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How to properly whiten or bleach a deer, Ram, elk etc. skulls for euro mounts that look perfect! To get a little more whitening we once again removed the outer shells of the horns, covered only the still-brown areas of the bone with white towels, saturated the towels with 3% hydrogen peroxide, then wrapped the entire skull in plastic wrap and put it back into the garbage bag A: Any grade of peroxide would work to clean skulls and bones. For example, some folks use peroxide that is sold to beauticians to bleach hair. This kind of peroxide is sold by volume rather than by the percentage. For example V40 is 12% hydrogen peroxide Set the skull out in direct sunlight if possible. Let it set 12-24 hrs and then wash the dry film off with water. After it is dry apply a clear satin coat of spray paint to it. If this is too long of a process, then boil the skull, clean, dry, and use flat white spray paint

Whitening with the use of peroxide: The whitening process is best performed when the skull is heated, on a warm day or next to the fire. Peroxide is activated with heat so the hotter the bone is the better the peroxide will penetrate and the faster it will perform What to use to whiten a European mount? You can buy powders that you mix with water and brush onto the skull. They don't do much other than coat the skull with white powder and do a poor job of actually whitening the bone. Hydrogen peroxide is the way to go. Can you bury a deer head for European mount? Easiest Way to Clean a Deer Skull: Part 1 I recently got a deer skull from a friend who apparently had it in her basement for some time. I went through the normal process of the peroxide bath, for I'd say about a week and a half or so. I let it dry, then began using it for an art project. I guess the glue I was using stimulated several small, white worms to begin to evacuate the skull You need to remove all hair/meat/brains ect. by boiling and scraping first, before you dunk in peroxide. All the peroxide is going to do is turn the skull from yellow to white. It will not remove anything from the skull. Once it's clean and ready to whiten, I set it in a pot for about 48hrs full of peroxide I found a doe skull and decided to take it home to clean. I immediately put it in a dawn and peroxide bath to degrease and whiten (JUST learned you shouldn't do these steps together). I went to change out the water and remove the veins (didn't get ALL but most of one vein) and I noticed that the skull was mostly covered in a layer of membrane

Rinse the skull well after you have removed the last, stubborn tissues. Teeth will invariably loosen during heating and cleaning. Hang on to them and glue them back in place with white glue once the skull is clean and dry. The skull should be completely dry if it is to be stored in a box or plastic bag Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Bones Hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) is the safest and most effective way to whiten bones. This is what taxidermists use, including the ones at the Smithsonian and other prestigious institutions. You can use the 3% hydrogen peroxide found in drug stores to whiten bones Randy Sanders, owner of Beetle Juice Skull Works, a dermestid beetle skull cleaning service, shows you how to whiten a deer skull. Whitening a deer skull is. Beetle Juice Skull Works uses a safe, two-step whitening process to ensure a beautiful looking mount that will be strong for years to come. We start by painting on a generous amount of the skull whitening paste, starting on the back of the skull and working forward After the skull is white, leave it somewhere warm and dry overnight and then check it. Often times, there will be small spots that did not become as white as the rest of the skull. To treat these small spots, saturate cotton balls with peroxide and set them on the spots for up to 12 hours

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I demonstrate how I prefer to bleach my deer skulls or any european mount for that matter. It is a lot cheaper then boiling in peroxide and it works extremel.. Rinse, then soak in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for several hours, removing the bones as soon as they have achieved your desired shade of white. Rinse thoroughly, let dry, and glue any escaped. Mix 6 cups of hydrogen peroxide with 10 gallons of water in the soaking container. Submerge the cow skull in the mixture and let it soak for three days. Remove the heating thermostat form the lid and put the lid on the container. Additionally, how do you whiten a deer skull with peroxide

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Bring the treated water to a rolling boil, but do not add the skull to the water while it's at this level). Allow temperature levels to fall to a simmer and place the skull in the water for thirty minutes or so. Scrape it again, the flesh and hair bits should come off easily For this you will need to have boiled the skull already. For the bleaching process you will need and use Quick White or BW2. You will also need a 40 or 30 vo.. How to bleach and whiten a deer skull for a European mount without weakening or making the bones brittle.Amazon Gear List: https://www.amazon.com/shop/nobles.. Pour about 1/2 a cup of the 40 volume peroxide into your plastic cup Draw the peroxide into the baster Pro-Tip: Do not get any of the peroxide onto the antlers, as it will turn them white as well Using the baster, completely coat the skull in peroxid Submerge the skull in a large container full of water. Include only 10-15 ounces of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide per approximately 5 liters (1.3 US gal) of water. Do not use chlorine bleach, because this can damage bone and teeth. This turns the skull a bright white. Skulls are naturally an off-white to yellowish color

