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  1. Antibiotics used during the treatment will kill the bacteria that cause leprosy. But while the treatment can cure the disease and prevent it from getting worse, it does not reverse nerve damage or physical disfiguration that may have occurred before the diagnosis
  2. e for six months. Treatment for multibacillary leprosy uses the same medications for 12 months. A number of other antibiotics may also be used
  3. Leprosy is curable with multidrug therapy (MDT). Untreated, it can cause progressive and permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs, and eyes. There were 202 256 new leprosy cases registered globally in 2019, according to official figures from 161 countries from the 6 WHO Regions
  4. Hansen's disease (also known as leprosy) is an infection caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. It can affect the nerves, skin, eyes, and lining of the nose (nasal mucosa). With early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be cured
  5. But there is! Through the use of multi-drug therapy, a combination of three antibiotics, we CAN cure leprosy. Having a cure is wonderful, but there is still shame surrounding leprosy in places like India. People may not seek treatment because of the rejection that follows
  6. In the United States, leprosy is no longer an uncontrollable disease. It can be cured. With treatment, you can prevent problems, such as the loss of feeling or blindness. These problems can only develop when someone has leprosy for a long time
  7. Leprosy is treatable with medication, and most patients can continue their lives normally if they are treated. The disease is only mildly contagious when it is untreated, and once you are taking the medication, you are no longer contagious to others

Leprosy is defined by the number and type of skin sores you have. Specific symptoms and treatment depend on the type of leprosy. The types are: Tuberculoid. A mild, less severe form of leprosy. Leprosy is also known as Hansen's disease. Leprosy produces skin ulcers, nerve damage, and muscle weakness. If it isn't treated, it can cause severe disfigurement and significant disability... The separating sickness was long thought to have no cure. Despite historic connotations of sexual impropriety, leprosy is usually spread via saliva or, more unusually, through contact with an..

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leprosy is curable Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | SANGEETA YADAV To mark the World leprosy Day on January 30, dermatologists talk about the rise in cases getting reported and leprosy not being a stigma.. The treatment completion rate, which is similar to the cure rate in leprosy programmes, is also a good indicator of the quality of the management of leprosy cases. A good programme should have a cure rate of more than 80% for all clinical forms of leprosy. Unfortunately, the data on cure rate are not regularly reported by national programmes

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  2. Incurable by man, many believed God inflicted the curse of leprosy upon people for the sins they committed. In fact, those with leprosy were so despised and loathed that they were not allowed to live in any community with their own people (Numbers 5:2)
  3. -- was discovered in 1941 at the National Leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana. The medicine was introduced to Kalaupapa in 1946
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  5. isters to people with Hansen's disease in Nepal. The NLT was founded by Eileen Lodge in 1972 after she had spent time.
  6. The Hippocratic and later Greek medical writings apply λέπρα to curable scaling skin affections such as vitiligo and psoriasis. The standard Greek term for genuine leprosy, significantly appearing only after 250 b.c. (and not in Hippocrates) was ἐλεφαντίασις, later Latinized as elephantiasis Graecorum. In the New Testament

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  1. In biblical times, leprosy was viewed as a curse from God, often connected with sin. It was not a lethal disease, but neither did it seem to cease. Instead, it remained for years, causing the skin tissues to degenerate and disfiguring the body. In one of Jesus' well-known miracles, He was able to cure a man of his leprosy. Discover the Bible verses about Leprosy in this collection of.
  2. Hansen's disease (leprosy) is curable with antibiotics. Learn the facts to end stigma and prejudice against people with the disease. http://bit.ly/2kttOo
  3. People who have had contact with a person with leprosy are screened in Nyaung U, Myanmar. If it is discovered early, the disease is curable. But once nerve damage has set in, even if the disease is..
  4. As a result, today leprosy is curable. Over the decades following Dr. Hansen's discovery in the 1870s, multiple treatments were used, but they achieved varied success and leprosy bacteria began developing an immunity to the sulfone drug therapy. Finally, in the 1980s, a multi-drug therapy (MDT) treatment successfully cured leprosy without the.
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  6. The accepted term is a person affected by leprosy. Do not use leprosy as a type or picture of sin. We should not say that all disease is a punishment from God. Christ did not do so, and this would be a misinterpretation of suffering. Remember that Biblical leprosy is NOT modern leprosy / Hansen's disease. The word leprosy should.

