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See Santa Claus fly through the sky, pop out of chimneys and play with reindeer! With over 100 Santa sightings at all your favorite locations such as New York, Paris, London and even the North Pole you are sure to be inspired with this Holiday Tradition Santa is real! 7. Name: Lonnie Grayson, age 6. Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Description: Lonnie woke up to a crash in his backyard. He ran and pressed his nose to the bedroom window, looking out to see what it was. There, sitting right next to the tall, wooden fence, was Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer

So you can see Santa fly through the sky, pop out of the chimney or even play with his reindeer. We have Santa sightings in big cities like London, Paris and New York! We have video elves tracking Santa Claus all year long—and you never know when a new sighting will happen. Make sure to come back for more Santa sightings daily Top 10 sightings of Santa Claus in real life. This video covers sightings of Santa Claus in real life.Welcome to Trend Mix a channel dedicated to covering ne.. The Incredibly Weird World of Real Santa Claus Sightings. Brent Swancer December 16, 2018. In the weird world of the paranormal there are certainly a lot of strange, often eye-brow raising things that are reportedly seen and encountered. From ghosts, to aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, demons, angels, and everything in between there is no shortage of.

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  1. There are many people who reported seeing Santa's sleigh, the reindeer and Santa himself flying above houses and buildings. One of the most impressive sightings of the sleigh come from Jimmy. It all took place in Scotland in 1978: Others, mostly kids, report seeing Santa in their homes while he places the gifts under the tree
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  4. I never heard of Santa sightings by adults who really believe they saw him, but they sound like the serious adult Disney fans of the paranormal world. And by that I don't mean the Boomers who grew up with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I mean the dude you're 35 with an epic beard and your bedroom is Goofy-themed fans

Many alleged cases of real elf sightings, encounters, and other odd situations have occurred throughout the years, most predominantly in Iceland. The Hidden Folk and the Highway In 2013, a complicated elf situation halted a highway project that would've seen roads built from the Álftanes peninsula to Garðabær, a suburb of Iceland's. Real Santa Sightings December 23, 2020 · Real Santa Sightings doesn't have an elaborate set for video chat visits this year but I'm impressed with a simple candlelight visit to a little boy named Brendan Russell in South Korea. 9

Over the years, children all over the world have reported sightings of the real Santa Claus—not department store Santas or bell-ringing Salvation Army charity collectors, but the real thing. Some even claim they saw Saint Nick 's sleigh and reindeer The first image of Santa Claus was captured by mistake. In 1913 an Italian-American photographer accidentally proved that Santa Claus is Real. It was during a trapeze artist stunt, performed by Giuseppe Crudera, who was on top of the world's tallest building in New York. The building was named the Woolworth Building and it is still there today But with hard work, we now have over 100 Santa Sightings to share with you. We have Santa sightings on all six continents. And we even tracked Santa at the North Pole. That's right, the North Pole Each year, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) launches its interactive tool to help kids and adults follow Santa Claus around the world on Dece..

Real Santa Sightings, Wichita, Kansas. 504 likes. Natural Bearded Santa in Wichita KS for your Home and Office Parties, Personal Appearances & More. Email: realsantasightings@yahoo.com. Phone.. About.com's paranormal expert Stephen Wagner has created a log of Santa Claus sightings over the years. He lists the Green Bay Sighting as one of the best. I saw St. Nick completely by accident...