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Step 3: Whiten your skull. This can be done a couple different ways as well. You can use bleach when boiling your skull or use a DIY whitening paste. 3 a: When bleaching your skull white we suggest using borax or another powdered bleach. Liquid bleach is more harsh to the bone. Create a solution of a 1-cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water Our skull cleaning services will completely clean the skull, degrease it, and whiten it for you. See here for our skull cleaning prices. Elk Skull Mount Options. Now that you've got your skull back, it's time to actually make your elk European mount look great up on the wall. You could simply hang the skull on a piece of wire attached to a. Use thin white rags or white paper towels laid over exposed skull areas and antler pedicles to pull the peroxide up to the skull parts that are not immersed. Let this sit at room temperature for about 3-5 days for 3%, using a small cup to re-wet the cloth or paper with peroxide to keep all the bone wet I have yet to see ANY skull completely degreased in a couple of weeks much less an Elk. Granted Elk are easier than most deer to degrease I challenge to see any skull degreased in in hot water and dawn even adding h2o2 in this time frame after a year or two. I am feeling a little smoke being blown between my cheeks here and I say Bull Chit!

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  1. Aug 9, 2012. Messages. 699. Location. Southwest Idaho. The big canning kettle I use to boil deer skulls is too small for cleaning an elk skull. It isn't deep enough. I thought I could boil half, then flip the skull and to the other half. That left a thick greasy line where the water line was though
  2. s, then water blast away, then a quick soak in a degreaser. Something big like an elk will handle alot before you loose and teeth or bones, smaller species you have to be more careful with
  3. You skull should begin to whiten nicely. Leave it in the solution until you reach you desired whiteness, but I would not leave it in for more than about 48 hours, as the peroxide will eventually begin to weaken the bone just enough so that it gets a few hairline cracks. 3. Once your skull has whitened nicely, remove it and wash it thoroughly.
  4. Taxachusetts. If you wrap the wet skull with plastic wrap, it keeps it in place as well as prevents it from drying out too fast. The longer it is still wet, the longer you keep it working. Wrap and get it under a heat source to get it as white as possible. Turn it several times to expose all sides to the heat evenly
  5. Skull Whitening: Bleach vs Hydrogen Peroxide. When skull whitening, people often refer to it (wrongfully) as skull bleaching. If you want to add a white deer skull to your collection, bleaching is the procedure to follow. You can actually clean the skull all day long and every manner but fail to attain the desired pristine white
  6. Gently boil the skull in saltwater for about 2 hours and check it. After you've picked some of the meat off, put the skull back in the pot for an hour or so. I use an electric power washer (a garden hose with high speed nozzle will work) to blast the meat and soft tissue off the skull. Similarly, how can I whiten my skull

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  1. Degreasing the Skull. You will need: enough white gas (Coleman lantern fuel) to submerge the bones. Other solvents may also work such as - dry cleaning solvent, acetone or auto parts cleaning solvent. Follow all manufactures precautions when using these products - most are highly flammable..
  2. Clean skulls. In this American Taxidermy video we learn how to clean animal skulls. He is using borax, bleach, detergent, scrub brushes and a strong stomach as this smells awful. He uses a deer head with antlers, called a European mount and a canine skull. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next.
  3. Rinse the bones or skull with water to get out any dirt or bugs. Then put the bones or skull in a clear plastic box, then pour over the peroxide, and top it up with water. Cover the top so the peroxide can't get out. Make sure all the bones are underneath with no air bubbles
  4. How I approach this depends on how old the skull cap is and if the hide is still attached. Removing the Hide from Deer Antler Skull Plates. If you have a freshly harvested deer and want to know how to clean deer antlers, start by skinning the hide from the skull. This is done quickly and easily with a sharp knife, flathead screwdriver, and a.
  5. A deer skull can be a great ornament for the home, but there is a rigorous process of cleaning and maintaining to make sure the skull keeps a long-lasting white color. This process starts with removing the flesh, either through chemical or natural methods. You can then bleach the skull
  6. utes to an hour. After this round, at least 90% of the meat should be off the skull. How do you whiten an animal skull? Leave the cleaned skull in a bucket of water for 48 hours

