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Check out the wild stories behind these creepy places. By Hadley Mendelsohn. Jul 9, 2021 Flickr and because abandoned places tend to ignite the dark side of the imagination, there are tons of. No matter where you live, there will probably be an abandoned building nearby. While, in most cases, the reasons for the abandonment are mundane — bankruptcy, lack of upkeep, or simply no interest — once in awhile, the story is far more interesting. And creepy. Here are the creepy, skin-crawly true stories behind real abandoned buildings

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The 38 Most Haunted Abandoned Places on Earth. Blaze Press July 21, Standing at 105 stories tall the hotel has been abandoned for 16 years. Work started again in 2008 and from the outside it now looks finished, however it is reported that much of the interior is still incomplete. 5. Willard Asylum, Willard, New Yor If you're ready to get a little bit scared, check out the creepiest places on Earth below. Condé Nast Traveler 1. Abandoned Church - Europe - While there isn't a lot of information about this abandoned church in Europe, you can tell by how the chairs are still standing that there is a lot of history within these walls Here, the 43 most haunted places in the world you'll want to visit any day of the year—not just on October 31. This article was originally published in October 2018. It has been updated with new. 'Tis the season for DIY costumes, creepy décor, and scary stories.That's right, it's finally Halloween! Though there are some seriously spooky haunted hotels out there, these ghost towns are almost more frightening. The abandoned cities stretch all throughout America, and are rumored to be extra eerie 1 The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. Flickr. Starting strong with a very scary house: The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, which is known to be one of the most haunted places in America due to a.

Most people love good haunted house stories and it seems that the more lurid it can possibly be, the better. Everyone has probably been exposed to the typical ghost story involving creepy houses with a terrifying specter that sends residents running out screaming, but, alas, these are just storiesunlike many others This fort has been abandoned but the myth stays still. Until today, the place is uninhabited due to a belief of the curse of a disgruntled sorcerer. 5. Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France. Famous for The Green Lady, this is one of abandoned castles haunting places in France that tells the creepiest story These 15 Haunted Places In South Carolina Will Surely Terrify You. I don't know about you, but growing up in South Carolina (in the Low Country, I might add) I was inundated with ghost stories, haunted houses, and haunted places. Much to my delight, a lot of them were right outside my back door so to speak For those who like to live a little more on the wild side sit back and enjoy the list of the worlds most haunted houses. The 30 Most Haunted Houses On Earth. Just being spooky looking is not enough to make this list. The haunted places have seen shocking deaths, gruesome murders mysterious or housed clinically insane people

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The state is filled with dark and foreboding places, abandoned buildings, creepy roads and a variety of terrifying spectres. Let's take a look at the ten most haunted places in Wisconsin: 10. Boy Scout Lane, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Yet more stories suggest that one scout dropped a kerosene lantern accidentally and started a fire that. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd share 12 of our favorite haunted places in Wisconsin. Make sure you add these to your list! One of the scariest places in the state of Wisconsin, confirmed by the Travel Channel , is the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee 1. Bentley Hotel in Alexandria, Louisiana. The Bentley Hotel is a classic hotel located in downtown Alexandria that opened in 1908. It reopened as Mirror Room Lounge on May 1, 2015. This hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including the original builder Joseph Bentley, who passed away on the third floor 5. Karak Highway. Image credit: @amirularshadabd. The story: One of the most haunted places in Malaysia is this highway that gets you up to two of Malaysia's most popular tourist destinations - Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. Its long and winding nature has been the site of some of the most horrific accidents

Let's take a look at the 12 most haunted places in Colorado Springs, CO: 1. Ghouls Gulch Haunted House. 3910 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. Ghouls Gulch Haunted House is one of the more unique places on our list because it is actually a staged haunted attraction! However, even though most of the scares here are purely. Ghosts, goblins, spooky stories. There are tons of unsolved mysteries in the world. If you like getting scared out of your mind, we have five of the creepiest abandoned places made for exploring. Who knows what creatures or lost souls lurk within these crumbled structures and decrepit landscapes -- we wouldn't dare go to these places alone The stories speak of a place that was abandoned and a town full of mystery and horror. Some even say that Helltown is something of a portal to the netherworld. So, sit down, maybe turn on the lights, and read on about this creepy place. 15. It's All A Government Conspiracy HorrorStudio1: SUBMIT YOUR STORIES: or UNIT522stories@outlook.com (By submitting stories you.True scary ghost stories. Real scary paranormal experiences in a..

