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Online 24x7 Self Paced Hazard Communication Training. No Contracts, Pay As You Go. 2 Year Nationally Recognized Certificate. Shared Multi-User Login For Employee Training Failproof tips and ideas on how to have productive safety meetings in the new normal. A 360 Approach to Safety at Work. Register today. Get access to the sessions for 90 days Warehouse Safety General Housekeeping Falls and Other Preventable Mishaps Material Handling Safety o The Human Body, Forklifts Fire and Chemical Safety Training, Education & Compliance Safety in Your Workplace Resources What You Will Learn From This Serie OSHAcademy is the price leader in the Occupational Safety & Health Industry. You may access our course material for free so you'll know what you're getting before your employees begin a training course. If you would like to document your employees training results you may purchase training certificates for a small fee Warehouse & Forklift Safety Resources. Below are links to our favorite free safety resources for employees who work with forklifts in warehousing, loading docks and distribution. These best safety practices include: tool box talks, bulletins, fact sheets, safety rules, posters, checklists, model programs, PowerPoints and videos

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Warehouse workers can be exposed to a wide range of hazards on the job, including forklift accidents, lifting injuries and falling objects. But with proper training, workers can proactively avoid safety risks and create a safer work environment Occupational Safety and Health Administration Think Safety • More than 145,000 people work in over 7,000 • Keep floors clean and free of slip and trip hazards. 8 WORKER SAFETY SERIES WAREHOUSING 9. Occupational Safety and training. The warehouse is well ventilated..

Warehouse Safety Management. Warehouse safety starts with a solid management plan that includes training, regular meetings with employees and strategies for safety. How to Train Employees in Warehouse Safety. As mentioned before, well-trained and qualified workers are safer workers Consider our forklift training in Houston today. This type of training is necessary for the health and safety of your employees. To boot, OSHA requires it. Avoid OSHA violations and fines, injuries, and fatalities in your warehouse. Hands-on training and refresher training could be just what your workers need. 4

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Warehouse Handbook White Settlement ISD WAREHOUSE SAFETY RULES The following are some important general warehouse personnel safety rules that each employee is required to follow: 1. Before loading and unloading a truck, set the brakes. 2. Do not move a truck before all persons are properly seated or protected from the hazards of a shifting load. 3 Free Online Safety Training Courses. Open Source Safety have contacted us and asked us to let you know about the 100's of free safety courses they now offer on line. They take a community approach to the design, development, and distribution of HSE training courseware which is sponsored and used by firms - from Fortune 500 to small business. If you require Spanish language or VHS format of our Warehouse Safety safety training dvd, please contact your TPC Account Manager at 800.837.8872. This opens in a new window. TPC's video training on Warehouse Safety helps employees to stay safe by identifying the specific hazards they can encounter while working in a warehouse, and providing.

Warehouses contain many hazards you need to be aware of. Always practice safe lifting to prevent back injuries. Use material-handling equipment safely, and watch out for forklifts. Stack and store materials properly to prevent accidents. Practice good housekeeping, and wear required personal protective equipment. « Back to Course Library Additional Resources on Warehouse Worker Safety. For more information on warehouse worker safety, including resources and tools to develop inspection checklists and procedures, accident prevention plans, and more, visit the following resources: OSHA Training Resources; Leavitt Machinery - Warehouse Equipment Training Warehouse Safety September 15, 2009 Rick Reyes Overview OSHA Work Safety Responsibilities 8 Safety Situations Encountered in the Colorado Warehouse Job Safety - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 41794b-NGVj

Using Warehouse Safety Calendars & Alerts. In an effort to keep operations running smoothly and employees safe, companies that put employees at risk should always enforce safety protocol such as safety moments or meeting at various times throughout the day. Feel free to view or download our January 2020 Warehouse Safety Calendar today, or view. Our Warehouse Safety Videos and DVDs train new employees and refresh the training for existing employees. Some other topics covered in these programs include: Safe Lifting, Box cutting, Material handling, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Falling objects, Ladder Safety, Conveyor belts, and more. Be sure to view our drum pickers for handling.