Relatively white skulls can be produced in this way. Grease may/will leach to the bone surface over time. Some skulls will remain nearly white with this process, other skulls will literally get pools of oil on their surface. Rinse out simmer pot, refill with clean water, and squirt in a generous amount of Dawn. Immerse your skull in it Salon Care Quick White powder lightener. This whitener can be purchased in large tubs, or for a couple dollars you can pick up the small packet that turns out to be more than enough for a deer sized skull. I would anticipate it would be enough for an elk sized skull as well. You can purchase the whitening powder by CLICKING HERE It's a skull with the hide removed and bone bleached white, usually hung on the wall as a way of showing off that trophy. Today the European mount is popular across the globe and is a way of displaying trophies uniquely, simply, and cost effectively. Likewise, people ask, how do you boil elk skulls

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  1. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the deer skull. Start by filling the turkey baster with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze small amounts of it onto the skull and inside the skull. Excess hydrogen peroxide will drain into the bottom of the tub. Make sure to cover all surfaces, except the antlers and the teeth
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  3. Skull mounting is a relatively easy procedure that yields impressive results. Our skull cleaning products and skull bleaching kit are exceptional skull bleaching and hair whitening products.. A broad selection of informative How To Instructions and Free online videos are available online. Our technical staff is available Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time at 1-800-279-7985 for any.
  4. g white, go ahead with the next step
  5. Use tongs and be careful as the skull may contain pockets of boiling water.Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the skull is white and free of any organic matter that may attract insects and bacteria. Ensure the water covers all the meat on the back of the skull. Simply pour it out, wash off the bones, and refill with fresh Dawn and water
  6. utes; Looks like the real skull (we were a little skeptical at first, but the finished mount looks great) Can do any deer and elk (grandparent's old buck, relative's bull, antlers sitting in the garage, etc.) Less than $50 and you have a great-looking European skull mount; Con
  7. A painted cow skull makes an excellent addition to any Western home decor. Cow skulls are easy to paint on and care for, and the skull will last for many years if you care for it properly. Skulls are available from a local butcher or farmer or from online retailers. Using a large skull with few imperfections or breaks.

Elk typically 10 to 12 days. Thats really not a lot of time to put up with the smell. You also don't have to pick the meat off like you would a boiled skull. 2-3 minutes off pulling off loose flesh when needed is about it. Most of it just falls right off. I degrease deer and elk for roughly 4 - 6 weeks. Changing the water every 2 - 3 days soak the skull in over the counter peroxide and mix in a small amount of baking soda. let sit for 2 -4 days then let air dry in the sun. has worked well for me in the past with deer i have found while walking the woods . make sure not to get the antler in the solution it will make it whit In case you want to do it by yourself, follow the procedure below: 1. Get a large knife then start separating the head from the body. Enjoy the meat that will come from it. 2. Sever the head from the neck carefully with the knife. Cut the nerves, veins, and tissues that connect the head with the main body of the deer Broken Skull Plate Repair. Whitetail or mule deer $50, elk or caribou $75, moose $90 (very strong fiberglass repair) Attachment of Sheds to Artificial Skull Plate. $50. Antler Staining. $45 base price, then 60¢ per inch for length of main beams and all points (done with oil paint) Novelty Mounts Deer Leg Lamp. Price includes high quality.

Description. This Positioner bracket lets you easily hang your Mountain Mike's elk or stag skull mount from a variety of angles. Just attach the base plate to the wall, loosen the set screw, choose your desired angle, tighten the set screw, and enjoy The skull is then placed into the beetle colony, where the bugs begin to feast. A deer skull can be completely stripped of flesh within 24 hours of being placed in a colony, while larger skulls (i.e., moose, elk, etc.) may take a few days How to Whiten a Deer Skull. There are several skull whitening products to use when whitening a deer skull. Most people are familiar with whitening a deer skull with bleach, but there are a few problems with this approach. Bleach is a strong chemical that can quickly cause a deer skull to deteriorate if not mixed properly or left in for too long Whitening skulls properly is done with hydrogen peroxide at a medium concentration. Peroxide in the 10 to 20 percent concentration range is adequate to whiten most animal skulls. Skulls should be completely submerged in this medium strength hydrogen peroxide for a few days for the best results

