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Arguably, some of the best mule deer hunting in New Mexico is offered as a January archery season. Although this season opens on January 1, it can still capture some late rut action and is capable of offering some of New Mexico's best mule deer hunting. Nevada also has some very good rut seasons offered exclusively to archery hunters Mule Deer Rut Behavior The rutting season occurs during late fall. Depending on the latitude of the deer, this can be anywhere from early November to late December and into January Hunting the mule deer rut is beyond exciting when timed right. Rut hunts are not available in all states and it doesn't happen on an exact schedule. November is rut season overall with a peak that varies based on the region. Wyoming and Montana are two of the primary states where rut opportunities exist In early fall, as the breeding season approaches, bucks will go into rut. During the rutting, or mating period, bucks spar for females, and become more aggressive as they compete with other bucks for mates. Mule deer are serially polygynous, one buck mates with many does. Gestation period is about 200 days

Mule deer are extremely popular game animals in Utah. The breeding season, called rut, occurs in mid-November. Female deer, called does, typically give birth to one or two offspring in late spring or early summer. Only the males, or bucks, have antlers, which are shed every year Mule deer hunters hoping to take trophy bucks during the breeding season will often tell you that Thanksgiving is the peak of the rut. Believe me, that's not necessarily so. The peak of the rut.. Mule deer bucks, especially in the rut, love to lay up in tiny folds between hills, timber pockets, and little creek drainages you didn't know were there. Hiking hard from Point A to Point B with your head down and legs swinging is the best way I know to run every good buck out of your zone These later rifle season dates are pushing into prime rut dates in 2021, these dates could tip the scales and allow an old mature buck to drop his defenses in search of a doe to breed. And if Colorado experiences cold weather and some snow, it could be a banner year for mule deer in this state This past year the muley rut started in mid-Dec as usual, and rutting activity extended well into Feb (have video of fighting bucks on Feb 13th and saw bucks still with does the same week). I've hunted coues and muleys at lower elevations also and I have always observed the rut for both happening mid-Dec thru Jan, give or take a couple weeks

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  1. Mule deer typically rut later than white-tailed deer, and so the last days of November and into the month of December are your best bet to focus your hunting time, if you are looking to capitalize on mule deer rutting activity. A proven tactic to hunting mature mule deer bucks during the rut is to hunt the does
  2. The breeding season or rut for mule deer in Texas takes place at almost the same time every year, usually from mid-November through mid-February peaking during mid- to late-December (Fig. 3). The mule deer breeding season in the Trans-Pecos generally extends over a longer period than the mule deer rut in the Panhandle
  3. An experimental antler restriction for mule deer bucks applies in Briscoe, Childress, Cottle, Floyd, Hall, Lynn and Motley counties: a legal buck deer is defined as a buck with an outside antler spread of the main beams of 20 inches or greater. any buck for which the outside spread of the main beams is less than 20 inches is NOT legal to harvest
  4. Mule Deer move between various zones from the forest edges at higher elevations to the desert floor, depending on the season. Generally, they summer at higher elevations and winter at lower elevations, following the snow line
  5. Late-Season Deer Rut Means February Deer Hunting in Alabama In south Alabama, where I live and hunt, we have a deer season that extends into February. We're also seeing some other southern states like Florida and Louisiana lengthening their deer seasons into February
  6. A couple of years ago I shot a buck that was rutting on opening day. Depending on weather though it's usually in the final 2 weeks or so that it's the peak. Find the doe's late in the season and you should find a buck with them. Oct 19, 201
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You will be guided by the wildlife manager himself. This is a total camp out with meals, accommodations and trophy preparation of your animal. This will be the first year that we will offer late season rut mule deer hunts. The season dates will be any five days from December 16, 2021 to January 31, 2022 Each year in the spring, after the breeding season has passed, antlers are shed. It is in preparation for the rut that mule deer grow antlers. Bucks are polygamous and fight for a harem of does during the winter breeding season. After a gestation period of about 190 days, the does give birth to spotted fawns, often twins Mule deer bucks are notorious for using the rough terrain to their advantage. That's why it's so crucial to find them when their guard is down during the rut. But if you really want to hunt bucks during the mule deer rut badly enough, there are ways. No, I'm not talking about poaching The size of mule deer groups follows a marked seasonal pattern. Groups are smallest during fawning season (June and July in Saskatchewan and Alberta) and largest in early gestation (winter; February and March in Saskatchewan and Alberta). Besides humans, the three leading predators of mule deer are coyotes, wolves, and cougars

