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TENS is a method of pain relief that uses a mild electrical current, often used in the early stages of labour. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. If you are thinking about using TENS for pain relief in labour, you will need a TENS machine specifically designed for maternity use Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) reduces pain and postpones the need for pharmacological analgesia during labour: a randomised trial. Journal of Physiotherapy 62; 29-34. Shaban, M. M. (2013). Labor pain relief using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, maternal and fetal impacts: a randomized-controlled study TENS units are used to manage pain for a variety of conditions, including painful contractions during labor. But if this is your first time receiving treatment from a TENS machine, and you plan on. FlexHeat Tens EMS Unit with Infrared Heat - FDA 510K Cleared - Patented Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine - Pain Relief Therapy for Back Pain, Nerve, Muscle and Bone Inflammation, Arthritis, Labor. 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.2 out of 5 stars Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) is used to relieve pain for different, both acute and chronic, conditions. It has been used for pain relief during labour since the 1970s. TENS consists of a hand-held device connected to electrodes which are attached to the skin. Through these electrodes, mild electric pulses are sent along your nerves.

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1byone Wireless TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Bluetooth, Massager Machine EMS Unit Electronic Pulse Muscle, EMS & TENS Modes, App Control, with 6 Pads for Neck, Knee, Back Pain Relief. 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 115. $55.99 Maternity TENS Machine Hire UK Getting ready for your new arrival is one of the most exciting things you can do before labour, that is why at Baby TENS Hire we know that whether you are looking forward to giving birth med free for a drug free labour, or using a little pain relief our neuro trac unit will help you make your decision. Use it alone or with other forms of pain relief This leaflet is to support your use of a TENS machine during early or established labour. What is is? TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS machine can be used as soon as your labour starts and works by assisting your body to produce its own natural pain relief called endorphins. It is a small battery-powered.

The small, hand-held machines use a mild and painless electrical current to relieve pain. Reducing back pain is the most common uses for TENS units, and back pain during pregnancy and the early stages of labor is a frequent complaint. TENS can be used as natural pain relief for many afflictions, including labor pains. Click to Tweet The Labour TENS unit is an advanced, small, battery powered device which sends a pulsed electrical stimulus via pads to the skin.Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) stimulates the release of endorphins & uses the gate theory of pain relief as researched by Melzack & Wall.TENS machines have been in use since the 1960's and over. Elle TENS machines are one of the most popular and best obstetric TENS machines available. With The Birth Store you can either hire your machine for 8 weeks with a prepaid return satchel for your convenience or you can buy it outright brand new for your labour and beyond. We service the whole of Australia and deliver our machines for a flat fee.

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Maternity TENS machines are widely recognized as one of the safest, most effective forms of modern pain control available to women during childbirth.Midwives recommend MamaTENs, as the machines are safe to use and enable mothers to remain mobile and upright during labour; aiding the descent and dilatation to provide a more natural, drug-free form of pain relief The TENs machine was a complete game changer for me during my second labour. I would recommend to anyone who is pregnant. It was easy to hire and completely affordable. The machine was easy to use during labour wether it was me controlling or my husband TENS machines and their use in managing labour pain British Journal of Midwifery 15(8):516, 518-519 Dowswell T, Neilson JP, Lavender T. 2008. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for pain relief in labour (Protocol)

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  1. Birthing Sense interviews LabourTENS to see how TENS is an effective pain relief tool during labour and birth. NOT TO BE USED BEFORE 37WKS OF PREGNANC
  2. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The machine sends mild, painless electrical pulses to your body when you're having contractions, via sticky electrode pads attached to your back. Many women find this helps reduce the pain experienced during labour. While it's not known exactly how a TENS machine helps to relieve.
  3. The Labour TENS machine is a small, light weight, advanced digital, dual channel, obstetric TENS unit featuring a dedicated labour pain programme (no setup required). The unit can easily be switched between two modes; rest and strong relief for contractions with the use of a separate hand held boost button
  4. Labour TENS is an obstetric TENS device designed specifically for use during child birth. The Labour TENS machine is small and light weight and comes with a separate hand held boost button enabling you to easily & quickly select boost mode. When attached you can move around freely during labour. The Labour TENS is an advanced digital, dual.