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Adjustable Bull Bracket European Elk Skull Hanger Mount Kit - for Elk, Moose, Caribou, Buffalo, and Cattle Skulls- World's Strongest Holds Over 100 Pounds - Oil Rubbed Bronze - Made in USA. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $139.99. $139 Just got back from your bear hunting trip? Instead of paying a taxidermist, take a look at this instructional video and learn how to clean a bear skull and make a European mount on your own. To use this procedure, you'll need a knives, gloves, large pot, garbage bas, dishwashing soap, a large pail, 3-4 liters of 40 volume peroxide, and fast drying glue

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5 out of 5 stars. (84) $33.99. Add to Favorites. Real Deer/Elk Skull Brown Antlers. Coues Whitetail Deer Taxidermy European Mount, Vintage, Home Decor. Rustic Deer Antler, Real Animal Skull. revampwood. 5 out of 5 stars Deer Skull fully editable vector illustration of deer skull in black on isolated white background, suitable for crest, mascot, tattoo or tribal design elk skull stock illustrations Deer skull illustration, drawing, engraving, ink, line art, vector Illustration, what made by ink, then it was digitalized. elk skull stock illustration

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Pro Size Antler Art Crafting Epoxy Kit - Repair Horns Antlers Skulls Teeth Claws - 3 lb. Jumbo KIT -Great for Antler Lighting, Furniture, Collectibles, Antler Christmas Tree, Wreaths and More! 5.0 out of 5 stars 407 elk skull stock photos are available royalty-free. Elk skull. Isolated on white background. Elk Skull on Old Rustic Cabin. An elk skull with large antlers on an old, rustic wooden cabin, in the snow. Deer/elk antlered skull. On grass in front of white/gray barked tree Mountain Mike's mounting kits ($43; masterofskulls.com) come complete with an authentic-looking European skull reproduction. You simply saw the antlers off your real skull and use the hardware to mount them on the plastic-­reproduction skull provided. Available for deer (in white and camo) and elk. --Mark Kayser. How to Camo-Dip a Deer Skull

The peroxide will bleach or turn your skull white and the quick white is a bleaching agent that helps the process or turn in 'whiter'. Mix your goo, to were it looks like a Milkshake consistency, and your ready to apply. Use a simple foam or bristle brush and apply the goo nice and thick and EVERYWHERE. Make sure you get it inside and. Prepare a deer skull for mounting in the European style. You just shot a beautiful buck and you'd like to add his skull to your wall of trophies. If you're looking to mount the deer skull in the European style, take a look at this walkthrough and learn how to prepare the skull through boiling, degreasing, and bleaching The clean look of a white skull showing every inch of those black horns seems to catch my eye more so on a European mount. I do agree, a room full of shoulder mounts is impressive. However, I do think a scattering of European mounts to the room can also add additional interest and wall space can be a factor to consider as well

When shipping any skulls it is best they are frozen solid and placed in a heavy duty plastic bag and sealed to prevent any leakage while in transit. Place the head / skull in the shipping box and properly surround the skull with packaging material like newspapers or bubble wrap. Make sure the skull is secure from moving around Notched Natural White Elk Skull quantity. Add to cart. SKU: SK6N Categories: Elk Natural White, Elk Reproduction Skulls. Share: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Tumblr Google+ Pinterest Email. Description . Description. If you want to keep your antlers intact with the original skull plate, this is the antler kit for you. This skull features a small. Five months is way too long for a deer skull. Alot are pretty week degreased in three weeks, the rest usually by the fourth week. I've had a few rough ones that took six weeks but only a few. You need to make sure the water temp AT THE SKULL is 120. Idk how you're checking it, but i have a submersible probe that sits at skull level in the water Elk Taxidermy Options, Elk Shoulder Mount, Elk Pedestals, Life Size Elk Taxidermy, Elk Antler Mounts, Elk European Mounts, Elk Tine Repair. under 7 months or 3-6 weeks completion time. 970-218-6281 307-222-9413 European skulls will be bleached white and will have a hanger on the back According to Shed Hunters, this gargantuan bull elk was already dead, and the cleansing fire left his remarkable skull - antlers intact - in its wake. It is, by all accounts, an absolute monster specimen. The gent doesn't specify if he found his mushrooms, but what he did find was an official score gross non typical is 439, net 422.