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Watch the video on YouTube: 10 Haunted Tunnels With Really Creepy Backstories Old, dark places are prime candidates for ghostly tales. Tunnels add a touch of claustrophobia to the mix. Humans have been digging through things for a long time, so the world isn't short of tunnels with more history than lighting Learn about the story of the Yankee Sweetheart, the Phantom Horse, and the Reappearing Bloodstains when you stay at the historic Martha Hotel & Spa this Halloween. Hollywood Cemetery—Richmond. Most cemeteries are at least a little creepy, but Richmond residents believe Hollywood Cemetery to be especially haunted. The landmark's deceased. 8 Haunted Places in Tennessee Tennessee State Prison in Nashville,TN. Now, for all the soldiers that people have run into at night that's the stuff scary ghost stories are made from and there are plenty of these accounts! Shiloh National Park is located just north of the Mississippi border, in between Memphis and Nashville Here is Culture Trip's guide to some of the creepiest abandoned places around the world that you can still visit. Solent Sea Forts, UK Between 1865 and 1880, four vast structures in the English Channel were built to protect Britain from foreign invasion, which at the time meant keeping a watchful eye on the French Jan 26, 2016 - Explore Susan Everett's board Haunted on Pinterest. See more ideas about haunted places, haunting, abandoned places

#2 The Abandoned Hospital That Is Absolutely, Definitely Haunted Inside the hospital, it was like many other abandoned places, full of graffiti and rubbish, but it had the most eerie feeling. The whole time we were walking through, we heard knocking and doors slamming It was honestly terrifying. — Deane, NS Astita.net - There are always creepy stories of abandoned places around the world. There will be thousands of reasons why the beautiful and luxurious places are finally abandoned. Abandoned Hotels in Japan also tell unique stories to captivate the world's photographers. Some of the places were abandoned due to economic changes It's a ghost story that's been oft-told by writer Michael Imlay and the good folks at Creepy LA, but it bears seasonal repeating. In the late 1800s, wealthy land owner Don Antonio Feliz died.

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From abandoned amusement parks to overgrown asylums, these are the coolest, creepiest abandoned places to explore in America It's gained this reputation over the last two decades or so for the sheer number of ghost stories and haunted places that have been reported, investigated, and which have appeared in books and on.

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Beautiful and creepy aren't two words one typically puts together when describing something, let alone abandoned places in Oklahoma. But that's exactly what the following 24 abandoned places are: beautiful and creepy. They're also full of history, and thanks to the hard work done by the team at Abandoned Oklahoma, we're able to see these places before it's too late Eerie and haunted places, intertwined with ominous history, are attractive destinations for people interested in paranormal activities. Similarly, haunted houses, whether abandoned or not, with their gloomy façade and cryptic features boast various supernatural stories involving spirits and demons. Countless such places in Maine are believed to be haunted by several unsatisfied and. Here are the 10 creepy places around the world which are abandoned now: 10. Cincinnati Subway, Ohio, USA. A 2.2 mile long underground tunnel just beneath the city of Cincinnati, Ohio is an abandoned subway. 1910 marks the start of a project of Rapid Transit System which was unfortunately abandoned in 1928 due to escalating costs Dec 4, 2016 - Explore Kristen's board Abandoned & Haunted Places, followed by 251 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about haunted places, abandoned, places The following is a list of allegedly haunted locations in Rochester, New York. To view my full list of ghost stories and haunted locations in New York, Click Here. Be sure to check out my new book, The Folklore & Haunted Locations Guide: New York, available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback!!Please also read this SAFETY DISCLAIMER before visiting any allegedly haunted location

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The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California. By Grant Marek, and Daisy Barringer. Updated on 10/16/2018 at 5:25 PM. Flickr/Thomas Hawk Whatever the reason may be, we know that you want to dig up the dirt on these creepy abandoned hotels. Consider this a warning, however: We can't be held responsible for what you may find New Jersey's long history includes plenty of murder and mayhem, giving the state its fair share of spooky and haunted locations. There are creepy lakes and cemeteries, forests and abandoned places