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Rufiji Leprosy Trust is a charitable trust supporting the Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre in the Rufiji area of Tanzania. The care centre assists in: ~ promoting self-sufficiency of people living with leprosy and their families. As leprosy is curable, many think the disease is no longer a problem, however it is listed as a Neglected Tropical. Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, an acid-fast, rod-shaped bacillus. The disease mainly affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and the eyes. Leprosy is curable and treatment in the early stages can prevent disability The history of leprosy was traced to its origins by an international team of 22 geneticists using comparative genomics of the worldwide distribution of Mycobacterium leprae. Monot et al. (2005) determined that leprosy originated in East Africa or the Near East and traveled with humans along their migration routes, including those of trade in goods and slaves

Leprosy: a 'common' and curable cause of peripheral neuropathy with skin lesions. Breen DP , Deeb J , Vaidya S , Lockwood DN , Radunovic A J R Coll Physicians Edinb , 45(1):38-42, 01 Mar 201 Leprosy also known as Hansen's disease, is a chronic infectious disease caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae, which has a preference for the skin and peripheral nerves 1). Leprosy is curable and treatment in the early stages can prevent disability. Mycobacterium leprae is an acid-fast, rod-shaped bacillus

A 2019 UN report said stigmatisation of leprosy, despite it being a curable condition, has pushed many who suffer from the disease into vulnerable positions where they could not access regular. Leprosy Is Curable! The dreaded disease, Leprosy, is an infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae or M. lepromatosis bacteria. G. H. Armauer Hansen discovered M. leprae, the causative agent of leprosy, in Norway in 1873. This was the first bacterium to be identified as causing disease in humans Notes of four cases of leprosy, two being described at length, which after a residence at the leper-hospital of Agua de Dios at Bogota, lost all signs of the disease. Injections of chaulmoogra oil were used in one of the cases for a period of 18 months, but the nature of the treatment in the other case is not mentioned. The author goes on to remark that the sanitary conditions in the leper.. Cure, Rost serum. Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article. Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine

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  1. Leprosy is caused by infection with the bacillus Mycobacterium leprae, which multiplies very slowly in the human body. The bacterium has a long incubation period (on average five years or longer). The disease affects nerve endings and destroys the body's ability to feel pain and injury. Leprosy is curable and treatment provided in the early.
  2. Leprosy is a contagious disease that affects the skin and can cause a lack of ability to feel pain. It is caused by a slow-multiplying bacteria, mycobacterium leprae, which starts by damaging the.
  3. A: Yes, there is a cure. Leprosy is caused by the Mycoplasma bacteria, and since it is a bacterial infection it can be treated, quite easily actually.A multi-drug approach is used, with Rifampin and Dapsone used to block enzymes that the bacteria uses to make folic acid. Thalidomide (a drug that used to be used to prevent morning sickness until.
  4. Leprosy is curable with oral antibiotics and prompt therapy reduces the risk of complications. Complications are related to loss of sensation in limbs and digits, causing people to overlook small sores or burns until they are infected. Sores on the soles of the feet are particularly problematic. Nerve involvement may also cause weakness.
  5. Leprosy - one of the most dreaded, stigmatized diseases in history - is now 100 percent curable, said Levis, who directs the New York Regional Hansen's Disease Center at Bellevue Hospital.
  6. It seems like a cure for leprosy that involves taking two birds, killing one and dipping the other in the blood of the first, then sprinkling the blood in a particular fashion, multiple times.. Taken literally, I can't see any explanation except that it is some shamanic recipe dating from the bronze age, and medically completely bogus if not downright dangerous

