Torshac shoyruki doll

Torshac Shoyruki Doll - Neopets Item Databas

  1. Torshac Shoyruki Doll r101 Special Now you can cuddle with Torshac the Shoyru Scout after his reconnaissance missions! Restock Info Active Restocks At: Nowhere/Unknown Release Date: August 20, 2020 Tags. Toy Shoyru R90+ R101 Goodie Bag. Item Notes. This item is obtainable by opening a Usukicon Y22.
  2. Topsi Usuki Doll 5,000 NP; Torakor Action Figure 35 NP; Torakor Plushie 1,950 NP; Torch-Juggler Usuki 900 NP; Tormund Action Figure; Tormund Plushie 395,000 NP; Tornado Garland 150 NC; Torshac Shoyruki Doll Inflation Notice; Tower-o-Boxes 1,450 NP; Toy Altador Shield 100 NC; Toy Altadorian Sword 850 NP; Toy Arrow Launcher 200 NP; Toy Basket.
  3. Torshac Shoyruki Doll r101. Twisted Roses Magnet r101. Vampiric Christmas Cookies r101. Wesley Clearheart r75. Yes Boy Ice Cream r51. Yes Boy Ice-Cream Cap r101. Yes Boy Ice-Cream CD r101. Yes Boy Ice-Cream Jacket r101 « 1; 2; 3 » TDN Departments. The Daily Neopets.

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This item will give you two of the following items when opened: Garden Gal Usuki Keyring. 280,000 NP. Princess Usuki Keyring. 310,000 NP. Usuki Dream Castle Background. 3,000,000 NP. Usukicon Y13 Attendee Badge. 219,000 NP

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