Haunted houses, cemeteries, and other sites of paranormal activity have turned the region into a hotbed for ghost hunters and fans of spooky stories, even more so than the Amityville Horror. Absolutely one of the scariest haunted places in Los Angeles, the Linda Vista Hospital has a long and storied history. The place was downright infamous for its multitude of strong and malevolent spirits who loved to toy with hapless visitors and determined ghost hunters alike. The hospital closed in 1991, and stood abandoned for years

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  1. Scary Abandoned Places. 10,450 likes · 17 talking about this. donate yandex 4100 1950 6386 04
  2. North America's Most Haunted Forests. From national woodland regions shrouded in both dense foliage and stories of the supernatural... to infamous islands covered in YouTube. Madame Macabre. 353K subscribers. Subscribe. 7 Haunted Forests Around the World. Info. Shopping
  3. The story: Wolf Creek may boast the most famous ghost of Oregon's haunted places. Some say they've seen a figure resembling Jack London, author of Call of the Wild. The writer reportedly.
  4. I mean scary places: the haunted houses, abandoned buildings, creepy cemeteries and ghoulish legends packed into this tiny, terrifying state
  5. The Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche) October 22, 2019. October 23, 2019 Rick
  6. Explorers: Isla de las Munecas, Mexico City, Mexico. This is definitely one of the creepiest and eeriest abandoned places. The story is said that the former caretaker of the area found a young dead girl, and to appease her spirit, he began placing dolls in the trees, on the fences, and anywhere else
  7. Savannah is widely known as the most haunted city in America. Walk into any historic building or cemetery in Savannah and you may catch sight of ghostly presences surrounding you. Whether you're a ghost hunter or a lover of ghost stories, you need to visit these Savannah spots to experience some serious paranormal activity

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The most haunting, however, takes place in Room 441. Visitors have often reported seeing the silhouette of a woman as well as objects in the room move, or lights turning on and off at random. The room is even believed to be the inspiration Stephen King's horror story, 1408, about a haunted hotel room. Feeling brave? Make your reservation here Photo courtesy of Archives of Michigan Most Haunted Places in Northern Michigan The Traverse City State Hospital. Constructed in 1885 and closed over 100 years later, the Traverse City State Hospital is perhaps the eeriest place in Grand Traverse County.Originally an asylum for the mentally unstable, during its active years the hospital also housed those afflicted with tuberculosis, typhoid. 10 of the UK's creepiest abandoned places. Go at night, however, and you get a different story altogether. The hairs on the back of your neck will not thank you. 7. Chatterley Whitfield. Many of the most terrifying properties are prisons, hotels, and hospitals, but there are also some seriously scary residences that are basically real-life haunted houses. Whether the locations of brutal murders, spooky ghost sightings, or both, the stories behind these creepy houses and menacing mansions are guaranteed to give you goosebumps This is a place where you can share experiences, learn and interact without being laughed at or ridiculed. The page features over 16,500 visitor submitted stories, many photos, videos, and evp sounds. There is info on ghost investigations and other ghost related things. There is also a haunted places index with listings by state and country

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  1. Greyfriars Kirkyard. Described as one of the scariest places on earth and Scotland's most haunted cemetery, this ancient resting place also contains the Covenanters' Prison and the tombstone of Thomas Riddell Esquire, the real inspiration behind a famous Harry Potter villain, Voldemort. Perhaps the most irking of all is the.
  2. On the same highway, there's an old haunted house with flickering lights despite the fact that it hasn't had electricity for years. If you take a trip down this haunted highway and the flickering haunted house, might as well make a stop at the Haunted Forest of Maple Valley to pile on the scares. 7. Spirit Lake
  3. St. Andrew's Gaol. Built in 1840, the St. Andrew's Gaol (or jail) is one of several spooky places in this picturesque community. It's said to be haunted by the ghost of an Englishman named Tom Roland Hutchings, a Royal Air Force member who was convicted of murdering a young woman named Bernice Connors after a dance in Black's Harbour
  4. This abandoned psychiatric hospital is famed to be one of the most haunted places in the land of Kimchi and K-pop. It was a fully functioning asylum until 1995 when patients started dying mysteriously and the government eventually ordered the facility to shut down
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  6. About Haunted Places: Ghost Stories. Flickering lights Clanging metal A sudden, cold rush of air Parcast Network's all-new original series is here—and with it, the scariest, most hair-raising ghost stories ever imagined. Join host Alastair Murden as he reaches into the cob-webbed collection of ghost stories from all over the world.

