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The darkness was breaking too soon, before the date that his Master had set for it: fortune had betrayed him for the moment, and the world had turned against.. This is a scene with Eowyn, fighting the Witch-king, one of my viewer told me to upload. Enjoy! : First of All Thank YOU ALL !!!Burial of witch king !!!. I dont own the video !! I had to extract this hilarious little clip with Lawrence Makoare as the witch-king of Angmar. Weta (Richard Taylor, Daniel Falconer and John Harding) discus.. Sorry for the volume...-It's the deep breath before the plunge! Gandalf and Pippin at the white city of men, Minas Tirith. This would be the end of Gondor,..

Move title: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingDistributed by: New Line CinemaPlot: Aragorn leads the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw th.. The Witch-king's true undead appearance in the first Lord of the Rings film. One thousand years into the Third Age, Sauron took form in the world again and, incognito, founded the fortress of Dol Guldur in southern Mirkwood in TA 1050.This signalled the return of the Nine to Middle-earth. Their chief, re-empowered, would set about enacting his master's long vengeance upon the Realms in Exile.

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The Witch-king of Angmar is an enormously important person in J.R.R. Tolkien's works. The Black Captain wields a Ring of Power, heads up the Black Riders, leads Sauron's armies in battle, and is. One of the most iconic scenes in the Lord of the Rings was the scene in which Eowyn slayed the Witch King of Angmar with the help of Merry. This came after a prophecy was told in which the Witch King of Angmar would not be slain by a man. RELATED: Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King - 5 Characters With The Most (& 5 With The Least) Screentime While Eowyn landed the killing blow, the reason. Éowyn succeeded in defeating the Witch-king of Angmar in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, but the movie leaves out some important details about how she did it.Played by Miranda Otto, Éowyn is introduced in The Two Towers as a citizen of Rohan and the niece of King Theoden. With sexism even more popular than facial hair in Middle-earth, the battlefield is deemed no place for a. So I'm trying to remember if the Witch-King ever proved to be actually be a witch. The only time I remember him doing any magic was in the controvertial extended scene of ROTK where he breaks Gandalf's staff, which doesn't even happen in the books The Witch-King of Angmar is a major antagonist in J.R.R. Tolkien's 1954 fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, and in Peter Jackson's film trilogy based on the novel.. Originally a great king of Men, he is corrupted by Sauron and becomes his chief servant, along with eight other similarly corrupted kings. As the leader of the Nazgûl, he scours Middle-earth looking for the One Ring

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Their leader, known as the Lord of the Nazgûl or the Witch-King of Angmar, had once been the King of Angmar. At the end of the Third Age, their main stronghold was the city of Minas Morgul at the entrance to Sauron's realm, Mordor. They dress entirely in black. The scene forms, too, a picture of the unexistence of evil, based on. In a scene unique to the film, Radagast the Brown enters the fortress to investigate the evil force within. He briefly battles the Witch-king of Angmar who is shown unclothed and in full spirit form, before glimpsing the Necromancer. He flees to tell Gandalf of what he saw

The Angmar wars lasted hundreds of years and for a time, ended when the Witch-King achieved his goal of crushing the three remaining splinter-kingdoms of Arnor. This was a devastating blow to the free people, but it could have been worse The Witch-king escaped to Mordor, and gathered the other Ringwraiths about him in 1980.Angmar and Carn Dûm were lost, and so in 2000 the Ringwraiths began a two-year siege of Minas Ithil, eventually capturing the place and turning it into his residence.The wraiths sent an aura of fear in Gondor, and much of Ithilien was deserted.. Eärnur succeeded his father as King of Gondor, and still held. The Witch-king and the other Nazgul were buried in the High Fells. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the tombs are first mentioned by Lady Galadriel during the meeting of the White Council in Rivendell as part of their discussion concerning the rediscovery of the Witch-king of Angmar's Morgul-blade by Radagast in the ruins of Dol Guldur.The tombs are revealed as the location where the.

