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We blijven Vaseline leveren. Uw Favoriete Producten, bij u thuis Geleverd. Altijd Kortingen op 1.5000 Merken & 35.0000 Kwalitatieve Producten. Gezondheid & Beauty You can use Vaseline as a primer in the dry areas only if you have considered factor 2, which I will discuss below. Factor 2: What you are trying to cover - Keep in mind that Vaseline is a clear, thick jelly that is mainly used to moisturize dry skin Instead, stick with using Vaseline as a primer with eye shadow palettes that possess less-than-stellar pigmentation. Petroleum jelly will definitely breathe new life into those chalky shadows that.. In this video I tried used vaseline as a primer for my makeup. I have never seen a video before where anyone has tried vaseline as a primer for their makeup.

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  1. Vaseline makes an ideal highlighter as well, and obviously it will work with any skin tone! This, too, will give you a gorgeous, dewy look. All you have to do is apply a tiny bit of the Vaseline to the very tops of your cheekbones and to your brow bones
  2. Vaseline works great when I have a patch of dry flaky skin usually from acne that is healing, that isn't ready to be exfoliated yet, I just use moisturiser and primer as usual, then smear a very thin layer of vaseline over the flaky area, so that you can't see the flakiness after I have done my foundation :) I haven't noticed any foundation longevity issues in those particular areas either
  3. Vaseline can be used as a makeup primer substitute. If you are considering using Vaseline as a primer , consider the following factors: Factor 1: Your skin type - Take a look at your skin, if you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend using Vaseline as primer as it will make your face even more oily

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Use vaseline as a primer and highlighter. While trading in your featherlight moisturizer for petroleum jelly is a perplexing premise, this was always Monroe's base before applying her foundation... It's Vaseline—otherwise known as petroleum jelly or petrolatum. The popular multipurpose balm is considered by many as their number one skin saver (Marilyn Monroe used to coat it on her skin in layers!), but what exactly is the stuff and what does it do to our skin? The History of Vaseline The story starts at an 1859 Pennsylvania oil rig I reapplied my makeup, but in a different way, putting vaseline beneath my primer sunscreen (which is the same skinceuticals sunscreen) and trying the newly brought Mineralized Foundation/Loose - going for a natural but dewy look

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A dab of Vaseline on your wrists and neck can work like a fragrance primer, cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson says, because it prevents scent molecules from evaporating as quickly as they would on bare.. Whatever happens to work for you, works for you. That said, vaseline is not technically a moisturizer. It is a barrier between skin and air that prevents moisture from leaving the skin. I can't say much about the toxicity, other than the fact that it's probably not EVIL, since we put it on our babies To go with the clothes and the music, makeup artists are fond of touting the glossy lid, a shiny makeup trick that involves a swipe of Vaseline or unused lip balm on top of shadow and liner NOT SPONSORED NOT SPONSORED NOT SPONSORED HEY GUYS!!! whats up?! even though i am very sick i still filmed this beauty hacks using Vaseline only. i hope hone.. An aspiring makeup artist on Instagram is going viral for her trick that includes using Vaseline as an eye shadow primer for a more intensely pigmented finish

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Vaseline is another one of the top face primer alternatives to consider. It is easy to get and very inexpensive, making it a great choice. However, using Vaseline on your face as a primer may not be the best choice if you have oily skin, since it can make your skin even oiler Remember, Vaseline is designed as a skin protectant, so using it as a primer helps keep your makeup smooth as the petroleum jelly prevents moisture loss. Also dab a small amount on top of your makeup for extra protection and that healthy skin glow. See also: Onion Juice for Wrinkles (gross but effective) 2. A Heavy Night Eye Mas