Leprosy is easily treatable with antibiotics when detected early; the problem is that early detection may be a hurdle for individuals experiencing homelessness, as they are not likely to be receiving regular medical care. And when left untreated, leprosy can lead to serious complications, including peripheral nerve damage, skin lesions, and. Leprosy is like any other illness such as flu, TB etc. which can affect anyone and with medication, it is completely curable and can be treated at home (no isolation is required). What has not changed, unfortunately, is the stigma related to Leprosy Leprosy: a curable disease. Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae that primarily affects the skin, peripheral nerves, eyes, and the upper respiratory tract resulting in skin lesions, neuropathy, deformities and disabilities. The infection is said to spread through droplet infection Leprosy is curable; however, if the disease has progressed and caused damage, that damage may not be reversible. Even so, treatment halts the disease progression. After taking the medications for a month, the risk of contagion passes. Effective treatment has helped reduce the stigma that has historically plagued this condition Yes, in most cases leprosy is nearly curable certainly turn it to non infectious state and prevent deformities. Only in advanced lepromatous lepresy that is more contagious we have to concentrate on turning it into non- infectious state and correc..

Leprosy is curable. Treatment provided in the early stages averts disability. Although not highly infectious, it is transmitted via droplets, from the nose and mouth, during close and frequent contacts with untreated cases. Early diagnosis and treatment with multidrug therapy (MDT) remains a key in eliminating the disease as a public health. Leprosy is Curable by Hannah Joy on January 29, 2018 at 3:00 PM General Health News Leprosy is not considered as a stigma anymore, as it can be treated with multidrug therapy Leprosy is curable, but awareness is low Contrary to popular belief, leprosy has not been eradicated in India. The country was declared leprosy-free in 2005, but new cases still keep cropping up

Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, is an infectious disease that mainly affects the skin, peripheral nerves, upper respiratory tract, and eyes. The disease has ancient origins and for millennia people had to cope with it without being able to cure it. Beginning in the 20th century, medications were developed, and today the disease is. Leprosy was not curable in biblical times. It is curable today through the use of antibiotics to remove the harmful bacteria and anti-inflammatory drugs to control the nerve pain caused by the. Leprosy is completely curable with a course of antibiotics called Multi-drug Therapy (MDT). It's taken by the patient for one year (but can be taken longer in severe cases). In most cases, patients are no longer infectious within 24-48 hours of beginning treatment. In the absence of a vaccine, multidrug therapy is the single most powerful [

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  1. Leprosy is a contagious, chronic disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, a rod-shaped bacterium. The disease is also called Hansen's disease, after a Norwegian doctor, Armauer Hansen
  2. The good news is that leprosy is curable. In 1873, Norwegian scientist Dr. Gerhard-Henrik Armauer Hansen discovered Mycobacterium leprae, which is the infectious bacterium that causes leprosy (because of this, the disease is also known as Hansen's disease)
  3. In Australia, leprosy is now rare. With the introduction of multi-drug therapy in the early 1980s, the disease is now curable. Symptoms of leprosy. The main symptom of leprosy is skin lesions. Other effects of leprosy are due to its impact on the body's nervous system. Leprosy does not affect the central nervous system

Leprosy is a curable disease. Yes, you heard that right. Leprosy has become a curable disease almost three decades ago by the advent of multidrug therapy and the use of anti-inflammatory therapies. These methods are very helpful to prevent the long-term complications of the condition. 2. Leprosy is not a disease of the poo From leprosy to COVID-19, how stigma makes it harder to fight epidemics. Most knew the disease was curable, but more than one-quarter said they would not marry someone who had had it. In India. If by cure you mean put some suave on it or some such thing and it would go away, the answer is No. Those with leprosy were isolated so as not to spread it to others. The only cure was Jesus Christ (Luke 17:12-19) just as the only cure for sin.. Leprosy is curable with multidrug therapy (MDT). MDT is available to leprosy patients free of cost. Leprosy is not a highly contagious disease. It can spread from person-to-person by prolonged close contact (as may occur in a household) with a person who is not taking or who has not completed treatment , via droplets from the nose and mouth Cure. A combination of three separate drugs (Dapsone, Clofazimine and Rifampicin) known as multi-drug therapy (or MDT) kills the bacteria that causes leprosy. When the Leprosy Mission New Zealand was established in 1912, there was no cure for leprosy. Natural remedies were used to alleviate some of the discomfort, but it wasn't until 1982 that.