Witch-king of Angmar by kimberly80 Megan N. Fontenot is a dedicated Tolkien scholar and fan who loves, almost more than anything else, digging into the many drafts and outlines of Tolkien. Eowyn vs The Witch King of Angmar - Context and circumstances Here's the scene of Eowyn vs the Witch King from Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Return of the King. 5 years ago Do not come between the Nazgûl and his prey - the Witch-King to Éowyn The Witch-king of Angmar was the leader of Sauron's Nazgûl. He is one of the nine spectres of darkness who lead the armies of Mordor under Sauron. 1 History 1.1 Death and Return 1.2 White Council 1.3 Agandaûr 1.4 Gollum 1.5 Riders in Black 1.6 A Knife in the Dark 1.7 Defeat at the Fords 1.8 Wraiths on Wings 1.9 The. The Witch King of Angmar The Witch King of Angmar. 10.4k 15 15 gold badges 71 71 silver badges 139 139 bronze badges. 12. 1. Peter Jackson realised this later on and hence put the scene where the Witch-King broke Gandalf's staff as an 'Extended scene'. Share. Improve this answer. Follo Spoilers for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the wizard Radagast encounters what appears to be the spirit of the Witch King of Angmar, as well as the necromancer, who I assume is Sauron.Radagast defeats the spirit of the Witch King of Angmar and takes the Witch King's sword, which he subsequently hands over to Gandalf, who takes it to.

It picks up that scene again in chapter 7 (The Pyre of Denethor), The Witch King withdraws, and Pippin, having already found Gandalf, stands and tells him of the madness of Denethor, whereupon Gandalf rushes to save Faramir from filicide History. Long before the Witch-king came to Angmar, the dwarves had many flourishing mines in the region, and halls that were secure and prosperous. It was not long before Durin's Folk felt the first assaults of Angmar. They fled southward, seeking the safety of their mines in the Weather Hills.. The Witch-king arose in Angmar during the reign of Malvegil of Arthedain, at some time between TA.

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  1. A look at the famous I am no man scene with a different sort of light. You can thank a gif image for this idea. Language: English Words: 100 Witch-King Of Angmar/Original Female Character(s) (7) Khamûl/Witch-King of Angmar (7) Celebrían/Elrond Peredhel (7) Include Additional Tags Third Age (24) Drama (22).
  2. It is seen in the movie that the witch-king has a sword that turns into flame. I was wondering if this appears in the book. This scene is an Extended Scene in RotK and most of the Extended scenes don't happen in the books
  3. Frodo is pulled into a tomb by one of the spirits cursed by the Witch-king of Angmar. 5 THE OTHER DÚNEDAIN ARE NOT SHOWN In the movies, Aragorn being a ranger is mentioned, but the significance of that is not explored like it is in the books
  4. They were once men, great kings of men. Then Sauron the deceiver gave to them Nine Rings of Power. Blinded by their greed they took them without question, one by one falling into darkness and now they are slaves to his will. - Aragorn All men ar..
  5. Even his title of Witch-king wasn't established until later on in his life when he ruled over the kingdom of Angmar in service of Sauron. Throughout this time, the Witch-king and the other Nazgul demonstrated powers and abilities that were not widely seen throughout Middle-earth. Here are the 20 Strangest Details About The Witch-King's Anatomy
  6. The Witch-king Of Angmar. via YouTube. Even though the scene in the film is incredible to see, when the Witch-king breaks Gandalf's staff and metaphorically defeats him, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. In truth, Gandalf did have some self-doubt when confronting the Witch-king, but he was never outmatched..

As far as I can tell, there is no authoritative answer to this. His history suggests six elements of his power: * His own innate strength as a person and a Numenorean king and power as an evil magician prior to his death. * The power of the Ring g.. like make-up in one scene and in the next one no more, for example no more blood or something, or the well-known sword of Eomer. Angmar is a location, not a person. Thus why he's more commonly called the Witch-king, Lord of the Nine, or whatever vague name he has--but not Angmar, please. _____ Perhaps he was called Angmar and then the. Very. He was directly responsible for wiping out the fragments of Armor, the Northern counterpart of Gondor. It should be understood that Angmar was a puppet kingdom of Mordor. Under his leadership the Dunedain were driven out of Rhudaur, causing. After that scene, Rohan arrives, and the Witch-king flies off to handle them. The Witch-king's ability to destroy others' weapons is found in the books, however. From The Fellowship of the Ring, Flight to the Ford: Then the leader, who was now half across the Ford, stood up menacing in his stirrups, and raised up his han It was the lord of the Nazgûl (previously known as the Witch King of Angmar), or at least it seems to have been the most powerful black rider present. Two of the figures halted. The third was taller than the others: his hair was long and gleaming and on his helm was a crown