Bliss Birth were absolutely fantastic when hiring the TENS machine for labour. I received the TENS machine well in advance of my due date, and I wouldn't have been able to have the labour and birth I'd dreamed about without the TENS machine! It was the only pain relief I used throughout my 38 hour labour and intervention free vaginal birth Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, is a form of pain relief without medicine. It can be used in labour to help with the pain. Two electrodes are stuck to your skin and connected to a battery-powered machine. The machine delivers small pulses of electrical current to the body Whether you want a more natural style labour and birth or a give me all the drugs one, there is a place for a TENS machine. In my opinion it's one of the best pain relief options for labour and delivery Hire a maternity Labour Elle TENS machine hire from Australia based Baby TENS for only $85.00 for 8 weeks of effective drug-free pain relief during your pregnancy.Hire to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong A TENS machine is a small, portable and battery-operated device which is worn on the body. The box is attached by wires to sticky pads stuck to the skin. Small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks. This can help to ease pain in some people with certain types of pain

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine uses a small battery operated unit to provide a non-invasive and drug free method of helping to control labour pain. At the onset of labour, simply apply the four pads to your back as shown in the accompanying instructions and switch the TENS machine on TENS is a drug-free kind of pain relief often used by women in early labour. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A maternity TENS machine consists of a battery-powered, hand-held controller connected by fine leads to four flat pads. The pads are covered in a firm gel that helps them stick to your back

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  1. The TENS machine offers exactly the relief you need, at precisely the moment you need it. Learn about TENS for Childbirth . Whether looking for drug-free pain relief in labour, or just something to help until you get the epidural, our machine, one specifically for pain from childbirth, will be perfect
  2. Here are the pros for the use of TENS unit in labor: It is a non-invasive method of pain management. The TENS unit can be used in your own home in early labor. There are no harmful effects on the mother or baby. Using a TENS machine means there is no restriction of movement in labor. It reduces the need for medical narcotics
  3. DOMAS Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator,Tens Machine for Pain Relief Machine Electric Pulse Impulse Mini Massager with 6 Massage Modes and 13Pcs Premium Electrode Pads. $24.99. $24. . 99 ($24.99/Count) 30% coupon applied at checkout. Save 30% with coupon. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Jun 18
  4. A TENS machine is a great way to manage your labour pains without drugs - however, it's important to note that these devices cannot be used in water because of the electric aspect. So, it might not be the right option for you if you have a water birth. You cannot use the machine before going into labour. You also cannot use it if you have.
  5. A TENS machine is a machine that sends low voltage electrical impulses to the skin where it is attached. It is a commonly used form of pain relief in labour. For more information about how a TENS machine works, the evidence behind its use as well as when it can and cannot be used please watch this video
  6. A TENs machine is something many women choose use during labour as it can provide immense pain relief the natural way. Natural methods of pain relief can help to reduce side effects and anything else that could cause a complication with your baby, so for people that want to avoid drugs and similar 'un-natural' pain relief, a TENs machine is perfect

This TENS Machines for Labour video was originally made to train NHS staff. It has now been released to the general public. For all your Maternity TENS Machi.. Luc06rzl. 08/10/2011 at 3:45 pm. I tried it in my second labour (didn't get the chance during my first) and I found that it was just tickling me. I didn't notice any reduction in the pain. I went on to give birth to twins with just gas and air but I don't think that the time on the TENS machine had any impact on that Babycare TENS provides unrivaled customer care. All Babycare TENS machines are compliant with strict European medical device regulations. Customer feedback has shown that a Babycare TENS Machine is most effective during the first stage of labour, and help the mother to remain in control, stay alert, and considerably reduce drug intake