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  1. A safety video created by City of Industry Nestle DS
  2. Logistics Safety Awareness This material was produced under grant number #SH-23563-12-60-F12 from OSHA. It does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Labor, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government
  3. This Warehouse Safety training educates learners about the risks posed by warehouses and how to control them. It explains what your legal duties are, the common hazards you may face, how to carry out a risk assessment of a warehouse, and how to apply suitable safety measures to lower risk
  4. Warehouse safety is one of the biggest concern faced by warehouse managers and their employees. This worry stems from warehouse industry workers sustaining many injuries and fatalities, with an average of 19 fatalities per year (2015-2018).These statistics can be brought down significantly if warehouse safety is treated as a priority
  5. Help meet OSHA training requirements for critical workplace safety training topics, including: forklift safety, bloodborne pathogens, HazCom, HAZWOPER, walking-working surfaces, and more. J. J. Keller training programs are backed by our team of regulatory experts

Distribution and Warehouse Training. Convenient distribution and warehouse training courses that are designed to keep you up to speed with the industry's technical and business practices. ORDER BY Active Shooter Training: Many local police forces offering free safety training to area churches Following the Texas church shooting outside of San Antonio that killed 26 and injured 20 more, many local police forces are offering active shooter training to area churches and leaders of faith Make safety a priority in everything you do while working in the warehouse. Wear appropriate PPE, such as gloves, safety shoes, eye protection, and hard hats. Keep alert to hazards and correct or report them when you see them. Pay attention to warning signs and signals—and obey them. Watch where you're going and focus on what you're doing Plot. When Michael Scott (Steve Carell) repeatedly disrupts Darryl Philbin's (Craig Robinson) warehouse safety training session, Lonny Collins (Patrice O'Neal) and Darryl mock the office workers' safety session in retaliation, claiming that office work does not entail physical danger.Offended by Darryl's disdain for office safety training, Michael decides to demonstrate the risk of depression.

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Training Employees to Respond to Spills. Planning, training and drilling are the keys to keeping employees and the environment safe from harm. Karen D. Hamel. Nov 16, 2003. It's Monday morning, 6 a.m. The employees of ABC Co. have just punched in, and the sound of machines starting up fills the air. The delivery log shows that a bulk shipment. Cost: Free. 18. Top Warehouse Management Training Resources @Camcode. For the most complete guide on warehouse management training resources, check out Camcode's manual. It includes a grand total of 50 helpful resources to build your management skills, and know-how, like webinars, tutorials, slide decks, and even how-to lists. Cost: Free. 19 CHALLENGES OF WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Warehouse management is ordinarily connected with some basic principles: accuracy, cost control, efficiency, cleanliness, safety, and security, yet the hidden procedures are difficult and dynamic, introducing serious issues for warehouse supervisors across over industries

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Other warehouse safety hazards come into play when materials are stored, and in particular when the materials are potentially hazardous. The video sample below from our warehouse safety training gives some tips for storing materials safely and for working in a warehouse with potentially hazardous materials Free Safety and Health Publications. Target Areas - These web pages focus on topics with high injury and illness rates as well as high rates of fatalities. The Target Area web pages list publications grouped by: demographics. Helpful Safety & Health Links - This web page lists links to free resources on other government and university web sites Free Safety Training Videos. Here is a collection of safety videos that you can use for awareness training. We hope you find this useful. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC. Use them at your discretion

Warehouse Safety Tips. The sections below cover common warehouse hazards you should diligently manage. Vehicle Safety. Whether your workers drive forklifts or lift trucks, vehicle safety is essential to prevent impact or crush injuries. In 2016/17, 31 people died due to being struck by a moving vehicle Atlantic's Warehouse Safety video Program helps employees to stay safe by identifying the specific hazards they can encounter while working in a warehouse, and providing them with the practical procedures that they can use to avoid them.Warehouses are very busy places and that can give rise to a lot of hazardous situations Safety+Health Magazine Content on Warehouse safety. Use of compact fluorescent lightbulbs can save money, conserve energy, reduce waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency Warehouse Safety Topics: Loading DocksThis is a broad topic that involves a variety of tips related to working with loading docks, without a forklift. It is important to remove one object at a time from shelves and also place heavier loads on the lower or middle shelves to avoid too much strain on your spine.Another important tip is handling. 2. Safety Games. Try a game like safety bingo or spot the hazard.. Hand out prizes like branded t-shirts or points that add up and can be cashed in for a bigger prize at the end of training. 3. Small Group Breakout Sessions. Divide students up into small groups