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Jackson felt the book made the characters too competent and the Ring not menacing enough. This is why most of Gandalf's strategic decisions are split off to other characters, why we never get to see Pippin solo a troll chieftain, why we don't see. One of the most iconic moments in the film comes in the epic confrontation between the shieldmaiden of Rohan, Eowyn, and the Witch-King of Angmar, Lord of all Nazgul. This moment is the culmination of Eowyn's bravery and loyalty to her uncle and king. The rising shot of the Witch King and his weapon is a stark reminder of the danger he poses The Witch-king of Angmar was often referred to as Lord of the Nazgûl and The Black Captain. Khamûl, second-in-command, was called the Shadow of the East. Portrayal in adaptations Ralph Bakshi version. The Nazgûl appear in the inn of the Prancing Pony to slash the beds of the Hobbits. After this, they remove their hoods, revealing black masks. The Witch-king of Angmar is the Lord of the Nazgul and a former lord of the Númenóreans, supposedly. He founded Angmar by the order of Sauron to provide a new threat that would weaken and ultimately break the power of the men of the North in Arnor, the only strong realm of men left in the Third Age after Gondor Yup. Interestingly Tolkien wouldn't confirm that the Witch King was Numenorean. He would confirm some of the Nazghul were however. The Ring was forged about 40% into the second age. It's hard to imagine a King from a second rate Kingdom becoming W..

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By. dashinvaine. 964 Favourites. 98 Comments. Oil on board 56x71cm (22x28 in) Original for sale: [link] Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan, versus the Witch King of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgul, and his fell beast. Scene from 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King' by J.R.R. Tolkien. Image details Witch King Version 2.0 of the gauntlets (2002) The WitchKing, leader of the nine, wore a variant of the armour that defined his stature. This version of the gauntlets have sweeping hooked gadlings and have 4 metacarpal plates before the wrist (instead of 5). At this point, we were able to identify that the vambraces were 3 articulated plates.

The Witch-king of Angmar is the leader of ringwraiths known as the Nazgûl. They were Sauron's most powerful minions. From the Second Age to the Third Age, the Witch-king is Sauron's second in command.He ruled over Angmar and Minas Morgul. He was known as a king, a strong warrior, and an undead sorcerer that everyone feared and dread Witch-king of Angmar Upon it sat a shape, black-mantled, huge and threatening. A crown of steel he bore, but between rim and robe naught was there to see, save only a deadly gleam of eyes: the Lord of the Nazgûl... now he was come again, bringing ruin, turning hope to despair, and victory to death Tom Bombadil and the Witch-king of Angmar are the same person. 1. We never hear of Tom at all during the whole of the First Age. The Nine Rings aren't forged until the Second Age. QED. 2. You never see the two of them together. 3. In the first part of Fellowship of the Ring, the Nazgul are sent to the Shire to look for the wandering Baggins Now let's look at the Witch King, leader of the Ringwraiths. He was originally a mortal man who accepted a ring of power from Sauron and was corrupted into darkness. Admittedly, he was a sorcerer and evidently an able battle commander. He ruled Angmar and was Sauron's second-in-command, but ultimately the majority of his power is derived from.

Eowyn meets the Witch King of Angmar. jullingen. Published at : 21 Dec 2020. Subscribe to jullingen. 4156787 views. 20095. 797. This is a scene with Eowyn, fighting the Witch-king, one of my viewer told me to upload. Enjoy On December 17th, 2003, The Third installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was released in the United States. In the final battle scene Eowyn, daughter of the king of Rohan fights the Witch King of Angmar and kills him. The witch king says that no man could kill him and that's when Eowyn responds with I am no man (shown below). YouTube Aug 24, 2016 - pepakura Lord Of The Rings files. this was unfolded by movieman. 3d model ripped and clean by nintendude nice works as always. all thanks goes to them..