TENS machine got me through all a straightforward labour with a gas and air for crowning. It makes a massive difference and is brilliant for lack of side effects. Practice putting it on before the event though so it isn't a faff. Good luck As with all our products, Birth Partner offers free delivery with all orders over $100, otherwise we have a $8 flat rate delivery fee. If you want to discuss the best labour TENS machine for you, or your order in any more detail, just email nicole@birthpartner.com.au or call Nicole on 9522 6222 or 0402 405 889

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5,623 Followers, 780 Following, 158 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Labour TENS machine hire (@mamaanditens A wireless tens machine is fab for the early stages of labour as you can wander around the house, go for a walk and look your other children without getting tangled up in electrical leads. A wireless tens machine is also a convenient, wearable option if you have plans to use it after labour Tens-Machines.ie is a 100% Irish information source on Tens Machines / Tens Units, what they are for, how do Tens Machines work, and different types of Tens Machines including Tens Machines for labour. This site also tells you how to use a Tens Machines, and tells you who should not use a Tens Machine My labour was 48 hours of very regular contractions (every 3 minutes!) and all my pains were in my back. I used a TENS machine throughout, I'm not sure it helped massively with the pain but I found it was a good distraction, and certainly helped me to cope with the contractions better. Definitely worth a try Labour TENS, Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia. 206 likes · 2 talking about this. Labour TENS can assist you to have a natural birth by providing effective and long lasting drug free pain relief

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TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and labour. A TENS machine is a small machine that is attached to your back with sticky pads. It sends out tiny electrical impulses to block pain signals sent from your body to your brain. This means you are less aware of the pain Labour Pain Relief: What is a TENS Machine? The pain experienced during labour is different for every woman and can vary pregnancy to pregnancy. Preferences on how to manage that pain also differ, and each expecting mom will have her own ideal plan. Researching the available options is an important step in preparing for your labour Hire your ActivNatal labour TENS machine direct from the designer and manufacturer. Uses include labour TENS and relief for leg pain and back pain during pregnancy. ActivNatal. Minimum hire period = 5 weeks. Cost = $70, Post = $20 incl. return bag Labour TENS is an obstetric TENS designed specifically for providing pain relief during child birth. Labour TENS is usually hired for a period of six weeks, starting three - four weeks prior to your due date. This provides sufficient flexibility in case you go into labour early or if you are overdue. The Labour TENS machine is a small, light weight, advanced digital, dual channel, obstetric. Your Babycare TENS machine questions answered. What is TENS? TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a method of pain relief that has been used successfully worldwide for many years by pregnant women and professional midwives to treat labour pain naturally. TENS promotes the release of endorphins (the body's own pain-relieving.

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  1. TENS machines have even been explored as a natural pain relief for women in labour. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the joints due to being overworked, common with athletes. It often affects the elbow, hands, and thigh. TENS therapy is a well-known relief for tendonitis due to its ability to reduce inflammation. Benefits of a TENS Machine
  2. g increasingly popular among expecting women. As specialists in women's health and fertility, Eastern Therapies are pleased to offer labour TENS machine hire throughout Sydney
  3. Hire your Elle TENS machine for labour. We offer an 8 week hire period allowing plenty of time before and after you give birth. Elle TENS machines are the best labour TENS machines and are the most popular out of all obstetric TENS. We deliver Australia wide and can offer express shipping or local pickup/delivery depe
  4. 2. Instructions for using your labour TENS machine will be provided with your hire. 3. You must not use a labour TENS machine before 37 weeks of pregnancy, near or in water, over the abdomen, on the head or in the vicinity of children. You must not use a TENS machine if you have a pacemaker, heart disease or epilepsy. 4
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Labour TENS is an obstetric TENS device designed specifically for use during child birth. The Labour TENS machine is small and light weight and comes with a separate hand held boost button enabling you to easily & quickly select boost mode. When attached you can move around freely during labour. The Labour TENS is an advanced digital, dual channel, obstetric TENS unit featuring a dedicated. This video briefly explains how using a TENS machine in labour can help you have an easier, more comfortable birth. Hope you find it useful, X.Book your Gent.. Find labour tens machine ads. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds Faceboo