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  1. We may have moved past the ice pick lobotomy as the cure, but the system still needs much improvement. 1. Metropolitan State Hospital. Photo Source: liza31337. There are a lot of exasperating stories encompassing Metropolitan State Hospital, which opened in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1930
  2. 5 of the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Japan. Here are some of the most interesting and totally wicked haikyo in Japan. Though obviously dilapidated, Japan's ruins remain frozen in time like an alternate reality of the last day they were occupied
  3. Creepy abandoned malls around the world. Refinance rates at 1.89% APR (15yr). Calculate your rate now. Slide 1 of 32: Shopping malls are built with the intention of hosting thousands of people.
  4. The 21 coolest and creepiest abandoned places in Alabama . Updated May 18, 2019; Posted Mar 15, 2017 . is a 16-story, 247-foot-tall Classical Revival-style skyscraper. It is located at 1928.
  5. Chestnut House. Kansas City, Missouri. Chestnut House is an 1884 Victorian Gothic house that is believed to be haunted by former tenants named the Finches, a mother and her son who occupied the home for 70 years. Both apparitions have been seen; the mother in a mourning dress and the son in a bow tie

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Here is my guide to 50 Most Haunted Places in North of England. 1. A headless dog is said to have haunted the streets of Central Manchester in the early part of the 19th century. It was seen many times in the area of the Old Church, which is now Manchester Cathedral. 2 Paranormal Category: Haunted Places. T his summer I became a believer. There is this creepy abandoned house right next to my friend's house. He said that a lady named Betty used to live there until she had a heart attack. After she died, all of her belongings were still inside the house and some people broke into it one day and stole some jewelry Nine days later, Sherri's BMW was found abandoned on Interstate 75 near Morrow, Georgia. One of the front tires was flat because it had a nail in it. While Sherri was missing, one of her dogs was eventually discovered in a field 3 kilometers (2 mi) away. Unfortunately, the other dog had been run over and killed Haunted Hotels; Catarina: Catarina by Mike Cox If you're looking for a ghost, it figures you'd go to a ghost town to find one. But when Terry Cole came to the Dimmit County town of Catarina from McAllen several years ago, he sought employment as a construction worker, not an encounter with the supernatural

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The Original Cascade Tunnel - Built for train travel in 1900 to avoid the steep switchbacks of Steven's Pass, the 2.6 mile Cascade Tunnel was a feat of engineering. The town of Wellington, later renamed Tye, was a railway stop located on the west entrance of the tunnel. This was the site of the 1910 Wellington Avalanche that claimed nearly 100 lives when a 14 foot wall of snow wiped out two. The abandoned hospital whose elaborate ghost stories cover up the dirty truth - an uneventful sanitation issue and other mundane reasons for its demise. 37.3624, 127.3347 Note Creepy Abandoned Places In Nigeria & Around The World: Stories Behind Them - Travel (2) - Nairaland. There is not much for recorded history about this place, but one thing for certain is that it is one of the creepiest abandoned places. With disassembled doll parts everywhere, this place is something out of a horror movie..