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  1. July 21 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Free. « Financing Energy Improvements to Increase Efficiency Within Your Facility. Warehouse Safety Training ». IMC is partnering with the Manufacturers' Association to bring Warehouse Safety Training for Manufacturers to Central Pennsylvania! This training program focuses on warehouse hazards
  2. iAuditor is a mobile and web application that can be used to provide visibility and insights into raising safety and quality standards across an organization. Collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas, and get problems resolved with this easy-to-use checklist software
  3. We have a section specifically for free safety topics including toolbox topics on subjects such as behavior safety, lockout tagout, electrical safety, forklift safety, chemical safety and many others. We also have a section for sharing safety files such as images, videos, documents or safety presentations to help you get the message across
  4. Free Safety Videos - Melon Head. An excellent one of our little free safety videos to download right now. It is short, amateur, to the point and perfect for a toolbox training topic. Play it now and see for yourself - it gives an example of how a melon (your head) is protected by a hard hat - or any PPE for that matter

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The topics are intended for use of on-the-job safety training and meetings to educate employees of potential hazards and work-related injuries and illnesses. A record of all safety meetings should be kept on file for the duration of each attendee's employment and should include: date, topic, attendees, recommendations, and additional comments Warehouse training courses for safety, maintenance, and management. What all warehouses have in common is the risk involved when working in them. Minimize your risk by investing in the proper warehouse training. Mastery Training Services provides warehouse training videos covering the many different safety issues an employee might encounter in.

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Electrical Safety Service panels unobstructed and in good repair Service labelled inside and voltage label on exterior of panel door Power cords are in good condition with no splices or broken insulation Lockout/Tagout program in place; training conducted for authorized and affected Dock/Storage Racks/Conveyors Dock plates and levelers in good. Meet FDA and GFSI training requirements for warehouses and distribution centers for every employee without the cost of travel. These five easy-to-understand webinars provide the practical information you need to set up food protection programs that exceed customer and regulatory expectations for food storage This 10-hour General Industry: Warehouse Safety program is intended to provide workers with a variety of safety training topics associated with workplace hazards in the warehouse industry. This program helps employers meet OSHA training requirements for their warehouse staff Workplace Ergonomics. Work-Zone Safety. More information on training programs is available in the Training Program Descriptions publication, or contact Workplace Safety at 512-804-4610 or SafetyTraining@tdi.texas.gov For more information on Safety and Health of Transport workers go to the report from the European Safety Agency entitled OSH in figures: Occupational safety and health in the transport sector — an overview. Safety in Warehousing (HSE UK) All Ireland Warehousing Association. Submission completed, thank you

Different tasks within a warehouse require specialized safety training expertise. Training focused on that expertise is paramount. The information contained in this article is intended for general information purposes only and is based on information available as of the initial date of publication The following is a list of tailgate talks that you can take and use on your job-site. Each Everyday Safety tailgate talk comes with a sign-in sheet which allows supervisors to document who heard the briefing. If you have questions, or an idea for a tailgate talk, please email us. at clrp@cornell.edu. How to Give a Tailgate Talk (pdf Slips, Trips, and Falls. Broken legs and arms, broken hips, severe back injuries and concussions are typical injuries resulting from a slip, trip or fall. These injuries can be painful and often require long recovery periods but fortunately, most injuries can be prevented. 25 slides. Slips, Trips, and Falls Awareness Training

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A comprehensive database of more than 11 workplace safety quizzes online, test your knowledge with workplace safety quiz questions. Our online workplace safety trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top workplace safety quizzes IMC is partnering with the Manufacturers' Association to bring Warehouse Safety Training for Manufacturers to Central Pennsylvania! This training program focuses on warehouse hazards. The program will help workers and employers recognize serious workplace hazards, including implementing injury prevention measures and understanding employee rights and employer responsibilities under the. Specs. Training Time: 19 minutes. Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Phone. Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices. Languages: English, Polish. Warehouses are large, open rooms or structures commonly used to receive, organize, store, and ship goods to customers or other facilities. Most warehouses have a loading dock where trucks and. ANSWER KEY: Warehouse Safety Basics Quiz 1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. True 6. False 7. False 8. True 9. e) ALL OF THE ABOVE are warehouse workplace hazards 10. d) Pile pallets, containers and rubbish in designated, specific areas. 11. d) Sprains and strains from poor ergonomics. 12. c) Preventable. 13. a) Turn off the vehicle and remove.