We offer labour TENS machines for both sale and hire (from as little as $50 for 8 weeks!), sent straight to your home anywhere in Australia. You will find our selection of TENS machines to buy or hire below. Just pick the one that is best for you, and relax. TENS units are also safe to use in conjunction with other pain relief methods including. The hire fee is $60 which includes the machine hire (machine and leads), electrode pads, alcohol wipes, batteries and instruction manual. For an extra $20 you can get a 15min tuition with the Physiotherapist and become more confident with how to use the TENS machine for labour. A $80 deposit is required and is fully refundable if machine and. The TENS machine was an absolute life saver for me. I had a prolonged labour of 18 hours with only the TENS machine. I recommended it 100% !!! The boost button was fantastic, everytime i could feel a contraction coming on I'd use deep breathing and the boost button tens pain relief for labour. Using a labour TENS machine is a great way to help yourself through labour more comfortably. Hire for $60 for 6 week period. Couldnt have done it without the TENS. My second baby and second time using the TENS machine. I started using the TENS early and found it really helped managing contractions Elle TENS is the one of the most advanced Labour TENS machines available to Australia's mum-to-be. Produced by Body Clock Health Care, this leading obstetrics TENS machine was the first to introduce the highly desired Opti-Max* technology. This easy-to-use TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during child birth

Labour and the TENS machine. A drug free alternative for birth. by Carrie Seow, Women's Health physiotherapist . Using an Obstetric (or labour) TENS machine is a drug free method for managing pain during labour. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and while it may sound confronting, TENS has actually been used since the. The biggest contraindication to using a TENS machine for labour pains is water. Alternative sources of natural pain relief during labour are showers and birthing pools, and as a TENS machine should not be used in water (because of the electrical pulses and because the TENS pads will lose their adhesion) you will not be able to use both at once

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It's something called a TENS machine, which uses electrical pulses to simulate labor contractions (Note, TENS units have other, much more useful applications). On YouTube you'll find plenty of guys willing to be on camera for their so-called labor that's artificial and can be stopped at any time TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine in labour. A TENS machine transmits mild electrical impulses to pads on your back. These block pain signals and help your body to produce endorphins. For more about the pros and cons of TENS, see here. Complementary therapies The Tens machine is used to give some idea of what the last stages of pregnancy can be like. The contraption provides Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, passing a mild current through the. TENS or Trans-Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The TENS machine is a small, portable, battery-operated device which is worn on the body. The box is attached by wires to sticky pads that are stuck to the skin. Small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks

Hire your ActivNatal labour TENS machine direct from the designer and manufacturer. Uses include labour TENS and relief for leg pain and back pain during pregnancy. Expert Advice. Choosing the right TENS and EMS unit for your specific needs may be confusing. If you prefer to speak to a TENS expert for a personal recommendation, then please. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator (Family Pack), 20 Modes Rechargeable TENS Machine with Huge Pack of 24 Pcs Reusable TENS Unit Electrode Pads (2x2 16pcs, 2x4 8pcs) Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 440. $49.99. $49 A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a battery-operated device that some people use to treat pain. TENS units work by delivering small electrical impulses through. Contact: t: 1300 913 129. f: 1300 913 149. e: info@tensaustralia.com. Head Office. Address: Suite 106 / 22 St Kilda Road St Kilda VIC 3182. 10am - 5pm. Monday - Friday. (Excluding Public Holidays

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Background: Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) has been proposed as a means of reducing pain in labour. The TENS unit emits low-voltage electrical impulses which vary in frequency and intensity. During labour, TENS electrodes are generally placed on the lower back, although TENS may be used to stimulate acupuncture points or other parts of the body What is a TENS Machine? TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). In the United States, TENS are most often used for nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). In Europe, they are also commonly used during the first stage of labor to help the mother cope with her contractions during the first stage of labor In labour the electrodes from the TENS machine are usually attached to the lower back (and women themselves control the electrical currents using a hand-held device) but TENS can also be applied to acupuncture points or directly to the head. The purpose of the review was to see whether TENS is effective in relieving pain in labour