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  1. Two species and four subspecies of deer occur in the state. Rocky mountain mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus) (Fig. 1), or mule deer, inhabit areas east of the Cascades in Washington, preferring open forests and sagebrush meadows.During summer, mule deer are tan to light brown; during winter, they are a salt-and-pepper gray
  2. On hot summer days California mule deer often seek shade and rest in the mid-day. In summer, California mule deer mainly browse on leaves of small trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, but also consume many types of berry (including blackberry, huckleberry, salal and thimbleberry)
  3. 1 Hunter - 1 Guide. $5,250/Hunter. 2 Hunters - 1 Guide. $4,850/Hunter. Non-Hunting Companion. $100/Day. We offer many different types of Montana Mule Deer Rut Hunts on several private ranches. Please call us to match you up with the best hunt to fit your specific needs and budget
  4. Mule Deer can be hunted from late August to December, generally Early seasons are very good, especially for archery, as the deer are on feeding patterns and can be harvested in velvet. Later season hunts find rut crazed bucks on the prowl. All seasons are productive and provide a different type of hunt. Best places to hunt Mule Deer
  5. Bowhunting deer is always fun, but these particular seasons allow us to chase mule deer and coues deer during the rut with OTC(over the counter) tags. From seeing bucks fighting and chasing does all over the place, to the simply fantastic weather, this is a hunt that every bowhunter should experience one day
  6. While big Mule Deer bucks are often more active during the rut, excellent action can be enjoyed during the entire season, and archery hunting is very productive during the earlier seasons. It is not uncommon to encounter bachelor herds of half dozen or more bucks during the archery season
  7. This week I have an awesome 3rd season Mule Deer tag in Colorado. I start out hunting public land and am not seeing much more than small bucks and doe groups..

ARIZONA MULE DEER ORGANIZATION. SUBSCRIBE TO AMD.ORG NEWSLETTER. Subscribe today to receive our email newsletter and stay up to date with updates on upcoming projects, events, meetings, and much more! Click Here. CHECK OUT OUR 2021 REGION 3 PRESCOTT BANQUET INFO FLYER AND GET TICKETS NOW! This produces good bucks as the migration of deer with snow combines to make this a top quality hunt. The hunt is from our base camp with 4x4's and walking. A combination of whitetail can be added. Guided ( Regular trip ) Rifle Hunting Stalking Bow Hunting. Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 - 11 Nov 2021 Mule deer were common in Utah at the time of settlement, although not as abundant as today (Rawley 1985). Mule deer harvest was unrestricted until after the turn of the twentieth century. In 1908 the hunting season on deer was closed to help protect Utah's dwindling deer herd (Rawley 1980). In 1913 deer hunting resumed when the legislature. In the far north reaches of the mule deer's range the rut can start as early as mid-October and run all the way into December. In the lower Rocky Mountains where mule deer are most plentiful the breeding season will start the beginning of November. I have, however, observed bucks in Utah and Wyoming breeding does well into January When I started bowhunting mule deer nearly 30 years ago, I realized early on that there were two primary seasons, early and late. I also learned that late season meant that you hunt the does to find the bucks as most of the late seasons I hunted in New Mexico and Arizona in late December into January ran somewhat concurrent with the tail end of the Mule Deer rut

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The mule deer rut is heating up in the West! The video above we released on our YouTube channel the first part of November, I dove into some hot tips for connecting with bucks in the late season. So be sure to keep checking out our YouTube channel for tips and techniques Figure 2. Antlers from a mule deer. Figure 3. Antlers from a white-tailed deer. Life Cycle. The breeding season or rut for mule deer in New Mexico begins in late November (northern areas of the state) and lasts until mid-January (southern areas). During breeding periods, mature bucks cover a large area in search of receptive females (does) The Illusive Second Rut. At the very tail end of the deer rutting season, a second rut might occur, which is when females who were not bred during the first rut go into a second estrus cycle. Doe fawns can also become sexually active for the first time during this phase and enter estrus. If food is abundant, the latter can happen as a larger event The November mule deer rut is beginning but unseasonably warm, dry conditions make for a challenging hunt. Steve and Brody are both hoping for a mature, big-racked shooter buck, but there's only so much time in the season, and a young meat buck is better than no buck at all 1. Work the rut. The mating season for elk peaks around the first day of fall, which coincides with the archery and muzzle-loading seasons. However, seasonal conditions can alter the timing, as happened in 2016 and 2017 — unseasonably warm temperatures delayed the onset. The peak rut for mule deer is later, in mid-November

153 Posts. #15 · 6 mo ago. My opinion from my own observation, I respond to this post from one of my glassing spots. The rut is in full swing in the desert in my area. Check out this dead head I found last week. Someone lost a good deer or something killed a good deer. Found the entire body but mangled and eaten 5x6 Never bowhunted mule deer in the rut before only in early season. Nov 8, 2020 #3 I. Idahoguy Junior Member. Joined Nov 5, 2017 Messages 44 Location Idaho. The best thing to do would be to get close to a deer and shoot it. I have hunted late Nov and early Dec archery and I usually have 40 mph winds or crunchy snow that the deer can hear me.