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  1. On-line safety training videos can be used for both new hire safety orientation, and for regularly scheduled safety meetings with your current employees. If you're looking for premium quality paid safety videos from trusted brands like JJ Keller and Coastal Training , we highly recommend Atlantic Training
  2. Workplace Athletics Proper Lifting Techniques According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than one million workers experience back injuries each year
  3. ent are ISO 9000 and ISO 14001

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Online Food Safety Training for Warehouse, Manufacturers, and Food Processing Professionals. Easy access to online training programs help your team understand fundamental food safety principles, basic regulatory requirements (FDA, FSMA, USDA) and industry best practices to support food safety compliance Whether You're a Teacher or Teaching, We Offer a Selection of Resources for Learners Warehouse Safety - Health and Safety Training Course. Objective: The objective of this course is to help prevent accidents and injuries whilst working in the warehouse and loading dock. Pre-course requirements: For supervisors, workshop, warehouse and store personnel and anyone else who handles materials at work. Programme: Identify warehouse.

Free Safety Quizzes - Workplace Safety Rules. Health and safety professionals love our quick, detailed quizzes to help employers increase safety in the workplace. Reinforce training and quickly evaluate your employees. • Get a personalized certificate to save in training records. • Learn critical information from professionals in each field Warehouse operations are a critical component of business strategy. The more efficient your operations, the easier it is to ship and receive items and to meet customers' expectations. Efficient operations only occur when leaders implement best practices for receiving, shipping, picking, managing inventory, and ensuring warehouse safety Handouts. Safety materials created by safety professionals. Access to the Safety Manager software. Wide variety of safety videos and courses. Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information. Learn More. Created by experienced safety professionals & risk consultants. Saving you time, money, and risk of injuries. 95% of the work already done Access Safety.BLR.com Get FREE 14-Day Unlimited Access With a Safety.BLR.com account, you get complete access to up-to-date legal analysis, tools, training, time savers, resources and more

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Monthly Safety Training Topics. Every ANR office should have routine safety training, at a monthly staff meeting or other forum. Training topics can vary, depending on the operations and activities at a particular location. Here is a suggested calendar of safety training topics throughout the year. Month Warehouse operators add value for manufactures, assembly operations, and consoli-dation points by receiving, storing, maintaining, picking, and shipping materials and components to support large volume purchase discounts. The need is further realized as variations in quality and lead times necessitate purchasing added safety stock to protec Workplace Safety Charades. Charades is a familiar and entertaining word guessing game that can be a powerful safety training tool. To play Workplace Safety Charades, teams must guess the safety-related words or phrases correctly before time runs out by observing the acts of one of their team members Safety is a part of each employee's job. Active participation and adherence to the Safety Program is a condition of each employee's employment. No employee is required to work at a job that he or she knows is not safe. Therefore, we must work to make every workplace safe by detecting and correcting unsafe working conditions, as well as the.

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And you can use an e-learning authoring tool to make your own safety training online courses.The short video below explains what an LMS is and how it can make safety training more efficient, effective, organized, and inexpensive.Conclusion: There Are LOTS of Ways to Make Safety Training More FunSo that wraps that up, at least in terms of tips. Training is an important part of running a safe warehouse environment but so is effective communication between you and your staff. This can cover a multitude of situations. Discussing movement of stock or rearranging an area of the warehouse should involve plenty of communication WAREHOUSE SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLIST GENERAL SAFETY No aisles obstructed Area free of falling hazards First aid kit available Emergency lighti ng functioning Lighting adequate Ladders/stools in safe condition Housekeeping is good Emergency phone numbers posted. warehouse environment. To keep a warehouse safe requires awareness, anticipation and common sense. The warehouse manager should ensure: Safety: • Maintenance of clutter-free environment: walking areas inside the warehouse and its surroundings are free of boxes, materials, electric cords, tools, and equipment against whic