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Santa Claus Sightings From Around The World − A man wearing a Santa Claus costume walks on the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, Dec. 23, 2016, ahead of the Christmas holidays Wagner, for his part, is adamant that Santa sightings have a legitimate place in paranormal research. Paranormal is, by definition, something that's beyond the norm, unknown, unexplained, he.. Lionate. December 11, 2018 at 8:14 PM · ·. Santa Claus caught on camera & spotted in real life. 5 SCARY SANTA CLAUS, CREEPY SANTA CLAUS, BAD SANTA CLAUS CAUGHT ON CAMERA & SPOTTED IN REAL LIFE, CREEPY REAL STORY OF SANTA CLAUS SIGHTINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA (CCTV). SANTA CLAUS CAUGHT ON CAMERA & SPOTTED IN REAL LIFE! REAL SANTA CLAUS CAUGHT ON TAPE Santa Sightings in the MOV Cristie Thomas December 14, 2019 With Christmas right around the corner and holiday festivities in full gear, Santa Claus can be found in nearly every corner of the Mid-Ohio Valley bringing with him holiday cheer and the opportunity to celebrate one of the winter season's most popular characters The short answer, in every way that matters, is YES, Santa Claus is real! Not only is Santa true, he is legendary! And if you still don't believe me, here are NINE proofs to prove that point like the point on my pointy shoes! Mrs. Claus would be mad! If you can feel him, then he must be real. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

NORAD getting reports of Santa sightings. By WTVY Staff. Published: Dec. 24, 2020 at 10:44 AM CST. DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - WTVY has teamed up with Hometown Food Center and Willy D's to track Santa. Santa grew up in a city called Myra. His parents were Greek and very rich. When Santa Claus grew up, he inherited all of their money. It was a lot of money! After he gave away all the money, Santa Claus decided he wanted to see the world. He became a traveler. He went all around the world An exuberant remark of Apollo-8 astronaut Jim Lovell, on his way home from the moon, that 'there is a Santa Claus', gave birth to a still-circulating notion that this word was a secret code for 'UFO'. Even Richard Dolan endorsed the idea as recently as this year. UFOs IN SPACE For many kids, their friends or siblings will break the news to them that Santa isn't real. When this happens, reassure your kids that the story of Santa is just one way among many to celebrate.

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  1. Naughty or Nice Quiz. The final naughty or nice list is not complete until December 24. So you have until Christmas Eve to improve your behavior. To find out what you need to work on so that you are on the nice list, answer the questions below. This should be done with an adult. START. 1
  2. 10 Santa Claus Sightings Caught On Camera. We all know Santa is real, but he is still a magical, whimsical man who is hard to catch in action! Lucky for us some of the few folks who have spotted him have shared their magical moments. And so with no further ado, 10 Santa Claus sightings caught on camera presented by Daily Top 10s
  3. The sighting happened at one in the morning in Santa Maria Del Aguila, a Spanish town in the province of Almeria. He heard a strange, spine-tingling noise that resembled a shrieking woman outside of his open window. He looked out the window, only to find a bizarre winged creature approaching from several feet away, perched on the building

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Santa Sightings: 7 Valley spots to meet the man in red. While Santa visits your home on Christmas Eve to leave presents, he rarely sticks around to chat — Kris Kringle does keep a busy schedule, after all. Fortunately, he makes plenty of appearances before Christmas where you can meet him Christmas has long been associated with magic, miracles, and wonderful happenings that have no rational explanation. The following is a selection of stories strange Yuletide phenomena—including sightings of Santa Claus himself! Whether you're a believer or think they're all Bah, humbug! they make for an intriguing read

On May 20, a mountain lion was captured in a tree in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood after sightings on city streets. The 2-year-old male was released in a rural area. The 2-year-old. In the early 1940s, writer Robert R. Lyman spotted a Thunderbird sitting on a road near Coudersport, Pennsylvania. It soon took to the sky, spreading its 20-foot wingspan. In 1969, the wife of a Clinton County, Pennsylvania, sheriff saw an enormous bird over Little Pine Creek. She said its wingspan appeared to be about as long as the creek was.

