel Racing. Castle Dale, UT. 4/10-4/11. ENTER. Rocky Top Arena-Show Me the Money. Onalaska, WA. 4/17-4/18 2021 nbha las vegas super show 06/06/2021. producer name: nbha phone: 706-722-7223 alamo saddles to the 5d average winners in the open! future fortunes $10,000 payout. details to follow. masks required when not horseback. multiple dates all in Race 1 Dec 2-4 open 5d. NO QUALIFICATION REQUIRED. DEC 1st: Hotel/Stall Check In. DEC 2nd: Long Go 1 - All Contestants Race. DEC 3rd: Long Go 2 - All Contestants Race DEC 4th: Short Go. DEC 5th: 8am Hotel/Stall Check Out. youth championship - $25,000 added average - $10,000 adde NBHA District 19 & 20 Boots & Bling May 1rst & May 2nd 2021 OPEN 5D $500 ADDED Per Day $75 EF PER DAY SAT SUN YOUTH 4D Carry Over Only From Open Only $40 EF PER DAY carry over from open. Prime is ages 18-49 only (This is a 4d Payout and only a sidepot no awards for this sidepot ) All entries include the $5 State fee Payout will be 70%.

3D Placings Time Payout 1 Meagan Tallman/Lenas Dry Gun 54.443 Buckle NBHA Fri 12/30/16 Open 5D 12/30/16 18.038 Equerry's Plu Associations such as the NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association), IBRA (International Barrel Racing Association), and BBR (Better Barrel Racing) all run divisional formats. Jackpot They still run in a 4D/5D format with 1 second splits but the extra money added to the pot means they pay out better The app lets you enter competitors' names and times and even breaks the times down into 1D-4D times so that as soon as the last racer has finished, you'll know immediately who won throughout each division. Barrel Horse Racing uses NBHA-approved time splits by default so that you know the break-down is accurate Open to ALL NBHA Members $125 Entry Fee 70% Payback | 5D . Super Senior Race. $500 Added Must be a qualifier to enter | 60 and over day of race *** New this year you can carry over your time from the Sweepstakes Race into the Super Senior Race*** $60 Entry Fee 70% Payback | 5D. Golf Carts & Crickets. Reserve a golf cart by calling 478-472-856

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NBHA 5D Jackpot in Youth Paying to 3 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 512.00, Rider count = 40.. In 5D you have 5 divisions with half second splits. What do you mean by scoresheet? I have a payout calculator program that tells number of places to pay and what percentage of the pot they get depending on how many entrants. If you go to NBHA.com I think you can results from some of their races that give times, divisions and payout. Try here.. The purpose of the National Barrel Horse Association is to provide Barrel Racers with an international organization that will promote the sport of barrel racing and its growth. Sanctioned shows may pay out on either the 3D, 4D, or 5D format. The NBHA points, and payout, if any, will be determined based only on those riders who qualify. • The jackpotted entry fees in each class will be divided according to the Standard NBHA payout schedule. Jackpotted Entry Fees in the Open 5D will be divided 30% to the First Division, 25% to the Second Division, 20% to the Third Division, 15% to the Fourth Division and 10% to the Fifth Division. Senior and Youth 4D classes wil

Entries open at 12:00:01 am EST on 03/01/2021. 2021 Youth & Teen World Championships | July 18-24 Georgia National Fairgrounds, 401 Larry Walker Parkway, Perry, GA 31069 $50,000 ADDED MONEY 10 Alamo Saddles to the 1D-5D Champions in the Teen & Youth 2 Cricket Carts, One in Youth & Teen - Key lottery for all Division Winners for a 1 in 5 chance to win! 10 Gist World Champion Buckles + Many. NBHA IDAHO DISTRICT 3 AWARDS RULES: (summer NBHA ID-03 District races as shown on schedule) 1. You must be an NBHA member and must participate at a minimum of 9 District races to qualify for District Awards ( or 1/2 the races scheduled for the season) 2. District Awards Points will be given at all NBHA ID-03 District races and accumulate as per standard NBHA rules with the addition that ties.