The Witch King of Angmar was a human king who possessed one of the 7 rings given to them, until they were turned into Nazgul. Peter Jackson decided to add the ridiculous scene in the extended. The Witch King of Angmar. 779 likes. Im Witch King , lord of Angmar now im one of the nine,my quest it's to bring the One Ring to lord Sauro Painting Nazgul 3D Print to Make Perfect Witch-king of Angmar Figure. Crowned in steel, the faceless Witch-king of Angmar was well-known for bringing only ruin and death in Middle-earth. He turned hope to despair after being corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Power. He served Sauron, but he now obeys a talented hobbyist Tuğbay Yağcı Search Witch-king of Angmar on Amazon.. The Witch-king of Angmar, also known as the Lord of the Nazgûl and the Black Captain, is a character in Tolkien's legendarium.In J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, he is the chief of the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths, the chief servants of the Dark Lord, Sauron.His name is not revealed in any of Tolkien's writings, nor are the names of any of the. The Witch King of Angmar. 1,565 likes · 1 talking about this. The Witch-king of Angmar was once a Man. He was corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Power given to Nine lords of men by Sauron in the..

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the third part of The Lord of the Rings (film series), based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.. The film premiered in Wellington, New Zealand, on December 1 2003, was attended by the director and many of the stars.Further premieres took place in major cities around the world in the days leading up to the film's worldwide theatrical. All of this comes to culmination when Eowyn and Merry encounter the Witch King of Angmar in Pelennor Fields. The Witch King is attempting to kill Theoden, King of Rohan, when Eowyn steps in his. Canon scenes from reverse POV; Haradric rituals; Summary. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, seen through the eyes of the enemy. Winner of 2004's Mithril Award in the category Best Story Focused on Men. Éowyn/Witch-king of Angmar (8) Witch-King Of Angmar/Original Female Character(s) (7) Khamûl/Witch-King of Angmar (7) Celebrían/Elrond.

The Master of Death is a dangerous title; many would claim to hold a position greater than Death. Harry is pulled to Middle-earth by the Witch King of Angmar in an attempt to bring Morgoth back to Arda. A year later Angmar falls and Harry is freed, but the wounds inflicted during his time in Angmar's dungeons run deep The Witch-King of Angmar: Once a Man that was corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Power given to the lords of men by Sauron in the Second Age. Now leading the armies of Mordor against the forces of Men. vs. Durza: The Shade who now serves the Evil Dragon Rider Galbatorix who leads the Urgal army against the forces of Good in the land of Alagaësia. The TWO MOST HARDEST TO KILL VILLIANS IN. Gothmog was the second-in-command of the Witch-King of Angmar in the Third Age, from Minas Morgul, notably at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. He assumed control of all 7,000 or so Orcs at that battle after the Witch-king was slain by Eowyn and Merry. Gothmog's race is unknown in the books, but he is assumed in all media to be an Orc or.

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this dont fit EA design of angmar or witch king. im tired of always seeing the witch king with a mace... even if EA modesl are not in great quality and yours one are in perfect quality i find EA angmar design was lot more original and better. also i find his helmet look like dwarven style. Reply Good karma Bad karma +4 votes — Witch King of Angmar Unless blessed by Elvish magic, the Nazgûl were untouchable to mortal men. They had many weapons, which included long swords of steel and flame, daggers with magical venomous properties, and black maces of great strength. Their arsenal of deadly armaments were not confined to physical means; They had loud screeches. One of the nine mortal men to wield a Ring of Power, the Witch-king of Angmar became a servant of Sauron, becoming a ring-wraith and his name was long forgotten. The witch-king fell in one of his battles. The men of the north took his body and buried it with the other nine Kings, and took all of his things and entombed them with the Witchking The city shortly after its capture by the Witch-king. The video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War features Minas Ithil throughout the game, and depicts its transformation into Minas Morgul after being besieged by the Nazgûl.In the game, the main character, Talion, aided by the wraith of the Elf-smith Celebrimbor, attempts to hold back the siege only to be betrayed from within

The New WitchKing Chapter 8, a Lord of the Rings + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he scanned the pond where Vala had picked up tracks. He looked at the scrapped trees, then the wet ground and then the sky, and concluded there was a fight going on there. A fight. He said, as Kiba and his dog started to strut. Witch King of Angmar vs. Elrond it's hard to say since Elrond and gang were doing pretty well fighting the 9 ringwraiths in the Dol Guldor scene in the Hobbit, when they were severely.