Vaseline as primer might be a bit much nowadays. Instead, be sure to moisturize every night and morning. For a vintage primer with modern ingredients, try our Vanishing Cream. With lily extract, Meadowfoam seed oil, and Vitamin A, the cream nourishes and moisturizes skin while providing a perfect base for makeup Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is a good, cost-effective moisturizer for dry skin on the body. When it comes to the face, it can be good for dry skin, but you need to use it properly to avoid acne. To achieve the perfect wet eye makeup look, apply a tiny dab of Vaseline before you apply your eye primer To cream-ify your powder eye shadows mix your powder with a tiny amount of petroleum jelly A Word Of Caution: Avoid Vaseline from entering your eyes I wouldn't use Vaseline as a primer as it slips and slides, it wouldn't help the makeup last. It would help powder products stick more initially, but I can't see the makeup lasting all day with Vaseline Use Vaseline as a Face Primer for Healthy Glow Photo credit to discover.hubpages.com To get her signature on-camera glow, Marilyn Monroe would apply thick layers of Vaseline or white Nivea Creme under her makeup. She could swear by it and never do otherwise until her last breath at the early age of 36

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  1. You can choose to use BB cream instead of primer before makeup for mature skin. Can We Use Vaseline Instead Of Makeup Primer? Undoubtedly yes, you can use Vaseline as makeup primers for mature skin. Is It Okay To Use Foundation Without Applying Makeup Primer? Yes, you can apply foundation without using foundation for day-long activities
  2. Vaseline is a primer substitute. You can use it in dry skin areas. This would make sure that you seal the pores of your skin with moisture. This should result in a fully-hydrated skin
  3. ate lice. If applied in a thick layer to the scalp, it will destroy all the lice by smothering them. However, this may be difficult to get out of hair, and will require numerous washes. Vaseline helps soothe burns. Consistent application of Vaseline.
  4. A cosmetic primer is a cream applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face.. Variations. There are different kinds of cosmetic primers such as foundation primer, eyelid primer, lip primer, and mascara primer. A foundation primer may work like a moisturizer, or it may absorb oil with salicylic acid to aid in creating a less.
  5. The first night, it just felt weird. Vaseline doesn't sink into the skin like a normal lotion—it literally just creates a coat of jelly that sits on top of the skin. From that perspective, I didn't like it. I love a cream that sinks into the skin and I can feel deeply hydrating my face
  6. 11.Vaseline as Eye Primer. Vaseline can be used as an eye primer to make eyeshadow pop and look more vibrant.Just rub a thin layer of vaseline on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow and you are done. 12.Vaseline as a Mascar
  7. Removes eye makeup. Since Vaseline is petroleum-based, it dissolves almost any kind of makeup gently and simply. And unlike some makeup removers, Vaseline is safe to use around your eye area


Vaseline gives a more sober look appropriate for more subtle make up. It also acts as a base for applying mascara by some who wish to have darker eyelashes for more glamorous evening makeup. If you want to avoid using make-up for whatever reason, Vaseline is a great alternative to mascara If it isn't winter, vaseline will break me out a little bit if I put it on my whole face. So it isn't a use-all-the-time, slather-it-on type of product. But it keeps my skin from drying out, and allows me to wear tinted moisturizer without caking or flaking at those dry spots

Vaseline is actually a multipurpose product and it can be used for a lot of diverse purposes. It is considered best for the skin. Vaseline consists of some serious life changing and amazing beauty uses.Following are the 50 Vaseline beauty hacks.These vaseline beauty hacks are very very effective and useful Hot take: The secret to dewy-AF skin isn't that $110 serum you keep adding and deleting from your cart—it's actually a $6 tube of Aquaphor.Seriously, take a quick scroll through Reddit's r. The actor is said to have used Vaseline as a primer and highlighter for delivering a soft-focus glow under the lights, and would often apply multiple layers on her face as a moisturiser. Slugging is taking a small amount of petrolatum (Vaseline is a widely used option) and applying it on your face as the last step before bed

