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  1. The Yoruba are one of the largest and most important ethnic groups south of the Sahara desert. Their tradition of urban life is unique among African ethnic groups. The Yoruba rank among the leaders in economics, government, religion, and artistic achievement in West Africa
  2. es the changes in Yoruba traditional family values, using Akoko communities as case study. Modernization theory was employed to explain how western culture has been diffused into the developing countries, now changing the Yoruba family values. Two hundred and fifty copies (250) of the questionnaire schedule which addresse
  3. part of the country. Yoruba mythology holds that all Yoruba people descended from a hero called Odua or Oduduwa. Today there are over fifty individuals who claim kingship as descendants of Odua. During the four centuries of the slave trade, Yoruba territory was know
  4. Musical Function and Hierarchy of the Categories of Yoruba Instrument EnsembleExample 1 is an excerpt of a dundun music used in praising a Yoruba family lineage, while figure 1 categorizes the instruments in Yoruba traditional ensembles into three major families

Explain their significance in the religious life of the Yoruba. The orishas, function as mediators between Olorun and human beings. All are sources of sacred power and can help or harm human beings, depending on rituals Yoruba copper mask for King Obalufon, Ife, Nigeria c. 1300 CE The Yoruba are said to be prolific sculptors, famous for their terra cotta works throughout the 12th and 14th century; artists also earnests their capacity in making artwork out of bronze.. Esiẹ Museum is a museum in Esiẹ, Irepodun, Kwara.The museum was the first to be established in Nigeria when it opened in 1945

This article aims to shed more light on the origin and history of the Yoruba people. We would attempt to examine the influences on the language, dressing, food and cultural practices and norm of the Yoruba people, in an attempt to reach a befitting conclusion as to the history of the Yoruba, we would also include some folk lore and stories, to enable you the readers reach a strong conclusion Yoruba declare: E je ka see, m won ti i see, K' 0 le baa d, BI se e rl. Let us do it, The way it is usually done, So that we may have the usual result. Rituals and Rites in Yoruba Religion: Some Examples Rituals and rites abound in Yoruba traditional religion. A brid survey would be attempted here. The functions of the family are closely connected to the society's needs in the family institution and the individual's needs as belonging to the family group. Besides, the functions of the family are deeply historical and closely related to the socio-economic conditions of the society The Oyo Empire was a Yoruba empire of what is today eastern Benin and western Nigeria (including Southwest zone and the western half of Northcentral zone). The Oyo Empire grew to become the largest Yoruba state. It rose through the outstanding organizational and administrative skills of the Yoruba people, wealth gained from trade and its powerful cavalry Not only that, each family group was autonomously headed by the title holder called 'OKPARA'. The Okpara controls the family and judges any family disputes. He performed ritual and ceremonial functions on behalf of the family. Village Council is popularly known as council of elders, it comprised of all the family heads in the village

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Describe the role of Yoruba ritual practitioners. Family ancestors gained their supernatural status by earning a good reputation and living to an old age and are worshiped only by their own family, and deified ancestors were important human figures known throughout Yoruba society and are now worshiped by large groups of people Yoruba Religion and Culture in the Americas The Yoruba presence in the Americas is evident in Cuban Santería, Brazilian Candomblé and Xangô, and the Orisha and Shango religions of Trinidad and Grenada. Less well known are the St. Source for information on Yoruba Religion and Culture in the Americas: Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History dictionary Monday, April 16, 2018 at 5:20 PM by George Ibenegbu Ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternal institution of the Yoruba language-speaking polities. They are spread in Togo, Republic of Benin, Nigeria and Edo. This society performs a range of various political, cultural, religious and economic functions From the Yoruba point of view, any element of the natural world that has manifold and useful functions for human beings has a spirit dwelling in it. There are many spirits of this kind, but some of them are so preeminent that they supersede all others; they too are orishas The Yoruba Religious System. by Dr. Ade Dopamu, Professor of Religion. Moi University, Kenya. Introduction. It is reported from Havana that the Roman Catholic Church claims that seventy per cent of Cuba's eleven-million people are Catholics. 1 This claim could easily be disputed in view of the pervasive influence of Afro-Caribbean religions in Cuba