The mule deer is the larger of the two Odocoileus species on average, with a height of 80-106 cm (31-42 in) at the shoulders and a nose-to-tail length ranging from 1.2 to 2.1 m (3.9 to 6.9 ft). Of this, the tail may comprise 11.6 to 23 cm (4.6 to 9.1 in) Deer Season - Pre-rut Whitetail Anterless-only - Statewide. Dates: 10/09/2021 - 10/11/2021. If unsuccessful in the Mule Deer Stamp Draw, hunter will receive a refund and be issued the White-tailed Deer Archery or Muzzleloader Draw Permit. $26.50 Preference Point

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Particularly, in the early part of the season when special privileges are provided for bow hunters. The mule deer hunter in that the animal is less apt to jump the string than the wary whitetail. This is a good advantages for hunting deer/ In all the shots I have taken at mule deer, if the animal was not already moving, it stood for the shot Oregon Guided Mule Deer Hunts. Keystone Ranch offers Oregon Mule Deer hunting in the Ochoco Mountains. At Keystone Ranch, the deer season hunt is pre-rut. We see the larger bucks just starting to get interested in the doe's, they're more active as the elk herds are moving out after their rut. We hunt mainly spot and stalk but again we can. Mule Deer Decoy Tactics. It makes sense to use a decoy when hunting mule deer just like you would when hunting elk, antelope or moose. They are visual animals that roam the wide open country and are social in the early season and during the rut. However, it is still considered an outside the box tactic Late Season Mule Deer Hunts during the rut! July 20, 2018 By George McQuiston Guided Hunts, Mule Deer, Youth Idaho Hunts, Mule Deer Hunts 0 . 2018 was a year of changes in Idaho, but then again, what year isn't. One of the changes that took place was that the fish and game commission changed the late season mule deer hunt from an unlimited. population of unidentified desert mule deer~~ crooki) and southern mule deer (~ ~ fuliginatus) (Kucera, 1978; Bowyer, 1986). Here, I report the results of an investigation designed to address the key questions. During the 1985 rutting season thirty three Rocky Mountain mule deer bucks (~~ hemionus

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California mule deer usually browse close to lakes or streams providing their water. From that water source, they may roam 1-2 mi, and typically make their beds in grassy areas beneath trees within such a one-mile radius from both water and forage. Repeatedly used beds often are scratched to a nearly level surface, about 2 m in diameter Tags Eastmans Guy Eastman Hunting Early For Mule Deer Hunting Late Season Mule Deer Mule Deer Hunting About Guy Eastman, Editor-In-Chief Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy has taken up the reins and is now at the helm of the Eastmans' Hunting Journal and the Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal Brady Miller's 2021 October solo backcountry mule deer gear list. My 2020 mule deer I took on a solo October hunt. Photo credit: Brady Miller. It's been a while since I've provided an exact downloadable Excel file of one of my gear lists. The gear list in this article is entirely based on what I'll be taking with me on a solo October mule. Many of Arizona's mule deer units have really good draw odds when compared to the Arizona Strip or Kaibab. Quality older age class deer are available statewide in hunt units that our guides know very well. Arizona general season mule deer hunts take place in October or November, and some December tags are now available

The secret is out, check out our trophy Mule Deer in BC. Choose from early season high alpine hunts, peak of the rut or late season migration hunts. All levels of physical ability can participate. Trophy Mule Deer hunting is becoming one of the most sought after trophies! Mule Deer in the 150 to 180 is what we have to offer The Ultimate Muley Hunt. The Holy Grail for many Western hunters is a mule deer that breaks the 200-inch (500-cm) mark. This is a remarkable trophy indeed, combining antler spread that nears or exceeds 30 inches (76 cm), main beams that stretch over 24 inches (60 cm), and cumulative mass measurements of more than 16 inches (41 cm)