Vaseline can be used as a makeup primer substitute. If you are considering using Vaseline as a primer, consider the following factors: Factor 1: Your skin type - Take a look at your skin, if you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend using Vaseline as primer as it will make your face even more oily 5. Remove Makeup Stains on Clothes With Vaseline. Remove any wayward lipstick marks from clothes by blotting petroleum jelly onto the stain and washing in the machine as usual. Vaseline helps remove many oily, waxy stains from fabric Aloe Vera Gel + Moisturizer. Mix a teaspoon or two of moisturizer (depending on how oily your skin is) to a dollop of pure aloe vera gel and apply all over your face as a primer. Aloe vera gel will soothe redness and the moisturizer combination is a great way to maintain a dewy finish without looking oily. 3. Anti-Chafing Cream These awesome Vaseline uses will help you to make the most of that petroleum jelly! Feb 19, 2020 - Vaseline is not just a cheap jelly for your lips... These awesome Vaseline uses will help you to make the most of that petroleum jelly! light pink primers, like Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer, can add a glow. alluremagazine. Beauty. Vaseline / ˈ v æ s ə l iː n / is an American brand of petroleum jelly-based products owned by transnational company Unilever.Products include plain petroleum jelly and a selection of skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. In many languages, the word Vaseline is used as generic for petroleum jelly; in Portugal, the Unilever products are called Vaselina, and in Brazil and.

In researching more about face primers for this post, I came across many unflattering comparisons between face primers and paint primers. I'm not fond of the analogy of makeup on one's face to paint on a wall or canvas. I'd read that it's helpful to use an occlusive like Vaseline over moisturizer at night but it seems a bit stifling in. Pro makeup artist Tiana Winder is all about saving money. All you need is Vaseline and eyeshadow. She prefers using a gripping primer first, then adding a regular primer on top.. Vaseline DIY your own high liter #BeautyTipsTeens #BeautyTipsShaving #VaselineBeautyTips. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Beauty Secrets Diy Beauty Beauty Hacks Homemade Beauty Beauty Products Makeup Products Skin Products Beauty Makeup Vaseline Beauty Tips. More information... More like thi Vaseline is packed full of nutrients and vitamins which can prompt faster growth. Use Vaseline to remove stubborn makeup. It's a cheap, safe alternative to commercial makeup removers and it does an incredible job! Apply all over body as a moisturizer. Vaseline has incredible healing and hydrating properties, so it makes for a great body lotion.

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The ELLE team was very vocal about their favorite makeup products ever, ranging from a pore-erasing primer to a skinny brown pencil that fakes fuller arches. Shop the absolute best of the best, ahead The face products might seem a little more shocking, mostly because I have a go-to face primer and literally nothing to layer over it. But again, when I fell in love with Smashbox Photo Finish.

The Lip Balm: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline is a one-ingredient formula (petrolatum), though there are newer [Vaseline products] with added scents, pigments and shimmers, says Ko. It's a. 10. Makeup Primer by Bella Terra. No matter whichever makeup item is in your bag, Bella Terra Makeup Primer furnishes each product a soft and even canvas for a faultless application that lasts long. The gel Primer shapes a strong bond with other cosmetics, serving them to stay on the skin and remain bright and colour-true for hours lipstick (2) makeup remover (2) moisturizer (63) Data: Fair. Vaseline. Advanced Formula Skin Protectant Lip Therapy .35 Oz Peg. Data: Fair. Vaseline. 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

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  1. Apply a makeup primer to your lids to set a foundation for the liner. Instead of just quickly sweeping some primer over your top eyelids, really brush the primer on all the way from your brows down to your eyelashes. Extend the primer out to the corner of your eyes, especially making sure to get the area that creases when you smile
  2. This one and and make up forever smoothing primer are my top primers for the summer time. 1. By Kimberlie R. philadelphia, pa. 41 reviews. mars 12 2017, 6:38 pm. This is the best face primer I have ever used. After application if feels like that is a silk veil over your face and they are using a vaseline lens for you to look at yourself. It is.
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  4. Vaseline. Intensive Care Advanced Repair Hand. This is an OK hand cream for occasional, mild to moderate dryness, and the price is right. Rating. $ 3.99. Vaseline. Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion. This is a very good body moisturizer for dry skin. Rating
  5. It goes on silky smooth and blurs large pores and wrinkles. You only need a tiny bit of it to do your face and I use it with Bella Terra Mineral Makeup or other brands as well, like Lancome. I used Makeup Forever HD Primer before trying Bella Terra and it was good but Bella Terra is better in my overall opinion
  6. Vaseline can gently remove makeup and that's what the skin around your eyes needs. Use it instead of your usual remover or when you forget to buy a new one. It can be a good option, especially in winter, when your skin gets dryer. Apply some vaseline on your skin, massage it and remove the makeup with a cotton pad
  7. And I admit I have used Vaseline on my face and I have used it under my eyes and I'm not sorry about that in the least. Vaseline, in its classic jar packaging, is not only messy but also a breeding ground for bacteria. Good news kids, it actually comes in a tube if you so desire and it'll only cost you $2 to $3 bucks