Background: Leprosy is curable with multidrug therapy and treatment in the early stages can prevent disability. However, local nerve damage can lead to injury and consequently recurring and disfiguring ulcers. The aim of this study is to evaluate the treatment of leprosy ulcers using an autologous blood product; leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) to promote healing Also read: World Continence Week 2019: Urinary Incontinence is Curable. Symptoms of leprosy skin disease . As the symptoms do not appear early, close and regular observation of the skin is.

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Leprosy is a slowly progressing and intractable disease characterized by subcutaneous nodules, scabs or cuticular crusts and white shining spots appearing to be deeper than the skin. This disease in an especial manner rendered its victims unclean; even contact with a leper defiled whoever touched him, so while the cure of other diseases is called healing, that of leprosy is called cleansing Leprosy, a disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, is fully curable if diagnosed and treated early, before permanent neurological damage sets in.The neuropathy that occurs in leprosy is the reason. As the New York Times reports, leprosy is a wimp of a pathogen. It's so fragile that it dies quickly outside of the body and is notoriously difficult to grow in lab conditions. But with a. NPR correspondent Pam Fessler, author of Carville's Cure: Leprosy, Stigma, and the Fight for Justice, talks about her research into this once feared disease — and its connection to COVID-19 Only 15% of the community members and 42% of the patients were aware of the early signs of the disease. 54% of the community members and 41% of the patients felt that leprosy is contagious. 60% of the community and 86% of the patients were of the opinion that leprosy is curable. Many believe that leprosy is associated with deformities and.

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My mom 47 years had numbness in right thumb and in between of fingers of feet, is it due to leprosy, is leprosy curable? 1 doctor answer • 5 doctors weighed in. A 26-year-old male asked: My moms left heel hurts and she can't step on it, but once she forces to step on it, she gets used to it, and then shes fine.. What is the merit in having these laws today when it is completely curable is anybody's guess. Denying that leprosy is spreading, experts say more numbers are being reported due to the diligent.

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Leprosy can be debilitating and disfiguring, but leprosy is curable and now even preventable. This project shows that this intervention is for the community and we are all stakeholders, says Dr. Suleiman Abdullahi , Medical Adviser LTR Nigeria Leprosy affects the skin and the peripheral nerves that are located near the brain and spinal cord. It can also affect other parts of the body, such as the kidneys, eyes, tissue inside the nose, and male reproductive organs. The chief symptom is the disfiguring, pale-coloured skin sores

Leprosy is completely curable. 28 December 2018 12:08 pm - 0 - 5405. A A A. Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind, passing through generations up to modern days and spreading much. The Hindi-language flipchart titled Leprosy is curable is designed to assist ASHA community health workers operating at village level across India in communicating a correct understanding of the disease and contribute to early detection and treatment The good news is that leprosy is curable. In 1981, the WHO recommended the use of a combination of three antibiotics—usually dapsone, rifampin, and clofazimine—for treatment, which takes six months to a year or more. Certain cases may be treated with two antibiotics, but rifampin is a key component of either regimen But while it's true that leprosy is now entirely preventable and curable, this stubborn disease refuses to accept its defeat. Today, over four million people live with leprosy-related disabilities, and it remains one of the leading causes of long-term nerve damage worldwide.. And even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) now offers highly effective leprosy treatments free of charge, the.

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Imagine how you would feel if a curable disease left you to suffer with life-changing disabilities, extreme isolation and even separation from those closest to you. This is the case with leprosy. Although there is a cure, up to 4 million people are living with severe disabilities and mental health problems as a consequence. Many are excluded from society Fortunately, leprosy is an extremely curable disease that can be treated with antibiotics. But as with many afflictions, early detection is the key to effective treatment and preventing the disability and disfigurement that can result from a secondary infection. Unfortunately, many individuals may dismiss the lesions as benign sores or other. Leprosy, also called Hansen's disease, is the result of the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. If you have leprosy, do not worry too much. Times have changed the history line of horror stories. Yes, the disease can affect the eyes, skin, the lining of your nose, and your nerves, but it can be treated much easier and it is not as contagious as it. Leprosy has been a fully curable disease since the 1940s and, in September 2016, health officials even introduced an effective vaccine for the malady. Yet hundreds of quarantine sites called leper. Leprosy could also find its way into clothing and the walls of the house. Likewise, sin can manifest itself in the way we dress and what we do with, and in, our homes. In all of these ways leprosy was loathsome. It could not be kept hidden, and like leprosy, our sin will find a way out, and we will be exposed