Oyo empire, Yoruba state north of Lagos, in present-day southwestern Nigeria, that dominated, during its apogee (1650-1750), most of the states between the Volta River in the west and the Niger River in the east. It was the most important and authoritative of all the early Yoruba principalities The arrival of a child in a Nigerian family is a great occasion. It is celebrated with fanfare and merriment. The naming ceremony is conducted in full view of all the members of the extended family, relatives and friends. Special rites are performed by the head of the family and the child may be given as many as half a dozen names A recent study looks at the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins, showing that they can cause some of the harm of COVID-19 by themselves. This is an important advance in our understanding of the disease and hopefully will lead to new therapeutic interventions. The spike protein is what gives the coronavirus family of viruses their name Anthropologists suggest that the reasons for, or functions of, polygamy include the following. Increase the probability of children, particularly when a wife is barren or gives birth to female children only. Increase the labour supply within a kinship network. Deal with the problem of surplus women Some of its functions are mentioned below: (1)Kinship assigns guidelines for interactions between per­sons. It defines proper, acceptable role relationship between father- daughter, brother-sister etc. (2)Kinship determines family line relationships, gotra and kula. (3)Kinship decides who can marry with whom and where marital relationship are.

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The Yoruba, who number approximately 12 million, inhabit southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin in south eastern and central Dahomey. Most Yoruban's raise yams and corn as their staple crops, cocoa recently gaining importance as a major cash crop. They produce about ninety percent of the cocoa for the entire country The Yoruba language belongs to the Congo-Kordofanian language family. Yoruba has many dialects, but its speakers can all understand each other. Yoruba is a tonal language. The same combination of vowels and consonants has different meanings depending on the pitch of the vowels (whether they are pronounced with a high voice or a low voice)

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This article does not intend to make you change your religion or orientation, but to explain the concept of Yoruba belief in the area of multiple birth or twins in Africa, it does not even represent the religion of the writer, it is just a simple way to present the fact as it was and probably is in the land of Oduduwa in West Africa, this writer, fondly called the Oracle will advise you. The following Santerian practices are known: Secrecy: Very little information about beliefs, ritual, symbolism, practice are released to the general public. One has to be initiated into the faith before information is freely released. Tradition: Santeria is not a religion of a book, like Judaism, Christianity, or Islam explain the visible and the invisible universe, the earthly and heavenly worlds of which man is the centre (Introduction to African Religions, 41, 42). African religion centres on belief and practices. This knowledge of God through belief; became the cardinal point of the religion of Africans. Attributes of God (Supreme Being) in Africa Caribbean FamiliesThe Caribbean, with a population of about 50 million, consists of a series of countries stretching from the Bahamian Islands and Cuba in the north, to Belize in the west, to Guyana on the coast of South America (Barrow 1996). Source for information on Caribbean Families: International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family dictionary Yoruba Statuette of Female Figure (c.1900) Dedicated to Shango, the god of thunder. sensitivity that could only react to the pure form and mystery of the sculpture from ignorance of its function or symbolism. the continuity of Lega lineages and as the link between the dead and living members of the patrilineal family

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We need to explain the word traditional‟. This word means indigenous, that which is rituals, shrines and religious functions. It has no founders or reformers like Gautama the Buddha, Asoka, Christ, or Muhammad. It is not the religion of one hero. and Frobenius who did thorough research among the Yoruba of South West Nigeria The Yoruba, however, do have a concept of a supreme being, called Olorun or Olodumare, and this creator god of the universe is empowered by the various orisa [deities] to create the earth and carry out all its related functions, including receiving the prayers and supplications of the Yoruba people the term drummunication to explain the use of Yoruba talking drums to send and receive messages or information. The paper attempts a taxonomy of the Yoruba drums to establish the real talking drums. It explicates the functions of effective drummunication and barriers to effective drummunication Three Weddings. Unless someone is a 'foreigner'—or don't mind the risk of being referred to as such—Nigerians are expected to have three different wedding ceremonies. The first one is the traditional wedding. Depending on what part of the country you're from, this involves bride price, flogging, mass prostrations, wine carrying.