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Use It as a Makeup Remover . For years I used Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. Turns out it's not such a great idea to use Vaseline near the eye. Still, I never had any problems and still use Vaseline in a pinch. Coconut oil works as the perfect primer for foundation. Simply put a pea-sized amount on face, let it soak in and then apply. Special PriceTK1,750.00Regular PriceTK2,250.00. Add to Wish List Add to Compare Quick View. View Details. Add to Cart. -20%. Ofra Absolute Cover Face Primer - 30ml. Rating: 100%. 1 Review You can indeed use Vaseline as a primer under your makeup but Vaseline might not be a great option for the people with oily skin type. Things To Consider When Purchasing Primer For Oily Skin. There are a few factors to consider when purchasing primer for oily skin type. Check the guide given below I was not a primer wearer until I tried this stuff! I have dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin, and anything other than a thin film of unrefined shea butter or Vaseline before applying my makeup was a no-go. Then I'd have to retouch my powder every couple hours to keep shine away, and I'd look all caked up by day's end

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Loves List. 【Easily Apply & Remove】This Washable Mascara goes on easy with an applicator and stays on, glossy finish. If like the dark effect, you could put on more coats. And it's pretty easy to remove with vaseline or a eye makeup remover. No giving raccoon eyes.(Using the primer or base is the better. Step 1 : Prepare the Face - Wash your face with your regular face cleanser. After you have cleaned and dried your face, use a light moisturizer and ensure that you cover the areas on your face that you intend to add the primer. Let the moisturizer sit for a couple of minutes to allow it to be absorbed into the skin Client: @_teyweh MUS: @sumr_artistry.. Products used; Simple face moisturizer, Vaseline lip therapy, L'Oréal infallible mattifying primer @lorealparis , black radiance concealer, maybelline fit me concealer in Càfe from @mhsbeautysupply la girl pro matte from @mhsbeautysupply zickel foundation in bronze @zikelcosmeticsaccra ,BE translucent powder from @becreativesmakeup , Maybelline fit me.

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Application Tip: apply alone or under make-up. Take a small amount of Baby Skin Pore Eraser on your finger tips and apply evenly to the required face area. If applying makeup, wait until Baby Skin Pore Eraser is set. Only for adults! Suitable for all skin types and tones. Welcome W7 Prime Magic -Clear. ৳ 750.00 ৳ 599.00. • Apply this smooth and silky face primer before foundation. • Gives a smooth and flawless complexion. • Helps reduce the apperance of pores and fine lines. • An ideal base for foundation & also ideal for All type of skin. Add to cart. Quick view. Sale Got this for my daughter who is a makeup pro) the primer sets the makeup perfectly and also hydrates her skin. With this on-she has her makeup untouched pretty much with all activities-jet skis, surfing. Price is great too. New Fav Primer. 5. Bri from San Antonio. Feels hydrating and fresh on my face. My go to primer!! 5. Rosie from New Jerse La Base Pro Perfecting Make-Up Primer SmoothingEffect Oil Free Full Size 4.9 out of 5 stars 23. $39.87. La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer Travel Size, 15 ml 4.3 Kryolan Ultra Makeup Base Foundation ULTRA MAKE-UP BASE . Ultra Make-up Base is a light liquid neutralizer which achieves a natural balance to the desired skin tint Features: Suitable for skin quality: any skin Give you a flawless foundation application every single time. Block defect whitening, lasting moisture, water tender containment, increase the luster Product efficacy: nsmooth wrinkles, Package Content: 1pcs makeup primer CAUTION: For External Use Only.Avoid Contact With Eyes.Please Store It Under Shade Environment And Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