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  1. District points will be awarded on the 5D format with 1/2 second split in each division (regardless of how show payouts are done 3D/4D/5D). You MUST compete in at least 3 district shows to be eligible for the 2021 NBHA State show
  2. NBHA MO-02 1D 15.032 1D 15.140 Hwy 38 Marshfield 2D 15.532 2D 15.640 Saturday, December 07, 2019 3D 16.032 3D 16.140 YOUTH 4D 4D 17.032 4D 16.640 (PAY OUT: 1/2-1/2-whole; POINTS: 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2) 5D 17.140 Draw NBHA Rider Horse Nom Dist. Pts. Time Payout 7 Alyssa Strunk Tank 15.032 1D 1st 8 Briana Carr Doc x 1D 5 15.140 1D 2nd 17 Ali Ipock.
  3. imum of $500 added money or (2) an anticipated total payout greater than $3000
  4. NBHA TX 14 Open 5D with 4D Classes. October 19, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm UTC-6 Free « 2020 West Coast Barrel Racing Assoc. Finals; 5th Annual Yellow Rose Futurity/Derby & Open Barrel Race » The next NBHA TX 14 point race will be J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center (MPEC). EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO COME RUN WITH US!
  5. The winners of each division, (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D) will be rewarded with $100, also referred to as the Breath Easy Bonus, if and only if their horse is wearing a FLAIR Strip while racing in the short go. There will be a payout to both Youth and Teen divisions. For example, if a rider wins the 2D wearing a FLAIR Strip, they will be awarded $100
  6. NBHA payout rules will apply. Awards Rules: Awards Fee - $5 per horse/rider combination; Points do not count for buckles/awards until awards fee is paid. To be eligible for awards, horse/rider awards fee must be paid BEFORE points will begin counting

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  1. June 27th, 2021 Rodeo. Golden Valley, AZ. Kingman Junior Rodeo Association. Jackpot Rodeo. 06/29/2021 - 06/29/2021. Sunday Funday June 27th 2020. Big Piney, WY. Chasin'Time Productions
  2. Went over awards and the changes to format for 2020. 5 shows required and 4D format. 1D, 2D, 3D, 5D: (4D) for awards. Compared other districts all stay with the 4D layout. Sponsors are greatly needed and if every member brings in a sponsor we would be able to keep 5D format. A question was possed to lower award fees to add to payout monies
  3. Version 2.0 of our popular barrel race payout calculator now includes everything that v1.0 has, PLUS: NBHA Calculator - 3D to 5D; BBR Calculator - Sweepstakes, 4D & 5D; Progressive Calculator - Sweepstakes, 2D - 5D . arrange teams for roping, and print team listings and time sheets, tracking the times and winners, and even print the.
  4. NBHA MO 02 barrel race (70 hits) Ozark, MO 8/21/2021 Bluebonnet Barrel Racing Association (47 hits) San Antonio, TX 8/21/2021 $100 added NBHA KS01 5D - Bonus Race Qualifier (42 hits) Lawrence, KS 8/22/2021 NBHA MO 02 (68 hits) Ozark, MO 8/22/202
  5. NBHA Open- 5D Format. 2 Go Rounds to advance to Finals. (see rules pg for Target Race) (must submit Horse Name will be returned and/or before the next run or any payout. Go-rounds • Each Go round will pay out money. If $1,000 has been added, payback is 70%

Future Fortunes, Inc. is a program comprised of stallion owners and breeders united in enhancing the sport of barrel racing nationwide. Starting in 2004 with $38,000 in Bonus Money at 2 events, Future Fortunes has expanded its program to over $1 million cash payout in Open 4D Events, Futurities and Derbies throughout the United States NBHA IA 03/05 For complete event schedule and event information visit us online www.GoForBrokeProductions.com FRIDAY $1,000 ADDED OPEN 5D Open 3D Poles (1 sec split) SATURDAY $1, 000 ADDED OPEN 5D $50 Added Top Notch Youth 4D $50 Added Jan's Sewtique Senior 4D Saturday Sidepots: Hidez Target Time Cash (Sat/Sun run) $100 CASH TARGET BONU Draw NBHA Rider Horse nom Dist. Pts Time Payout 8 31490 Chelsey Thomas Remi x 1D 5 16.989 1D 1ST 38 37493 Heather Caldwell Bo x 4 16.993 2ND 36 97517 Hannah Crump All that Jasmine x 3 17.138 3RD 7 89017 Victoria Haynes Aspen X 2 17.200 4TH 19 98237 Faith Corley Firewater Annewood x 1 17.256 62 Amy Goodnight Roy x 17.37