The boot and sandal are both archetypally shoes (things to protect the feet); they have the same functions but manifest according to the nature of the country/culture, the time period (2020 verse the year 1850), and the person (someone brought up in a poor Brahmin family compared to a rich Christian European family) 1. Child development: This is the study of the growth and development of the child from pregnancy. 2. Family living: This involves the study of the family and the responsibility of individual members of the family. 3. Care of the home or house we live in: This involves way by which we take care of our homes. 4

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  1. d and the soul. They also believe Ifa is part of everything that surrounds us, including all elements of Earth and the universe
  2. A definition of extended families is simply a family unit that extends past the nuclear family to include other relatives such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents. There is more to an extended family, however, than just a list of relatives, and understanding the structure of an extended family and why it can be a valuable type of family unit can help you better understand your own family structure
  3. The coronavirus family of viruses, that SARS-CoV-2 is a part of, have spilled over into humans (SARS and MERS) and caused pandemics. Natural origin also takes into consideration natural phenomena that happen all the time in wild viruses — they reproduce rapidly, mutate frequently, acquire bits of DNA like a boat collecting barnacles, and.
  4. African ethics is, thus, a character-based ethics that maintains that the quality of the individual's character is most fundamental in our moral life. Good character is the essence of the African moral system, the linchpin of the moral wheel. The justification for a character-based ethics is not far to seek

In the last five decades or so, the media and its influence on the societies, has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. Software to build websites has become a crucial point in today's world.. First there was the telegraph and the post offices, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet and the new media including palmtops, cell phones etc Financial problems due to medical bills or unemployment can occur, adding more stress on the family. Changes in living arrangements, childcare issues, and community re-entry can all pose new problems. By working together with the rehabilitation team, you and your family can help reduce some of the adverse effects of disability: Identify how the. The word 'vodun' — the Haitian word 'Voodoo' comes from the African Fon Language which is still spoken today in Benin. Vodun means divinity or Idol. The history of voodoo does not start, as many people believe around 1500 AD in Haiti, but about 15,000 years before Christ in Africa. Thus, the real source of voodoo is the Egyptian pyramids Rev. Dr. E.: (Regarding Eleggua/Eshu) Eleggua and Eshu's roots are in the west african Yoruba people who lived in the area currently associated with southwestern Nigeria and Benin. They were universally revered throughout all of the tribes that spoke the Yoruban language. The slaves that were taken from the Yoruba lands and brought to Cuba brought the veneration of Eleggua/Eshu with them

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  2. Kola nut tree itself is a symbolic tree. It is planted to signify important land marks and historical deaths. According to Dr Isaac Ayodele, a Yoruba trado-medical practitioner, kola is part of.
  3. The Function of Cat Whiskers. DOMESTIC cats are mostly nocturnal. Whiskers apparently help them to identify nearby objects and catch prey, particularly after dusk. Consider: Cats' whiskers are attached to tissues that have multiple nerve endings. These nerves are sensitive to even the slightest movement of air
  4. The practice of Ifá/Orìsà is a spiritual path to transformation, a transformation from the inside out, that begins with you as an individual and ends with you as an individual. Ifá worship is different from Òrìṣà worship. Ifá worship is practiced by a Babaláwo or Ìyánífá. Ifá is the esoteric word of Olódùmarè
  5. g along with palm wine, garden eggs and peanut butter. As mentioned before, it is the breaking that is the significant part of the ceremony
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The varieties of the English language that are used in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. English is the official language of Nigeria, a former British protectorate. English (especially the variety known as Nigerian Pidgin English) functions as a lingua franca in this multilingual country We are facilitating The Growing Brain Series that will take place over the course of a series of sessions on Zoom. Participants will receive 1.5 in-service hours each session they attend. The Prefrontal Cortex plays a major role in decision making and planning, as well as the use of Executive Functions in young children. During the second part of unit 4 of the Growing Brain series of trainings.