1. Cut the antlers out of the skull. Cut through the skull at the base of the antlers, making sure to keep part of the skull plate as you go around it. You should not take only the antlers. A small oval around the base will help everything hold together. A handsaw or hacksaw should be enough to cut through the bone Staining Weathered White Deer Antlers. After a long period of time, the sun can bleach deer antlers. Over the course of a year or two, a deer skull will still have some flesh on it, but the antlers will be bleached white and brittle. Often times some of the biggest deer antlers or deer racks are found like this due to predation, a misplaced. 1. Saw the antlers off the skull cap. Get a hacksaw and place it against the antlers, at the point where the antlers meet the skull. Saw both the antlers off, while securing the skull so that it doesn't move, altering the trajectory of the saw so that the cut is uneven. Consider using a clamp to hold the skull in place, so that it doesn't. However, skulls from horned animals like deer, moose, caribou, and elk require a slightly different approach which I will go over here. Want to become a bone cleaning expert? Check out my eBook. It's got lots of tips and tricks about how to clean and whiten all types of animal bones. Get it here for $4.9 The lodge was an elk's skull, and the celebrants were mice. He worked his way down to the water by asking each tree what kind it was. Then Nih'āⁿçaⁿ floated down river until he met women who cracked open the skull for him. 5. In the Blackfoot version, the trickster figure Old Man encounters an elk skull in which mice are having a dance.

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  2. Step 1: Rasp or cut the cleaned antler plate to fit the notch on the reproduction skull. Step 2: Use a rasp, Foredom or Dremel tool to rough up the attachment area of the reproduction skull for greater adhesion. Step 3: Mix Bondo with excelsior or fiber fill and apply to the skull cavity. Hold antlers in place and allow the Bondo to harden. Step 4: Use sculpting epoxy to fill in the transition.
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How To Clean Deer Antlers- Steps to Follow Step 1: Separating From The Skull Cap. The first step is that you must physically take out the antlers from the boney rectangular zone called the skull cap. This process requires a little amount of elbow grease for the separation because deer antlers actually grows out from the skull cap With the creative use of a 6x6 pole and a couple of Skull Hooker European mount hangers we came up with this. This is the most space efficient method of displaying elk I have found. You can take this design and incorporate numerous European deer mounts. I owe a thank you to Max Lang at Lang Taxidermy for coming up with this idea for me

Download 529 Elk Skull Vector Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 160,822,467 stock photos online Elk are taller and heavier than the white-tailed deer. Average elk weights vary between 450 pounds for a cow (female) and 800 pounds for a bull (male). At shoulder height, elk will reach 4.5-5 feet at maturity. Bulls will be the largest, topping out the height and weight spectrum. Reference the chart for a comparison of size to the common white. Skin the skull cap, scrape excess tissue off, the rest will dry or be eaten by naturally occurring small vermin. The antlers will whiten naturally but will, assuming something other than rainforest conditions, last for many, many years. Expecting 20 years should be a minimum Although the deer skull on the left is featured in the DVD, the same techniques can be used on any trophy animal such as Elk, Caribou, Exotic Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion and many more. As a bonus, Bill teaches how to complete a Rack Mount or Horn Mount

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Nice looking skull. $225.00 /ea. F-12. More about this lot > Elk Skulls. 5157-9996. More 1. COW, complete skull, XL, 16-17 long, commercially cleaned, HAS IVORIES. Mature animal, #1 except pea size hole in anterior right side of cranium; pea size are missing from upper edge of right mandible. Dime size hole in back of left rear eye orbit Aug 3, 2019 - Here is an easier method for cleaning animal bones using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make a paste. Check out the results Different Ways of Cleaning a Skull As mentioned, there are a few options to produce a European deer mount or any type of European skull mount. The first and oldest option of doing it is to simply hang it up somewhere out of sight or bury it in the ground until nature takes its course.How to Clean a Bear Skull The Right Way,Beetle Juice Skull Work

Metalized Skulls - Iron Head Metalizing. This steer skull is metalized in copper with black patina. A very niec classy looking way to have an old steer skull. The copper is very bright. Even with these horns in terrible shape, I was able to reconstruct them for a nice clean look. One of my personal favorites is this bronze cougar skull Repeat this process until the skull is completely white. If the skull seems to be extremely greasy and will not become completely white at some spots, a problem often with bear or pig skulls, apply a thin layer of white glue to the skull. mount the skull. This is where it gets fun. Your skull is white and beautiful