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The National Barrel Horse Association, is the largest barrel racing organization in the world. In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition NBHA Fri 01/01/16 Open 5D 01/01/16 2D Placings Time Payout 1 Brylee Banning/JoJo 52.803 NBHA Buckle NBHA Fri 01/01/16 Open 5D 01/01/16 17.776 Pro Choice Splint Boots NBHA Sat 01/02/16 Open 5D 01/01/16 17.527 MVP $182 Cert/Bag. additional information on how progressive payout works. (updated 3/13/19) • Events advertised as NBHA sanctioned will follow NBHA rules for entry and may have an additional office charge at the discretion of the sanctioning NBHA districts. ***Insufficient funds checks will be charged a $25 service fee*** ***Cash required for late entries** Approximately 10 shows will be sanctioned NBHA to count toward NBHA World and Youth World show qualifications Payout based on fastest time per class per show. Every Show OPEN will be a 5D with half second splits Therefore, you may place in one D at a show but may end up in another D for points due to the NBHA mandated points procedures. PA03 D''s are noted, unless they happen to coincide with the show placings. Please note that files identified as World Show Results will be different than District Point results as all divisions are pointed as 5D.

nbha ny-06, ny-07, ny-01, ny & pa-00 • npba oh, pa, ny, wv, in, and ky • ibrai is a preferred show - any member from any state/canada will be pointed july 6-9, 2017 find us on facebook or ontheroadwithdawnandclea.com or call dawn: 330.771.3205 // clea: 330.592.5745 maybe biggest sidepot ever! best of 2 runs will be your time! huge payout 4/22 NBHA Dixie National North Augusta, SC. SOUTH DAKOTA. TX 4/22 Branded Cross 100% Payout Jackpot Boyd, TX 4/22 Added money 5D Open & 3D Youth Barrel Jackpot Magnolia, TX 4/23 WBRA Buffalo. Average awards 5D Pee Wee awards, no payout, Limit to 25 Other Information $1000 added Friday 5D MVP $10,000 added Saturday 5D More information: www.turnnburnbarrelracing.com For Group Riding, Stalls, RV go to www.turnnburnbarrelracing.com Judge Cash Sidepot $10,000 Future Fortunes Sidepot Lucky #7 Sidepot YBC Sidpot WPRA NBHA Friday Open Breakawa National Barrel Horse Association of Australia Inc. ARBN: 612 068 498 IN: IA36297 ABN: 18 605 902 019 www.nbha.com.au enquiries@nbha.com.au • Open $30, (events paid out to 3D or 4D, points to qualify for Worlds to 5D) • Seniors $20, (events paid out to 3D or 4D, points to qualify for Worlds to 5D). NBHA BC03 . NBHA Coastal Region . District BC 03 Barrel Daze Series *ALL sanctioned races this season will be ran in the NBHA 5D Format. 70% of entries to be paid back into payout *Membership available at EVERY race, points will start the day of purchase. Membership good for 1 full year from the date purchased