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The Yoruba also have something called the ori (head). This is the personality soul. The physical head is the symbol of the inner person. God puts the ori in man. Before the ori is sent into the world, it kneels before God to receive its destiny. The ori also functions as a guardian spirit of the person, so sacrifice is made to it Well, he was the progenitor of kings in Yorubaland and the first Ooni of Ile-Ife. You might also know this person as Odudua, Ooduwa or Oòdua. He is considered to be the founder of Yoruba race. He represents omnipotence, as well as the power of the womb. According to some Yoruba traditionalists, Oduduwa was more than just the founder of Ile-Ife YORUBA MARRIAGE AND FAMILY. Young Yoruba for Freedom -YYF. was live. February 11 · NO COPYRIGHT ON SOUND/MUSIC.. Yoruba marriage and family by Olori mojisola Adunola, senior associate YYF. 112 Views

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The functions of family time can give us great insight into its importance. Robert K. Merton created the idea of manifest and latent functions. He explains manifest function as the overt or intended purpose of action and latent function as the implicit or unintended purpose (Appelrouth 383). Just like most things, family time has. societies in the family of humanity. The full study of culture in all its vastness and dimensions belongs to the discipline known as anthropology, which studies human beings and takes time to examine their characteristics and their relationship to their . 98. Idang African culture and values Functions of a School - Writing Activities Prompt 1: A great many abilities and topics are learned in schools. In addition to the three R's, there are many so-called soft skills that are just.

442 Journal of Comparative Family Studies Nontheless, a very critical factor sustaining high fertility among the Yourba is the prevailing family structure (Wusu and Isiugo-Abanihe, 2003). The Yoruba are a traditional patriarchal society with family structure that confers on husbands explicit authority and control ove Although it is majorly done with good intentions, the issue is that it might lead to choking as well as other negative things like chemical pneumonitis. 3. Forced Marriage. Another harmful traditional practice in Nigeria is the issue of forced marriage, where young girls as young as 12 are forced to marry a man they might not even desire The family has turned to the courts to resolve various administration issues. This legal action makes attending Yoruba traditional beliefs, a subject of public debate. The case brought by the late M.K.O Abiola's brothers and family against on of their own will not be the last of its type

Module Nine: African Economies featured a case study of the Yoruba city-states (Oyo, Ife, Illorin, Ibaban). The focus in that lesson was on economic specialization through the cotton and textile industries. Economic specialization and political centralization assisted each other in the Yoruba city-states With around 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria has an extensive and diverse list of traditions and customs that Nigerians live by. While a majority of these traditions are similar to those from other parts of the world, here are ten of the unique traditions and customs that Nigerians are known for

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  1. Lately, the nation's peace has been woefully threatened by religious radicalism, causing more harm than good. Nevertheless, in this article, I am going explain some of the ways I believe if followed peace can be maintained in Nigeria. Before, we continue, I will love us to look at the meaning of the word 'peace'
  2. effective function of African states and the ability to provide public goods like education, health, security .e.t.c . Introduction There have been various definitions of the state and scholars have written extensively on what its characteristics and functions are. According to Max Weber, the state ha
  3. One broad definition of family is a social group in society consisting of people related to each other by various means. The definition of culture is a particular set of customs, morals, codes and traditions from a specific time and place. Put these words together and the definition of family culture is a particular set of customs, morals.