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Leprosy, or Hansen's Disease, is a disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy typically affects multiple organ systems including the integumentary system, nervous system, and. Hansen's disease, once known as leprosy, is a bacterial infection that affects the nervous system, skin, nose, and eyes. It is curable. But without early treatment, it can cause irreversible damage Leprosy is a treatable and curable disease. The vast majority of patients can take their medication at home and continue their regular work and other activities. Patients with leprosy do not need to be isolated. It is important to note that the drugs used to treat leprosy are very effective in killing the bacteria, and patients on treatment are.

Also known as Hansen's disease, leprosy is a skin infection caused by a mycobacterium. Leprosy was at one-time incurable and lepers were segregated into colonies; today the infection is readily cured — it's just a matter of reaching victims of the disease and fighting the social taboos surrounding it. Leprosy is rare in the West yet widely known through biblical references Leprosy is Curable. Free Treatment is Available. Social Discrimination has no Place. FOR THE ELIMINATION OF LEPROSY WHO SPECIAL AMBASSADOR'S NEWSLETTER A MESSAGE FROM THE SPECIAL AMBASSADOR My work in leprosy elimination has spanned more than 30 years. However, the roots of my work go even deeper than that, covering two full generations. M Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, is a curable, chronic bacterial infection that predominately affects the skin, nerves, and membranes in the upper airway.. According to the National Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Program, there are approximately 6,500 cases of leprosy in the United States and only about half currently need to take medications

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Today an effective treatment exists in the form of multidrug therapy (MDT) and with early detection and treatment, the disease is completely curable. But if treatment is delayed, leprosy can cause. Leprosy, also called Hansen's disease, is an infection caused by a slow-growing bacteria that causes skin lesions and nerve damage. Now very treatable, the condition no longer requires quarantine

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Leprosy is an ancient disease, the oldest disease known to be associated with humans, with evidence of characteristic bone pitting and deformities found in burial sites in India as far back as 2000 B.C.. It's thus only natural that many might think the disease is a relic of the past. My studies in 2018 in a Brazilian state where the disease is prevalent shows that leprosy is closer to us. Law, Ot Human Skin. Blemished People. When a man has on the skin of his body a swelling or a scab or a bright spot, and it becomes an infection of leprosy on the skin of his body, then he shall be brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons the priests. Leviticus 14:2. Verse Concepts Leprosy is totally curable. (Image credit: Nenov Brothers Images/Shutterstock) The isolation that once went hand in hand with a diagnosis of leprosy was devastating to patients. But today, the. Today an effective treatment exists in the form of multidrug therapy (MDT) and with early detection and treatment, the disease is completely curable. But if treatment is delayed, leprosy can cause impairments to the skin, nerves, face, hands and feet, and lead to permanent disability Leprosy (or Hansen's Disease) is a communicable disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. M.leprae is an acid-fast, rod-shaped bacillus that mainly affects the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and also the eyes. It mainly affects the skin and nerves and progresses slowly with an average incubation period of three years

Untreated, leprosy can cause progressive and permanent damage. But if detected and managed early, it is completely curable. Over the past year, the headlines have dominated by Covid-19. It is easy to forget about other diseases, such as, leprosy, especially because many people think of it as a disease of the past Leprosy infection is curable with six or 12 month courses of antibiotics depending on the type of leprosy that you have. The antibiotics are provided free of cost (through the Novartis foundation) by the World Health Organization to national leprosy programmes. Leprosy is only mildly infectious and not transmitted by touch or sex Although leprosy could cause irreversible disabilities, with medical advances, it's currently a very curable disease. However, a serious obstacle is that the social stigma related to leprosy, and lots of persons affected by leprosy still be outcast from society Though feared throughout much of history, leprosy is not a highly contagious disease and is curable. Transmission of the infection requires prolonged and close contact. Advertisemen About 150-250 cases of leprosy, which is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae and results in nerve damage if not treated early, are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Two-thirds of the patients turned out to have contracted the disease abroad in places like Africa, the Philippines and Brazil, where it's not uncommon