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4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer Review, Swatches: Hello Girls, Today I am reviewing a makeup product from the brand called Wet N Wild. Wet N Wild had launched in India few years back and I love their products. The quality of their products is top notch and is very easy on pockets. I am reviewing a primer today from their Photo Focus range named as Wet N Wild Photo. EWG's Scores. EWG scientists reviewed the Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Therapy Tin, Lip Balm, Original product label collected on October 23, 2019 for safety according to the methodology outlined in our Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. We assess the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on data in toxicity and regulatory. ezeenah. #UAEMakeup & #Beauty Destination For inquiries please email : [email protected] ️ Founder @zareenshahco #TakeitEze NYX Professional Makeup Filler Instinct Plump Lip Color - 0.09 fl oz. NYX Professional Makeup. 3.9 out of 5 stars with 397 ratings. 397. +2 options. $7.99. Choose options. NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream Lightweight Liquid Lipstick - 0.27 fl oz. NYX Professional Makeup Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Original. ( Made in USA) Size - 106g. Vaseline petrolatum jelly သုံးပြီး အလှအပရေးရာအတွက် ပြုလုပ်လို့ရတဲ့ အကြောင်းအရာ ၂၂ ချက်. ၁. Vaseline petrolatum jelly ကို Mascara Brush အသန့်.

People that do benefit from using Vaseline on their face as a moisturizer are those with normal skin, dry skin, irritated or inflamed skin, small wounds, and those dealing with eczema. The protective properties [of petroleum jelly] help soothe the skin, especially dry patches and other areas recovering from irritation, says Dr. Lortscher Vaseline will help you so much in daily uses, from skin care, to make up removal, and so much more other potencial, that it needs to become part of your every day routine. Specially in winter, when the skin is drying much more, you will find it extremely useful

Step 2: Add a tiny bit of Vaseline. If you add to much it will make your eyelids oily. Then stir it in with your Q-Tip. Step 3: If you wanted to have a coloured primer add your mineral eyeshadow or pigment now. The mix it in. Step 4: Make sure your primer is mixed well then put on the lid for the container on tight, you don't want it to dry out Is Vaseline the solution to dry skin? The internet is full of weird and surprising beauty hacks, like using peanut butter as shaving cream (!), but some of them are definitely worth a shot. One of those handy hacks is rubbing Vaseline on your face for soft and hydrated skin. This is why people swear by i Pregnancy safe beauty products can be super difficult and confusing. I have an entire guide devoted to what products are safe to use while pregnant including information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe skincare products.The list has gotten so large that I've decided to start listing brands in their own individual posts

kathrivera.com is a Top Lifestyle, Beauty, Mommy, Health and Fitness Blogger from the Philippines sharing reviews on beauty products, makeup and skin care. A 30 something stay-at-home-mom who puts on her make-up while keeping her son's toys organized at the same time. For product reviews, event invitations, collaborations, sponsorship, features, queries and suggestions kindly send me an. These Makeup Primers Will Take You Through Even The Hottest Summer Day; These Makeup Primers Will Take You Through Even The Hottest Summer Day The Zoe You Probably Didn't Know Vaseline Can Solve These... Buzz60 • 1d. Buzz60's Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about some uses for Vaseline you may not have known about. A Adam. flipped into Maiso

Vaseline / ˈ v æ s ə l iː n / is an American brand of petroleum jelly-based products owned by British-Dutch company Unilever.Products include plain petroleum jelly and a selection of skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. In many languages, the word Vaseline is used as generic for petroleum jelly; in Portugal the Unilever products are called Vaselina, and in Brazil and. Vaseline is a 3-in-1 product, meaning it can moisturize your skin and lashes, and also remove makeup — including some stubborn glued fake lashes. (Woo! (Woo! More space freed up on the vanity. Why it's brilliant: Just like makeup, perfume needs a primer to help it stick to your skin. Vaseline just so happens to be ultra-rich and hydrating--a winning combo that holds the scent in place. (Perfumes barely stand a chance on dry skin. Explore BECCA Cosmetics and discover your perfect shade of BECCA highlighter, our 24-hour wear foundation and best selling makeup primers Step 1: Apply a thick coat of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the blackheads affected area. Step 2: Now, cover the area (where you have applied petroleum jelly) with a piece of clear plastic or glad wrap. Put two hot damp washcloths over it for five minutes, on the skin. Step 3: Remove the washcloths. Now, gently squeeze out blackheads using.