Updated 2/10/2020 - Throughout history, ghost sightings and ghost stories have littered the public imagination.. From helpful to disturbing, these ghosts, whether real or imagined, have altered the fabric of many lives. Ghost sightings inspired the families of the dead to uncover heinous crimes, clear guilty records, place the blame on innocent victims, and even save people from hurricanes Santa must be real, otherwise why would my parents do this? The trick, of course, is that we tell children, over and over, that the tree, the Christmas lists, the cookies, and the glasses of milk. 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings In California. Table of Contents [ Show Table of Contents] 1 10) Near Barstow, 1960. 2 9) Needles, 2008. 3 8) Astronaut Gordon Cooper Sees a UFO at Edwards Air Force Base. 4 7) Cisco Grove, 1964. 5 6) Santa Ana, 1973. 6 5) Near Fresno, 2010. 7 4) Near Eureka, 2010

Real Estate Agent. Elena Krasnopolskaya LLC. Real Estate Agent. Alan Kennedy, Mortgage Broker. Mortgage Brokers. Choozing.com. Business Service. BMO Harris Bank (6655 Cermak Road, Berwyn, IL) Santa sightings and parades will be this holiday season! English (US) Español; Français (France You have been sending in your Santa sightings, they are all FAB! A very 'special guest' has been reading them to see if he thinks they are REAL or FAKE, let us know if you agree in the comments Santa Ana - - 28 sightings - 1 PHOTO Santa Barbara - - 22 sightings Santa Clara - - 5 sightings Santa Clarita - - 15 sightings - 1 PHOTO - VERY RECENT SIGHTING Santa Cruz - - 7 sightings Santa Fe Springs - - 9 sightings Santa Margarita - - 1 sighting Santa Maria - - 32 sightings - VERY RECENT SIGHTING Santa Monica - - 6 sightings Santa Paula. Live look at SoCal: Big Bear, Santa Monica & more Defense Department confirms leaked video of unidentified aerial phenomena is real. created in August to investigate UFO sightings observed.

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This website provides you with real facts and evidence of Santa Claus. There are Santa sightings and photos from all over the world. On Christmas Eve, there will also be live Santa Tracker updates. In the meantime, I Spot Santa offers lots of fun Christmas activities to keep you busy until Christmas such as lists of Christmas jokes and a recipe. Santa Barbara County is no stranger to sightings and played a part in the famous Battle of Los Angeles. Two days after the Japanese shelled the Ellwood Pier near Goleta in 1942, and just a few months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a giant ship appeared over Los Angeles. According to UFO researcher David Marler in his book Triangular Ships. 2021-04-12 04:45. Reported Same Day. Two objects silently crossed the entire sky in approximately 3 seconds. Charlotte, Michigan. United States. 2021-04-08 19:00. Reported 3 Days Later. The unidentified object was moving at a high speed on a fixed line In the museum's inner sanctum, Rugg plays the Patterson-Gimlin Film, the holy grail of Bigfoot sightings, on loop.Shot in 1967 in northern California, near the Oregon border, the 59.5-second film shows a six-to-seven-foot tall, bipedal figure covered in dark brown hair walking along a creek bed and looking back at the filmmakers, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin

Santa Claus IS real and these experts have definitive proof Father Christmas DID exist FATHER Christmas is real, but he died 1,700 years ago and archaeologists believe they will soon be able to. I noticed Gander Mountain in Middletown was missing from your Santa sightings. This event is a must see. The man who plays Santa has real white hair including a beard and mustache and is large. All the activities are FREE. I spent a hour there last weekend. This is a yearly event pleas add it to next years schedule . I love your magazine 1,023 Santa Sightings 2014 Premium High Res Photos Browse 1,023 santa sightings 2014 stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Driver in a red Ferrari dressed as Santa Claus is seen on Christmas Day, December 25 on the roads of Wayne, NJ Hanover MA Santa events and Santa Sightings. December 1st - Santa coming to Hanover MA Saturday December 1 st. At 2:15pm Enjoy music from The Girl Scouts and the Hanover High School band. Santa will arrive at 3pm for the tree lighting. The event is held at the John Curtis library and is sponsored by Hanover Lions club Live Space Station Tracking Map. The tracker shows where the Space Station is right now and its path 90 minutes ago (-1.5 hr) and 90 minutes ahead (+1.5 hr). The dark overlay indicates where it is nighttime in the world. ISS Tracker. ERROR: Cannot load images