NBHA DISTRICT DIRECTORS HANDBOOK Updated 15/10/2017 for 2018 (reviewed & approved for use by NBHA USA Executives) Page 1 of 10 DIVISIONAL CONCEPT . Under the NBHA's Divisional Concept, (3D, 4D OR 5D) format, all horses and riders regardless of age, sex, ability or experience, run in the same class Open: 5D format. $4,000 added each day | Entry Fee $75 each day| 80/20 Payout | Office Fee $10 per day/$20 for full weekend - online entries. Payments due April 15 to avoid late fee | $10 late fee per day. Late entries accepted until first runner of Open. Open to all riders, may ride more than one horse. NO REFUNDS AFTER APRIL 26 VET OUT DEADLINE I'll go by NBHA's standards for a 4D format. 1D-Fastest time of race 2D-.5 seconds off of fastest time 3D-1 second off of fastest time 4D-2 seconds off of fastest time So lets say the winning time at an even was a 14.5 14.5 is the 1D time. 15.0 is the 2D time. 15.5 is the 3D time Arena Management Software Equine event software for barrel racing, rodeo, team roping, and team penning / team sorting events. Easy point & click entries, draws, results, check writing, keeps season and series points and earnings for your contestants

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3D - Kari Brough on Frenchmantwistedfame / 4D - Lawcyn Bledsoe on Hickory Smart Holly / 5D - Kelsey Howard on Tricks Broken Heart 2021 BBR World Finals April 21-25, 2021 Visit the World Finals Page for 2021 BBRWF Info Updated 3/31/2021 SECTION 1: Waiver of Liability Indian Creek Racing Productions, LLC, will assume no responsibility or liability for injury, or death to a person or animal or damage to property of any owner, contestant or assistant The National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), headquartered in Augusta, In addition to the 80% payout in the 5D format, Troxel is awarding a $100 Helmet Certificate to each round winner and average winner. The Helmet Side Pot gives riders the chance to win substantial added money, all for making the decision to protect themselves by wearing. The NBHA World Championships will be held on Sunday, October 25th, 2020 in Perry, Georgia. This Perry rodeo is held at Georgia National Fairgrounds. Show Information: 5D Format in all races Sweepstakes - A 5D barrel race open to all NBHA World qualifiers Senior (50 and over day of race) and Super Senior (60 and over day of race) are stand-alone races Exhibitions available - Reserve and pay. NBHA BC3 Points are for NBHA BC3 Members only and are awarded 1st thru 5th in each of the 5D's (1st in 1D = 5 points) If the highest Placing member was 2nd in the 2D for the race payout then that member goes to 1st in the 1D for points. Awards will be given Sept. 20 after the last race

awarded in a 4 D format. National points will be awarded in a 5D format ( The 5D national format is what is required as per NBHA Nationals) In the event of a tie, the show producer will look at the total number of shows attended. throughout the calendar year. Attendance points will also be awarded. on the attendance roster NBHA Youths whose age exceeds the BRN4D requirements must run in the Open class. They must pay the NBHA co-sanction fee for the Youth class ($2.00). 5D Percentage Payoffs Division I - 26% Division II - 23% Division III - 20% Division IV - 17% Division V - 14% These percentages must include any added monies. XVI PAYOFF Place $200 EF. $4200 payout. 3D Full Second Splits. 4 Likes. Midwest Pole Bending Association. May 12 at 7:41 AM Nbha will be a sidepot from the $1000 added Open 5D classes! We will update We will be offering NBHA open ($28), youth ($18) and senior ($18) sidepots on Saturday and Sunday at PC1! District SD01! Saturday May 8 - Nbha classes will.

KS NBHA KS04 Barrel Race KS $750 Added - SBRA Fundraiser LA I'd Rather be Barrel Racing KS $100 Added NBHA KS01 5D GA Believin for Brain Benefit Bar OK OCA Series CUTTERS CORNER OUTD IA GFB Barrel Race 2021 Series #5 ND BARREL BASH LA Barrels of Fun Weekend KS $100 added NBHA KS01 5D TX $500 added 3 Race series BBR/R OK Local Barrel Races # The main race (Long Go's) will be ran in a 5D format with a 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 second splits. 1D=fastest time of the race. 2D=fastest time of the race plus .5 second. 3D=fastest time of the race plus 1.0 second. 4D=fastest time of the race plus 1.5 seconds. 5D=fastest time of the race plus 2.0 seconds Time splits for the 4D format default to NBHA 1/2 , 1/2 , 1. The 5D-8D format defaults to 1/2 second splits. There is even an option to change time splits depending on the Event Producer Open 5D Barrel Race, NBHA NE09 Sanctioned, BBR & RFTB approved. $500 added, 75% Payback, Limit 130 Entries, $30 entry $10 office charge/person. Jackpot starts at 9:00am. Exhibitions run from 7:30am-8:45am, $4 Exhibition. Pay onsite CASH ONLY. Pre-Entries close 4-16, draw posted 4-17. Onsite entry draw will be posted after exhibitions