4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $6,495.00 Per 6 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $7,795.00 Per. Bag Limit: 1 Mature Mule Deer Buck. 1 Javelina. This hunt will be timed to target the rut in early January after the regular season has closed. You will use a special state issued tag and not the one on your license for this hunt Colorado unit 80/81 3rd Season Deer Tag Unit Wide. We have ONE (1) rifle deer landowner tag for use in Colorado GMU 80/81 Trophy bucks taken in these units every year! This tag is Unit Wide. Location: These 2 units are located in Rio Grande County and Conejos county in southern Colorado near Antonito. The Rio Grande National Forest is located. Rifle season hunts, especially for mule deer in the desert units, are also an epitome of spot-and-stalk. You should be prepared for 250-yard and longer shots, as most guides would rather have you take a long shot on a spotted deer than stalk it on its bed. But even in the rut, harvesting a mature, thick-beamed mule deer a bow is an.

Colorado Elk & Mule Deer Hunts Available . Urge2hunt has a few spots open for this season for elk rut hunts in Colorado. Hunts are all guided on thousands of acres of private land in the Meeker and Cortez, CO areas This is a late season Trophy Mule Deer rifle hunt in Wyoming. The outfitter for this hunt as been hunting this area for over 50 years. They have a wide variety of acreage they utilize. Generally they hunt bucks ranging between 175 to 200+. A few years back this camp harvested 3 bucks that scored 183, 172 and 163. Hunting is done in units 128-9 On your Montana Mule Deer hunt you can expect to see 20-30 mule deer a day under normal weather conditions. The rut peaks about November 10 and lasts through the season. Guide/Hunter Ratio: All mule deer hunts are guided on a 2 or 3 on 1 basis unless special arrangements are made prior to your hunt. Check out the accommodations page to view the. Regular Season - Mule & Whitetail. The Eastern Colorado Mule & Whitetails Deer Hunts are on a drawing with limited number of licenses available. The limited number of hunters has resulted in an increase in both the number and quality of our deer. When you draw a tag in our area it is good for either a Mule Deer or a Whitetail Hunt These hunts are deer hunts with the hunters who apply for and draw the antelope license, combine the hunt with deer and antelope. Our last three hunts are later in November, and are for deer only, as antelope season has ended. Mule deer rut normally starts fairly early in November and peaks around mid-month

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Arizona mule deer tags during the early season and during the rut! This outfitter offers exciting, high quality, trophy Arizona archery mule deer hunts on private land. These Arizona archery hunts have produced multiple bucks over 200 inches in the past several years Mule Deer Hunting We start off the deer season in September with the early archery which lasts up to five days. In this early season the bucks are really grouped up in bachelor groups. Coming off a food source like alpha or out of apple orchard are very predictable

Mule Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics No doubt about it, late season deer hunting is in full swing across the Country. As the temperatures cool down, the hunting can certainly begin to heat up. The fact is that hunting in cold weather can provide a hunter with opportunities to not only locate a lot of game, but the cold weather OTC Mule Deer Hunts is in Prescott, Arizona. May 31 at 10:06 AM ·. #Repost @big_chino_outfitters with @make_repost. ・・・. ‼️ NEW EPISODE OF OUR FILM SERIES #GUIDED LIVE ON @carbontvmedia ‼️. This episode we are hunting big rutting early season rifle bulls with wife and sister Shannel V. and her first EVER hunt!!! West Texas mule deer are native game animals in Texas and the general hunting season is always the first week after Thanksgiving with a weekend on each end. The West Texas mule deer rut isn't until late December and January, so luckily for us, the ranch I hunt has MLDPs allowing us to rifle hunt the mule deer rut Our rifle mule deer hunting season lasts from October 15 to October 31. Our guides lead small groups of hunters across the sagebrush foothills of the Rocky Mountains to glass trophy-quality mule deer. Suitable for hunters of all ages and abilities, our rifle hunts present high shot opportunities with high success rates

The rut, or mating season, for deer takes place in the fall of each year. Mule Deer Gestation Period. The gestation period for mule deer is about seven months in length. A mule deer female usually gives birth to one fawn in her first pregnancy. In the United States, female mule deer usually have twins for all their subsequent pregnancies.. Fawns conceived during breeding season will be born in late spring. Mule Deer. Mule Deer roam the western parts of the United States, including some of the most arid desert regions. They react differently to more subtle seasonal changes as polyestrous and short-day breeders. Peak mating season for mule deer is during November and December All he had on his mind were the 15 or so does with him. mid to 3rd week of November is the Peak but the whole Month is pretty good. not all states offer Muley hunting during the rut. My home state Utah the season ends in late October unless you have lots of $$$ (Govener tag)or a Lucky sob and draw a special tag. (sportsman tag) 1