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TENS machines have not been found to interfere with the procedure of stitching tears, should you need this (if you have concerns about TENS machines and post-delivery operations, you should ask your care provider). TENS machine for labour afterpains. The TENS machine is an effective pain relief for afterpains in the days following labour A TENS machine for labour is a safe, effective, drug free pain relief used widely during childbirth..but don't just take my word for it, here is what other people have said I couldn't have got through my labour without my TENS machine, I took it off to go into the birth pool and I instantly required gas and air Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a drug-free way for pain control and relief. It releases natural pain killers (endorphins and encephalins) and blocks out pain messages to the brain. The TENS machine achieves this by sending small, safe pulses of electrical current via the leads to the pads on your skin, leading to a [

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This stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Some hospitals have TENS machines. If not, you can hire your own machine. TENS has not been shown to be effective during the active phase of labour, when contractions get longer, stronger and more frequent LABOUR mode is a strong TENS stimulus, i.e. a constant frequency at 50 Hz, with maximum output 60 volts, in 30 * 2 volt increments. When your labour pains become intense and close together, you select LABOUR mode and ride the wave of each contraction by increasing the intensity to your desired level Elle TENS is one of the most award-winning Labour TENS devices available to Australian mums-to-be. This obstetrics TENS machine was the first to introduce the highly desired Opti-Max* technology (Fancy word for really good extra power!) This Labour TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during childbirth

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When do I use the TENS Machine in labour? TENS is more effective if used right from when labour begins. Some women also find it beneficial during pre-labour. For optimal pain relief whilst using the TENS, its best coupled with other coping strategies, such as relaxation techniques, breath awareness and active labour positions TENS in Labour—tutorial and hire. TENS assists by stimulating the body's own mechanisms to cope with pain by: blocking the nerves that detect painful sensations, hence reducing the sensation of pain. assisting the body to release its own morphine like substances (endorphins). TENS is non-invasive and has no known side effects to the mother. Starting to use a TENS machine once you are in established labour will not help with pain. Drugs for pain relief Entonox (also known as 'gas and air') is a gas that you breathe in through a mouthpiece or mask

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A TENS can help provide pain relief from the very beginning of labour. You may still need other forms of pain relief as your labour get stronger. During labour, electrodes on the TENS machine are most often put on the pregnant woman's lower back but can also be put on acupuncture points or the cranium Med-Fit Maternity Tens Unit uses the latest TENS technology to provide an alternative to drugs, allowing the TENS to give you a drug-free pain relief for women during early stages of labour. Our Maternity Tens Machine comes with several different programs for use during labour, those that assist with pain during early-stage contradictions, pain. Bodyclock Elle TENS Machine, £49.99. The Bodyclock Elle TENS is a nifty product for effective pain relief during labour. It comes with a soft carrying pouch, self-adhesive pads and spare batteries. ADD to your Amazon Wishlist Safe, fast and effective: the new MamaTENS my time maternity TENS machine offers the next generation of pain relief during childbirth. Hire or buy direct from MamaTENS. MamaTENS : The best in Maternity TENS Labour Pain Relie 1. Your labour TENS machine will come with everything you need to use it, including two sets of new electrode pads, lead wires and fresh batteries. Plus a prepaid Australia Post satchel/bubble wrap to return machine to us. 2. Instructions for using your labour TENS machine will be provided with your hire. 3