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In consideration for his/her participation in the 2019 Oklahoma NBHA State Championships, the undersigned agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless Jason Mathis, the Oklahoma National Barrel Horse Association State Championships, the National Barrel Horse Association, its staff and personnel, the Stephens Count Realtime Rodeo eventing Software, Barrel Racing Software, Rodeo software, Barrel Racing Management, Rodeo Management, Text Messaging, Instant Results, Barrel Racers, Barrel Horses, Team Roping Software, Team Roping Event $100 Added NBHA KS01 - BBR approved (280 hits) Burlington, KS 6/13/2021 #4 NBHA OK 02 (261 hits) BROKEN ARROW, OK 6/13/2021 Paris Rodeo & Horse Club Barrel Race (53 hits) Paris, TX 6/14/2021 Nowata Monday Night Summer Barrel Series (1557 hits) Nowata, OK 6/14/202 2016 STATE NBHA FINALS RULES Page 1 MINNESOTA STATE 2016 CHAMPIONSHIP RULES AND INFORMATION QUALIFICATIONS: You must have competed at a minimum of three (3) NBHA sanctioned shows for points in the district that you compete, from OPEN 5D-- 1ST, 2ND st& SHORT GO, YOUTH 5D—1 & 2nd & SHORT GO SENIOR 4D—SHORT G

NBHA, IBRA, BFA and NPBA fees included in entry fees for approved classes will be taken out before processing payout; Dress Code Dress Code is Western Hat, Jeans, Boots, Long Sleeved (does not have to be collared) Shirt - Please see the BBR for rules of The American. Helmets are encouraged but not required Nbha Membership Application. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your nbha membership form instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money NBHA VT01 District Director. Sue Jobst. 76 Irish Settlement Rd. Underhill, VT 05489. 802-324-4363. stice00@gmail.com. NBHA Vermont State Director. Bill Superneau. 1037 Buck Hollow Rd Nbha payout scale. Nbha payout schedule. Nbha payout calculator. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Password for cisco wifi 1 . Fifth third bank contact us 2 . How to burn music to a dvd 3 . Hamburg sud cargo tracking 4 . Innova 3040rs manual 5


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5D Format : Open: $80 entry fee; $2500 added to Open 5D April 14th and 15th. $10 from each open entry each day goes to Average payout pot and there is $500 added to Average pot. We will pay at least 5 down in each D for Average based on total entrys. Senior: $30 entry fee; $250 added each day 4D 1/2 second option payout: Yout Divisional - July 2016The following results are unofficial and subject to audit.At Divisional Circuit jackpots, contestants may enter as many times as allowed by primary sanctioning association, but circuit standings will reflect the highest placing money won in the 1D. July 2016. Barrel Racing is a fairly well-known way of competition among horse racing enthusiasts. And often such competitions are held in 4D format (very rarely there is a 5D or 6D formats). And if you met with similar names, then you probably come across such designations as 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d


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Version 2.0 of our popular barrel race payout calculator now includes everything that v1.0 has, PLUS: NBHA Calculator - 3D to 5D; BBR Calculator - Sweepstakes, 4D & 5D; Progressive Calculator - Sweepstakes, 2D - 5D payout calculator now includes everything that v1.0 has, PLUS: NBHA Calculator - 3D to 5D; BBR Calculator - Sweepstakes, 4D & 5D; Progressive Calculator - Sweepstakes, 2D - 5D . Standard Calculator Features: Supports 1D to 4D formats; Customize percentage of entry fees & added money to pay Payout Calculator v2.0 - goBarrelRace.co Open 1D winner Kelsey Treharne on Aintgut Nothinunme with a time of 17.396 Total Payout $2,308.0