Don't leave your deer season to chance. Hunt Nebraska, where you will find: • Over-the-counter mule deer and whitetail permits • $8 youth permits (resident and nonresident) • The opportunity to hunt the rut • Easy-to-find public access 2020 MULE DEER TRIP PLANNER A Guide for Planning Your Nebraska Mule Deer Hunt How to Buy a Permi well, especially in the days leading up to the rut (deer breeding season) in mid-November. o Hunt the edges Watch edges of tree lines and fields. Deer like to hug these areas for quick escapes and movement into cover. Spot and stalk can be an efficient way to hunt white-tails where the habitat is more open. Mule deer

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Last week of the season Len!! Thats when the big bucks show up. They seem to come out of the woodwork here every year. Here is last years bucks my son and I took on the same day. Not huge deer but good for our area. Jef Deer rutting season is the component of the year for any prepared deer tracker. Exceptional practices rise makes them impressively progressively weaker and less hard to seek after. If you're thinking about seeking after a deer during deer rutting season, you should find out how buck carries on during the segment, what methods are down to earth. Deer Hunting. Wyoming hosts both mule deer and white-tailed deer. Mule deer are Wyoming's most abundant and sought-after deer. Mule deer are found from high in the western mountains to the low elevation creek bottoms of eastern Wyoming and most habitats in between. White-tails are abundant in the Black Hills of northeast Wyoming and are also.

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Quick tip: Most mule deer in Idaho are highly migratory, and their location during the hunting season is very much dependent on weather conditions, says Ward. A mild fall means deer could still be on high-elevation summer range late into the hunting season The buck-to-doe ratio in California is terrible. I don't believe the deer kill in California would be any higher than in any states that allow the deer harvest during the rut. It is not that easy to hunt deer in other states during the rut. If that were true the deer kill would be huge in those states, rather than their average yearly take WTA Consultant Caleb Sutton shared with us some tips on hunting muleys in the rut. 1. Scouting Deer. Pre-season scouting is critical to success; knowing particular travel corridors and travel routes will help you out in a big way when the deer start rutting hard

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This hunt typically falls during the peak of the mule deer rut, making it a memorable experience. During the rut, mule deer bucks can be spotted on their feet all day. After carefully managing this property for nearly two decades, the caliber of deer rivals any of our Wyoming ranches. We take a limited number of hunters, so be sure and book early Montana's deer season in general is an abomination in my opinion. Montana FWP solely bases their management strategies upon hunter opportunity, which they measure in length of season. We are one of the few states in the west that allow the hunting of mule deer bucks during the rut in general season Late Season Mule Deer The last two weeks of November are perfect for hunters who want to experience late season mule deer hunting in Montana. The late fall weather and snow usually push the deer out from the mountain valleys onto the front range, where they gather for the rut and then winter there Mule deer aren't elk, weather plays a huge part in where you'll find big bucks. For example, they may live up high during the summer and early fall but by mid-October that country usually has lots of snow and the bucks can't live in it for long, so they have to drop to secondary ridges or maybe even lower if the weather is bad enough Shed hunting refers to the hunt of antlers from fallen mule deer after the rut season. It is a useful method that helps hunters to keep an inventory of the male deer bucks that survived the hunting season. Fallen antlers are useful as home décor, make jewelry, adornments, and dogs chew toys

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Mule Deer Hunting Tip: The Muley Rut. The best time to use a deer call or antler rattle to bring a muley to you is during the rut. Peaking in November-December, this is the time of year that there is a lot of movement, distraction, aggression and competition among the mule deer populations Oct 30, 2014. Messages. 1,848. Location. Hailey,ID. IdahoRuss said: What time period in July is best to start scouting for an October 10th mule deer hunt in Central Idaho? The area is already picked out, I know that it holds a small number of mature bucks. It has a few basins around a 10k peak The early season can be tough for mule deer in our area because they are so spread out during the warmer months. We recommend October or the month of November for the most mule deer archery hunting. During the late season with a muzzleloader we hunt mule deer the same way as whitetail, typically on their transition areas If you are pursuing a world-class desert Mule Deer, then our late season Arizona muzzleloader deer hunt is something you should consider. This hunt is challenging and not for hunters who need to see lots of deer, however the quality of bucks in the areas we are hunting can rival anything old Mexico produces This is a great opportunity to hunt late season Mule Deer in the desert. Deer are rutting which makes this a personal favorite. I look forward to hunting big rutting desert bucks in Dec each year. Lodging And Meals: Camps consist of wall tents with wood burning stoves and heaters. We serve 3 home cooked meals per day