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The primer is pretty much sheer with a little peachy tint which is not at all noticeable on the face. The consistency is a little thick like Vaseline when you initially squeeze it out of the tube, but the moment I apply it, the texture totally gets changed. And, when the very first time I used this I was left surprised by the fact that even a little amount does a brilliant job Vaseline Blueseal Petroleum Jelly 250ml. ₦ 850. 4.5 out of 5. (38) Eligible for Free Shipping with Jumia Express (Lagos Only) OR Jumia Prime. Official Store Of the heavier primers, Hourglass no.28 contains oil while Smashbox is oil-free, both are hydrating so which one I used will depend on if the face makeup I use is oil-free or not. I was unable to narrow down the 8 primers into 1 best one, but 3 favorite is good enough Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly; SPECIAL OCCASION MAKEUP (moderate risk for breakouts-use caution) These products may break you out if used regularly, but is the least of the worst offenders on the market for extremely special occasions where you want the staying power of a primer, the coverage of a liquid or the color of a spray tan.

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2. Don't Go Without Eye Primer. Since you will probably be wearing your everyday makeup, all day we need to start off with a good base. Since it's probably for a more casual day, chances are you will want it to last all day and not smudge. We will need just some simple products Instant Matte Make Up Setting Spray. R 81.95. 2.3333333333333335. Add to basket. Sorbet. No Filter Prep & Pore Less All-In-One Super Primer. R120.00. See Promotion. See Promotion The old beauty go-to, Vaseline can do more than just moisturize chapped skin — it can moisturize lashes, too! Smashbox's Layer lash primer uses panthenol to strengthen and make lashes more.

Next, apply a good makeup primer. The L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base is affordable, can be used all over the face including under the eyes, and really works some magic to make your makeup look flawless yet comfortable. Apply an even layer of makeup primer all over your face and under your eyes and blend downward onto your. Apply primer. Using your fingertips, apply a primer to ensure the rest of your makeup goes on smooth and stays on all day. Jess uses Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer ($7, amazon.com ) L'oreal. L'Oreal Paris The Mattifier Base Shaping Kit. L'Oreal Paris The Mattifi... ৳1820 ৳ 1550. Add to Cart. Instantly blurs the look of pores, without clogging them. Transparent gel formula, smooths on c... Quick Shop

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The light silky formula feels like a primer under makeup, so you can use it after cleansing the face and before applying the makeup for long-lasting results. However, make sure to wait a few moments after applying this natural moisturizer before applying the concealer or the foundation to ensure you get the best results possible The 1st all-in-one Micellar Cleansing Water that purifies and removes make-up in 1 gesture. Enriched with Micelles, it captures and lifts away residue from face, eyes & lips like a magnet. No need to rub to get of impurities & makeup Beauty favorites like La Mer, Nars, and Too Faced can be pricey! that low temperature wakes me up and works as a decadent primer. —Alaina Demopoulos. The Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips ($1.99) is available at mass retailers and drugstores this November and I couldn't be happier. This tiny, ickle little jar of Vaseline has a rosy tint with a berry vanilla flavor to keep dry lips super moist and hydrated all Winter long. Take a peek

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L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation Makeup with SPF 17 - 1 fl oz. L'Oreal Paris. 4.3 out of 5 stars with 627 ratings. 627. +41 options. $8.59 - $8.99. Choose options. COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Complex + Vitamin C - 1 fl oz. COVERGIRL I put it down to the layer of powder and primer soaking up any face grease or sweat before it can reach the surface of makeup, making it less likely to slip and slide. Putting Vaseline on your. Hi Everyone! Today, I'm comparing two high end colour correcting primers: Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer- Adjust and Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer- Redness Correcting Primer. I own the travel-sized Smashbox primer, but used the 1 oz price to compare it to the Make Up For Ever primer. Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer- Adjust. Aside from my face being completely wrecked the makeup didn't even stay put. I noticed after 5 hours of wear the foundation (that is set with urban decay all nighter powder and setting spray) had dissolved off my face. Without the primer I could get 8-10 hours of full face without a smudge. Reviewed by 559 customers AGREEBEST PRIMER EVER.