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  1. With a history of torture and execution going back over 900 years, the Tower of London is regarded by many as one of the most haunted places in the UK.It was originally built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and has served a major role in the history of England ever since
  2. The country has more than its fair share of haunted places, especially considering the dark patches in Germany's history. Abandoned buildings, dark forests and medieval castles abound, each backstory that involve anything from religious persecution to medieval ghosts to Nazi torture. That is some scary stuff. Don't be scared
  3. The abandoned Chinese mansion known as Chaonei No. 81 was built in 1910 and is believed by Beijing locals to be haunted. It has remained empty and derelict for several years. As the story goes, the home was built about 100 years ago as a gift to British colonists
  4. See also; Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels. There are many other creepy places that have a hair-raising effects upon the visitors. The surrealism of these places is an unsolved and undefined mystery that makes them creepy, yet, magnetic

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If you're eager for a really, really eerie adventure, we've rounded up the creepiest abandoned building in every state, from decaying mental institutions to spooky schoolhouses that haven't seen students in a century. And if you're hoping for an encounter with the paranormal on your travels, set your sights on the 15 Most Haunted Places in America Creepy Haunted & Abandoned Places. 17,341 likes · 11 talking about this. Pictures and videos of all creepy abandoned locations around the world Mysterious Stories. 3 hrs ·. 10 Coolest Abandoned Places Around The World. 127127. 2 Comments 29 Shares. Share

Those stories are super creepy! Thanks for sharing. The list here is source based, meaning that I only list sites that I can reference in book, newspaper, online articles or television. Also not private homes or addresses. There are many haunted places not on the list due to this. Many are here below in the comment section 1. Barnes hospital, Cheadle. This creepy hospital in Greater Manchester has been abandoned since 1999. 2. Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum, Somerset. and floors. 3. Hartwood hospital, Lanarkshire. A new bridge was constructed over Jester Creek in 1991, but tales of cold spots, ghostly shapes, disembodied cries, and unexplained car trouble remain. 5. Hutchinson Public Library. Hutchinson, Kansas. The Hutchinson Public Library was established in 1901 and is allegedly haunted by a former librarian named Ida Day

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Get ready to be fascinated by some of the country's most hauntingly beautiful ghost towns and abandoned buildings. While the Philippines' population continues to increase, it's quite fascinating to know that there are still places in the country that remain uninhabited--or nearly uninhabited 621 Saint Louis St. New Orleans, LA 70140. (504) 529-5333. (504) 529-5333. Visit Website. Built on the site of a former slave market, the hotel is rumored to be haunted (as is just about every. Five Real Haunted Places That Would Make Killer Horror Movies Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 by Chris Evangelista Horror movies get a lot of mileage from claiming to be based on, or at least. 1. The Lizzie Borden House. On August 4, 1892, this house in Fall River, Massachusetts was the site of two brutal murders of Abby and Andrew Borden that captivated the nation. Andrew's daughter, Lizzie, was charged but later acquitted of the murders. Now, her home is a bed & breakfast and is New England's most famous haunted spot

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haunted lakes great lakes ghost stories superstitions and sea serpents is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can download it instantly. Our books collection hosts in multiple countries, allowing you to get the most less latency time t From hotels and cemeteries to abandoned mines and a road many avoid, these are the scariest, most haunted places in Colorado. Some of these stories are terrifying When you think of haunted locations, you probably picture old, decrepit mansions or vacant, decaying asylums. Chances are fast food restaurants don't usually make the list. However, after doing some digging, we found 15 fast food places that are certified haunted. Full-body apparitions, voices, and dark shadows have made eating and working at these fast food establishments a daunting, and. But eventually, those spooky abodes go up for sale. So if you're the kind of person who fancies a ghostly housemate or simply wants a great story to tell at cocktail parties, these enticingly eerie haunted homes for sale in Woodstock, CT, and beyond will be right up your alley. Creepy compound: $7.5 million, 58 Redstone Circle, Redstone, CO.

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Indiana is filled with ghost stories, from legends and myths to mysterious things that go bump in the night. There's no better time to dive into those paranormal sightings than right before Halloween. Here's a closer look at five of the most haunted places in the state and the stories behind them. The Story Inn (Nashville, Indiana 3. Canterbury Ale House. Copy Link. 534 15th Ave E. Seattle, WA 98112. (206) 325-3110. (206) 325-3110. Visit Website. Word is that a man shot and killed inside could at some point be seen inside. 15 Haunted Places In Japan. We have chosen a list of haunted places in Japan that got us spooked and wanting to know more about them. These places are scary and secretive that after knowing about them you would want to take a haunted places tour in Japan. Aokigahara Forest - The Suicide Forest. Inukane Pass Tunnel - The Whispering Tunnel

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