At KMI we have developed warehouse staff training for thousands of warehouse employees in the key areas of safety, productivity, quality, and equipment certification. With our experience in Operational training, if you have an area of need we have probably already helped another client solve it. We have helped many companies train their. The free short guide 'Warehousing and storage 'Keep it safe' INDG412 (PDF) [1] has been produced to help those involved in warehousing and stroage reduce the number of injuries and cases of occupational ill health. Use the link to download the leaflet. A more comprehensive guide Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety' HSG76

5S Guide. E-Book | Details. This free Lean/5S guide will provide everything you need to know to get you started on your 5S program. This free PDF guide best practice can help and guide your way within any company, from manufacturing to an office. Mailed copy includes free 5S poster and 5S powerpoint presentation Safety Training Pages 6-17 Whose Responsibility Is It? Page 6 Supplemental Information Pages 6A and 6B The Deadly Dozen Page 7 Why Accidents Occur Page 8 Recognizing Unsafe Conditions Page 9 Shop Safety Page 10 What Does An Accident Cost Page 11 Near Misses Page 12 Care For The Injured Page 13.

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  1. These free PowerPoints should be used as a reference only. We take no responsibility for the information contained within them. Although most of these PowerPoints were created by very reputable, and sometimes authoritative, organizations it is still in your best interest to study the topics yourself and make sure the PowerPoint presentations apply to your organization's specific situation and.
  2. Forklift and warehouse safety tips and OSHA requirements for running a safer workplace. Learn about forklift safety training, injury stats, warehouse and loading dock safety, aerial lift safety and forklift operator ergonomics in the SF east bay, Livermore, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno California
  3. Janitor/Custodian Safety & Health - Module 1 - Safe Use of Chemical Cleaning Products. Janitor/Custodian Safety & Health - Module 2 - Biohazards: Bloodborne Pathogens, Viruses and Molds. Janitor/Custodian Safety & Health - Module 3 - Physical Hazards. Musculoskeletal Hazards - Module 4
  4. How will the Distribution Warehouse Safety Program benefit your business? Safety is good business and the right thing to do. It's not only an employer's responsibility to protect workers from injury and illness on the job, protecting workers makes good business sense. The costs related to accidents and injuries can be expensive and add up quickly
  5. Warehouse Safety: Safe Material Handling raises employee awareness around hazards like material handling, chemical handling and storage, and slips, trips, and falls. It also covers the different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used and offers tips on how to work safely around warehouse traffic
  6. Safety Education Stickers Stickers to order for use in workplace safety & health awareness. Required Workplace Posters from L&I Employers are legally required to display these free posters in their workplace to inform workers of their rights and responsibilities
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Warehouse work comes with quite a few safety risks. Workers in warehouses must be aware of many potential dangers to stay safe on the job. They also need to take many warehouse safety issues seriously, including slips and falls and operating heavy equipment Workplace health and safety is both the moral and legal responsibility of most employers. Whether you're working in an office or in a manufacturing warehouse, any type of workplace has its share of hazards. It is important for employers to thoroughly assess and effectively address each issue. This means performing a job safety analysis. Introduction Having a warehouse safety checklist to run every month might seem like a pain, but it beats paying $82.5 million in a lawsuit following from flouting safety regulations. Instead, just use this checklist to check that everything in your warehouse is up to standard and that your employees are safe and sound. From surface [ I am also a fresh safety officer in this field, the knowledge from 5 days training is still need to be studied further of HSE awareness. On the other hands the duties of training is fallen on me for drivers and all employees in the work place, that is why, I need some safety ref videos to be used in training. Best Regards. So

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  2. Forklift Operator Training. Crown's network of factory-trained instructors offers full-service DP MoveSafe Train-the-Operator programs. Conducted at your site, these highly trained instructor led sessions present the full gamut of powered industrial lift truck safety information with clear, understandable and highly visual presentations.. Hands-on time is maximized and structured to assure.
  3. Safety courses near you. We partner with eleven colleges across Texas to offer free or discounted workplace safety and health courses to local businesses and their employees. Course topics are tailored toward the primary industries in each community and may include general workplace safety and OSHA training. Find courses near yo
  4. When clients, managers or safety professionals walk through your work site, housekeeping is an accurate indicator of everyone's attitude about quality, production and safety. Poor housekeeping creates hazards of all types. 11 slides: Housekeeping Good housekeeping is the foundation of a safe, healthy and pleasant workplace