How to custom dip your deer skull at home with spray paint. Easy, Cheap, And Efficient. Saved by Don Lee Kuhn. 399. Deer Skull Decor Painted Animal Skulls Deer Antler Crafts Antler Art Skull Crafts Paint Dipping Skull Painting Hydro Painting Deer Mounts 2,707 elk skull stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See elk skull stock video clips. of 28. hunting club design deer skull vector skull deer flower logo design deer indian antlers watercolor elk hunting sign hunting vector deer skull mountain skull realistic deer skull. Try these curated collections Degreasing and Whitening. After the beetles have finished their work, usually 36 hours for a deer-sized skull, the skull is then degreased. This is necessary for a long lasting quality skull. After degreasing the skull undergoes a whitening process. This process is superior to bleaching, which causes flaking 5 out of 5 stars. (706) $4.00. Favorite. Add to. Real Deer/Elk Skull Brown Antlers. Large Mule Deer Taxidermy European Mount, Vintage, Home Decor. Rustic Deer Antler, Real Animal Skull Oct 30, 2015 - Explore Joshua J. Cadwell's board Miniature antlers. , followed by 2827 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about antlers, miniatures, white tail

Elk Ivory. Velvet Antler. COOKBOOKS, etc. ELK TEETH. MENU. 1-888-788-7441. ATTENTION: HOURS FOR CALL-IN ORDERS: 7:30AM to 6PM Mountain Time, Which is 9:30AM to 8PM Eastern, or 6:30AM to 5PM Pacific Time. The canines of elk bulls and cows are known as elk teeth, buglers, ivories, or even elk tusks. Bulls were once killed for their teeth. Elk Skull from Montana, Blue White Gold Hand Painted and Burned, Foraged One of a Kind Woodland Home Decor, Handmade by Licia Lucas Pfadt ShadyGrovePottery 5 out of 5 stars (604) $ 365.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Painted white tail deer skull, vintage deer skull. Elk are strict herbivores and will graze on grasses as well as browsing on shrubs and saplings. Once considered to be the same species as the European red deer, Cervus elaphus, the American elk is now recognized as its own unique species. Specifications: Skull Length: 45.5cm (17.9in) Origin: North America. Specs The peroxide helps to lighten up the darker stains a bit. Step Three - Rinse off all that gunky water. A hose is helpful if you have access to one, plus then you can make rainbows. Step Four - Towel off the antler and stick it in a sunny spot to dry for a few hours. (Not pictured because boring) Record Keeper European Mount Kit for Elk. $ 145.00. If you want to create your own great looking european mount and keep your elk's antlers intact with the original skull plate, the Record Keeper european mount kit for elk from Mountain Mike's is the product for you! This replica elk skull is 3D modeled from a real elk skull and features a.

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Skulls can be shipped to our facility either green or de-fleshed. The latter means removal of skin, eyes, brain, tongue, and excess jaw muscles. The charge for processing a green skull is increased by $10 for small species (raccoon, otter, porcupine, etc.), $20 for larger species (deer, elk, bear, cougar, etc.), and increases $30. The first step was to take long strips of the paper, and scrunch them up into a long rod shape. I lost these pictures (apologies). Use tape to shape the rod into the main trunk of your antler. Create side branches of the antlers, and secure those to the main trunk using tape as well. An important part of the shape of the antlers is also. Deer antler size is determined by three factors: On average a buck does not reach his maximum antler potential until he is 4-1/2 to 7-1/2 years of age. Once a gnarly old buck is past his prime his rack will have shorter tines and usually what he loses in length will result in greater mass. Every antler tells a story whether it's related to. But in case you do have elk or deer antlers for sale, we have a good breakdown of prices for you. Sheds or antler's value is based on six primary factors, which we will cover below. 1 5 Brackets Customizable Display Skull Hooker Trophy Tree. $168.58 New. Mountain Mikes Reproductions Mmr4 Skull Master Dipped Fall Camo. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (8) Total Ratings 8, $54.50 New. $51.82 Used. European Deer Skull Hanger Mount Kit Whitetail Mule Sized Game Oil Rubbed Bronze Here are a couple of more horse skull / cow skull photos. This time, the photos show the full length of the skulls instead of being close ups. Below: A horse skull. Notice the bony ridge on the forehead and the upper incisor teeth. Below: A cow skull. The forehead is broader, wider, and flatter than a horse skull, and does not have a bony ridge