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Edited by : Kornux ♪ Witch-King of Angmar Theme Tags : Witch-king, LOTR, the lord of the rings, fellbeasts, nazgul, J. R. R. Tolkie In a new feature for the Tor UK blog, authors share their favorite scenes from film, TV, and books. having defeated the Witch-king of Angmar, but also her moment of tragedy,. To complete the scene, the set includes four mini-figures and a horse: Éowyn - in her disguise as Dernhelm of Rohan. The Lord of the Nazgul (a.k.a. The Witch King of Angmar) with sword and flail (not shown here - I haven't made on yet) Merry - in Rohan armor King Theoden - in full combat armor Snowmane - Theoden's trusty, but ill-fated, moun The conference center style chair in the back and the pose both lead me to think this is a convention of some sort, not behind the scenes. level 2 Witch-King of Angmar 6 points · 6 years ag

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The other issue is that that scene never happened in the book. Gandalf and the Witch-King never fought in the primary source which I'm assuming this is in absence of other specification. But in all honesty even a composite Witch-King of Angmar doesn't have too many combat feats, unless there's some random video game where he's soloing. Witch King Of Angmar Quotes. Quotes tagged as witch-king-of-angmar Showing 1-1 of 1. Slowly the lights of the torches in front of Merry flicked and went out, and he was walking in a darkness; and he thought: 'This is a tunnel leading to a tomb; there we shall stay forever.'. But suddenly into his dream there fell a living voice.

Posts about Witch-King of Angmar written by Ollamh. Welcome, dear readers, as always. In our last post (well, next-to-last-the last was on circuses), we talked about museums and Mathom-houses and, thinking that the Shire had a museum, made us wonder about what we might call Shire culture in general • create original or quoted scenes of dialogue. • multi or single player modes. • for new or experienced voice actors. PLAY NOW! VOICE COMPARES. Listen to all the actors who have voiced Witch-King and vote for your favorite. The Witch King of Angmar TRENDING THIS WEEK. 1. Albedo. 2. Diluc. 3. Kaeya. 4. Klee. 5. Zhongli. 6. Xiao. 7. Jack. Romance on the Roads. Character Study. Summary. The power of Angmar is growing and spreading its blight on the lands surrounding it. Erestor and Glorfindel take long forbidden roads in probing the secrets kept in Angmar's depths - and in their own hearts. Language: English. Words: 4,119 There is a good scene in ROTK in which Gandalf the white and the witch king face off at the gates of Minas Tirit. not the Witch - King of Angmar. 11 years ago. randumo24. Follow 4911. Forum. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Current visibility: Friends-only. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. 173 ratings. 女巫安格玛之王 指环王 Witch King of Angmar. Description Discussions 0 Comments 1 Change Notes. Description Discussions Comments.

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Éowyn and Witch-King of Angmar. 1624 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. emthewriter. Narnia, Middle Earth and Shangri La. spanning scenes and containing characters from all throughout the series. The showcase will be available online Tuesday November 21 at 12pm ET at the Bottleneck Gallery website! The Witch-King of Mordor. Dec 5, 2020 - Eowyn and the Nazgul. See more ideas about tolkien, middle earth, witch king of angmar

I can't actually remember whether this was in the books or not, but it was a deleted scene of the film...the Lord of the Nazgul, the Witch King of Angmar, confronts Gandalf the White and in a display of his power breaks Gandalf's staff, subsequently fulfilling his promise to Gothmog that he would 'break the wizard.'fantag See what Witch-king of Angmar (ksejkova) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas

Amped Witch-King's spell is almost equal to Gandalf the White. He has prep. time and vast army, with his spell they can take down Smaug, but not easy Witch-King wins 6/10 Extra Beorn scene showing him meet the Dwarves as Gandalf calls them out in pairs. During his talk with Beorn, Gandalf remembers words from Galadriel as the movie shows a scene of the men of Angmar burying the Witch King in the High Fells. Extended Mirkwood sequence which involves the company crossing an enchanted river In the extended edition, the arrival of the Rohirrim interrupts the Witch King of Angmar as he's about to kill a defenceless Gandalf and Pippin. The nigh-unstoppable army of Mordor orcs gets mown down by the Rohirrim's charge, and the Witch King will finally be defeated by the two people who everyone else insisted shouldn't fight

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Mar 7, 2021 - Explore T H's board LOTR on Pinterest. See more ideas about lotr, witch king of angmar, the hobbit The battle had been long and hard fought. Many Men and Elves had falled in the battle or had been dealt a mortal injury, none who made it through had escaped the horror created by the mere presence of the Witch King. Eventually though the forces of Angmar had been broken, the walls cast down and the Witch King put to flight It was that very that Eowyn used to slay the Witch-King of Angmar, though it broke in doing the deed. After healing from her wounds, she attends the coronation of King Elessar, but departs for Edoras prior to Aragorn and Arwen's wedding. See also. Images of Éowyn External links Tolkien's Heathen Feminist by Karl E.H. Seigfried Note Sauron's army from Minas Morgul, led by the Witch-king of Angmar (chief of the Nazgûl) greatly outnumbered the combined armies of Gondor and its allies. This army consisted of some 150,000 orcs, trolls, and Men who had allied with Sauron.Sauron's forces included Haradrim Southrons who brought elephantine beasts, Easterlings from Rhûn and Variags from Khand, and many Orcs and Trolls

After the Witch-king says a prophecy stating no man can kill him, Éowyn removes her helmet to reveal her identity and proclaims, I am no man. Éowyn then drives her sword into the Witch. Witch King Gauntlets inspired by the Witch King of Angmar The Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume. Early in Peter Jackson's first Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring, there is a scene where the four Hobbits - Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took - are hiding from one of the Nazgul That scene didn't make the theatrical cut because the audience already knew that Sam and Frodo escaped the orcs in cirith ungol. In the books, we didn't know anything the Hobbits were doing after Frodo was carried away by the orcs after the encounter with shelob. It was a very dramatic part of the books, but in the movie it was unnecessary Edited by : Kornux ♪ Battle for Middle Earth 2 : Rise of the Witch-King - Lobby Tags : Witch-king of Angmar, LOTR, bfme 2, the rise of the witch king, nazgul, troll, J. R. R. Tolkie Hand drawn illustration of the Witch King of Angmar from The Lord of the Rings. Inspired by the scene where Eowyn confronts the Witch King I am no man! Choice of 2 sizes, printed on premium matt card, 160 gsm. A4 - 210 x 297 mm A5 - 148 x 210 mm (width x height) Frame not included

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The Witch-king of Angmar was once a king of Men that was corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Power given to the lords of men by Sauron in the Second Age.He and the eight other kings of Men received incredible power from the rings, which they used to further their own ambitions, but eventually the Rings completely corrupted them and turned them into wraiths, undead Nazgûl, slaves to the will. Greatest of the Nazgûl, Sauron's terrible Ringwraith servants, the Witch-king was once lord of the realm of Angmar. Now he haunts the ruins of Dol Guldur, leading his fellow Wraiths against the united Elves and Istari. Summoned from beyond the grave by their master's will, the Ringwraiths rose to challenge the White Council in the tangled. The Witch-king himself was pretty much running Angmar independently save for the vague direction of his master who was still gaining strength and hiding. He didn't need Sauron's constant supervision to overthrow Gondor's sister-kingdom of Arnor, he managed that on his own more or less, though the plagues might have been Sauron's doing The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II -- The Rise of the Witch-king. Summary: The story of the evil Witch-king's rise to power, domination of Angmar and invasion of the great. The Witch King of Angmar vs King Arthur, King Peter, King Theoden and King Alexander but there is a scene at one point WK shatters Gandalf's staff and knocks him on his a$$ at the same time.

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