• Safety & EHS Personnel • Warehouse Employees • Shipping/Receiving • Order Picking (feel free to use your own assessment system). This risk assessment will help you prioritize each intersection or crossing and suggest a course of such as training, process. 5 Tips on warehouse safety. This article addresses tripping hazards, safety equipment, safety and danger zones and zebra striping. Accidents are not deliberate and identifying dangerous areas is worth the time. Good safety practices are discussed in this blog post

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Employee safety training with videos saves both time and money. Over the years OSHA has increased even more pressure on companies to enforce safety and meeting health regulations. Thus, putting your company at more risk for hefty fines and more insurance companies are insisting compliance programs in order to reduce loss risk cost 5 Funny Safety Videos to Take to Work. We've all heard the expression It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. It's true-safety isn't a game-but there's no reason you can't have some fun with your safety training once in a while. We've compiled some of our favorite funny safety videos from around the web to help lighten your. In our safety videos shop our cornerstone product is The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety. It is one of the most simple, most comprehensive and most affordable workplace safety induction videos available to buy anywhere in the world. Not only used for inductions and on boarding, it is a great general safety training video too Safety Manual Template Doug Wakefield from Safe Measure has developed this excellent manual, over many years, while providing health and safety consulting services and training to a range of industries and at all organisational levels. The document is in Word format and can be easily modified, cut and pasted etc. Doug is extremely passionate about keeping people safe from harm and making this. This rack safety training is aimed at any employee involved in one way or another in warehouse operations. Everyone who completes the training session will receive a certificate. Depending on the level of awareness and knowledge about rack damage and inspection procedures, we can adapt the content of the presentation to fit the needs of your.

OSHA.com is the premier online safety training site for construction, general industry, and OSHA Outreach Training. Our interactive online courses include OSHA 10-Hour Outreach, OSHA 30-Hour Outreach, and HAZWOPER 40-Hour, HAZWOPER 24-Hour and HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Distribution centers should develop comprehensive training programs based on food safety fundamentals as they apply to distribution. This training should include allergen, cross-contamination, bloodborne pathogens, HACCP, sanitation, and food defense. Many employees know the rules regarding requirements, such as how to store products, segregate.

Pennsylvania Training for Health and Safety, or PATHS, is an important resource for employers and workers throughout the state. PATHS is a no-fee, statewide service established by the Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workers' Compensation's Health and Safety Division to provide employers and employees with easy access to cost-effective. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Safety In Warehouse PPT. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint.com, find free presentations research about Safety In Warehouse PP


Warehouse Training Solutions is a dynamic and specialised training company based in Ireland. We focus on providing high quality training programmes to all of our clients and in particular to the Warehousing, Transport and Logistics Industry We offer instructor-led workplace safety training classes in the Greater Austin, Texas Area specializing in PEC SafeLand/SafeGulf, OSHA 10 & 30, DOT HazMat and many others. Contact us today to request training for your employees Request your free Warehouse Safety Hazards & Solutions Guide from Graphic Products for more on identifying and mitigating hazards in your facility. 8. Implement a Floor Marking System to Keep Workers Safe. OSHA maintains basic rules and regulations for effective floor marking HR training offer a range of certificates in warehousing operations: Certificate II in Warehousing Operations This qualification is designed for job roles in a warehouse that perform a basic range of functions involving routines and procedures with some accountability for the quality of outcomes These safety game ideas are ideal for workplaces that have limited time or space to conduct safety training. For companies that have more time and space to devote to safety training, multiple activities such as one or two of these short safety games and a longer safety activity like Safe-T-Word can be the right choice for ensuring that safety. Using your warehouse safety checklist, walk around your warehouse to ensure all floors are free of slip and trip hazards, all walkways are free of stray cords, liquids and any other potential safety hazard. 5. Provide training. Schedule periodic training sessions to educate and refresh your employees about how to ensure consistent workplace.