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TENS Machine for Labour. Posted at 17:50h in Advice by Brian McGovern. As a midwife I love being able to empower women and their birth partners with some tangible advice about coping in early labour. Sometimes having an actual piece of kit helps you to feel prepared, rather than trying to imagine if you'd like a bath or a massage when. Below are our recommendations about the best TENS machines for labour 2021 so follow us then check out the one you like most! 1.Babycare TENS Elle Pain Relief During Labour. Elle TENS is a brand manufactured by the UK company, Body Clock Health Care. The Elle TENS Maternity TENS is the first generation TENS machine under the Elle TENS range Ideally the TENS unit should be started approximately 45 minutes before the induction of labour. This gives time for the endorphins to build up in your body and become effective. For more information about using TENS machines, visit the Natures Gate website at www.naturesgatetens.com. #tens for labour. #using a tens in labour Minimise Labour pain with Mama Tens. The only TENS machine design specifically for use during Labour. One single payment of $70 includes rental of unit and shipping both ways. You'll receive your TENS machine 3 weeks prior to your due date. Then, once you have had your baby simply return the unit in the satchel provided. SKU: TH Category: Hire

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The hired FreeMOM TENS kit includes: 1 x FreeMOM TENS Labour Pain Management device. 1 x set of labour electrodes. 1 x cable. 4 x TENS skin preparation wipes. 2 x 9V Alkaline batteries. 1 x set of After birth electrodes. 1 x instruction manual/guide. It is important to understand that the FreeMOM TENS device and electrodes included with the. TENS seems to work best and give you the most effective pain relief if you start using it at the very beginning of your labour (Blincoe 2007:519; MIDIRS 2008:14), so buy or rent a TENS machine and use it at home before you go into hospital, if you're having a hospital birth. The 2009 review that found limited evidence of effectiveness of TENS. Labour TENS machine +++ Comfort Must Haves and other goodies! Take a peek at these awesome labour helpers! If you haven't heard of TENS ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) well then I have a treat for you! The PERFECT MAMA TENS, is THE only health Canada approved TENS machine for pregnancy, and labour The Neurotrac Labour TENS machine is a proven performer, made in the UK to a quality that ensures reliable, effective TENS technology. This machine was designed with labour in mind and has a separate hand held grip button for you to deliver the TENS exactly when you need it! 7 weeks hire of Neurotrac TENs* - latest digital TENs technology Fast postage when you are 36 weeks or more Perfect Mama Tens Machine Pain Relief Labour. Used Once For 2 Min! + Electrodes. £29.99. Click & Collect. £4.10 postage. or Best Offer. Mama Tens Maternity Digital TENS Machine. TensCare Labour Pain Relief

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Purchased 6 months ago in Australia. This obstetrics TENS machine uses the highly desired Opti-Max* technology for use during contractions. This Labour TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during childbirth. It has a large display, pre-set modes and most importantly the Boost Button. Elle TENS is a safe, effective, drug-free method of pain relief, which still allows you to use other forms. Labour TENS or Obstetric TENS is a safe method of pain relief that is recommended by medical professionals as it provides Mums with a wonderful source of pain relief during their labour. Read more about using the Elles TENS machine during labour here

TENS machine for labour. Close. Vote. Posted by 4 minutes ago. TENS machine for labour. Hey folks, Has anyone used a TENS machine for labour, or is anyone planning to use one? They seem quite popular in the UK for birth, and I've used one often in physio. If so, any brand recommendations or tips? 0 comments. share. save Boots Maternity TENS : Buy and hire safe, fast and effective TENS machines for relief from labour pain in childbirth. MamaTENS units available too! Maternity TENS. Powered by TensCare Ltd. Back to .com. 0 items £0.00 View Basket. Retail, sales & helpline 01372 723434. What is TENS Not all TENS machines are designed especially for pregnancy. However, there are a few that can be used for pregnancy or labour pains. The Bodyclock Elle TENS machine was designed specifically to combat labour pains. This TENS machine is recommended by midwives. It is mainly used during labour to help the mother through the stages of delivery For many people using a TENS machine as a pain relief treatment is perfectly safe, however there are some instances where you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before using a TENS device. Please don't use a TENS machine: If you're pregnant, in labour, or if you think you may be pregnant; If you have a pacemaker or other implanted. A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is a drug-free method of pain relief often used by women during labour. In fact, 1 in 5 women use TENS to help them through the early stages of childbirth. A TENS machine can also be used in conjunction with other methods of pain control, e.g. entonox, if needed