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The Legend of St. Nicholas: The Real Santa Claus. The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas.It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around. These sightings often occur in wooded regions throughout the northern U.S., though one of the more notorious locations for sightings is at Utah's Skinwalker Ranch. There are a few sites devoted to documenting alleged reports of dogmen with a plethora of convincing evidence that the phenomenon may be real Santa Sightings. Santa Comes to Town. November 27 / Town of Putnam. Bring the entire family in welcoming the holiday season. Santa Arrives by Tugboat & Holiday Lighted Boat Parade. November 28 / Town of Mystic. Santa Claus is coming to town and so is Mystic's Holiday Lighted Boat Parade in historic downtown Mystic. Festival of Silver Lights

Spot The Station will give you a list of upcoming space station sighting opportunities for your location. Several times a week, Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, determines sighting opportunities for over 6,700 locations worldwide. If your specific city or town isn't listed, pick one that is fairly close to you It transpires the department store Santa was the real Santa after all. In the Baywatch episode Strangers Among Us, a group of half-crazy UFO believers cause problems for the lifeguards as they misinterpret water phenomena on the beach as signs of aliens and almost drown and so on The morning that Jesus appeared to my mom, Maria Morales Rubio, started out an unremarkable one in October 1977, two years before I was born. She had woken up early, like always, and said a prayer. Santa is making a special stop at the Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team office! Come by on Saturday, December 5 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and enjoy sweet treats with Santa, a ride on the trackless train, and a FREE printed picture with Santa. Kids and pets are welcome for the photo opportunity! 2249 Roswell Road, Marietta, G Santa sightings will look different in Tucson during COVID-19 Christmas Gerald M. Gay Nov 30, 2020 Fred Selinsky, chairman of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, said that.

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  2. ation on a meteorological balloon, which was released.
  3. According to Dennett, the June 14, 1992, sightings in Topanga Canyon, California, during which hundreds of independent witnesses reported observing hundreds of mysterious UFO crafts in the Santa Monica Mountains, appear to have triggered a massive wave of further reports that included sightings of strange metallic flying crafts, mysterious.
  4. Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, is a legendary character originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts on Christmas Eve of toys and candy to well-behaved children, and either coal or nothing to naughty children. He is said to accomplish this with the aid of Christmas elves, who make the toys in his.

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According to the book, Santa Clara County has NorCal's highest reported number of UFO sightings at 569, followed by Alameda County with 518 sightings, and San Francisco County with 327 sightings. Before they can determine whether a flying object is in fact extraterrestrial, scientists must first eliminate the chance of it being one of the U.S. Yes, NASA, there is a Santa Claus. Mike Tolson , Correspondent. June 23, 2019 Updated: July 8, 2019 6:02 p.m. 11. 1 of 11. The rising Earth, shown in this Dec. 29, 1968 photo, greeted Apollo 8.


Strange Encounters with Real Gnomes. Brent Swancer January 8, 2019. In the world of the paranormal there doesn't get much weirder than reports of what seem to be actual, real gnomes lurking about, complete with tiny statures, pointy hats, the works, like something straight out of a fairy tale. It seems rather ridiculous that anyone could ever. Updated 2/9/2020 - An inexplicably shaped animal track, an odd noise in the woods or a disquieting shape barely glimpsed through the underbrush.. Or perhaps the frantic words of a camper scared out of his wits by what he swears he saw while backpacking alone.. Sightings of cryptids are common in wilderness areas such as parts of California, but conclusive proof is vanishingly rare Bear sightings in Sebastopol, Cotati stir excitement, fear. 1. If a bear breaks into your home, don't confront it. Most bears will look for an escape route so don't block exit points. Move. A woman who has been missing in the Sierra since the start of July was reportedly sighted this week by two men who didn't realize who she was, the Madera County Sheriff's Office said. Sandra. UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace, report on the phenomena due next month. Bill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have.