Culture. Benin's culture is as rich and diverse as its landscape. With strong religious roots to inform most of the traditions, Benin's culture is certainly one of the most unique and interesting in Africa. Music is of utmost importance in the country. The rhythmic sounds of drumming can be heard at most festivals and religious events In contrast, the non-Bantu groups of the Niger River area, especially the Dogon, Yoruba, and Bambara, have complex and lengthy cosmologies. Fables, folklore, and legends about tricksters and animals are found in nearly all African cultures. How Things Came To Be. Many myths explain how the world came into existence

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Descriptive Statement: Instruction will include defining types of abuse, importance of reporting, and identifying resources for the reporting and treatment of child abuse and family violence. 6.2 Students will explain that there are laws protecting children from inappropriate and abusive behavior of others The mass media owe their audience the duty of promoting the diverse cultures represented in Nigeria. Though it is a daunting and complex task, it is rewarding and worth the trouble because all of. Introduction: The incidence rate of Alzheimer's disease (AD) was found to be 2 times lower in Yoruba than in African Americans. This study was aimed at identifying the factors associated with increased risk of incident AD in the two communities. Methodology: A two-stage design with initial screening using the CSI'D followed by neuropsychological test battery, relations' interview and. Lougou and Bagagi are two villages marked by the survival of the traditional Azna culture and religion in Hausa-speaking eastern Niger.¹ Sarraounia in the Hausa language means queen² or female chief but may designate various more or less minor functions of female leadership when written with a lower case s. More significantly, this. Please let us learn all these principles. to explain your limitations and accept it. you take scripture. to change your Hallelujah. to receive inspiration, to do more inspiration, to do better inspiration to hello, hello, That's the truth. à date délicieux vous inspirez chaque and god so that they are the leader have talked out women from If.

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  3. Alcohol use is based on self-report or report by a family member; this information is limited as it does not provide information about quantity or pattern of alcohol use. The Yoruba in this cohort are primarily Muslim, and they drink alcohol in less quantity and frequency than do non-Muslim Nigerians

Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages Structure and function of the brain The brain is the control center for all human activity, including vital processes (breathing and moving) as well as thinking, judgment, and emotional reactions. Understanding how different parts of the brain work helps us understand how injury affects a person's abilities and behaviors The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Early Childhood Education (ECE) division offers a comprehensive list of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on-demand) professional learning opportunities. All ADE-ECE professional learning opportunities meet requirements for continuing education units (CEUs).Live TrainingsLive Training OverviewOverviewLive (synchronous) trainin Advance Physical Education is an elective class in grades 11-12. The middle and high school program allows for 35% - 40% instructional time for health education. Physical fitness and skills for individual and team sports skills are taught to promote and to improve physiological growth and development as well as to encourage participation in. explain the political relationship between the Putnam and Nurse Families. putnam and Nurse Families. Asked by austin m #216823 on 11/30/2011 7:35 PM Then the Nurse family joined with several others in breaking away from Salem and starting their own community, Topsfield. This was just one further insult to the Putnams, who were so highly.

Civic Education Waec Syllabus 2021/2022. February 12, 2021. February 12, 2021 by Editor. Below is this year's Waec Syllabus for Civic Education. Note that this syllabus is for both Internal and external candidates. View the Civic Education Waec Syllabus as text below Or download the syllabus as a PDF below The mummified body stays in the family house until all relatives can be gathered. of European tradition that uses brass bands to honor the death of a military person and the beliefs of the Nigerian Yoruba tribe that death is meant to be a celebration of life passing into the beyond. At the end of the 19th century, with the onset of the jazz.

A. The Foundations and Function of Government. Explain how rules and laws are made and necessary to maintain order and protect citizens. Explain how school and community rules promote orderliness, fairness, responsibility, privacy, and safety. Identify leadership positions and organizations in the community and explain how they can be helpful. Family and kinship are potentially relevant to gender inequality in varied ways and a lot of work had pursued such issues. Probably the two most important general issues involve the ways that women and men are unequal within families and the ways that family organization both contributes to and is influenced by gender inequality beyond the. As of 2018, when the market-rate survey was last conducted, the annual cost of center-based care at the 69 th percentile in New York City was $21,112 for infants and $16,380 for toddlers, or $18,746 on average for children under three. This is almost double the annual cost of family day care, which averaged $10,331 for children under three