Leprosy, which mainly affects the skin, eyes and nerves, is curable with multidrug therapy, which the WHO has made available for free since 1995. But during the Middle Ages, there was no cure Leprosy is a neglected tropical disease caused by bacteria. Leprosy is thought to be contracted when a person affected by leprosy coughs or sneezes, and a vulnerable person breathes in the droplets containing the bacterium. Leprosy is curable. Leprosy rarely affects people in modern Australia, but it's deeply interwoven with our world's. Leprosy, also called Hansen disease, is a disorder known since ancient times. It is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae and is contagious, which means that it can be passed from person to person. It is usually contracted by breathing airborne droplets from affected individuals' coughs and sneezes, or by coming into contact with their nasal fluids The first known written mention of leprosy is dated at 600 BC. Throughout history, those infected with this disease have typically become outcasts of their families and communities. Even though there is a cure for leprosy and the misconceptions about its transmission have been shown to be false, the stigma is still very strong Leprosy is curable with antibiotic treatment for 6-12 months. Unfortunately, for many people living in poverty around the world, diagnosis is too late to avoid limb damage or blindness, and the stigma associated with these injuries and a leprosy diagnosis

Leprosy is a chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) bacteria. It can affect the skin and the nerves of the hands and feet as well as the eyes and the lining of the nose. It can affect the skin and the nerves of the hands and feet as well as the eyes and the lining of the nose Leprosy is curable with multidrug therapy (MDT). Three antibiotics (dapsone, rifampicin, and clofazimine) in combination is used for 6 months to 1 year based on the type of leprosy (paucibacillary or multibacillary) Leprosy, also called Hansen disease, chronic infectious disease that affects the skin, the peripheral nerves (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord), and the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and eyes. It is caused by the leprosy bacillus, Mycobacterium leprae. Destruction of the peripheral nerves by the bacillus leads to a loss of. Leprosy a creation of God has affected humanity for over 4,000 years! LEPROSY is a bacterial disease that destroys the peripheral and motor nerves. If left untreated, it can lead to a painful inflammation of the kidneys, the anaesthetising of extremities, deformity, and incurable blindness. Physical injury and impairment of circulation results. Leprosy can be debilitating and disfiguring, but leprosy is curable and now even preventable. This project shows that this intervention is for the community and we are all stakeholders, says Dr. Suleiman Abdullahi, Medical Adviser LTR Nigeria. Ready4PEP project

Leprosy is curable, if treatment swiftly follows a timely diagnosis, but if patients are not treated, they can be left with irreversible physical impairments and disabilities. However, in his message for the Day, Yohei Sasakawa, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) Goodwill Ambassador for Leprosy Elimination, points out that early diagnosis of. Around 95% of the global population is immune to leprosy, and it's curable with antibiotics if detected early. There are hopes that a vaccine—currently in clinical trials—will bring an end to leprosy and its devastating impact on tens of thousands of lives every year Leprosy (Hansen's disease) was widely prevalent in Europe and Mediterranean countries for many centuries, with some 19,000 leprosaria in the year 1300. The disease was largely wiped out during the Black Death in the fourteenth century, but maintained in endemic form until the twentieth century. Leprosy is a chronic bacterial infection of the.

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease affecting mainly the skin, the peripheral nerves, the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and the eyes. Leprosy is curable and treatment has been available through the WHO free of charge to all patients worldwide since 1995. The history of leprosy dates back centuries in Bangladesh Leprosy — which is usually called by its modern name, Hansen's disease — is curable with antibiotics, and has a low risk of being spread among people. The armadillos in the southern United States carrying the bacteria that can cause leprosy are now found over a much larger geographic range than just a few years ago, a new study suggests Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, also known as Hansen's bacillus, it is curable and patients are diagnosed at the National Center for Dermatology It became a center of research and testing to find a cure for leprosy and a live-in treatment center for leprosy patients. 1941: Promin, a sulfone drug, was introduced as a treatment for leprosy. It was first identified and used at Carville. Promin successfully treated leprosy but unfortunately treatment with Promin required many painful.