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A U.S. Forest Service map shows Brood X concentrations in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and eastern Tennessee. With as many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre, the adult brood is. THE SANTA RUN The famous Newtown Santa Run in Wales, held every December, attracts about 5000 runners - all dressed as Santa! The annual Santa Run has set three world records: the most number of. Modern-day Santa Claus has quite the backstory. Follow the evolution from the real St. Nicholas, a Greek and early Christian bishop born around 280 AD, to the jolly, gifts-dispensing Santa we know.

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Santa Claus Caught on Camera! 10 Real Sightings of Santa Claus Caught in 2019, on camera!! With 100% Proof!! Enjoy! Texas USA Staring with the clip on.. Massive object sighting was starlink launch On March 24th witnesses in multiple states reported an enormous cylinder shaped object moving slowly across the sky. After case assignment and investigation it was determined that the object was actually another group of Starlink satellites launched a few minutes before the sighting See 10 Mysterious 'UFO Sighting' Photos From History. The Mar. 25, 1950, issue of Dublin's TeenAge Times claimed that these mysterious objects were flying saucers. A picture of a flying saucer. By David Williams, CNN. Updated 12:02 AM ET, Thu December 24, 2020. NORAD will track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. (CNN) NORAD is focusing its formidable. The Santa Claus plot had been hatched weeks before the Gemini 6 mission. Wally came up with the idea, recalls Stafford, now a retired Air Force general, who chairs an International Space Station.

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA; Police weren't sure at the time if the sightings were real or the product of children's imaginations. Despite those sightings, police tell Patch there have. Santa and Holly got married on February 14th in 1824, and Holly has been called Mrs. Claus ever since. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus have enjoyed 194 happy years of marriage. In 2024, they'll be celebrating their 200 th anniversary! Since then, Mrs. Claus has lived with Santa and his helpers at the North Pole Real Estate; Search; Search form. Search . Search for . Story SoWal Santa Sightings! November 26, 2019 by Naomi Alvarado. 0; It's time for holidays at the beach and St. Nick is taking plenty of time to enjoy the Emerald Coast version of white Christmas before the big day. Our latest SoWal List is a Santa (naughty or nice) List for a bunch of. From 1947 until 1969, the air force investigated more than 12,000 UFO claims; though a 1952 study code-named Project Blue Book concluded that most of the sightings could be explained by stars.

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So for now, Santa is a very real and special part of the holidays in her home. Corneal's husband puts on his Santa suit every Christmas so their son can have a real Santa sighting. One. Wednesday 03. February 2021. Monday 01. February 2021. The map above shows the latest 100 UFO sightings all over the world. Click the icons to get a summary of the sighting and access to the detail view, where you'll find the full report as it was reported by witnesses and other near sightings More than 5,000 people statewide have contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation to report coyote sightings over the past four years, including complaints of pets being killed by coyotes

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Federal Authorities Confirm Sighting of Yet Another UFO, This Time in New Mexico. Multiple authorities have confirmed that commercial airline pilots recently saw, well, something, hurtling through. The technology is real The fact is that we actually know that in the last 15 years, under at least some circumstances, the military has wanted certain high-fidelity data related to encounters with. Florida Ghost Sightings. These are the most recent ghost sightings in Florida. Keystone Heights, Florida - There are tons at Blanding. We set trail camera all over, settings 3 seconds 3 shots. The pictures can be viewed on my para page On the market with Go To The Beach Real Estate, the exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, this five-bedroom, four-bath home is located in Seagrove Beach, within walking distance of over 35 miles (56km) of bike trails and a short distance from Seaside Now through December 23. Meeting with Santa at Stonebriar Centre is a favorite Frisco tradition. Visit the big guy in the Lower Level Macy's Wing to get your professional pics taken with Santa. Even if you don't want to purchase the formal photo, Santa will kindly meet with you to chat about all things Christmas